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Hei Lei Jian

"I resemble Mo- I mean Mistress Death? I highly doubt it."

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a character in “Waltz in Limbo”, as played by ゆうい



    The Reaper and Death's Forgotten Son
    Hei Lei Jian
    Yoshida Brothers - Nameless Hill



      Full Name: Hei Lei Adamantis Jian
      Nicknames: Ace, The Black Diamond, and The Forgotten Son
      Gender: Male
      Age: Looks to be in late teens to early twenties. "I'm around 3500 years old."

      THE BODY


      Height: 5'10"
      Build: Slender, but Lean Muscled
      Basic Appearance:
      Hei has jet black hair and eyes. He used to have white hair, but as he matured the color darkened to his head of ebony. He is pale and unblemished. Most of his outfits are dark colored, but are quite fashionable. "You gotta look good on the job."
      Collection - The ability to see, collect, and review souls. All reapers have the ability. Other nonhumans can see souls but not touch them or look into a soul's life when it was alive. If need be, the reaper can change the little soul to their human shape say for a little chat.

      Reanimation - As Death's son he can reanimate dead bodies of any creature.

      Shadow Manipulation - The usual. Shadow travel. Shadow flames to drain people of energy. Make shadows solid, useful if you don't have a weapon.

      Alternate Form: He can change into a mini sprite of himself.
      Weapons & Armor:
      -Black scythe with feathers. The blade is made of one of Death's own fingernails. "That's just disturbing Mom."
      -He wears dark colored clothing and it varies in styles.
      Other Important Possessions:

      -A simple chain necklace with a black diamond dangling from it. It's one of mom's tears. I think it's a tradition to give your child random body parts."
      -Sketch he carriers in his wallet. It's his family.

      THE MIND


      -Collecting Souls
      -Devil's Food Cake
      -Peace and Quiet
      -Mom (Death)
      -Working Hard
      -Albinos "What? They look cool and I miss my white hair."

      -Being doted on
      -Being Forgotten
      -Waking up late
      -Violent/Depressing Deaths
      -Being Avoided "Just because I'm a reaper and I walk behind you doesn't mean I'm there to collect your soul."


      -Being forgotten or feared
      -Becoming cold and distant like many other reapers.


      ~Calm | Calculating | Scheming | Aloof | Not a Bad Person~

      Hei is the "cool" type. He is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when he wants to. He normally won't do anything that doesn't have any benefit for him, however has wondered if maybe he wishes to gain something intangible from his relationship with his friends. He is actually rather a softie when it comes to those in need. He feels a sort of kinship to the Vampire and idly chats with him often, since they are both very level-headed people. At times he'll show he is good-natured and cares for his friends, despite being cool and rational.

      Hei is quite civil and pleasant when you first meet him. However once you discover his devious side, he'll act how he wants. Usually what's on his mind. But if on the job he seduces the unlucky soul whose time is at hand and takes them away from there physical body. It's done in a very business like manner, it's quite unnerving.

      He also enjoys a good joke and will often mess with his friends, colleagues, and even those pesky creatures of light and squishy-ness. Usually stalking them and then giving a black letter that says your time has come is his common prank. Sometimes putting people in an unconscious state where it seems there dead, he used this on Romeo an Juliet. It's one of his more crueler ones, but it relieves his boredom. He means no harm considering he wasn't raised in a loving family that taught him to be mushy and kind.

      Being type AB, the rumor is he is has split personalities. This is most apparent when it comes to lack of sleep. Wake him up to early and he has a murderous aura about him. Without hesitation he will take a slice at you with his scythe. His evil self comes out if need be or if he wants to be.

      [size=120]THE PAST


      Hei Lei's history
      Hei was born quite some time ago in Ancient China to an emperor. Death was this emperor's concubine, or was forced to be. She drank some wine for the emperor that was poisoned when she was supposed to collect his soul after he died from drinking that wine. As death, she couldn't die. It made her rather tipsy and the Emperor was quite handsome. He found her, let her rest, then things started to led to another and in the end Death had a son.

      She left Hei Lei at child birth and only stayed long enough to name him, Black Thunder. Hei was the emperor's second son so he got a bit of special treatment. Raised in a pampered lifestyle, taught arts, and how to fight. One day a coup de ta was carried out when he was 19 years old.

      The Coup was started by his stepbrother who overheard Hei would get the throne. It enraged him. That night Hei was cornered in his bedroom. The point of a sword at his throat. His brother bloodthirsty. As the blade was raised to end his life, darkness enveloped them. Death had come to save her child. The man who attempted to kill her son was slaughtered by Death's own scythe.

      In this event, Death explained he now owed her for letting him live when he was supposed to die. He had to become her servant in a way and had to help her collect lost souls. He refused at first, but she feed his curious mind with tails of the future. Didn't he want to see that? To watch humans progress? At this proposition, Hei agreeded. With a snap of her fingernails, Hei became one of the first reapers in existence.

