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Virana Kalre

Soldier/Pilot on the USF 26th of November

0 · 774 views · located in Book One: Iron Sails

a character in “Voyage: Iron Sails”, as played by Belynta


Virana Kalre

”I'll answer your questions if you take me out for a drink afterward."
Nickname: Ana, Kalre
-Age: 25
-Gender: Female
-Species: Human
-Role: Soldier/Pilot
-Motivation: Career minded, working her way up the ranks

”Not too bad looking if I do say so myself."
-Eyes: Dark brown look almost black.
-Hair: Black
-Height: 5"5'
-Weight: 125 lbs
-Skin Tone: White
-Build: Athletic
-Body Markings: Two tattoos, one on her left bicep of the Union crest and one of vines and roses running down her spine from her neck to beginning of her buttocks. She also has several scars from her years of service, one diagonal scar between her breasts from a knife attack, and a couple on her legs. The only one visible to others is a scar cutting through one eyebrow.
-Description: Virana is typically seen in combat trousers and t shirts when off duty, she is one of the guys in many ways and is not really feminine in that she rarely wears make up or worries about her appearance. On duty however she is always neat and tidy, though plain. She has always been an active person preferring activities such as mountain climbing, running etc. Being so active has given her an athletic figure with strength and stamina not expected for someone her size. She has managed to retain some curves however and she has curvaceous hips and breasts both in proportion with her slim figure. Her hair is shoulder length and a jet black, most of the time she wears it loose but when on duty it is kept off her face in a messy ponytail.

”I like to think I'm a pretty smart person, smart mouthed at the very least!"
Passionate in her emotions
Being trapped and helpless
Being alone for the rest of her life
Being active
A challenge
Sweet things
Being bored
-Personality:Virana is a tough taskmaster and is known for being firm but fair whilst on duty, she works hard and expects the same of those around her. However she will never expect someone to do something she herself is not willing to do. She is honest to the point of rudeness and does not understand lying or tact. She simply says it how it is always, she does however attempt to soften it somewhat when speaking to superior officers. She is generally an open and honest person who is easy to talk to, she will always make time to listen if someone needs a sounding board or simply a sympathetic ear. Though those who do go to her know that she will tell it to them straight. She is a competitive person who does not like losing and always wants to be the best at everything she does. She is a passionate person who feels emotions deeply, as such she has a short temper which those who know her know to avoid.


”The usual stuff and a bit extra I cobbled together."
-Clothing: When on duty Virana wears the uniform as per the regulations, however she has been known to take the jacket off and tie it around her waist when she has to get dirty on the job. Off duty she is a lot more casual in appearance wearing combats and vests, she is rarely seen in anything feminine and if you do see her in a dress then you'll know she has made a special effort.
-Carried Items: She has access to the usual weaponry that a soldier uses in the union, add to that a combat knife she wears tucked into her boot.

”Piss me off and I'll knock you on your ass."
•1: Standard issue Rifle
• 2: Standard issue Pistol
-Technotic Abilities
•Skill 1: Enhanced vision that allows her to see in different spectrum's and makes her vision superior to that of a normal human. (Union provided)
•Skill 2: Enhanced reflexes that allow her to respond to stimulus at a quicker rate - enables her to perform better as a pilot and soldier. (Union provided)

”Do you really want me to bore you with my past?"
•Martial Status: Single
•Family: All dead
•Military History: Virana grew up on one of the furthest colonies belonging to the Union, she spent most of her early life knowing very little of Earth or the human race as a whole. She was eighteen and preparing to marry her childhood sweetheart when there was an accident at the nearby power generator, the subsequent explosion wiped out the entire settlement. Virana only survived due to being underground doing maintenance at the time. She was trapped alone for almost a week before people from another settlement rescued her. She tried to settle back into life in the colony but the loss of her family and love was too much to bear. Everywhere she went she was reminded of them and made the decision to leave the colony. She signed on with the Union and has been in the military ever since. An accident on board her previous posting damaged her eyes, due to her long and dedicated service the Union gifted her with prototype vision enhancements that not only fixed the damage but improved her vision a great deal. Though it took her some time to adjust to seeing things in different spectrum's eventually she became used to it.

