Morgan Alesiar Makota

"Bonds are so unneeded. My need....only I know it."

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Morgan Alesiar Makota



The First Boy

Longshot | Despite only having one eye, Morgan is one hell of a sharp shooter, hence his nickname.
Red Hawk | Some would say it's his code name, but in all reality, it's his alias as the leader of the Talons.
Al | He actually prefers going by his middle name when talking to someone he doesn't know or someone apart from his gang.

♠Love Interest
♠Past Lover
The First Girl
♠Face Claim
Badou Nails | DOGS: Bullets & Carnage


145 lbs
Well toned | Strong | Muscled
♠Hair Color
Red | Burnt Orange
♠Eye Color
Sea Green
Morgan has no piercings to speak of, but is covered in scars. His most notable ones are the matching gash scars on his right palm, the back of his right hand, and his right eyelid. As for tattoos, he has a very large Hawk tattoo on his back. Not only is it a replica of his alias of the Red Hawk, but also a symbol of the gang itself, and his position of leader.
All in all, Morgan is what he appears to be. A driven, and angry, man. He is tall and well-muscled for his age, and keeps his hair long, clear down to his waist. He is never seen without his eye patch, or a cigarette in his mouth. Another thing is, while he usually keeps a small smile plastered onto his face, it never quite reaches his eye, which always has a very haunted, distant look to it.

♠Preferred Clothing
For everyday normal wear, Morgan wears clothes of a punk.rebel type nature. He'll wear a t-shirt, with a jacket over top, and jeans or cargo pants, with black converse high-tops. If he has a job, he'll wear his blue overalls with dual gun holsters. Morgan is well known to go into the line of fire with his men, one of the many reasons they respect him so highly. And if he has someone to meet, as in a business partner, or a rival/friendly gang leader, he wears a suit, completely black, with a white collared shirt underneath. One thing that never changes about his clothing is the black and white checkered wristband he wears on his right wrist.


Smoking | Smoking was something he picked up from his father, and has become something of an obsession it would seem, as he doesn't seem to be able to stop. Or rather, he doesn't want to.
Muttering | Morgan will constantly talk to himself under his breath, so people can tell he's speaking but just can't make out what he's saying. It will drive his mother up the wall.
Fidgeting | He is very restless. He hardly ever sits still, and to keep himself calm, he tends to play with the checkerboard wristband he always wears.

Sharpshooting | Thanks to the dutiful tutelage of his mother, Morgan can shoot a target dead on up to nine hundred yards. With only one eye.
Smooth Talker | Surprisingly, Morgan is able to talk his way out of most situations.
Blackmail | Unsurprisingly, Morgan also is excellent at digging up the skeletons in other people's closets in order to use that information against them.

*Being Alone

*His mother

Reading | Despite his attitude and normal appearance, Morgan goes through books like worms through apples. He loves to read, and will do so with any book he is presented, even textbooks. Most of his gang say it's the reason he as smart as he is.
Strategics | Believe it or not, Morgan will spend hours going over strategies and battle statistics in his head for hours, and will write out mathematical solutions and plans on his walls. The walls of his room are completely covered with writing, as well as his floor and part of his ceiling. And only he can understand it.

Pyrophobia | The fear of fire. This comes from the time Morgan was playing with his Dad's lighter, and burned his hand. This may seem quite unrational, since he smokes, but...he can't help it. Lighters don't bother him, it's things like a fireplace, or a bonfire that really bother him.
Claustrophobia | The fear of small spaces. His mother has...an interesting way of punishment. When he was a kid, Morgan got into trouble a lot. To try and keep him in line, his mother would lock him in has closet for up to two days at a time, with no human contact, no food, no water.
Epistaxiophobia | The fear of bleeding to death. Morgan got this the day he lost his eye. The wounds on his hand and eye bled quite profusely, so he truly did believe he would bleed to death. He didn't, but whenever he gets shot or cut, he still gets paralyzed out of fear from that day.
Atychiphobia | The fear of failure. This also stems from the same day he lost his eye. He tried to protect his family, and he failed. Now he lives in fear that he'll do it again and not be able to save his younger siblings.
Coulrophobia | The fear of clowns. C'mon...who isn't afraid of clowns? They're just...creepy.

