Voyage of the Sands- PLEASE DON'T POST

Voyage of the Sands- PLEASE DON'T POST


When the Life of a dying town named Arenae is stolen the government sends out a young group to search the Netherlands for said energy source. Although, when your city is surrounded by nothing but sand and dust your task seems increasingly more difficult..

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Voyage of the Sands...

When the world starts falling apart and the entire surface land is made out of sand in the year of 2598 the people are broken down into different towns and separated. Civilization is on the brink of extinction and survival seems to be a one for all thing, meaning each town for itself. So when the Energie source of 'Arenae' is stolen the citizens of the town are terror-stricken. They already didn't have enough medical care to keep themselves healthy but now their whole town was going to sink. The leaders of the town sent their healthiest and youngest group to go retrieve their Energie.

Energie was one of the most sophisticated things scientists created overall in all the years they had. It's a form of energy that is also addressed as 'Life' that can hold up or sustain an entire country, giving them the ability to grow grass, food and maintain a supply of water. Very rare to find one nowadays, the towns that have one are lucky but everyone knows they'll sink eventually too. These energie sources run on power, they won't keep running forever though; They need to be charged. All the chargers were destroyed in 2403.
Bandits often steal Energie for themselves out of greed.

You are a member of the group, out to search for the missing Energie piece for your town. I am still unsure whether I should have activity of multiple towns or just Arenae. There will be a MIN. of three people per group, MAX. of 5.
Without an Energie source growing something is useless, the plant will die out in a matter of hours.

Arenae: Sinking in 133 Days.

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1. No swearing please or keep them very mild. EX. Damn
2. No Gary/Mary-sues please!
3. This is a realistic future RP, no wings, powers...etc.
4. Please don't RP when there is only one person to RP with, it makes it harder for everyone else.
5. Watch your grammar, spelling and punctuation.
6. Semi-Lit

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