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Krepta Draconis

A formidable dragon of a woman, no matter what her form, Krepta is the last of the Walkers.

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a character in “Walkerverse”, as played by Jabberwookie


What is Krepta?
Physically, Krepta comes from a kitchen sink ancestry. Her relatives got around. Her own lineage is most prominently dragon (father) and human (mother). She's also a World Walker by birth. In fact, her mother's family's surname is 'Walker', which should clue you in to a bit of their past. These Walking abilities come with a lot of rules, however, and a lot of responsibilities.

What can she do?
She can shapeshift into a dragon, as well as the human form she was born into. She can take on the shape of a house cat and a wolf as well, and theoretically more if she were ever so inclined to study (but since I like to keep her humble, and it isn't really in her nature, she probably never will.) She can use the magic inherent in her Walker's blood to open inter-dimensional doorways to other places (think Doctor Who without the box), using actual, physical doorways as a frame. Sometimes these doorways only open one way.

What is she like?
Krepta is stubborn, hot-headed, awkward, insecure, and proud. She's also compassionate, open minded, brave, loyal, and observant. She's not perfect, but she cares, and she always does her best to do what she feels is right. Whether or not that opinion is correct is sometimes up for debate, but she'll put her life on the line for it if she really believes in it. She's got growing to do, but she's not afraid to embrace that growth. She has trouble with authority figures and interpersonal relationships.

Characters who are easily offended are probably not a good match for her. She doesn't go out of her way to pick fights with people, but she's blunt, honest, and has a tendency to speak her mind, no matter if that's something the other person wants to hear or not. On the flip side, while she has a mouth on her and will happily snip and banter with anyone and everyone, she's hard to truly upset as long as innocents aren't in danger, so gruffer characters work well with her.

What are her goals?
Krepta is doing her best to embrace her role in her family's line of business, so to speak. The Walkers were charged long ago with protecting the balance of the multiverse as the result of a mysterious crime lost to the ages. Krepta is trying to find out more about this, what happened to the rest of the Walkers, if she is the last, and her place in it all.

Interested in playing with Krepta? I have yet to migrate her full character sheet here, so check out the rest of her info, as well as how to contact me for roleplay here! Thanks for reading!

So begins...

Krepta Draconis's Story