So begins...

Virana Kalre's Story

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#, as written by Legate
Erik Gunnarson (Rico to his friends) was just arriving at the dock, still stuffing bags of purchases in his pockets when he heard the captains announcement. As luck would have it The November was at the far dock. He started to sprint in full combat gear and in full pack shouldering aside a lieutenant as he ran. That this lieutenant did not stop him proved the old adage, "A sergeant in motion outranks a lieutenant who has no idea what's going on". Still in full combat gear and with full pack he raced through the door hung a left and slid down one of the first ladders he saw, thankfully he'd memorized the layout of the ship prior to arrival. He sprinted along the hallways in record time, no one gets in the way of a fully combat loaded soldier moving at a sprint.

When he finally arrived everyone else was already there. As he skidded to a halt and threw a salute as he managed to snap off a crisp "Sergeant Gunnarson reporting for duty sir!". A package that looked suspiciously like brass knuckles a garotte wire and a couple exotic looking knives started to fall out of his pocket. He deftly caught them ant stuffed them back in. He looked around at the other soldiers assembled and smiled and winked as he caught Viranas eye. They'd previously served together during a previous command on the Albion. He hadn't realized she'd been posted here but it was good to see a familiar face. Especially another competent soldier that he got along well with.

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#, as written by Belynta
"Fold!" The older grizzled soldier threw his cards down onto the table in disgust, he took a gulp of his drink and eyed his opponant balefully. Virana Kalre pilot, soldier and skilled sniper grinned at him as she leaned forward and pulled the small pile of currency towards her. It was not a large sum as they had only been playing for pennies really, mostly she and the others around the table had only been playing to kill time before they boarded their relative ships. Virana was the only one of the group posted on the November and during the card game she had gotten the distinct impression that some of the other younger men at the table were envious of her. That boded well as it meant that the November was a ship people wanted to work on and not one that they avoided.

She slapped the older man on the back and he grinned at her good naturedly showing that he wasn't really bothered by his loss, she was about to rib him about losing his touch when she heard the announcement to board the November asap, her captain clearly wasn't one to mess around and she liked that. She stood grabbing her gear and slinging it onto her back before waving at the guys gathered around the table.

"Have fun boys."
"Watch your back Kalre, I want to win our next game and I can't do that if you're dead." The older soldier said.
"Don't worry Mack, even if I'm dead I'll still haunt you until I have proven I'm the better player!"
Mack grunted at this and waved her off, the others nodded and grinned at her before she strode off towards the November, they had been playing by some equipment to be loaded using a crate as a makeshift table and so Virana was not far from the ship. It took her mere minutes to reach the large hulking shape at rest in the docking space. She had spent time learning the layout during the trip over and so did not have too much trouble working her way to the bridge. She passed various other crew as she walked, some higher ranking and some lower and she responded accordingly to them all but not stopping to talk. She did not intend to ruin her reputation for efficiency by being late for her first posting.

The bridge was the usual hum of activity you would expect from a Union ship with consoles blinking and beeping and various crew running here and there prepping for departure. She spotted the Captain and strode to where he stood, she confidently and with physical grace, saluted her commanding officer.

"Kalre present and ready for duty Sir!" She said.

As she spoke she saw another new member walk onto the bridge and she found herself grinning as the man made his way towards them. She knew that walk and the face that went with it. Well DamnShe thoughtRico still alive and kicking, this posting is looking up already
She had served with Rico, or Gunnerson as he was officially known as, aboard the Albion and they had saved each others ass on several occasions. There was no one else she would rather have at her back. She winked back and her answering grin was the typical playful one he was bound to recognise.

