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"Ha ha! You can't catch me!"

0 · 391 views · located in End of the 17th century in the Mediterranean

a character in “Wanted: The Songstress and the Pirates”, as played by The Soul one




❝If it ain't broke, break it!❞


❝The Basics❞

| Nick name |

| Gender |

| Age |

| Role and Race |


❝Deeper Description❞

[| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |
140 lb.

| Skin Tone |

| Distinct Markings |
A scar on his chest and under his left eye.

| Physical Description |
Short and lanky, Reggie does have some muscle, although because it is spread out across his body, most people don't think so. He is quick, and fast when told to climb something. He wears a red shirt and blue pants, with woven hat with a red strip of fabric on it.


| Powers/abilities |
✔ Regeneration; Reggie can regenerate his entire body from any source he chose's. Should he cut his finger off, he can regrow from there, killing the original body
✔ climbing; Reggie can climb. Really fast.

| Weapons |
✔ A dirk

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]| Likes |[/color]
♥ Alcohol
♥ High places
♥ People in general.
♥ The sea.
♥ Fooling around.

| Dislikes |
✖ Serious people.
✖ Dangerous situations.
✖ Falling.
✖ Getting caught.

❝Welcome to my Life❞

| Personality |
Reggie is a coward, an asshole, and eccentric. He sticks around the ship to pester and torment certain crew members that no one really cares about, so nobody really stops him. He laughs at some serious things and doesn't when everyone else is laughing. He loves drinking alcohol, any alcohol.

| Theme Song | Misfit. Thebandwithnoname. It's not my time. Three days grace.

❝Who I Am❞

| History |
Reggie has always been on the Black Bermuda since the ship was made. People who focus on history would realize that he was the first captain of the ship. In fact, the current Captain Skulls is only the second. How can this be, since the first captain is dead? Reggie, when he was captain, he left a path of desolation and death. It was said the gods cursed him for it, forcing him to stay on the ship, no matter what. Because of this curse, Reggie was incapable of leaving when his ship got taken over. So he cut off his finger and reconstructed himself differently into the body he has now. Leaving the old one in the water, he stayed on the ship and has since then never left the ship.

|Thoughts on Other Characters|
Captain Skulls: "A good replacement, but he has a reason other than fame..."
Arto Briggins: "Who is he, I wonder...?"
August De Sores: "A pirate to the core."
James Uther: "Dumb brute, but helpful and fun to fuck with."
Adair Skye: "A little too nice to be on this ship... Fun to be with, though."
Coristo Manter: "Two sides, I like the green eye'd one. More fun!"
Maxwell Wynd: "Just a tad too serious, but that just makes it easier to pull a prank or two..."
|Anything Else|
He doesn't hide the fact that he is the old captain, just nobody asks!

So begins...

Reggie's Story

James Uther
James rolled out of his hammock. He was barely asleep several minutes before something happens... He looked up. "Hey, you! what's goin' on?!" He shouted at one of the vet members of the crew.
"Ship's been spotted. We're gonna hit her!" He yelled back.
"Alright then!" James said, suddenly fully awake. He opened his chest and selected his favorite rifle, Helen, and his double barreled pistol, Amanda, and put them on his person first. He then filled the three other slots in his jacket with pistols and slung another rifle on his back. Then he grabbed two grenades and several matches for them and stuffed them in his pocket. He put on a sheath for two swords then filled it with two cutlasses. Finally, he grabbed two more pistols and locked his chest. He then stepped outside. He was quite the sight to see, standing over most of the crew with his many armaments. He looked down to see the strange man just standing there, seeming to look for a weapon.
"Here." James said, thrusting a pistol into his hands. "I suggest you stay back for now, you can learn how to fight later." He could tell that fighting was not this man's strong suit. James then turned and started walking towards the side of the ship where the enemy has been sighted. He then starting loading a cannon, he was, after all, the best cannoneer on the ship.

"Ah, what the hell." Said Reggie as Adair told the captain about the other ship. He climbed higher and took out his looking glass. He was surprised that only Max had another one on this ship. He looked and saw a merchant vessel. They didn't seemed to have noticed them yet, but it was only a matter of time. He looked down at the mass of jumbled bodies and spotted James handing the special one a pistol. "Picking favorites already, eh?" He said, smiling. Reggie then swung down and landed next to the man, surprising him.
"Hey, you wanna fight? If not, follow me, I know a few good spots to hide until the fighting's over." Reggie then turned and walked below decks, not checking to see if he was following.

