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Jasper Creek

"I couldn't talk to save my life"

0 · 372 views · located in Walt Disney University

a character in “Walt Disney University”, as played by Exotica


β€œSometimes I feel like I’m shoplifting in a ghost town, other times I’m so alive. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just a dog.”


{ NAME }
Jasper Buddy Creek {Jasp, Bud, or no nickname}
{ ROLE }
Zero {Nightmare Before Christmas}
December 29th { 19 years of age }
{ YEAR }
Second {Sophomore}
Veterinary Technician Science {(Also audits creative writing and linguistics courses)}


A few light ones across his hips and thighs, faded.
A myriad of mostly meaningless silly ink; partially done sleaves, some hand tattoos, some comic book tattoos. Nothing of fantastic quality.
Offset lower labret in which he wears a ring, double pierced ears, and a nose piercing, all he wears rings in.
Jasper carries himself like he floats. While not hugely physically fit moving is easy for him and he shows that; he’s flexible and moves like liquid. That said, he also has an incredibly closed off and small air about him, as though he expects the other conversation participant to draw him out of himself for him, and he clips many of his larger, leaner gestures so as to not be noticed so easily. He has an air of toughness, though, enough to keep people away who he doesn't want to be near him; defensive. He's a bit like a kicked, defensive dog, ready to bite but also ready to slink away.


Shoplifting in a Ghost Town { American Nightmare }
[[x]] Smokes [[x]] Pulls at his fingernails [[x]] Absolutely terrible with computers and cellular devices but relies on them heavily [[x]] Great sense of direction [[x]] Long strides [[x]] Tends to huff, chuff, growl, and make small huff-bark noises when he’s tired, stressed, or otherwise not watching himself [[x]] Incessant intent urges to chase and bring back objects thrown by people he likes [[x]] Separation anxiety [[x]] Almost constantly needs something in his mouth (gum, cigareette, fingernail, anything works) [[x]] Gets on very well with animals [[x]] Drinks too much [[x]]
[[x]] Volatile mix of addictive personality and self destructive tendencies [[x]] Rather cowardly [[x]] Awkward with most people [[x]] Has been known for destructive clumsiness to the point of destroying furniture and walls [[x]] Short attention span [[x]] Neurotic [[x]] Anxious [[x]] Needy/dependent [[x]] Much better with animals than people, tends to prefer their company [[x]] Almost never thinks before he speaks [[x]] Compulsive [[x]]


[[x]] Getting hooked on something harder than alcohol [[x]] Not ever finding someone to whom he can be entirely loyal and trust one hundred percent [[x]] Being hated for who he is and nothing else { Rejection } [[x]] Large bodies of water [[x]] Extraordinary loss or death. [[x]] Fireworks [[x]] Overly friendly strangers [[x]
[[x]] A not overly hidden past of self harm [[x]] He tries to keep the fact that he’s so intensely psychologically weak and prone to manipulation and immediately taking orders on the down-low. [[x]] Also keeps the full extent of his drinking habit on the DL [[x]] Considering he’s slightly ashamed of his disciplinary record and most of his embarrassing past mistakes (the usual fighting and theft and such) he tries to keep that away from public view as well. [[x]]


βœ” Punk/Alt music βœ”
βœ” Dark clothing βœ”
βœ” People watching βœ”
βœ” Graveyards βœ”
βœ” Dogs (& Animals in general βœ”
βœ” His major βœ”
βœ” Independent living βœ”
βœ” Mind enhancement βœ”
βœ” Taking orders βœ”
βœ” Friends who l ike him even if he’s honest βœ”
βœ” Pumpkin ice cream βœ”
βœ” Sweet food βœ”
βœ” Friendly but dominant personalities βœ”
βœ” Passionate people βœ”
βœ” The smell of grass βœ”
βœ” Summertime βœ”

βœ— Rain βœ—
βœ— Loud, unexpected noises βœ—
βœ— Showing vulnerabilities βœ—
βœ— Being ridiculed for rolling around in grass or snow βœ—
βœ— Not being allowed to eat any one thing present in his house or dwelling βœ—
βœ— Doing homework sober βœ—
βœ— Making most decisions sober βœ—
βœ— Feeling lonely βœ—
βœ— Pretzels βœ—
βœ— Not being given adequate attention by his friends βœ—
βœ— Pop music βœ—


β˜ͺ Obedient β˜ͺ Curious β˜ͺ Energetic β˜ͺ Self Destructive β˜ͺ Easily entertained β˜ͺ
It's most easy to look at Jasper first from the side most people see him from; when he's out and about being social, and it's easier to understand him if you tie his actions to that of your friendly neighborhood stray. He is, in every aspect, very much doggish, and when out and about attempting to be social, Jasper is most often seen with open body language and a lopsided grin on his face; he's interactive and very open to people, although all his actions are carefully measured by how much of himself he's giving away. His tail if he were a dog would remain half tucked between his legs most of the time, as while he's comfortable in crowds, he's always on alert. He's prone to making mistakes and is incredibly prone to disastrous situations in which he seemingly in the matter of seconds just, ruins ever thing without trying. For this, he's very cautious around large groups of people as he's mortified of embarrassing himself further.

