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Waking Dream

Dream's Kingdom


a part of Waking Dream, by libcakes.


libcakes holds sovereignty over Dream's Kingdom, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Dream's Kingdom is a part of Waking Dream.

9 Characters Here

Kronos [0] "Didn't anyone ever tell you to respect your elders!?"
Araw DuChe [0] An assassin with nothing to lose.
Olivia Marsai [0] "Tsk Tsk now, You don't mess with me."
Inekin [0] demon with sort of a laid back attitude toward life.
RaeAnne Mone't [0] Rae is meh' nickname!
Draconis [0] a dragon with a fiery additude
Vanyel Zandrell [0] the evil and a little twisted woman who wants to gain power for her own selfish reasons.
Time [0] "Dream. Please try to keep your subconcious out of my timestream. Thank you."
Dream [0] A mysterious being older than the gods. Don't worry though--he's here to help (XD)

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Araw sits in his bed, awake. "Bah!" he says loudly, but nobody was in the apartment with him. "I don't wanna get up!" The alarm clock buzzed and beeped for the third time. It crashes into the floor, a dagger in it. He sits up in his bed. He yawns and rubs his eyes. Araw stands up and walks into the kitchen and begins his routine.

He first grabs a glass of lemonade and sips from it while he checks his computer for messages. None yet. He goes back into his room and changes into his day clothes. Still sipping from his glass of lemonade, he decides to search for a name he heard in his sleep. Although it was fuzzy and hard to hear, he could remember it. "Vanyel Zandrell," he says as he types it in. One link pops up, which he clicks. "Hmm. . ." She seemed like someone he should get to know.