#, as written by Ever
"Here." ripped Circe away from her worried thoughts, a small "oof" of surprise escaping it's confines as a rather heavy metal object was forcibly shoved into her gloved hands. Looking down in a rather curious manner at the immense weight in her palms, Arto's rust-colored eyes widened in shock. The revolver laid there, almost looking harmless... expect for the deadly glint that was casted by the moon's harsh light. Quickly tearing her gaze away from the lethal weapon, Circe looked up at the rather muscular man to protest but ended up getting side-tracked by his form. H-holy.....what the- is he on something!? was the only thought that came to mind as she stood there, taking in his appearance, shocked beyond words at his bulging muscles.

Regaining her sense, Circe was about to speak up before the now shriveled up words could even escape her throat, being interrupted for yet the second time. "Hey, you wanna fight? If not, follow me, I know a few good spots to hide until the fighting's over." Swiveling her pirate-y adorned head to the side, eager to confront the person who had just shouldered their way past her, Circe analyzed the young, rather scrawny looking, man who had his arms crossed. Something about his skinny physique and the way this pirate carried himself just radiated confidence, something of which disheartened any protests she had against him. Pondering briefly, Circe wondered if it would be best to follow the now-retreating figure of the young man but before she could make up her mind, Arto was interrupted, yet again, by another male voice. Bloody hell people... let me talk! she thought agitatedly as she crossed her arms, a rather feminine gesture to display her annoyance. "Sorry mate, I'll be out of your way before you know it. Just shoot anyone that comes after me will ya?"

Blinking, it took the young pirate a few moments to realize it was the eye-patched Lookout that was always hiding in the crow's nest, the one that had gotten her attention earlier. Gazing at him briefly, Circe's large eyes widen ever-so-slightly behind the bandanas as she took in his looks, realizing he was quite attractive. Like every other bloody crew member that's known as a "vet" on this ship.. Whats their deal?! she thought, mildly annoyed with the concept. I mean... its hard enough to fit into a pirate crew! And here they are, all running around in their birthday suits practically! echoed the bitter thought in her head, twirling the gun on her hands absentmindedly in a way to release that pent up annoyance. For a second, Circe had completely forgotten about the enemy ship that was now fast approaching.

Suddenly, the woman felt her finger squeeze against the trigger a tad bit too hard, the shock from the gun causing her to stumble back slightly. The rusty eyes widened in horror hearing the loud, echoing BANG! as a bullet went tearing through the air, crew members now ducking for safety. Squeezing her eyes shut, the young woman visibly winced at what she had just done, a loud crack flooding the air. At that moment, Circe knew the bullet had found a target, she could only pray it wasn't an actual person. Opening one eye shakily, her mouth turned dry and she blanched in horror realizing the bullet had landed a few centimeters away from Skull's head, implanted into the ebony wood.

#, as written by Damioa
Through all of the commotion, Ten and Cory, still mentally instinct were communicating on what to do next. "Dang. This is such a pain. Grab my sword for me will yah?" Cory asked. "Sure thing. I suppose you want me to replace you on the lookout?" Ten pretty much suggested.
"Well I guess that's the best option. Cap just called for steady watch on the ship and your eyes are greater than mine. It's dark and you are a cat after all."
"Understood." Ten responded while grabbing the back handed long sword from Cory's sleeping area with his demon clawed tail. The sword was different from the normal pirate sword. It was the noblemen's sword he stole from his old family a long time ago with the family crest on the handle to prove so. He then proceeded beck up to the deck passing by Reggie on the way. "Sitting this on out sir." He asked the man waiting for a response. After he received one positive or negative, but knowing Reggie it was most likely going to be positive, the cat proceeded back up to the steps. The commotion on the ship was a rowdy as ever in times like these. Allot of excited smells were passing through the cats nose as the men sweated in anticipation. He turned to the Captain saying, "My master and I will switch locations seeing as I can see in the dark and he can't." and walked near Arto again. The man seemed to be twirling his gun but the smell of blood lust wasn't coming off him. "You're pretty relaxed eh. You might just make it on this ship after all." He said. The man probably didn't here him or was in deep thought because the twirling continued. "You know. It's not wise too...." BANG!!! The event the cat was trying to keep from happening ended up happening and most of the newcomers smelt of fear once more. The cat let out a sigh sensing the change in his masters personality.

