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In the Mediterranean during the end of the 17th century, it was common for pirates to sail the waters and initiate havoc onto port towns as well as pillage them. So what happens when a songstress boards a notorious pirate ship in search of her first love?

1,218 readers have visited Wanted since Ever created it.



It's at the end of the 17th century, our Mediterranean seas have never looked more gorgeously blue and dotted with ship outlines than before. It is common for merchants and traders to pull into Port Towns, for the rich to live like Kings and the poor to live like dirt. And...unfortunately, it is common for pirates to sail the waters and initiate havoc onto such harbors, pillaging and killing to their heart's content. Though, perhaps the most disgusting practice, it is normal for Lords and Ladies, Governors and Governess, to buy out people, people with various trades, to perform for their social galas for hours on end. Yes, it is the age of adventure and hope, the age of the collision between fantasy and reality.


On a cliff, outlooking one of the most famous and wealthiest sea towns on the Mediterranean Map, Port Bellanine, sat Governor-Trinity's manor. A manor so grand and luxurious, any trade-guild would have died to perform there..any pirate surely fervently wishing to be the first to set it aflame. A weeks worth of nights before this particular Governor's elite gala (supported by the townsmen's taxes) a certain musical troupe, renowned for their 10-year-old singer's voice, was hired. And, it was there within the span of 6 nights, that this little songstress fell in love the Governor's kind-hearted nephew, a mere boy of 13 years who had more heart and gentleness than a pious nun. However, there wasn't to be such a thing as a 'happy ending'. On the night of Governor-Bellanine's gathering, the sky now clear of any imperfections with a cool breeze washing away the simpering heat of the day, one of the most notorious pirate crews attacked the small port. The Devil's Score wasted little time in destroying and slaughtering, not even women and children were spared from their cruelty. Within 30 minutes, the port and manor dancing with flame, the villainous pirate, Captain Skulls, took the little songstress's first love as a hostage, along with his gold, before fleeing into the waves.


After years of relentless searching, the songstress has finally managed to track down The Devil's Score, her passion for recovering the Governor's nephew, as well as avenging Port Bellanine, never once wavering. Having resorted to desperate measures, this particular young woman has managed to infiltrate The Devil's Score as a new recruit among many..only, she's disguised herself as a young lad. Unfortunately, it is soon revealed to her that this Captain Skulls is not only arrogant and violent but he's also a skirt-chaser! Juggling between keeping her identity safe, finding her childhood love, and dealing with Sirens who have taken an odd interest in her, this songstress has to learn how to adapt to the pillaging life of a well as learning how to deal with the fact that her crewmates are all Demons.


A strictly male-only race, there seems to be actually little known about them. However..what is known is this:
  • They have two forms, a human and original appearance...and both are ethereally beautiful. Please keep in mind that the Demons don't necessarily need to look like the stereotypical image of demons.. they merely need to have some distinguishing feature about their true appearance(i.e.: red eyes, wings, horns/ears, tails, slitted pupils, etc).
  • All have a trademark power (ei: telepathy, fire manipulation, etc) that is unique to their own being.
  • All Demons can do the following: Read the auras of others, detect emotions and energy from others (be them human or otherwise), have increased speed/strength/agility that surpasses humans, immortal and are all amazingly intelligent.
  • Often integrated into human society.

⌈Pirate KingβŒ‹
Ruler of the Demons aboard The Devil's Score :
  • Two forms, a human and original appearance. Please refer to the Demon section on appearance above.
  • Has three trademark powers (ei: telepathy, fire manipulation, etc) that is unique to his own being.
  • Can do the following: Read the auras of others, detect emotions and energy from others (be them human or otherwise), have increased speed/strength/agility that surpasses humans and are all amazingly intelligent, have an 'Absolute Command ability to his voice that bends animals, demons, and humans to his will.

The counterparts to Demons, Sirens are strictly a female-only race that are tagged with the role of luring sailors and sinking ships. Having been known to only attack men and, often, eating their target alive, one could say that they are quite vicious beings:
  • Also have two forms, a human and original appearance that they can switch between (a mermaid and human).
  • Have a trademark (ei: telepathy, fire manipulation, etc) that is unique to their own being.
  • Can do the following: Detect emotions and energy from others (be them human or demon), have increased speed and agility that surpasses humans, amazingly intelligent, immortal and possess a voice that easily captivates and draws in humans and demons alike.