      At first he hated his job. It was dull. His mother doted on him. But she told him he couldn't back out now. "Besides you are helping a great cause." She explained. "By collecting and guiding souls, you help create happiness. Those souls will never have to experience pain again, eventually they'll meet their loved ones." Hei's outward character didn't change. However inside it did. He began to enjoy his job a bit.

      More freedom was allowed to him as more reapers were created and he'd explore the human world. No one could see him though, unless he wanted them too. But one day he met a girl who could see him, even if Hei didn't want her to. At first he ignored her. She waved at him though and eventually he started talking. Love ensued after.

      Unfortunately, the girl was accidentally beaten to death by her abusive father. Hei had planned to ask her to marry her, but one soul needed collecting. It was his lover's soul. He didn't cry, break down, or go into rage. But a part did die in him. His own sadness prevented him from hearing the girl's last words and he reviewed her life without a word, then transported it.

      After that day he became as cool as ice. In his heart he was hurt. His mother didn't even notice, she merely thought he hadn't collected the soul. She didn't even know of his first love. Because of it he distanced himself from Death. Over the centuries he believe she forgot about him and soon he was forgotten.

      Many only know him know as the Head Reaper. Rumors say he's a walking snow storm. But he isn't. And now his life has taken a huge turn as he is sent off to a Castle in Limbo to watch a little sister he never knew about. [i]"It's not my fault no one informs me. Apparently I'm too scary."

So begins...

Hei Lei Jian's Story


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Hei studied the maid who had curtsied to him. She had no markers of being one from the Squishy side or one of mother's creations. A lost one...also known as a heartless. He smiled slightly at her. "No thank you. I appreciate the offer, but....." His voice trailed off when he noticed a tiny figure in one of the far corners. If he removed the mask the young woman in that corner could be the spitting image of Mom. "Found you kiddo..." He mumbled under his breath and turned back to focus on the maid. "I believe I have found who I'm looking for. If you aren't amused with this type of scenery I suggest just sitting around as you are." Hei picked a glass of champagne from a passing waiter and placed it in front of the woman. "Enjoy yourself. I doubt they'll notice one little maid." With that Hei walked off.

He wandered over to the DJ and glared at him for a good bit of time. This was a ball and some guests seemed unhappy with such festivities taking place. A pair of demons grinding on each other was an example. Many older guests sat in the tables, disapproving looks on their faces. "This won't do at all..." The reaper wasn't just sent to guard his sister, or work with the lights. He also had to make sure the parties ran smoothly and everyone had fun. If he didn't, mom would receive a multitude of complaints. With glowing red eyes he requested the DJ switch the song to something the old and new would both like. The Macerena started to blast as Hei walked to the girl in the corner. "May I wish you Happy Birthday Miss Anderson." He bowed and kissed her hand. "I'm Hei Leo Jian, the Head Reaper."


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Lisette Anderson

Beauty has so many meanings that in time they no one really knows which one is true. She’s called her mother’s clone for a reason. She not only looked like her but she shared part of her personality with the woman that gave life to her. Life… to think that a woman who governs death could do such a thing, the mere idea borders out of the line of reason. But none seems to complain.
At least yet,

Not that the child recalled anyone who would be foolish enough to cross mother… She tried to think of a time that happened. Aside from her regular arguments with Life… no one, being the queen of death does have its perks. One of them is fear… it’s the same… immortal or mortal fear doesn’t choose a host. The music drew her out of her musings before it could go any further. Damn… Lisette swore inwardly. Momentarily forgetting where she was at the moment she drew her focus back to the festivities. Old and young, mixed in colorful array of elegant clothing and sparkly jewelry from those who wished to flaunt their wealth.

Their laughter mixing along with the beats of the DJ’s music, that was until the DJ changed the music. Oh how the happy faces of the older men and women soon turn into annoyance. The transfer brought an amused glint on the bored child’s eyes.
Bored… yes she truly is, escaping became tempting every second she stayed there. And just when she was about to sneak out a voice brought her to look up to see a tall stranger walk up to her. A gentle peck of her hand and the man greeted her along with introducing himself. Where are her manners?

She curtsied politely, a trail of brown hair slipped down, gently caressing her cheeks as she looked up at him. “Thank you… I hope you’re enjoying the festivities.” Came the curt reply from the young child. She never really was good at interacting… but… head reaper? Mother spoke fondly of him… She narrowed her eyes softly, trying to dig the name out of her memory. “Head reaper? I remember mother speaking highly of you…” She spoke again.


