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Waltz in Limbo

Waltz in Limbo


Life and Death send their children to a castle with guards to get along. If they do an old feud may end. But there are always complications.

1,666 readers have visited Waltz in Limbo since ゆうい created it.



To us life and death are nothing. We live and then we die. Except many of us didn't know how difficult a process it is to keep the two balanced. The two are actually personified. Life is the most common it seems and he is much brighter as well. Death is quite the opposite and so secretive, everyone fears her. Now both are quite powerful and fight each other constantly for control of which occurs more in our world.

Many major events in history where huge amounts of lives are lost are the result of Death's doing. But life balances it out by promoting child rates somewhere else in history. They both respect each other, but they just can't get along because they are so different. A rivalry developed.....

Of course during this rivalry and during their jobs, Life and Death needed a way to have fun. In order to do so they created their own little helpers. Life created what you would called angels, fairies, and wraith's. Death created demons (also just angels with a darker touch), vampires, and reapers. The helpers were what caused some problems in our world. Fairies have an urge to help people when they wish for something. Vampires need blood. Wraiths get attached to items and haunt them. You get the idea. However, they cleared up paperwork, sent souls off, collected souls, and the usual Death and Life had to do themselves. The two didn't care so much.

With a bit more freedom on their hands, they left to explore the human world. They had their fun. But it all ended when the two got into a little fling with humans. Death had a daughter. Life had a son. Tensions rose. What first seemed like a mistake, became their pride and joys.



It's been a few years since Death and Life's "accident". Their children are reaching maturity (about 1000+). Tension has built up and a war might just happen. Raising the children to be better then each other is most likely the cause. Life and Death constantly held competitions whether it be who could create a life and if the other could break it down before the new life was created. The winner would be whoever gave in or which was able to finish first. Sparring was also a common one. It was stalemate as both children had different strengths and weaknesses.

In order to stop the destruction of humanity and the waste of resources (I.e. materials to make a soul and tools to end it), God himself proposed that if Life and Death's children could get along. They would stop such a stupid rivalry and get on with their jobs, as well as their lives. They agreeded.

The two were sent off to an exclusive castle in Limbo, the resort area between Life and Death, to get along with each other. Allowed to bring three guards, they did so. However the really intention God had here was to make the duo fall in love. Their parents want them to find a suitor or bride. The decision rests with the two.

The first event is a Masquerade ball with all kinds of guests to celebrate their birthdays. Love? Friendship? What will brew up?

Your Invite to Be...

~Those Who Thrive in Light~

Life's Son ~ Taken by Quelle

Guard 1: The Angel (Female) ~ Taken by Ayano

Guard 2: The Fairy (Female) ~Taken by Patchwork Heart

Guard 3: The Wraith (Male) ~ Taken by The Soul One

Those Who Stalk the Darkness

Death's Daughter ~ Reserved

Guard 1: Demon (Female) ~ Reserved

Guard 2: Vampire (Male) ~Taken

Guard 3: Reaper (Male) ~ Taken

(IF all the guard spaces are filled on both Light and Dark sides. Then I will add more roles :3)

Lost Ones (aka Heartless)
Human souls incapable of moving on or being sent to Earth. They are missing a key component in there psych. The ability to let go for example. If being created, maybe they don't have the ability to show true emotion because they don't have a heart. As a result they are sent to Limbo, the endless paradise.

1. Female - Taken

2. Male - Reserved

3. Female -

4. Male -

The Baddies

There are those who wouldn't want this buddy buddy ending. They believe their creator must be better or some other motive. They are here as suitors or workers.

1. Male -

2. Female - Taken


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1. If you are absolutely sure you'll be active. By all means join :)

2. Reservations are 48 Hours

3. If you must leave for something. PM me or say so in the OOC.

4. Romance is encouraged. <3 It's kinda the reason for this. PG-13 please.

5. Do whatever so long as the plot ends somewhere. If have an idea lets discuss it in the OOC.

6. Common Sense~ (no godmoding, auto hit, etc.)

7. If this has been read put, "I choose...Life/Death." Pick your side. :3

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Character Portrait: Hayashi Masato Character Portrait: Shapet Shifet
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Lisette Anderson

Tick… The arm of the clock moved… another tick as the seconds flew by the large clock that hung overhead the main entry way into the ballroom. Tick… as the guest swayed themselves into the dance floor with their partners. Everything that passed… including the cart that ran over her dear older brother’s foot and the way he stared at the devil’s cake.

To be honest the cakes didn’t look that appealing to her… mother knew she loathed anything spicy…and devil’s food cake carried that spice that made her want to eat something else. Angel’s food cake… that’s just wrong. Too why and soft for her taste, Lisette is just one hard girl to please… The amusement grew as she watched how her brother handled the situation.

