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Aralrée Zara

Aralree Zara: "Peace...? Please, say that you're joking."

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a character in “Waltz in Limbo”, originally authored by Quelle, as played by RolePlayGateway


    Aralrée Zara
    Too Late To Apologize


      ImageFull Name:
      Aralrée Zara

      Ara or Zara


      Appear to be 16 years old

      THE BODY


      Don't be fooled by her slim and - seem to be - frail body. She has a strong and skilled hand which even can make strong and big men to be troubled fighting against her. She has a small face and big red eyes, which are feared by other Suitors.

      Basic Appearance:
      She really like to wear a kimono, although it's very difficult to move inside it. But usually she wears black clothes, just like his black hair in contrast to her pale skin colour. But her lips are deep bloody red. Sometimes a bit frightening.

      Darkness Manipulation: She can wrap herself in darkness, as if she was never there in the first place and can make her presence unnoticable. But only that. The Darkness itself is something that no one can control.

      Alternate Form:
      • She can turn herself into a Raven, a black Raven.

      Weapons & Armor:
      She does not have any Armor, bus she do have some weapons in her sleeve. Those includes a small dagger and many poisoned needles.

      Other Important Possessions:
      A necklace which she always wears and never said to anyone from who it's actually from.

      THE MIND

      ♥ Death; She saw it as a salvation
      ♥ Cherries; She really love that fruit
      ♥ Snow; It's really relaxing for her
      ♥ The Night Sky; Silence; Stars

      x Life; It only brings pain
      x Hatred and Violence
      x Humans

      • Watching stars
      • Observing the 'Life' People
      • Being alone in a dark place

      That the pain of living will break her apart, although she herself already breaks herself apart...

      She is not someone anyone can understand. But truly, she is not a bad person.
      People say, she is a gloomy girl. She never talks much unless it's important, and he likes to quickly underestimating people without really knowing them well yet. She likes to be alone and sometimes she talks with her. Yes, people say that she is creepy too. But she never could take those words seriously. For her, those who talks about her behind her back are flies, who just wanted attention. She never liked people like that.
      Zara is very straight forward. If something doesn't fit with her personal objectives, or something is odd, or someone is weird, she'll say it right away without feeling any particular bad feelings about it. But she do have emphatic, although her tears never showed in the public, because she likes to keep sad feelings for herself. She is a closed person who does not really have anyone that she could trust herself to.
      Her hatred for 'Life' People is very obvious. Her being very open with her opinion of somebody, she already cockely say it out in front of a 'Life' Person, which caused some ruckus back then. But she never learnt her lesson. She keep on being warily in front of them.

      THE PAST

      ImageWhy is she so closed about herself? Does she have any particular reason for that? Or is it because she had a terrible past? Why is she being so distant and never wanted to accept kindness?

      Yes, it may be all because of her past. Her heart breaking past.
      She grew up being hated by many. May it be because her mother was a 'traitor' who changed side from 'Death' to 'Life', or because her unusual eye color which made people whispered many things about her. That's why from the time she was still a child, she already learnt how to control her urges to cry that made her a strong girl now. She learnt by herself how to control her Darkness powers as she found out that she do have them. But herself could turn into a Raven, she never told anyone. It was her little dark secret.
      Anything more, she changed back the sides to the 'Death', but the people there never could accept her, although her power was very unseful indeed. But she never cared. What she cared back then was to have a normal life. A normal life as any possible.
      As one of the 'Death' People, she was sended to the earth so she could talk to the humans and made them wanted to die. It was a task, that she could not do well; at first. Then she learned all the pains that the humans had, learnt, how terrible the humans could be. And that's why she wished them to die. To have finally the eternal peace that they do deserve from the pain they have been through because of the selfish desire to 'live'. Yes, she detest 'Life' because of that event. And he became skilled to persue the people to choose death, so that's how she has been accepted into the 'Death' people and could be in the Limbo at the first place. But it seems that they will regret to have invite her pretty soon...

      I choose death, the eternal peace...

So begins...

Aralrée Zara's Story


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#, as written by Quelle
Hayashi Masato

Hayashi opened his eyes. The breeze wakens him up and tickled his nose. It was a pleasant smell coming from outside. Definitely it was... "Flower... sunflower mainly..." He mumbled, still half asleep. Yes, it was a beautiful morning indeed. He rubbed his eyes and at once, he was up on his feets, opening all the windows and stared at the seems to be endless flower ocean, with many different flower colors, which gave those aromatic smell from them. He breathed in and out - what a lovely start of the day. He remained in his stance, as someone came in. It was a servant, who had a frown on his face and startled as he saw Hayashi standing there - still with his pyjamas on. "Your Highness! The Ball will begin in a few... no, it already began without your highness! Your Highness has to hurry. And... Happy Birthday." Usually Hayashi would say that he shouldn't call him 'You Highness'. It was something disturbing that he didn't like. But seeing the situation, he found it more clever if he hurry up changing his clothes and get ready for the ball after he had thanked him for the birthday wishes.