With people he trusts, it's an entirely different story; Jasper can be the biggest, happiest, friendliest puppy in existence when around people he likes. While still prone to clumsiness and a general aura of minor chaos, he is much less careful to reign himself in. He always has a leg tossed carelessly against or over the lap of his closest friends and likes to have near constant physical contact. He's quick to answer any demand, be it 'I want some water' to 'You should do this for me' directly. He's devoted and laid back, and doesn't hesitate to let his love and passion for friends and lovers alike burst at the seems while he curls around them or flops over their lap.

Unlike with people he genuinely likes, when alone, Jasper overthinks himself to death. Without proper distraction his brain starts running and he slips into self destruction and addiction in every form. It comes down to little things; blasting his music too loud, digging his wrists against the sharp edges of tables, anything. It all too often ends in tears and trips to his whiskey or vodka stash of the week. He often sits still for hours at a time, and can't bring himself to move, or curls up in his underwear under his covers and writes through endless journals when he doesn't really have anything to say. He'll look for fights or scout the local shops, shoplift or vandalize. Anything to get the endless whirring thoughts out of his brain, when he gets that desperate. It's pathetic, he thinks about it that way. He hates the outllet, but with a need for someone else to be around to distract him, to better make his decisions for him than himself, with a need to obey rather than be left to his own devices, Jasper often finds himself stuck.


Jasper was born in Detroit, the half-abandoned city of ghosts which has decreased in population by 60% since the 1950s, since it was home of the Model T automobile. He grew up as the only child in a tiny bungalo at the center of a patch of urban prairie. The entirety of the other houses on the block were uninhabited and the only life he had as neighbors were the flowers that came up year after year despite the homeowners' long time absence. This meant Jasper had the ability not only to keep himself occupied by exploring, but also exploring abandoned buildings and long stretches of forgotten property. He interacted a lot with stray dogs, his parents, two migrants from New York City, both of them chefs and foodies, always said he had an affinity for taming wild dogs, although looking back, Jasper never thought of it that way. He just joined the packs for the afternoons when his parents were away and he had no neighborly friends to play with.

Jasper's early schooling went incredibly smoothly; he kept to himself, but kids admired him for his way with animals and his intense knowledge on the subject of them; he was his fourth grade class' elected science official because they were studying ecosystems that year. He loved it. He got along easy and childhood, while often empty and sometimes lonely, was still warm. It was how childhoods should be. Things got harder when Jasper hit puberty like a brick wall and was suddenly half a foot taller than every other peer in his grade, and he was all gangly limbs with a weird taste for pumpkin and a weird interest in all the older kids and their sex and drugs and rock and roll; that was middle school, that was the worst time of his life. The friends who'd stood by him in elementary turned, sunk in their teeth, and sent Jasper into a self inflicted isolation which lasted midway into high school, when some of his peers caught up with him and put some effort into being his friend.

By then, though, Jasper was sixteen. He'd discovered alcohol and cigarettes and weed, he'd been smoking consistently for a year and drinking for longer, he'd been falling into dissaray. His entire high school career was a quick(er sometimes than others) downward spiral into self destruction and self loathing. Every moment was looking forward to the next fix and the next escape from the minefields he'd discovered in life. A simple minded happy man like him simply couldn't handle high school, with all its hard knocks. He was too soft for it, but he came out harder, wizened to the ways of the sharp-toothed people around him. As soon as he hit eighteen he left with a graduation certificate, some clothes, some booze, a pack of cigarettes and not much else, for college and the great unknown. The city slowly rotting under his feet was too much for him. So he flew to California, as far away as he possibly could get.



Jasper thinks of WDU as an escape; it's a new opportunity, with no chance of old friends wandering into his life and giving out embarrassing fuckups. He's starting fresh, and he's relieved. It comes with an intense sense of hope for him, but also with caution; he's never been outside of Detroit before, not even on vacation. He lived and breathed a dying city, he's not sure how to handle somewhere with this many people, this much life. But he's almost sure he'll figure it out.
TBA (will decide with players- especially Jack and Sally’s players if they’ll be friends)
TBA (will decide with players)
TBA (will decide with players)
TBA (will decide with players)

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So begins...

Jasper Creek's Story