As John walked through the long corridors of the November, the words of I.O.N really didn't connect with him. John was confused, angry... and determined.

"...Say the word, and we'll be off." John heard the computer say as he arrived in the bridge. Making his way to the central control panel, the Captain began to open documents left and right from the Alliances Ship Registry. Frantically, John pressed the flat of his hands against the console and began to look through the thousands of ships. It took him all of a few seconds to find exactly what he was looking for: The crew and cargo, and weapon systems of the U.S.F New Dawn.

"-This- is what my problem is, I.O.N.." He said bringing up a full schematic of the ships weapon systems. The New Dawn was by far the most heavily armed ship in the fleet, with some of the most advanced weapon systems in the entire Union. The ship carried firepower unmatched by any other ship: Five A.M.P Cannons, over a-hundred F.F Valkyrie Missile Turrets, and almost a-hundred-and-fifty man-operated F.F Flac turret.

Quickly closing the document, John opened the Crew Registry, displaying the massive list of crew names and their positions on board the ship. Don't be on that ship... John thought to himself as he searched and searched through the lists of names. After a moment of looking, John found what he was looking for. One singular name more important than any other:

On-Ship Phd. Duglas, Amanda C. Service Completed: 2 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours.

He sighed deeply, and took a step back, sitting in the captains chair behind him. His heart pounded inside of his chest as he tried to relax. "Shes on Oatheir..." He told himself as he lightly chuckled, still trying to relax from the adrenalin surge that rushed through his chest.

"Sergeant Gunnarson reporting for duty sir!" he heard a soldier state from behind him. Refocusing himself, John stood up and turned to face the tall soldier in front of him. He nodded as he looked over the handsome soldier that stood in front of him... honestly a little envious of brown-haired well shaved and strong beard he looked at. This made him think about shaving... but that would never happen.

In front of him stood a line of fore soldiers... which should have been five. A woman, no doubt. Always late. He thought with a laugh about the late soldier. But before he could speak a word to the soldiers, in came the sixth. A beautiful vixen of a woman stood in front of him, with beautiful long brown hair to her shoulders, and equally magnificent eyes. This time, he would let the tardy be excused.

"Kalre present and ready for duty Sir!" She stated firmly, almost firmer than her male counterpart, Sargent Gunnarson. If the two were dating, John had a pretty good idea of who wore the pants in the relationship. Taking a deep breath, John placed his hands behind his back and locked his fingers together.

"At ease, soldiers." John said as he looked over the rest of the soldiers, men he had known for years. "Captain Rayas, Sargent Ka'Sel, Sargent Muenger. A pleasure to see you as usual, gentlemen. I hope you had a restful two-week leave, and I am happy to see you three on board once more.

"Sargent Gunnarson and Private Kalre. Both of you have been handpicked by the Union to serve on-board the November..." The Captain said as he reached behind him and pulled a hologram of the two cadets profiles. Having never looked over them, he thought now must have been a good time. "... Both served aboard the U.S.F Albion ((Fable reference?)). Gunnarson... Sixteen Confirmed fighter kills. Thirteen more and you'll match my record... Planetary Defense, Kell-Tath without a single breach..." He said raising his eyebrow, looking at the trained killer that stood before him. "Damn good work, Sargent. Private, First Class, Kalre. Highest simulation scores in your class, Summa Cum Laude at the Academy... Very impressive."[/b]

Looking back up from the hologram, the Captain closed his open hand and the projection closed with it. "Now that we have the formalities out of the way, lets get down to why I really brought you here." He said standing back up straight again, his tone now different... more relaxed and layed back. "The 26th of November is one-on-a-kind. The first and the last of the Interspersion Project. This ship carries on it a Quantum drive with enough warp-thrust to spin Earth on its axis, three-hundred times. And your job is to protect her."