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#, as written by Quelle
Hayashi Masato

Hayashi opened his eyes. The breeze wakens him up and tickled his nose. It was a pleasant smell coming from outside. Definitely it was... "Flower... sunflower mainly..." He mumbled, still half asleep. Yes, it was a beautiful morning indeed. He rubbed his eyes and at once, he was up on his feets, opening all the windows and stared at the seems to be endless flower ocean, with many different flower colors, which gave those aromatic smell from them. He breathed in and out - what a lovely start of the day. He remained in his stance, as someone came in. It was a servant, who had a frown on his face and startled as he saw Hayashi standing there - still with his pyjamas on. "Your Highness! The Ball will begin in a few... no, it already began without your highness! Your Highness has to hurry. And... Happy Birthday." Usually Hayashi would say that he shouldn't call him 'You Highness'. It was something disturbing that he didn't like. But seeing the situation, he found it more clever if he hurry up changing his clothes and get ready for the ball after he had thanked him for the birthday wishes.

Not just Hayashi, everyone in that 'small' castle began to hurry up and going messy through the halls, panicking and hurrying. They all knew it was a very important ball and they all had to help the Life's Son to go to the place as quick as possible. They all didn't want the Death to misunderstand that they ditched on them. That was just a very unpleasant thoughts that moved everybody to go even faster.

Not long after that, with the effort of many people, Hayashi was standing there, ready with his suit. Hayashi slowly moved his arms. The suit was indeed too big for him - It was uncomfortable. But seeing everyone be so glad finally finished dressing him up, he couldn't say anyone that it was a size too small for him. He just smiled. "Thanks you all. Just because of you all I can look handsome right now.", he grinned with a playful smile, took a bouquet of flowers and went off to the Ball.

He already saw Limbo from afar. It was a pleasant sight, but it did made him nervous too. Not like his three guards. He had to meet the Death's daughter. And yes, he already could guess what this Ball is all about - he knew their purposes for peace. He wanted peace, indeed, but he too was a bit uneasy with Death people. Although he is aware that without Death, they wouldn't keep the balance. But it was just sad to see someone dying. And someone, the cruel way of the Death didn't please him at all. “SURPASS NERVOUSNESS... COMPLETE!”, he suddenly yelled to himself and squeezed his own cheeks. It was time to enter the hall.

It was a nice place indeed. Very suited for a real Ball. He didn't recongnize everyone. He was a lost cause if it's remembering someone else's faces. But just for the death daughter he remembered. He had to tell her happy birthday too, it was just polite for both of the parties. He strongly helt the bouquet of flowers and went off searching her, loosing the two of his guards. Just
Lyzabeth Plandaí remained on his side. "Lyz- chan... do you see the Death daughter?" He asked her and wandered with his glance through the people who are there. There was a small ruckus in there. He didn't really see what is it about, he just saw a man - boy - stumbling because of the cart of cakes. And there not far away from that she stood. She had a silver and black laced mask with a butterfly wing on the left side. It suited her... wait. Did she just smile?

If that was a smile what Hayashi saw, then she couldn't be all that bad person. Smiling persons are always nice person. His nevousness flew away and he went to her, offering her the bouquet of flowers and made a light bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lisette Anderson. My name is Hayashi Masato, the son of Life.", he smiled. "I wish you all the best for your birthday."

Aralrée Zara

It was sick. All of this crap is sick! The many food, the ambiance, the too big cakes, the people inside - are they all stupid? As if something like 'peace' really exist. All fake! I know it! They detest each other actually, but they didn't show it. It's just sick. Just sick.
Zara walked through the big ball halls alone, glaring at the - seem to be - happy faces what made her anger even bigger. She disagrees with all this. She detested how fake everyone was. This was just a waste of money - so Zara. But most of her anger was because the Death people wanted to have peace. She was someone who is in the Death side, and she was sure that Death did well without Life. And now, they wanted peace as if they have given up? They both are like water and oil! They will never live together in peace!

That's the reason she sneeked herself in as a Suitor, to prevent Death to do silly things. She had look through of their strategies way far ahead. She just had to made Death and Life's daughter and son not getting along and be angry at each other, so the peace contract isn't being sign. She smiled cunningly. She already knew who will probably want to help her. Probably.

She went to Hei Leo Jian, the Head Reaper. He was not a pleasant company - so Zara - but he was bearable if someone compares him to the Life people. He currently was giving a quite... amusing show perhaps? Staring to the cakes like a hungry wolf. Zara could just frown seeing that. “The cake is definitely not for you, Hei Leo.”, she said with a quiet but strong voice like always calling for him. “May I talk to you - alone?”


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Hei was hoping he could get a piece of cake before the candle blowing, when he noticed that Life's son appeared in the corner of his eye. "Well lets see how Sis and Mr. Masato get along." He watch the scene unfold for a bit. Apparently a waiter offered them alcohol. As Masato tried to drink a plant wrapped around his arm, which Hei couldn't help but snort and start laughing. He stopped when he heard someone call his name. “The cake is definitely not for you, Hei Leo.”, she said with a quiet but strong voice like always calling for him. “May I talk to you - alone?”

Hei Lei turned and saw Zara. He nodded and took her lightly by the wrist. "Is there some trouble?" He asked casually as he led them outside into the garden. He didn't see anyone, besides an angel by the fountain, but he found that alone enough. "Ms. Aralee, what is it you wish to talk about?"