Coristo bobbed his head once more as the shot rang and quickly dived down from the Crow's nest unsheathing his blade from the tail of the demon cat and held it deadly close to Arto's neck. "What the hell are you doing!!?" He yelled as he looked towards the sound of the landed shot. It wasn't that far above the head of the Captain. "You son of a...." He started as he turned to meet the mans eyes and paused. Looking deep into Arto's eyes he somehow felt a little uncomfortable. It was enough to snap him back into his "Green" personality. Sucking on his teeth to keep up his act he slowly turned away from the man. "Get out of here now. Go down to the berthing and stay seated in your rack. Nah. Forget me last. Fight and if you don't die, I'll deal with you later." He said with a slight mix of disgust and discomfort to the man. His eyes were quick to turn back to red as he looked at the flinching crew. "Are you all wenches or all you men!!? Get the hell up, take you weapons and fight. Your all apart of this crew now so act like it." He took the his swords carrier from Ten and the cat went up towards the post. 'How's it look?' He asked.
'The enemy is near. Should be any moment now.'
Coristo walked towards Adair and James. "Well. Looks like the enemy is close enough to fire upon. Let's kill them all dead." He said as he put on a wicked smile. "My nerves are getting the best of me today. I smell burnt ashes in the nearby future."

James Uther
James was at a loss for words. Has the man ever even held a gun in his life? At this day and age?? He the snapped out of it and finished loading the cannon. Of all the people on the ship, it had to be him to give the idiot a gun? He then aimed. It looked like they were in range...
"Well. Looks like the enemy is close enough to fire upon. Let's kill them all dead." Said someone behind him. James glanced back to see Cory walk up. "My nerves are getting the best of me today. I smell burnt ashes in the nearby future."
"That might be the new guy, after the fighting's over." James said. He looked at him for a second, then grinned. "But enough talk..." He looked down the cannon and lined it up with the other ship. In addition to his massive physical strength, he also had extra strength as a half-demon, which only made him stronger than he actually looked. He also had amazing hand-eye coordination, which helped when shooting anything, even cannons. This gave him the ability to man a cannon by himself, and he was good at it. The cannon he mans usually fires the most on the entire ship.
He sat there, poised, ready to fire at the captain's order.

Reggie heard the gun shot from above decks and poked his head up to see what happened. The pistol in the boy's hand was smoking, and there was a new hole in the ship next to the captain's head. Reggie sat there for a second, soaking in the scene, before falling on his back laughing. That boy is gonna get it! He thought, composing himself enough to watch Cory threaten his life before falling down again, laughing so hard he wasn't making any noise. A couple of the crew ran by and stopped. "H-Hey, you okay?" Said one of them.
"It's just Reggie, come on!" Said the other one. They quickly stepped over his twisted form.
"He-He's gonna die tonight! He's gonna-" Reggie stopped. "Well..." He looked at the sky. He was laying on the stairs just right so he could see the night sky. It was pretty. He then stuck his head out and looked around. The reached over and pulled his dirk out of its small sheath. "Why not spill some blood on this pretty night..." He then stood up and walked into the crowd, awaiting the captain's order to board.

#, as written by Ever
Circe could feel the eyes of the crew members, both vets and new-comers, glued to her. Some of them displayed in their eyes disgust as well as shock, others were merely amused, as she slowly lowered the gun. Unsure of what to do or what to say, the young woman simply just stood there for a few fleeting moments before taking the safest escape route; to look at the floor and pretend they weren’t there. As she burned holes into the ebony flooring with her eyes, a small frown painted itself onto her rosebud lips. However, this frown was hidden behind the bandana which made it look like she was rather stoic, not caring about what she had just done.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to address the crew, her words were stopped short by the prodding point of a blade against her neck. Being forced to look up, Circe’s protests fled from her at the sight of the glinting metal, the smothering silence shattered by an outraged voice. “What the hell are you doing!!?” rang out, clear as a bell, the anger seeping from the words was almost tangible. Visibly wincing at the tone, Circe raised her eyes to meet the offender’s blood red hued ones. “You son of a...” . In her eyes, undoubtedly, shone the vulnerability and fragility that women often portrayed when startled. Coupled with bright-as-day fear and the shimmering reflection of the moon in her rust-colored orbs, it was no wonder Cory’s words halted. A small inward gasp escaped its confines as her wide-eyed stare only grew larger in astonishment. The cause? Cory’s blood red eyes suddenly morphed into brilliant green ones, something that had shocked the young lass beyond what was normal. What happened?! she wonder incredulously to herself. Biting her lower lip, the young pirate-tess could feel the flicker of hope bubbling up inside of her being. Maybe he’s forgiven me? came the rather bright and hopeful inner voice, mistaking his trailing off words as a sign of hesitation. However, that flicker was quickly extinguished by his uncomfortable, disgust-ridden words. “Get out of here now. Go down to the berthing and stay seated in your rack. Nah. Forget me last. Fight and if you don’t die, I’ll deal with you later.” Those words and that tone made Circe cringe once more, and part of her couldn’t help but feel that she wished she would have died right there. I don’t want to be dealt with later! she practically screamed in her mind as his lethally sharp blade was lowered.