"I will admit." He said raising his hand to dismiss the other three pilots. "Your profiles are both impressive, Gunnarson your is by far one of the most impressive I have ever seen, serving on my ship or not. But in my eyes you are still rookies, and that means until you impress me, you will always be rookies. But don't worry too much about it. I'm a pretty -chill- captain.

If you would be so kind, Captain Rayas," He asked before the tall, Yoa soldier as he was about to leave the room. "Would you show these two new pilots to their quarters, and to their fighters. That is all, kids, you are released. Get settled in, and get ready for a long haul. Its three-days to Oathear from here." With that, the Captain sat back down at the Command Counsel and pressed his hand against the controls as the soldiers left the bridge.

"I.O.N." He said sighing, finally able to relax in the chair. "Get me Zaal, down in the Lab. Tell him I need to see his delightfully slimy face up here, asap."

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ION had dissipated his hologram by the time the soldiers had lined up by Duglas. He had overheard, and recorded (as was protocol), their brief conversation. On the captain's command, ION had opened a small holo-terminal within the lab, near where Zaal was working. "Zaal, the Captain has asked to see you on the bridge," ION stated quickly before closing the channel. One thing he had learned about Zaal is that he prefers things to be short, and precise. Especially with humans.

After that, ION felt the need to assist the two newest members of the crew. He was, after all, programmed with training procedures. He quickly located the group in the hallway to the hanger bay, using the cameras inside the ship. They must have already been shown their quarters, ION thought, or noted to himself, as he created his hologram near the soldiers. "Hello, all. I am ION, the ship's A.I. system. Captain Rayas, you may go perform your pre-takeoff checks, I'll show the pilots to their ships," ION said, deciding that the more physically done towards takeoff, the sooner they could be on their way. As Rayas was leaving, ION continued, "Follow me." He walked (in a sense) to the hanger where their ships were docked, ensuring that they were following him. He opened the doors, strolled inside, stopped, and turned towards the soldiers. "These are your ships. I'm sure you are familiar with the function of Falcon-class fighters, correct? At any rate, do you have any questions?"

While ION was introducing them to the hanger, he was multitasking and created another hologram by the captain. "Well, sir, all systems check out, all personnel have checked in, and the new crew members are being shown around. We are waiting on your word, sir."

#, as written by Legate
Erik's back stiffened, ten years service, and eight of that special forces, and he was a recruit?! Then again, most of his record was sealed and most of the deniable black ops he'd run weren't even on paper. Maybe this captain just didn't have the clearance. He decided to let it slide ....... for now and shook his head as he headed off to the flight deck. He heard footsteps catch up to him then fall in step. He looked over at Kalre. Well at least there is one bring spot to this whole thing. He grinned as he bumped her with his shoulder hard enough to make her take a step over. "They let someone like you on this boat? Standards must be slipping, did they run out of trained monkeys or something?" he teased as he grinned down at her. I.O.N popped up and led them down to the flight deck.

They joked along to the flight deck where they got the first look at the hardware they'd be using. I.O.N turned them, "These are your ships. I'm sure you are familiar with the function of Falcon-class fighters, correct? At any rate, do you have any questions?" Gunnarson pulled himself up onto the wing then reached down to give Virana a hand up. "Falcons eh? That's the nice part about being the best, you get to play with all the nice toys" he quipped. He poked around a little. "Hang on, I thought I knew the Falcons inside and out but these seem to have been tweaked. There are some systems here that I don't recognize, I.O.N what can you tell me about them?"

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ION listened as the soldier's overlooked their ships'. "There are some systems here I don't recognize, ION what can you tell me about those?" "Yeah I noticed that too, at the very least looks like these babies have had some serious engine upgrades." ION's hologram smiled at their attentiveness. "Yes, these Falcons have been modified to hold a Raptor-45X engine block. They now nearly have FTL capability. Also, there has been a remote tracker placed within these ships. Not that you would go rogue, but if the November would ever be destroyed, we could track it's last known location. Or if any of the ships made it out intact, where they went. Lastly, the system you may be referring to is the auto-pilot system. By auto, I mean that I will be authorized to take control of the ship, and do what it necessary for it.