To say that Morgan is distant would be an understatement. Due to many reasons, Morgan will not form any sort of bond with anyone. Granted, he is the leader of The Talons, but that is a title he inherited, rather than earned, though the members will vouch for his ability and title. Morgan is headstrong, independent, and more than a little reckless. He doesn't even form bonds with those in his gang, his reasons being that they were and still are to an extent, his fathers' men. That's not to say that he doesn't respect them, for he does, and because of his ability and surprisingly skilled leadership, they respect him as well.

Morgan is not one to cross, as he has a thirst for vengeance. If you do him any wrong, he will hunt you down and collect his debt, be it money, flesh, or blood. He grew up in the dark circles of the underground, and isn't afraid to utilize the rules and his own power. He's not one for holding back, not even against children, even ones being forced to do something, for Morgan believes it is still their choices. They are choosing to let themselves be manipulated.

For the most part, Morgan is calm, cool, and collected. He takes things level headed and usually with a straight, rather emotionless face. He can take criticism very well, and knows when to stay his hand. That's not to say he won't act rashly at times. He did it a lot in the past, and it has cost him a lot. Since then, he has kept more level head, but he does have his slip-ups at times. Especially when he has to deal with a certain someone.

That being said, it starts to bring to light that darkness Morgan harbors in his heart. You see, Morgan is responsible for the death of his father and his twin sister, and the kidnapping of his younger brother and sister. He was rather foolish as a teenager, and one simple mistake cost lives. He's never let himself forget it, and neither has his mother, who holds him to his vow that he will get his siblings back. It's been five years, and he has yet to fulfill that promise.


♠Relationship Status
Malcolm Makota | Father | Deceased | Malcolm was a stern man, and a good leader for the Talons. He recruited most of its' members that are in it today. Despite his life of crime, he was a loving husband and father. And his crime life wasn't what most people think it was either, just as his son has found out.
Victoria Makota | Mother | Living | 43 | While originally a loving mother, the loss of her husband and three of her children have led her to resent and ostracize her eldest son, Morgan. She cannot bring herself to forgive his wrongdoings, no matter what he does. She has no say in how the gang is run, as she was only there through marriage, and Malcolm is now dead, but she will sometimes give advice to her son, proving that somewhere deep down, she still loves him, and recognizes him as her son.
Michaline Makota | Twin Sister | Deceased | Mickey was Morgan's twin sister, and was a lot like their mother. She was fifteen when she died.
Torrin Makota | Younger Brother | Living [MIA] | 16 | While it is all against his will, Torrin follows the orders of Hongarou Takizawa, if only to protect his little sister Teri. It has been made clear that so long as he does what he's told, she won't be hurt. He was twelve when his father and older sister were killed, his older brother wounded, and himself and Teri kidnapped. Despite what he hears among the underground, he doesn't blame Morgan. If anything, he's begun to idolize his older brother after hearing how well he's led the gang since their fathers' murder. He's constantly trying to find a way to get his sister out, giving little thought to himself.
Teri Makota | Younger Sister | Living [MIA] | 13 | Blocking out the memory of what happened the night her sister and father were murdered, Teri has become, for the most part, an empty shell. She's good at acting, making her good for the prostitution Hongarou uses her for. She's vaguely aware that her brother Torrin is trying to get her out, and that her other older brother Morgan is not only trying to save her and Torrin, but she also believes that he is responsible for what happened to her, and hates him for it. Or she would, if she felt at all any more. Four years of what she has been doing has been enough to kill her in all but body. She's no longer the happy little girl she had once been.

♠Personal History
Growing up in the rings of gangs, drug sales, and prize fights is not an easy thing. But the Makota family makes it somewhat of a tradition, and good little Victoria from a high class wealthy family had no idea about any of it, until of course she met, fell in love with, and married Malcolm. She was eighteen at the time, and he was twenty-two. He had run his gang, the Talons, for four years at the time. They had four children: Morgan and Michaline, Torrin, and Teri. The first two were twins, and then the other two came separately. Of course, neither parents knew just what kind of trouble their eldest son would come to be for them.