Although… she was slightly disappointed her brother hadnt caught the… from the corner of her eye she caught something shift, a man that was approaching her before the famous son of life finally made his appearance.

Be polite, be polite… She constantly had to remind herself in his presence, while she carried no animosity for their other half but she still had a role in how this whole peace thing is going to last. Well see… Lisette clearly is a skeptic with this whole idea. Life and death were made to be team but even teammates have their moments. She figured out while hearing her mother constantly swore at life in her bedroom. She held those thoughts back as she forced herself into the present. She schooled her face back into its cool expression. A dainty pale hand accepted the flowers from the man as she gave a light curtsy. “Thank Mr. Hayashi, and may I wish you a happy birthday as well.” She spoke politely just as a waiter came and offered them drinks. Alcohol… it made her a little leery even touching the glass but for sake of appearance she took the glass. “Thank you…” She murmured but made no move to drink from it. There…. Was something off with the smell on one of the glasses, she glanced back at Masato, she didn’t spoke of suspicions but waited for the man to do it on his own.


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Character Portrait: Hayashi Masato Character Portrait: Lisette Anderson Character Portrait: Shapet Shifet Character Portrait: Ben Varrak Character Portrait: Lyzabeth Plandaí
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#, as written by Quelle
Hayashi Masato
“... Huh?”

Hayashi had saw everything with quite a surprise. It was indeed very odd how the room can be full of harmony - well so it seems to him. But although it looked like he had nothing to afraid of - and Lzy- chan being near him - it was a weird feeling he felt. It was something that he couldn't describe. It had to be uneasiness, something that it doesn't look alright at all, although it seems like it. But although he felt like that, he could just smile as Lisette, the Daughter of Death, congratulate him. "I am delighted to hear your congratulation. It's an honor." He said with a smile as a waiter - normal and with usual waiter clothes - offered them a drink. Indeed, it was alcohol.

He could just took one glass with a smile. He was an alcohol lover, because he loves plants he had a very large knowledge about it. And like any other expert, he smelt the drink. It was a part of enjoying it. But for his surprise, he couldn't tell what kind of alochol it was. It smelled very... strange. And only then he noticed that even the daughter of Death did not drank it yet, so he turned to the waiter. "Thank you for bringing me this. But I am curious, what kind of alcohol is this, I wonder? I never came across an alcohol that I couldn't tell what it is.", he began politly. Indeed, he said the truth. And his face was smiling. But still, his thoughts never came across something bad, he always thought the best of a person. And so his quite innocent nature made it even now difficult to figure out the danger that came from the waiter.

But not just that. Lyz- chan didn't said anything. And with a side glance he noticed that even Ben was near. So, what could he be scared of? It was nothing to be feared about. Look at the harmony. Look at the ambiance. At the happy faces. "Maybe I should cost it, so I figure it out by myself.", he playfully winked to the waiter. As then he shook the water for awhile and placed his mouth on the glass, slowly wanting to taste only the first drop like a real stubborn alcohol expert; as then he something wrapping his hand. It grew from the necklace that his father gave him - from the small corn inside the necklace, it grew to a long green plant that was now wrapping his hand.

It was a strange event. His father never told him that something like that would happen - he just told him that he should wear it to the ball. But the plant was the reason why even a small drop of the water didn't manage to reach inside his throat. The thing that made him not vomiting all that he had for breakfast. But Masato could just see that with a frown. Someone could see that he was indeed not pleased at what just happened. "May I- ask for help, Mister Waiter, Lady Lisette Anderson? It seems that my power is doing what it pleased today..." He said a bit angry. He couldn't move his right hand, which helt the glass of the alcohol. But although it doesn't reach it, Hayashi being slow, he did not even get the situation. He was still an easy victim.


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Character Portrait: Aralrée Zara Character Portrait: Hayashi Masato Character Portrait: Lisette Anderson Character Portrait: Hei Lei Jian
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Hei was hoping he could get a piece of cake before the candle blowing, when he noticed that Life's son appeared in the corner of his eye. "Well lets see how Sis and Mr. Masato get along." He watch the scene unfold for a bit. Apparently a waiter offered them alcohol. As Masato tried to drink a plant wrapped around his arm, which Hei couldn't help but snort and start laughing. He stopped when he heard someone call his name. “The cake is definitely not for you, Hei Leo.”, she said with a quiet but strong voice like always calling for him. “May I talk to you - alone?”

