January Pan

"Never grow up"

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Age: 15
Sex: Male
Origin: Child of Peter Pan and Unknown

Physical Appearance : WIP

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  • Adults (Mostly Mothers)
  • Responsibilities
  • Being reminded about manners
  • Being Scolded
  • Being told what to do
  • Being called by his full name, rather than his nickname "Jan"

Personality: Jan inherited his father's childish, selfish, and disrespectful traits from when he was was still a kid; for which his father is surprisingly glad. Ever since the disappearance of his wife, Peter encouraged Jan to stay a child and never grow up. "Grown-ups are never to be trusted" : The Pan family motto, which has played a large role in Peter's personality. He's an angel around kids and teens alike, but an adults worst nightmare. Tricks, teasing, and childish acts are more than expected out of the teenage boy.

He does however, have a slightly matured side to him. He knows when he's taken a joke too far, and though still working on his apologies, will always try to make it up to whoever it was he had offended (in his own childish way, of course). His peers must also keep in mind that though childish and full of pranks, every kid has his tantrums. Jan's tantrums happen to be more on the "I'm going to sulk, cry, and never talk to you again," side rather than the violent, thrashing on the floor type of tantrum. He also has his depressing moments, when he's thought too much about his mother and how he'll one day have to leave all of his friends when he departs for Neverland.

Animal Companion: None, except for the occasional visits from fairies ( and not Just Tink and her friends ).

History: Long after his meeting with Wendy, and first interactions with the 'grown-up world', Peter finally found his 'one true love' and gave up his fears of growing up to spend his life with her. Finally, here was someone who cared for him, who he could trust, who loved him, and whose soul would forever stay young....or so he thought. "I'm leaving for the supermarket - I'll be back soon!" Those were her last words, before she left and never came back.

Jan knows nothing of his birth mother; only that she's a traitor (according to Peter) who should have never been trusted. After all, you can never trust an adult (with the exception of Peter). Jan's limited knowledge of his mother comes solely from his father Peter. She left when Jan was 11 months old, her touch, her smell, and everything else about her long forgotten and lost forever.

Betrayed and helpless, Peter's forgotten hate for adults sprang back to life, stronger than ever before. Now well past the Neverland age limit of 18, Peter's sole goal in life is to make sure that January gets there, and never again comes back out into the crooked and disgusting world of Adults.

So begins...

January Pan's Story