Morgan Alesiar Makota was a boy known for his fighting skill and headstrong attitude. Stubborn as a mule and mean as a bull, he made his way through the ranks of the underground prize fighters, soon becoming the number one fighter at only the age of twelve. He wasn't big, and wasn't overly strong, and his opponents were twice his age and three times his size, but his analytical skills and speed were enough to ensure his victories. But with all that power and reputation, came an attitude to match. Morgan flaunted his status and position, as well as his family name, which stepped on a lot of toes. By the time he was fifteen, he had more enemies than his father.

And then he got into the wrong end of the gang crowd. There are always good and bad, even in the underground, and Morgan stepped on the wrong toes. He won a fight that had been fixed for him to lose, and then he was confronted by the losing party. He taunted them, and then beat them all, foolishly using his family name when asked, instead of his fighting alias. As it was, the ones whom he had snubbed were from an otherwise friendly gang with the Talons. But because Morgan was only a kid, the other gang's leaders thought that Malcolm had put the boy up to it, and as retribution, confronted and killed Malcolm. After that, is was chaos, and Morgan was brought before the leaders and held down as he was forced to watch his mother and twin sister being raped repeatedly, until finally his sister was shot in the back of the head.

Insults are paid for by blood in many ways. From Morgan, they took and eye. It's how he lost his right eye, and because he tried to prevent it, he got his scars on his right palm, and the back of his right hand as well. On top of that, His younger siblings, Torrin and Teri, were taken as well, being forced to run the prostitution rings and conduct drug deals.

Morgan was only fifteen when he inherited the title of Leader among the Talons. At first, his blind rage and sorrow kept him from his job, and soon there were muttering among the members that he needed to be replaced. But that all changed after his mother finally confronted him. She told him while she would never acknowledge him as her son until he had righted his wrongs, he was still Malcolms' son, and as such had a duty to lead the Talons, for good or for ill. His mind seemed to clear then. He was still angry, and that rage hasn't cooled, but it keeps him focused. He leads the Talons with precision and has earned the men's respect, all the while he is hunting the Leader of the gang who tore his family apart. Hongaro Takizawa, the leader of the Thornes.


Chess, Shogi, Bullets, & Blood | When conducting a deal with rival gang members, or rival leaders, Morgan has a unique way of doing it. He'll challenge them to a game of either chess or shogi, whichever they prefer, and then discuss the details of the deal as they play. With how Morgan's mind works, it's easy for him to play through a strategic game like chess or shogi while holding a conversation. However, most other opponents either focus on the game, or the conversation. Too much on the game, and they loose track of the deal they are making, and end up giving Morgan exactly what he wants. Too much on the conversation, and they loose the game before the conversation ends. And if they loose before a deal is made, Morgan will shoot them. Depending on the terms and conditions of the deal determines whether or not he kills them.
Eye of the Beholder | No one has ever seen Morgan's scar on his eye before, save for himself and his mother. Another odd thing is, he doesn't seem to be able to meet people in the eye when he's talking to him. It's that up close, he's almost blind. He can see far away, making him excellent for sharpshooting, but up close, and he can barely see anything clearly anymore, it's all very fuzzy. He's able to hide it, thought. He can still play chess and shogi because he's played it so much, he knows they layout of the board, and he uses subtleties from his opponents like breathing, fidgeting, speech patterns, and so on to determine their moves. As for reading...he doesn't do it so much anymore.
Hair of Sampson | Morgan has not cut his hair since he was about four years old. Despite his strained relationship with his mother, he tries his hardest to keep what little they have of one. He cut his hair when he was four, and did a terrible job of it. But still, he had done it on his own, and was proud of himself. Until of course he saw how disappointed and sad it made his mother. he had run her hand through his sheared locks, muttering how much she loved his hair and how it made her think of his father, about how he had his fathers' hair. After that, Morgan vowed to never cut his hair again, and hasn't since, except every once in a long while to keep it under control.
Bottle of Lies | Despite his hatred of drugs, or perhaps why he hates them, Morgan is addicted to some hard substances, such as Crystal Meth, LSD, and Heroin. Most of the gang knows he uses, as well as his mother, but no one says anything. They know exactly why he does it, as well as his many attempts to stop. Nothing has worked yet, and not even the drugs help, as the nightmares still plague him, even four years after the incident.


So begins...

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