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demon with sort of a laid back attitude toward life.

0 · 119 views · located in Dream's Kingdom

a character in “Waking Dream”, as played by chris45


Chosen Associate: Demon
Name: Inekin
Gender: male
Age: 20
Brief history: Inekin has always lived a normal life, though he sleeps more than other demons so most of his life was spent sleeping. Because of his young age, most demons looked down on him. Also he liked staying in his human form, so they thought he was somewhat weird. He was quite lonely as a child and he found comfort in pain, pain toward others and toward himself. He enjoyed fighting other demons causing them pain, but he also enjoyed getting hurt. It made him feel alive, like he was all powerful. He knew he wasn’t, but that was the way he felt. And now he wants to fight even more, he feels that only through fighting stronger creatures will he know his true strength.

Abilities:- Able to turn into human and demon form
- in his demon form her can switch between two forms, his Solid form and his shadow form

In his solid form, Inekin is physically strong. But he is slow. His solid form is like heavy armor. But this also gives him great defensive ability.

In his shadow form, he is quick, able to travel through the shadows and strike before his enemy can even see him coming. But his attacks are weak, his scythe is strong and can possibly do a lot of damage, but because he is physically weak he can’t hit his enemy hard enough to do lethal damage. After a few attacks he could possibly force his enemy to bleed heavily, but it would be nothing that couldn’t be healed. Also in this form Inekin is weak against light and is forced to stay away from it. He can fight in it, but he will be weakened, so his speed will slow and his attacks will be even weaker.

Personality: Inekin is loyal, somewhat like a dog. He will never just leave his allies to die without at least trying to save them. He enjoys pain, both inflicted on himself and others. Inekin isn’t arrogant or stupid. He is usually laid back in the beginning of a fight usually watching his enemy and letting them show off their moves, so he can set a trap later in the fight, so some people can take advantage of this by trying to defeat him early in the fight. But when he is in a truly important fight that could possibly kill him, Inekin will fight will tactical skill. He will calm himself and think about every move he makes. In those kinds of fights Inekin will fight with everything he has and try his best to destroy his enemy.

Inekin is straight forward, he will tell a person what he thinks of them. He doesn’t like to lie unless it’s to gain some type of advantage or leverage. If through lying Inekin can possibly set someone up or trick them, he will do it and not break a sweat. Inekin is the type of liar that no one can really tell if he is lying or not. He is usually very calm in a conversation never showing his anger, unless he is really fired up. But when he gets to that point the will usually just leave on some rare occasions he has been known to attack the person making him angry.


So begins...

Inekin's Story