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Kali White

Why is she even here? Cause I'm lucky!

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a character in “Voyage Beyond”, as played by Zaria


Name: Kali White
Image : I think that’s the closest to how she looks like


She's an albino.

Age: supposedly 24 but she’s actually somewhat younger
Sex: Female
Height: 5’7
Weight: 134 lbs.
Body Type: Leaning toward Ectomorph
Blood Type: B
Voice Type: I’d say something between Mezzo-Soprano and Alto
Profession: Manager and self-proclaimed writer! – is what she said, why do we even have her on board…

Personality :
Kind, supportive and observant type, that sometimes oversteps some limits simply to see something happen, she cares little for words good and bad that other people use to justify their actions. Her mind is that of analytical person, yet she can be childish and quite annoying from time to time, one part about her personality that never changes is her independence.

Once she’s set on something, she rarely resigns from it but it takes her a while to decide whether to do something or not, she seems to be…quite indecisive in some cases. Actually for such a seemingly nice person she can have dark thoughts to say the least, and by that I mean that once without any other choice…she would kill anything that endangers her life.

She seems to care for what other people do, and ask her to do, but I think she’s quite self- centered, mostly caring for herself, still I can tell she’s fighting against it, for example her rules. Kali seems to have some kind of anxiety problems, though only visible by how much she wants to hug people, or maybe she just likes doing it.

I thought about finishing but in the end decided to put her through another test and results are complicated, it’s barely noticeable but she may have few personalities or maybe is good at fooling people, cause when I looked at her unsure what to say she smiled and said “Gotcha”.
She may be a psychopath, but I think it’s rather her weird humor and she’s at least slightly crazy, also it most likely means she sometimes likes to toy with people.

Next time, please don’t give me such a person to analyze, it felt like she was the one analyzing me…– Person that checks if chose people are stable enough?.

Biography: Kali wanted to be rather “simple” person, live normally until death. Reality was that thanks to her luck and constant need of short goals it wasn’t possible, luck made her come unscathed of ridiculous situations, while short goals made her endlessly search for knowledge.

She went outside, but more often she stayed inside, her never-ending desire to create, to listen to something new created by barely known composer made her extremely sensitive to all things that are around her, though she tried to hid it as best as she could.

About her family, supposedly relations good with them, but when asked about them she looked annoyed. She did spoke of them highly, noticeably caring for family yet somehow distant. One could assume that distance was created thanks to how busy they were, always learning and taking upon a new work. Father was a teacher of history and geography once, but ended up being a businessman, while mother…there is little known about her expect for being described like two sides of a coin by child. Her mother seems to be somewhat disliked by her, but father helped her a lot with studying and other things she won’t talk about.

She studied management, but her main goal was to write a psychological criminal book and reason for it simple Human in the center. Her goal is to show human behavior in book, something she’s been interested in since learning how easy people react to different words. Management school was perfect, she found a teacher who helped her by suggesting books worth reading. She’s the type you’ll see surfing on the internet in search of answers to questions that are needed for her book. Sadly for her, she had to postpone writing for obvious reasons.

Her creativity often bore fruit of some sort, but never a book she would publish, she always thought there was a lack in her knowledge, and that made her postpone book every time.

Her lack of working out, of training made her fragile, and so her skin is soft, she learned that hard way when one man decided to rob Kali and ended up cutting her through sternum, luckily just cutting and not piercing through. She ended up with a nice scar on chest and after few days of lying in hospital she got back home. One could say that this event was important for writing a book but she provoked it for fun. Luck for her always comes with a bit of misfortune, other examples of such misfortune would be that terrible storm and accident with Cryo-sleeping chamber.

parts of her knowledge are locked away by her own rule – forget something from time to time so I can learn more, which is as ridiculous as her luck.
Kali has her own rules she tends to abide by, some are :
1. Killing means loss of life forever, so avoid killing if possible.
2. Learn for fun as much as you can.
3. Observe mostly, maybe interrupt and see what happens.
4. Forget something from time to time so I can sustain learning part for little longer.

Whatever you do, keep her away from engineering , I don’t want her copying everything she sees – someone’s note?

She's fascinated with cosmos, universe to be precise, so this travel makes her happy.

I think it could make sense for someone to actually request her to be on board, so that’s part of my idea here, though it can be changed.
P.S : I hope I did make her somewhat laughable, cause that was my intention.

So begins...

Kali White's Story


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#, as written by Zaria
Kali hoped to wake up once they arrive at their destination, but it couldn’t be so easy. She woke up earlier, in still closed Cryo-sleeping chamber. In her opinion something went wrong, or many things, one she couldn’t get out, two only few lights lit and three she couldn’t see anyone else.

Only thing that came to her mind is to use little space she had to move her hand and try to knock onto the glass no matter how ridiculous it seemed, it still killed time and made small noise. Her knocking lasted thirty seconds and no response came within next ten minutes, waiting was uncomfortable to say the least.

She waited, and finally someone noticed, two men arrived. One in military uniform and one in clothes more suitable for technician or engineer, though black jacket tells little, his tools on belt give away some information. Both checked chamber first, next they seemed to discuss something, and judging from engineer’s reaction what military guy thought of…was a bad idea.

