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Crossover RP about Animaniacs and Earthbound.

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It all starts when Lucas finds something by the beach of Tazmily. The creature that was by the beach seemed pretty much lifeless, and looked somewhatly like a dog. Lucas decided to take the dog-like creature with him home to see if it actually was alive. Once Lucas came home, he putted the dog-like creature on his bed and waited for a while. A few minutes later, the dog-like creature woke up from his unconcius state. The first words that the dog-like creature said was “Where am I?” Lucas kindly answered “In Tazmily Village, I found you on the shore of Tazmily beach, your pretty lucky that I was there at the moment, otherwise you maybe still would have been there”. The dog-like creature came up from Lucas’s bed and looked around, he didnt recognise the enviroment.

“This is youre house, right?” He said.

“Yep” Lucas said.

Once the dog-like creature saw the door out of Lucas’s room he instantly ran out.

“Hey, where are you going?” Lucas asked, but the dog-like creature was already gone.

Claus also saw the dog-like creature as it was running around in the house.

“An Animaniac?” Claus said, recognising the look of the creature.

Lucas came running into the room. Once he saw Claus he said

“Hi Claus, do you possibly know whats up with this dog-like creature that I found on the shore of Tazmily beach, it seems crazy”

Claus looked at Lucas.

“Yeah, I think thats an Animaniac, Wakko Warner possibly” He said.

“Its a what!?” Lucas said.

“An Animaniac, or in a better way to say it, a warner sibling, he might have got lost and ended up there on the beach shore, and belive me, an Animaniac is crazy” Claus said.

“So he will cause trouble?” Lucas said.

“Probably” Claus said. Lucas heard the door to outside slam, The dog-like creature, wich now was revealed to be Wakko Warner, had been running out of Lucas’s house and entered Tazmily village…

I do not own Animaniacs and Earthbound, Earthbound (Mother 1, 2 and 3) is a game created by Nintendo, Ape and Shigesato Itoi and Animaniacs is a TV Serie (Along with its games, of course) that was created by Warner Brothers. The story of this RP, on the other side, was a idea of mine. I own the idea of making a crossover with Animaniacs and Earthbound (Mother 1, 2 and 3) Mother 1 is the prequel of Earthbound, Mother 2 is the japanese version of Earthbound and is the sequel of Mother 1, Mother 3 is the sequel to Earthbound and Mother 2. Mother 1 and 3 was never released in English. Earthbound Zero is also owned by Nintendo, and is the name of the unrealeased english version of Mother 1. Mother 3 is known as Earthbound 2 in english, even though it never was released in english.

Toggle Rules

1. Same rules as on this website

2. No pointless posts

3. Please read the story before you join, or else it may end up really weird

4. Ýou can be a fancharacter or an official on, the character can either be from MOTHER 1, 2 or 3, as well as from Animaniacs, of course. You can be more then one character.

5. Tell me if youre going to be away for a longer time, so that people dont have to ask after you all the time when youre gone.

6. Tell me if youre going to quit bein in this RP, for the same reason as on rule 5.

7. No godmodding.

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Character Portrait: Wakko Warner


Character Portrait: Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner

Wakko is the most crazy Warner sibling. He can eat almost anything and does often mention the fact that hes not wearing any pants.


Character Portrait: Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner

Wakko is the most crazy Warner sibling. He can eat almost anything and does often mention the fact that hes not wearing any pants.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner

Wakko is the most crazy Warner sibling. He can eat almost anything and does often mention the fact that hes not wearing any pants.

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