The common species:
  • Typically plain-looking and comes in many different variations.
  • Have trademark skills (ei: hunting, cooking, sewing) that is unique to their own being.




| Role | Age | Gender | Race | Personality Key points |Reserved for

| Songstress | 17 | Female | Half-Human, Half-Siren | Boldly reckless - Blunt - Fearless - Sharp-tongued | Reserved for: Ever
| Siren Leader | Looks to be 21 | Female | Siren | Clever - Ruthless - Flirtatious - Short-Tempered | Reserved for:
| Siren| Looks to be 19 | Female | Siren | Flirtatious - Cruel - Short tempered - Talkative | Reserved for: dreammuffin

*** can add more roles if need be ****

|Role | Age (looks like) | Gender | Race | Power | Personality Key points | Reserved for
Crew Members
|Captain Skulls | 20 | Male | Demon King | ???? | Sarcastic - Flirtatiously teasing - Hides his kind side - Mischievous | Reserved for: TBA
| Second-in-Command | 23 | Male | Demon | ???? | Level headed - Reserved - Clever - Sarcastic - Cunning | Reserved for: Artik
| Navigator | 19 | Male | Demon | ???? | Energetic - Talkative - Adventurous - Intense mood swings | Reserved for: Finneline
| Weapons Master | 22 | Male | Half-Human, Half-Demon | ???? | Snarky - Cruel - Loud mouthed - Alcoholic | Reserved for: Chatoyant
| Regular Pirate | 17 | Male | Half-Human, Half-Demon | ???? | Kind - Sympathetic - Adventurous - Innocent | Reserved for: GrimBones66
|Regular Pirate | 18 | Male | Demon| ???? | Lazy - Grumpy - Perfectionist - Two-faced | Reserved for:-----

You can add as many pictures as you would like or rearrange this CS~ Make it look pretty!!

Code: Select all
CS Outline:
[center][img]IMAGE OF NAME GOES HERE[/img][/center]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes Here[/img][/center]
[font=font of choice][size=120]⌈[color=first color]Quote Goes Here[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[center][font=avenir light][color=first color]✦[u]Theme[/u][/color][/font][/center]
[left][url=link][font=avenir light][color=second color]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]
[url=link][font=avenir light][color=second color]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]
[/left][right][url=link][font=avenir light][color=second color]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url]
[url=link][font=avenir light][color=second color]Artist || Song[/color][/font][/url][/right]
[center][img][/img][/center]* you can change the color
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=avenir light]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Nickname[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Age[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Gender[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Race[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
Siren, Demon or Human

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Role[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Face Claim[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=font of choice][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote.[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=cambria]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Hair Color[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
hair color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Eye Color[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
eye color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Skin Tone[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
skin color

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Height[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
height (preferably in feet and inches)

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Weight[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
weight (preferably in lbs)

⌈[color=second color][i][b]Physical Description[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
description (1-2 paragraphs please!)[/font]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote.[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=cambria]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Potential Interest[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
potential here

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Skills[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining.
✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining.
✦ [b]skill[/b] || 1-2 sentences explaining.[/list]

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Abilities[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
Overall power name here
[list]βœ” [b]ability in power[/b] || explain
βœ” [b]ability in power[/b] || explain
βœ” [b]ability in power[/b] || explain and continue this format for more abilities[/list][/font]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=cambria]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Other[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
Any other important information

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Habits[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]❖ [b]habit[/b] || explain
❖ [b]habit[/b] || explain
❖ [b]habit[/b] || explain (continue format for more habits)[/list][/font]

[font=avenir light]⌈[color=first color][b][u]Likes[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]β™₯ [b]like[/b] || explain
β™₯ [b]like[/b] || explain
β™₯ [b]like[/b] || explain (continue format for more likes)[/list]

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Dislikes[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]✘ [b]dislike[/b] || explain
✘ [b]dislike[/b] || explain
✘ [b]dislike[/b] || explain (continue for more dislikes)[/list][/font]

[font=avenir light]⌈[color=first color][b][u]Strengths[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]βœͺ [b]strength[/b] || explain
βœͺ [b]strength[/b] || explain
βœͺ [b]strength[/b] || explain (continue format for more strengths)[/list]

⌈[color=first color][b][u]Weaknesses[/b][/u][/color]βŒ‹
[list]⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain
⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain
⌘ [b]weakness[/b] || explain (continue format for more weaknesses)[/list][/font]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=avenir light]⌈[color=second color][i][b]Personality[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
[center][u]TRAIT[/u] | [u]TRAIT[/u] | [u]TRAIT[/u] | [u]TRAIT[/u][/center]
1-2 paragraphs explaining the traits.[/font]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]
[font=avenir light]⌈[color=second color][i][b]History[/i][/b][/color]βŒ‹
1-2 paragraphs[/font]
[center][img]Image or Gif Goes here[/img]
[font=choice of font][size=120]⌈[color=first color]quote[/color]βŒ‹[/size][/font][/center]