For next fifteen minutes she got to look at engineer’s black hair, and the other guy who couldn’t stop touching his chin through this whole time of tinkering with chamber. Whatever engineer was doing, did something to how warm inside was, or something else was a cause of heat. Luckily Kali’s chamber opened before any further unlucky events.

“Took you a while” Said military man to engineer.
“Maybe, but better than your crazy idea…” He replied rather annoyed, mouth shut tightly after speaking.

Kali couldn’t help but to yawn in front of the two, there were few things that wouldn’t disappear from her mind, questions and comments.

“For one I guess your idea was to forcibly pry it open with your big muscles or something, which is stupid to say the least…” Her comment made military guy annoyed if not mad but engineer laughed lightly.
“Why you little…” He started, but she continued her trail of thought.
“Two would be my question to why am I awake, and why everything seems so dark here?” She could’ve guessed but wanted to know exactly.

Engineer actually seemed to be interested in answering, but for some reason Muscles interrupted him by putting hand on engineer’s shoulder.
“There was an unexpected event that caused minor problems on ship…” He replied with calm yet somewhat cold expression.
One of her eyebrows up and high, mouth open slightly as he spoke.
“Really? I doubt that, anyway can I at least get names of you two?”

This time engineer woke up from his “coma”, he lifted his head and spoke on behalf of two.
“My name’s Jake, Blake is the man that you called stupid earlier, our question to you would be who are you I guess…”
She smiled, before replying with childish happiness.
“I’m Kali, Writer with a big dream!” Way she spoke threw them off, and entertained her.

Yet soon came a comment.

“Wait, writer here? Why is she even on this ship…” Said Blake, who at this point seemed rather disappointed.
She chuckled and muttered loudly enough for them to hear.

“Cause I’m lucky you dummy…”

“Lucky, you call that lucky?” He pointed at chamber, referring to what happened before continuing.
“I think you meant unlucky.”

Kali couldn’t think of anything else but one thing at this moment, so she smilled and said...

Luck always comes with a bit of misfortune…

“Fine, let’s go, we’ll tell you some things on our way there, later Gale will explain, and before you ask where we go the most spacious place on this ship, place that we call "Main Hall”

What an uncreative name they came up with... – is what she thought as they went there, all while wondering who she will meet there, scientists? Other civilians? So many possibilites...

OOC - I wonder if it's good, also I think "Main Hall" may be a good place to gather all people :)
P.S : Tagged all, since actually everyone was mentioned in a way, also it's better to tag I think, or someone may miss something...


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Tera was barely awake and already she was getting flooded with everything that could go wrong. "You are telling me a fucking space storm has knocked out every single one of our vehicles and weapons?" Tera asked

"Yes Ma'am from what we can tell..." Reported a soldier

"Well we still have the melee weapons clubs..knifes... Oh and riot shields." Added another soldier

"Knifes and shields? Are we the fucking Roman Legion now?"

"Well Ma'am..the Romans where quite effective in thier time..."

Tera just glared at the soldier. "I better have at least one working gun found or a broken one repaired before I get back or I swear I'll bring back crucifixion as well."

Tera stormed out the room. It was now time to report to the brass... Terra made her way though the Halls of the ship. Soldiers, engineers, scientists, and others moved frantically though the hallways. Each one of them having some disaster or another to deal with. Tera made her towards the the main hall passing by an odd trio of a soldier, and engineer, and some girl that was way too pale. She only paused long enough to return the soldier's salute.

Upon entering the Main Hall she was greeted by a familiar voice... The voice of the General... The voice of her Father...

"Good morning Captain Daniels... We await your report." General Daniels said.

Salutes where given and Terra took a deep breath. "I'm afraid the report was correct...all vehicles and advanced weapons have been rendered useless by the storm... I have teams working to try and repair the damage or even find something that was somehow shielded from the far no progress has been made in these efforts..."


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#, as written by Zaria
Kali needed some clothes before going further, so three of them entered some kind of changing room and she borrowed some suit of sorts, something that soldier opposed to.

“Do you have a better idea? You refused to let me get my clothes earlier and entering Main Hall just in underwear would surely interrupt whatever is happening there.” She replied, but he still protested, while trying to wear this extremely uncomfortable thing she thought of who they met while walking, a woman that soldier saluted to for some reason.

“So who was this woman you saluted to?” She asked, soldier seemed to gather thoughts, while engineer kept staring at her.
“Captain’s daughter.” Suddenly both answered at the same time.
Suit was uncomfortable, and there was something on wrist, some sort of attachment.

“I see, what was this suit for anyway?”
“Well, we think that two people created it for small gravity manipulation, though it won’t work now.” Jake replied, but both he and soldier seemed rather unsure.

“Surely not meant for me, way too uncomfortable…” Not to mention fact that it still looked weird, but there was nothing else she could use here - was her thought as something interesting caught her eye. Her own clothes lying in a wrong place…

She grabbed them immediately, showing dark blouse and jeans.
“What’s that doing here? I’m asking because these are my clothes, right shoulder is marked with K.W”
They seemed to be baffled , it didn’t matter, she quickly jumped out of suit and changed into her own comfy clothes, question to how such ridiculous thing happened she will leave for later.