Hei Lei turned and saw Zara. He nodded and took her lightly by the wrist. "Is there some trouble?" He asked casually as he led them outside into the garden. He didn't see anyone, besides an angel by the fountain, but he found that alone enough. "Ms. Aralee, what is it you wish to talk about?"


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#, as written by Ayako
Ellen Hart

After noticing the two new people present, Ellen got up and said a small 'sorry' before going back to the party. Her wings were away again and her mask, which she forgot to put on the first time, was on.

Once she was back inside, she was greeted by the pleasant smells of various amount of desserts. "such amazing creations." She says amazed by it all. Trying to take it slow, she picks up a chocolate cupcake and begins to lick the icing. This taste heavenly... Ellen thought, smiling a bit. As she took her first bite out of the chocolate part, she looks over and saw a waiter trip over and splat a cake on some woman's head. The woman then got furious and slapped the poor waiter on the cheek before storming away. "Poor man..." she whispers, watching as he rubbed his swollen cheek.

After watching that entertaining scene, Ellen threw away her cupcake wrapper. "What's going on over there?" She whispers, spotting Life's son talking to a beautiful girl who looks like death herself. Curious about the little get together, Ellen stands up and walks over towards them, planning to sit nearby.


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Character Portrait: Hayashi Masato Character Portrait: Lisette Anderson Character Portrait: Ellen Hart
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Shapet Shifet

Shapet gave the two their glasses of champagne, one for the beautiful Lissete, and one for that guy who pissed him off. He started to walk away, when Masato asked him a question.
"Thank you for bringing me this. But I am curious, what kind of alcohol is this, I wonder? I never came across an alcohol that I couldn't tell what it is."
Ashling replied with, "It's something like Moonwater or something. How should I know? I'm not the chef."
Good reply, he thought to himself. This might take some time, but when he takes that drink, anything he ate will be regurgitated. Ashling chuckled. Boy, would that be hilarious. How about that for a first impression?
"May I- ask for help, Mister Waiter, Lady Lisette Anderson? It seems that my power is doing what it pleased today..."
Ashling turned back, seeing that a long green viney thing wrapping around Masato's hand, preventing him from drinking. Ashling rolled his eyes and threw a knife really hard, cutting the vine without problem. The knife then bounced off the wall, ricocheting back into his hand. Literally. His hand bled as Ashling saw the blade go through the palm.
"I- I should be leaving," Ashling said, quickly hiding his hand behind his back.
He ran toward the door, changing back into his favorite form, but then wanted to screw with one last person. He saw a girl in a dress, silk he thought, with brown hair left in a bun. Ashling removed the knife from his hand, and waited for her to pass by. But then she accidentally bumped into him. The small tap on the shoulder gave him all mental and physical information.
An angel? Interesting. Must be a body guard for that Masato boy. But if she is an angel, I should not embarrass her. Of course, you get to go to heaven or hell by a jury of angels, and i don't want to include her to my witness list.
So he decided not to piss of the angelic lady who could probably fill him full of steel and throw him into the fiery pit of damnation. Once she passed, he shuffled out of the ballroom. If his mother found out what he did tonight, he would be grounded for almost an entire year.
Ashling grimaced, I REALLY don't want her to get angry...

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Character Portrait: Hayashi Masato
8 sightings Hayashi Masato played by Quelle
Life's Son: "Nothing is more beautiful than something new born. It not only brings happiness, but also hope..."
Character Portrait: Aralrée Zara
2 sightings Aralrée Zara played by Quelle
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Character Portrait: Nozomu Higa
Nozomu Higa


Character Portrait: Hei Lei Jian
Hei Lei Jian

"I resemble Mo- I mean Mistress Death? I highly doubt it."

Character Portrait: Ellen Hart
Ellen Hart

"Life is a beautiful thing that we must cherish!"

Character Portrait: Ben Varrak
Ben Varrak

"Hey, perhaps we can get along..."


Character Portrait: Ben Varrak
Ben Varrak

"Hey, perhaps we can get along..."

Character Portrait: Ellen Hart
Ellen Hart

"Life is a beautiful thing that we must cherish!"

Character Portrait: Hei Lei Jian
Hei Lei Jian

"I resemble Mo- I mean Mistress Death? I highly doubt it."

Character Portrait: Nozomu Higa
Nozomu Higa


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Character Portrait: Nozomu Higa
Nozomu Higa


Character Portrait: Ellen Hart
Ellen Hart

"Life is a beautiful thing that we must cherish!"

Character Portrait: Hei Lei Jian
Hei Lei Jian

"I resemble Mo- I mean Mistress Death? I highly doubt it."

Character Portrait: Ben Varrak
Ben Varrak

"Hey, perhaps we can get along..."

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