Agripin Volkov

"You even think of hurting their feelings and I'll destroy you."

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a character in “Wand High”, as played by Kileon




Tough Girl, Pre-Prodigy and the Green Knight, Sworn Protector of Young Girls' Hearts

"Men are evil creatures. They only want money and women. I hate them all."

Power & picture of wand
Earth and Electricity

Full Name
Agripin "Grip" Volkov "Anyone but Eri calls me Grip and they die."
"Che, I'm 17."
"I'm a girl. Call me a guy and I'll kill you."
"I don't need a mate. I have a job to do." She likes to think she's homosexual but she's truly bisexual.

"Love is for those who have hearts. Not me."



"Why do you want to know?" 116 lbs.

Hair Color
"Naturally green. You wanna say something about it?"

Eye Color
"Again, it's green. Bright green."


♕ Girls "Not like that, perv." ♕ Small Children ♕ Food ♕ Hard Work ♕ Music ♕ Fighting ♕ Reading ♕ Wearing Pants/Shorts ♕ Dressing Est up in girly clothes ♕

♛ Men ♛ Slackers ♛ Her parents ♛ Skirts/"Girly" Clothing on her ♛ Having one of the Girls mad/upset ♛ Broken Hearts ♛ Feeling emotions ♛ Expressing said emotions ♛

Outwardly, Grip is a harsh fighter with no remorse or heart. She's quick to throw a punch and quicker to insult you. Especially if you're a male over 15. She really doesn't like you then. In her eyes, once you hit puberty and start liking girls, that's when you become a demon. She especially hates the Pretty Boy overly annoying and would love to punch in his face many times over. But Esuto and surprisingly Kade don't seem to bother her.

But put her with girls and she melts into a sweet and kind knight in shining armor. She's suave and gentle with the girls, treating them like princesses. But Eri will always be her one and only princess. She'll often call the younger girl "neouclyuzhaya princessa" meaning "clumsy princess", as a affectionate tease. She loves the way Est behaves sometimes and will actively seek out the femboy to either calm down if someone pisses her off or just to have a bit of quiet.

About / History
"Don't ask me personal questions." Grip was born into the Russian Mafia and dumped at an orphanage by her parents at age 4, with her newborn brother, Volya. By that time, she had seen many murders, rapes and torture sessions. Not that the child minded. She had built mental barriers and walls of thorns around her heart. But not even that could prevent her from developing a hatred for men as she watched the owner of the orphanage touch the young girls in ways she had only seen the Mafia do. Since then, males have become horrid monsters once they had sexual urges for females. Once she became 15, she took her brother and the two left, never looking back.

A year later, she was entered into Wand High, after someone saw her use her powers to apprehend a would-be wife beater. After talking to the head master of the school, she was given a small house near the school and enough money to last her until she got a job somewhere. In a month, she got a job working as a daycare worker, teaching young boys how to treat girls and girls how to defend themselves. All the children love her and will often visit her after school, sometimes even sneaking inside to watch their favorite teacher use her magic.


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