  1. Reservations || Please reserve characters in the OOC or PM me. I won't accept random submission, no matter how awesome they are. So please reserve. Also, this is not a first come, first serve role-play and you might have to compete for your spot should another person show interest. If you find this tedious and unnecessary, you are free to leave this role-play at any time. And, although you reserve a character, they will be chosen based on creativity, depth, length, and originality. The more creative and detailed your character sheet, the likely you'll get accepted.
  2. Two Days || You only have two days to submit your characters, and four to complete it. If not complete by day four I will give your position away, unless you contact me beforehand with a good excuse for not being finished.
  3. Literacy || Not only will I be looking for details in your character sheet, but proper grammar and spelling as well. This role-play is to be a literate role-play, meaning posts are to be kept at a minimum of 150+ words per post.. Now I know we are not perfect, and we all make mistakes but if you cannot use a proper spell check, it will reflect within your character sheet! So please be at least semi-literate with the capability to post at minimum one hundred and fifty words.
  4. Explicit Content & Etc. || Of course Romance is is the best thing ever! Gore may also pop up in here a few times. Drama is allowed in character not OOC. Yes Swearing can be used, but please don't go overboard that includes "intimate" relationships.
  5. Anime || Yes, Anime. I will not accept a character if it isn't anime. And please don't use different pictures for a character, I want it to look neat. If you have a problem finding a FC, just ask me for help. Also..speaking about anime, put down your favorite anime character and your favorite gif of that anime character when reserving if you have read the rules.
  6. Commitment || I am aware that we all have lives outside of role-playing. Some of us either attend school or have a full-time job, sometimes both. All I ask is that you post at least twice a week. If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to post for x-amount of time, please notify me. I do not bite, I do not get angry, however; should you fail to notify me of your departure, I will boot you out of the role-play. I am also aware that some of us may be in other role-plays, and I understand those come first. Notification of departure and how much time you'll be gone is all I ask for.
  7. One Last Thing || Post a picture of your favorite ice cream flavor alongside the earlier anime requirements for reserving.

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Re: Wanted

Is this still going on? It sounds surprisingly interesting.

Re: Wanted


Sounds lovely~ Reserved ^w^/

Re: Wanted

Baby~~ I want regular pirate man 17 ! <3 hmm my favorite ice cream is.. peanut butter Icecream~

and hehe I think you might like this <3

My favorite anime character is Grell~

Re: Wanted

@ Finneline

The position is all yours~~ ^w^/ Its never too late to join...and oh my..

It looks fabulous!!

Re: Wanted

May I reserve the Navi? Thank you =) Hope I am not too late?

About the fav char, I don't know.., there are many. I am just gonna show two out of the bunch to make it short:



And for the other:


Favourite flavour: Sweet and delicious =)

Re: Wanted


Thats fine~ I completely understand ^w^/

Re: Wanted

I unfortunately have to drop this RP. I think it might be too much for me at the moment. /:

Re: Wanted


No problem~ I was going to extend all of the character reservations until December 27 due to the Holidays ^w^/


Sounds lovely~ Have fun driving during the "ungodly" time of day >w<

@Silently gallant *w*/ *cough* I mean, I agree~ X3

If you need help finding a face claim, just PM me.

Re: Wanted

I might also need an extra day, but if there are Issues with Famished at the moment, and he is unable to get his character in before everything gets better, I will not accept anything until his character is complete and we can equally judge who should get the position.

In any case, my Female should be in once I find a decent faceclaim.

Re: Wanted

Hope ya'll had a great holiday as well - I'll have Llew finished tomorrow for sure - after I bring my folks to the airport at the ungodly ads crack of dawn.

Re: Wanted

You may.

I am finally able to post, but I really am not in the mood to make a character. If I did, I think he'd just be an ass who is fed up with bullshit. I'll refrain from bothering with making my character until tomorrow, or later today if I can cool down. Anyway, if it's too much to ask to wait one more day before I make my OC, then simply give Silent the position.

I hope everybody else had an enjoyable christmas.

Re: Wanted

We'll see, Famished.

But I have no doubt in the outcome of this.

I will win.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Re: Wanted


A friendly competition over a girl? Of course this can only end well. :3


Yes ma'am.

Re: Wanted


P..please don't encourage them ^^| There aren't many good outcomes that can occur from this .-.| I'm actually advising you to hide...thats what I'm doing~


Re: Wanted

-munches on popcorn- Snack and a show.

Re: Wanted

I can claim that I have a car powered by fruit loops, but that doesn't make it true, does it?

She's mine. Is, and always will be, and nothing you can do or try will change this.

But you're welcome to try.

Re: Wanted


I claim Ever .___.

She is mine.


That is all.

Re: Wanted

I....I....I don't know how to feel about this >W<|


Oh my... Vampire Knight <3 And that ice cream... g-glorious! *o*/

Cant wait to see your character~~

Re: Wanted

Well, I'm overly excited for this. While my laptop is still being a pompous jerk, I am able to start working on my character sheets and make due with what I have for the time being. (I am under the impression it is not my computer that is the problem, but the internet.)

Anywho, Famished I look forward to competing for the position, however you should know I am also banging the GM via private message.

May the best man win, Famished ;D

Le Favorite characters (of course)


Le Favorite ice cream ( since 'All of them' is not an option...)


Re: Wanted

Pants! Man! Whats up mon Capiton?

Long time no see.