Not just Hayashi, everyone in that 'small' castle began to hurry up and going messy through the halls, panicking and hurrying. They all knew it was a very important ball and they all had to help the Life's Son to go to the place as quick as possible. They all didn't want the Death to misunderstand that they ditched on them. That was just a very unpleasant thoughts that moved everybody to go even faster.

Not long after that, with the effort of many people, Hayashi was standing there, ready with his suit. Hayashi slowly moved his arms. The suit was indeed too big for him - It was uncomfortable. But seeing everyone be so glad finally finished dressing him up, he couldn't say anyone that it was a size too small for him. He just smiled. "Thanks you all. Just because of you all I can look handsome right now.", he grinned with a playful smile, took a bouquet of flowers and went off to the Ball.

He already saw Limbo from afar. It was a pleasant sight, but it did made him nervous too. Not like his three guards. He had to meet the Death's daughter. And yes, he already could guess what this Ball is all about - he knew their purposes for peace. He wanted peace, indeed, but he too was a bit uneasy with Death people. Although he is aware that without Death, they wouldn't keep the balance. But it was just sad to see someone dying. And someone, the cruel way of the Death didn't please him at all. “SURPASS NERVOUSNESS... COMPLETE!”, he suddenly yelled to himself and squeezed his own cheeks. It was time to enter the hall.

It was a nice place indeed. Very suited for a real Ball. He didn't recongnize everyone. He was a lost cause if it's remembering someone else's faces. But just for the death daughter he remembered. He had to tell her happy birthday too, it was just polite for both of the parties. He strongly helt the bouquet of flowers and went off searching her, loosing the two of his guards. Just
Lyzabeth Plandaí remained on his side. "Lyz- chan... do you see the Death daughter?" He asked her and wandered with his glance through the people who are there. There was a small ruckus in there. He didn't really see what is it about, he just saw a man - boy - stumbling because of the cart of cakes. And there not far away from that she stood. She had a silver and black laced mask with a butterfly wing on the left side. It suited her... wait. Did she just smile?

If that was a smile what Hayashi saw, then she couldn't be all that bad person. Smiling persons are always nice person. His nevousness flew away and he went to her, offering her the bouquet of flowers and made a light bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lisette Anderson. My name is Hayashi Masato, the son of Life.", he smiled. "I wish you all the best for your birthday."

Aralrée Zara

It was sick. All of this crap is sick! The many food, the ambiance, the too big cakes, the people inside - are they all stupid? As if something like 'peace' really exist. All fake! I know it! They detest each other actually, but they didn't show it. It's just sick. Just sick.
Zara walked through the big ball halls alone, glaring at the - seem to be - happy faces what made her anger even bigger. She disagrees with all this. She detested how fake everyone was. This was just a waste of money - so Zara. But most of her anger was because the Death people wanted to have peace. She was someone who is in the Death side, and she was sure that Death did well without Life. And now, they wanted peace as if they have given up? They both are like water and oil! They will never live together in peace!

That's the reason she sneeked herself in as a Suitor, to prevent Death to do silly things. She had look through of their strategies way far ahead. She just had to made Death and Life's daughter and son not getting along and be angry at each other, so the peace contract isn't being sign. She smiled cunningly. She already knew who will probably want to help her. Probably.

She went to Hei Leo Jian, the Head Reaper. He was not a pleasant company - so Zara - but he was bearable if someone compares him to the Life people. He currently was giving a quite... amusing show perhaps? Staring to the cakes like a hungry wolf. Zara could just frown seeing that. “The cake is definitely not for you, Hei Leo.”, she said with a quiet but strong voice like always calling for him. “May I talk to you - alone?”


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Hei was hoping he could get a piece of cake before the candle blowing, when he noticed that Life's son appeared in the corner of his eye. "Well lets see how Sis and Mr. Masato get along." He watch the scene unfold for a bit. Apparently a waiter offered them alcohol. As Masato tried to drink a plant wrapped around his arm, which Hei couldn't help but snort and start laughing. He stopped when he heard someone call his name. “The cake is definitely not for you, Hei Leo.”, she said with a quiet but strong voice like always calling for him. “May I talk to you - alone?”

Hei Lei turned and saw Zara. He nodded and took her lightly by the wrist. "Is there some trouble?" He asked casually as he led them outside into the garden. He didn't see anyone, besides an angel by the fountain, but he found that alone enough. "Ms. Aralee, what is it you wish to talk about?"