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#, as written by Legate
As, ION recounted the various upgrades Gunnarson grew more and more impressed. However when the AI got to the part about remote control Gunnarsons smile almost faltered. Though he kept up an inner veneer of calm as he climbed in to the cockpit and fiddled with the controls "to get a feel for them" he was cold inside. No way was a damned toaster gonna be in control of his fate. No sir.

"Hey ION, you wanna just point these out to me?" He watched as the AI gleefully pointed out the new systems and where they were located and how to operate them. Then under the guise of leaning down to check the pedals, he quickly disconnected the auto pilot.

Then it was time for the fighters to be stowed. That done they were finally showed to their quarters for the FTL jump. "Hey, my own room, that's kinda nifty" he exclaimed. "I'm gonna shower now, but don't be a stranger" he said to Virana as they parted.

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#, as written by Legate
Gunnarson sighed as he closed the door and began to unpack. His power armour and most of his combat weapons were down in the armoury. Thankfully UNISEC (Union Naval Intellegence and SECurity) had kitted him out with a couple less visible pieces of equipment. He removed a hidden blade from his wrist ejector sheath, the micro comm implant on the other hand could stay in his ear permanently. It was so sensitive it could pick up subvocalized sounds via the Eustachian tube. UNISEC had been the ones to set up this mission in the first place. They had wanted an unofficial man on the inside, and having just gotten off a blackops stint that was him. A nice "cakewalk" mission.

He unpacked the rest of this stuff, his movements thoughtless yet economical. He was thinking about Virana. She'd come a long way from the rookie she'd been when he'd found her behind enemy lines. She was running out of food and ammo but that hadn't stopped her almost putting a bullet through him when he snuck up on her position. He'd manage to get her back to her lines but wasn't really sure who had saved who.

All finished unpacking he sat down to send a sitrep back to HQ, piggybacking it on some of the Novembers own communications. that finish he showered dressed and sat down to await his next orders

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#, as written by Legate
Gunnarson swept most of his UNISEC equipment safely away then answered the door in his fatigue pants and sleeveless shirt. "Ahhh the impatience of youth, Recruit." He teased "You're a little wet I see." He quickly gave himself a mental kick in the ass for that innuendo "However I see you brought the party with you motioning to the bottle. He whistled in appreciation as she showed him the label. "A MacAbre! You must cheat at cards more than I remember."

He stepped aside from the door and swept his arm into the room indicating she should enter. He had always enjoyed their time together they got on like a close pair of siblings. Admittedly she made a damn hot sister he thought as he discreetly checked her out. It should not be possible to look that good in fatigues. "Make yourself at home, I'll grab the ice." He said over his shoulder as he walked over to a small refrigeration unit. As he filled their glasses with a little ice he continued their banter. "Now how did a nice girl like you wind up getting herself on a ship like this?

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#, as written by Legate
"Yeah, something like that" he said vaguely waving his hand. He'd lost his entire squad in a blown operation and been taken prisoner. They'd gotten him out after 3 long months. She didn't seem to have noticed the extra scars, the bulk of them were under his shirt but his arms still bore a couple. Thankfully she probably just thought they were from general combat. After that they'd promoted him and transferred him undercover to the regular infantry for this mission. "Wait, you lost your sight? Black hells, what happened?!" He shuddered, losing his sight was not something he'd wish on anyone, well maybe only a few people.

"Won't lie Kally, that's a hell of a story." He liked that nickname. He knew she didn't but he tended to be the only one who could get away with it. "Also, since when can you kick my ass. Fine, fine, except for long range marksmanship. Hell with those new lookers you've probably gotten even better" "Not that that should even be possible" He muttered.