Suddenly, another angry voice seemed to have filled the entire ship. It was like someone had punched Circe in the stomach as her brain recognized the voice, dread filling her from her toes to the crown of her head. Captain Skulls.. how could you forget about him?! echoed the appalled voice inside her mind, a nervous underlying tone evident. “Well blow me down! Ye be makin' a grave mistake t' be firin' at me, ye landlubber!" Rotating her rather small stature to face the front of the boat, that dread only increased taking in his enraged expression. Why can’t I just sink into the floor!? "An inch nearer and me be restin' at t' bottom of the high seas b'fore me time! Smartly, me lad, ditch ye' flint fer somethin' ye ain't be killin' ye fellow mates with, or ye be Keel Hauled, Aye? Aye." Blinking in surprise, Circe’s eyes widened even further hearing his words. So.. she wasn’t going to have some physical pain inflicted onto her? Not that she didn’t mind escaping that fate. Even though her mouth as hidden, a smile spread its way onto her petal pink lips at how she easily escaped without a scratch. However, to keep up appearances, Circe managed to mutter a rather quiet and suffocated “Aye.” before turning back to the original revolver’s owner.

However, before the lass could hand off the lethal weapon, a resounding BOOM! split the air with a terrifying and ear-bleeding shock. Cringing at the sudden commotion, she was yanked away from the weapon’s master by the sea of pushing forward pirates, eager to see their rival. Giving a small huff of annoyance, she let her gaze wander about before landing on Skulls, eyes blinking in shock. He, along with some other members, were standing on the ship’s railing, brandishing their weapons high above their heads. Apparently, they were all eager to mount the other ship and cause bloodshed. At the thought of blood, as well as the slaughter of innocent men, Circe blanched in horror and gave a small gag. Trying to quell her weak stomach, she casted a rather disgusted glance at Skulls before thinking one simple word “Pirates.”

Adair cringed as he felt, as well as heard, the shot go off as it was almost directly behind him. He waited for the pain to sink in, thinking he was the most likely one to be shot, but when it never did, he let out an audible sigh and turned slightly to raise an eyebrow at the smaller youth. After realizing who the shot had almost hit, he let the matter go and turned his attention back to the oncoming ship. Adair caught sight of the smoke as the resounding BOOM followed. "Incoming..." he muttered on what he knew would be deaf ears.

His eye was trained on the other ship, trying to calculate the exact distances between the ships with his handicapped sight. As the shouting began and cannon fire erupted soon after, Adair gripped the boarding hook tighter, knowing if his grip slipped, the hook could very well catch a part of his own flesh as he hit the water. Not something he was fond of.... But soon enough, the ships were close enough for him to place his piece on the board of this illusionary game they were immersed in.

With a last glance behind him to check if he was in danger of being shot in the back again, Adair looked down at the under-sized crew member and noticed the lack of a weapon. Letting out another sigh, he tugged the Dirk from his belt and shoved it into the youth's empty hands. The kid had a rough day so far, it'd be a shame if they died without being able to fight back... he thought silently. "Don't you die while using one of my knives!" He said over the gunfire and cannons blaring. Taking that moment to hop onto the railing, he called back one last remark. "And don't lose that dammit!"

With that, he launched himself off the railing as far out toward the other ship as he could. Gripping the boarding hook tightly in his fist and his arms extended out before him, Adair disappeared under the surface of the ocean, heading for the other side of the enemy ship...

#, as written by Damioa
The thundering sounds of canon fire was enough to set Coristo off. He jumped on the ledge in front of James. "Hey big man, try not to shoot me, 'kay?" He said as he pushed himself off the ledge with flames to make his jump even more higher. While in the sky he even saw that Adair was making his way to the enemy ship as well. In reality, for a blue flag ship of Mariners, those two were the only ones needed in Cory's mind but he was going to make sure to save some blood for the new members of the crew. It was sure going to be a fun evening indeed.

