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Captain Tam Saveli

"Don't mind me, I'm just gouging you for every credit this jobs worth. Nothing Personal."

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a character in “Wanderers of the Void {Private}”, as played by Eisenhorn


Name: Tam Saveli
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Equipment: Tam usually carries a Slammer revolver at all times, a .44 magnum weapon that has eight chambers, that fires in a double action style. He hand loads and uses speed loaders to reload, depending on the necessary situation. The only issue being its limited ammo capacity, otherwise, using a style of weapon that has remained useful for nearly as long as firearms were in use.

When pressed, Tam will reach for his rifle of choice, a X4 Marksman. This is a semi-automatic rifle, usually equipped with some sort of optical sight, in this case a 2x zoom scope. The rifle has a 15 round 5.56mm clip, that he usually carries two or so spare clips, taking his time with shots. He isn't a trained sniper, but he knows where to place shots usually.

He has a set of armor he scavenged from an old stockpile of armor he looted early as a Spacer. This armor forms a seal against vacuum and provides protection in a hostile environment, both environmental and a hostile populace. Throughout all of this, he always has his spanner. an archaic tool that he still finds use for, and is easily the length of his forearm. In a pinch, he will crack someone along the skull with it.

Personality: Tam is stubborn and hard to shake, period. Responding to pressure, stress, and deadlines with a scoffing tone, Tam has a rebellious streak in him a mile wide, almost as wide as his temper when someone provokes him. A tinkerer by heart, he can be found poking and prodding amongst a variety of machinery and tools, especially if he was flat out told not to do so. The quickest way to get him to do something, usually, is to convince him he is forbidden to do so. Which isn't easy, as he is fond of brushing off any claims of forbidden or impossible ideas or missions. He is a easy going soul otherwise, not that hard to get along with as long as basic respect is given to him. He will go out of his way to help out his friends, though usually making off commentary along the way. He isn't an outright brawler, though he has no problem trading blows with anyone who just will not leave him alone, but despite his temper, he is not that fond of fighting unless he has to. As a Captain, coupled with businessman when necessary, he is ruthless about gathering as much money as he could, much to the chagrin of those around him at times.

History: Born on the outskirts of the heavily Syndicate controlled sectors, Tam was already picked to follow in his fathers footsteps, as a pirate Engineer, part of a renegade fleet that doubled as a flying community. Learning from his father, himself a retired engineer, many trade tricks and skills, he cruised through schooling, barely keeping passing marks. He enlisted out of basic schooling, went through basic naval crew training, including combat, he was assigned to a small Frigate. He was looked down on, due to his fiery temperament, which bordered insubordination most of the time, and being able to show up the engineers didn't help one bit. He was assigned to menial tasks, and got a downright nasty and cunning plan for his grand departure.

While on shore leave, he decided to submit his papers for retirement. This didn't sit well with the officers, who put him under arrest for fluffed up charges that he, technically, did have a hand in. Planning this, he waited a few days. The ship became disabled as more systems he had planted his toys in failed, from a lack of input. And while the resident engineers fought to bring systems online, he let himself out of the brig, leaving a security guard with one splitting headache, and twirling his spanner with a self satisfied smirk while freeing others locked up who were unpopular. He took an escape pod off, and enlisted with other Spacer crews, gathering enough money to buy his own vessel. Holding no real animosity towards the Syndicate itself, he primarily did work for them, and in time, the memories of his prior pirate days faded. As memories faded, his pay while working for them, and other Spacers under his command that left the pirate fleet with him, increased. So he thought nothing of it when the Syndicate called him in for a job that would pay enough to retire on comfortably, minimum.

So begins...

Captain Tam Saveli's Story