“We can go now.” Kali said, rather happy, now that she has own clothes and not something that is borrowed.
They reached Main Hall, and were slightly late, judging by amount of people and fact that someone was speaking to man that looked like captain. Kali wondered what to do now, and it was quickly answered as two steered her towards captain.

“W-What? I think that’s a bad idea…” She started, but never got chance to finish.
Blake and Jake saluted to both captain and woman, again she met her, and she still seemed to be worried, to say the least. Though it would’ve seemed these two interrupted something important.

“Sir, we have found one of error’s mentioned by Gale, one Cryo-chamber had a malfunction…” Both looked at Kali. Kali in between them, it could look funny how a short female stood between two taller men. Either it was her being guarded or her being arrested for some reason.
It feels more like I’m some kind of culprit now – Kali thought but said nothing, didn’t bother saluting or greeting of any sort either. She simply stood silent.

OOC – If anyone’s wondering not her clothes ^^
P.S : I'd rather make sure she gets to Main Hall now, I'm not sure If I'll be able to fit her in later, that all :)


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The world was dark and cold...

One eye slowly slid open, but closed immediately from the shock of the lights. Despite being so dim, they hurt to look at. A moment or two went by and he tried opening both eyes. One at a time they opened against the soreness and stiffness of awakening from Cryo-Sleep.

He started to yawn and stretch his arms, only for his hands to hit the glass window of his chamber.

So that's why it was so dark before, he thought.

Richard Rahl, architectural design and construction specialist, knocked on the window of his chamber. It was approached by two men in security uniforms who shone a flashlight on his face, hurting his eyes in the process, before looking at a sheet in their hands and then opening his chamber.

"Take it easy Mr. Rahl. Your body might be a bit weak after all the years of Cryo-Sleep, including slight muscle atrophe. Please place your hands on the edges of the chamber and check to see if your arms can support your weight." One of them advised.

Richard did as asked, grabbing the edges of his chamber. He pulled, and though his arms were a bit shaky he managed to pull himself up into a standing position. His legs wobbled slightly for a few steps before his body seemed to remember how to walk, and he walked up and down the hallway a couple times before they gave him the thumbs up and left him alone.

He shook off the shock of waking up like this to red warning lights and dimmed hall lights and looked at his fiance's chamber. It was open, and she was being helped as well by a doctor and a security guard. Once she was given the thumbs up, she walked, a little unsteadily, over to him and the embraced one another.

"Seems like only this morning we last saw each other." He said.

She chuckled.

"And yet it's been hundreds of years floating through space... Time is a strange thing." She replied, cuddling into his chest.

Her name was Kasumi Okabe, and she was the light of his life.

He stroked her hair, and they gave each other a kiss before moving on following the orders of the security guards who told them to meet everyone else in the Main Hall. Evidently there was going to be some kind of briefing about what had happened and why it was that there were warning lights going off.


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At first she thought something had gone wrong with her stasis. It seemed like no time at all had passed between closing her eyes to Gale's soothing countdown, and opening them to the eerie darkness- flashes of light passing her cryochamber on occasion.

"Gale? Did the power cut?" she tried to ask- but her mouth wasn't quite functional yet, and the garbled mess that came out didn't sound much like words at all.

I'm dead. I have died and this is what the afterlife looks like. I'm not in the cryochamber at all, I'm in a coffin on my way to my burial because I died. Or maybe I didn't die at all, they just thought I did and now I'm going to be buried alive.

One of the lights focused itself on the glass of her chamber, hitting her eyes with a painful sting. She closed them, waiting for the familiar "swoosh" of the door opening, and the clean, cryogenic atmosphere giving way to the tainted oxygen of the ship.

Recycled oxygen, dead cells and carbon dioxide. Every time you breathe in you also breathe the air of everyone around you. That's fine. That's all fine. It's fine.

"Miss Nygaard? How are you doing in there?"


There was a pause, and a slight chuckle. "Yeah, that sounds about right."

She could feel the light moving away from her face, and she was able to open her eyes. The world was still swimming in front of her, and she was unable to see the man in front of her, only make out the outline of him as she adjusted, squinting distrustfully as a hand materialised from the void beyond.

"I know you probably have a million questions right now, but I'm really not the guy to answer them. Honestly, I only got the gist of it myself."

The hand took hers, helping her to her feet. She almost jumped at the sensation of bare feet against the cold metal of the ship's floor, just in time to realise that she was actually falling. The security guard had anticipated this though, and supported her weight with his.

"Yeah it's gonna take some getting used to, being awake."

"Frick," Emilie said.

"Yeaup. Now, everyone is meeting for a briefing so."

A pause.

"Let's get you some clothes."

They walked, albeit slowly, to find her a comfortable uniform before she was able to join the remainder of the crew in the Main Hall. She mumbled her thanks to the security guard as he smiled and went off- probably to open more cryochambers. She wondered how many he'd opened so far- how many were waking up out of the million-or-so inhabitants of the ship.

Then she noticed the warning lights.

Oh God.