Landing on the enemy ship, Cory just walked around with his hands on the top of his head when one guy yelled, "Hey!! He's not one of us. Get him!!!!!" After this the crew that wasn't on the cannons all dived towards Cory. "You greasy dogs." He said as he twirled to create a light ring of fire that stopped the men in their tracks. "Why don't you guys just chill for a second. Or is it that your in a rush to die hmm?" He said while laughing maniacally and pulling out two handheld bombs from his person. He lit them just by looking at the charge rope connected to them. "Here. Have a little snack before the main course, would'ja. I feel a storm of fire brewing and doubt this ship will make it through the rough waters." He threw the bombs at his sides and dashed to his left as they exploded, leaping over the men to get to the ladder post. The enemy ship was now close enough to get a bridge across. Having his fellow men already throwing lines, he kicked the enemies ladder over to create a bridge in between ships. "Avast yee skurvey sea dogs. There will be blood on the water. ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

Obviously he was having the time of his life. He couldn't help it. Being on the ship all day. Acting quiet and nice. Hashing out orders when needed. It was a nice break to just play with the pirate hunting wannabees. He had a secret disgust for the Mariners seeing as his grandfather use to be one and continued to support them through his old age. He enjoyed cutting them down. He heard a clicking noise behind him and turned around to see that one of the men was pointing a musket at him. He enjoyed this like a kid enjoyed playing dodge ball. The man fired the gun and everything slowed down. He could see the spinning bullet hurdling towards him. In a quick reaction he slid his head and dodged the bullet. Going back into real time action he dove at the man and stopped dangerously close to his face. "You mate, are just having a bad day eh?" He asked with a sly grin on his face as he trusted his long sword through the mans stomach. He then proceeded to burn the man from the inside out. The fire started at the blade point and ran throughout his whole body. The man gave a loud scream before he quickly dissolved into nothing but ashes. Do bad for him that Coristo didn't like being shot at. "Let's kill them all!!" He declared in a proud roar.

James Uther
James fired as soon as the captain started saying the word, and had already almost reloaded before most of the other cannons went off. Adair had jumped off by the time James had fired his third shot, which was seriously damaging the enemy ship. He was aiming for their cannons, so as to avoid as much damage to the Black Bermuda as possible. When they entered boarding range, James fired one last time, sending chunks of wood and sailors into the water. Hope Adair lives through that... James thought. He would be able to sleep at night if he died, but he was also one of the few vets on the ship that was actually worth fighting with. James pulled a rifle off his back and jumped onto the enemy ship. The enemy paused as they really looked at him. James grinned like a maniac as he pulled the other rifle off his back, duel wielding them. "Well, now. Looks like you blokes are gonna have a bad day..." They started charging, and James quickly aimed and fired, killing two and pulling two pistols out before they could reach him, dropping the rifles. He dodged a few swings before he fired again, killing another two. He then pulled the cutlass out, and went berserk, killing six before they backed off again. Several picked up rifles and started aiming them. "Cowards!" He shouted, losing control completely and didn't even bother counting. He started swinging so fast, he didn't have to block any more. If you were in range, you died. It was simple. He was blood soaked in minutes, and roaring like a wild animal. This is what he was, this is what he forged himself to do.

"Holy shit..." Said a newcomer on the ship. He and Reggie were staying back, and they noticed James.
"Yeah, he's a monster." Reggie said. He really liked the guy for that, because he can really fight. He told Reggie before that he didn't like fighting by himself, but Reggie noted that his fighting style didn't allow for help. A fellow crew mate got a little to close, and almost bit it when James almost swung at him. While James was fighting, he could barely tell the difference between friend and foe. Reggie held his hand up to his eyes, looking for the strange one. He spotted her barely dodging a bullet, but also noticed that the fight on the side which she was 'fighting' on was actually losing. There wasn't enough vets on that side of the ship to counter their numbers. "Come-on, mate!" He said, pointing. "You wanna live forever?" Reggie then started charging toward that side of the ship as fast as he could, moving before his head caught up with him. He vaulted over the front line and sliced a sailor's throat in a split second before jumping back over to his side, standing over... Arty was his name? "Hey, you gonna get up and fight, or are you going to lay about all day?" He said, offering his hand. He didn't know what it was about the guy, but something made him like the little moron. Maybe it reminded him of his past... Nope. Never was like him in the past.

#, as written by Ever

Tearing her eyes away from the gruesome scene behind her, Circe noted with alarm that the fighting mass of pirates was slowly moving towards her general direction. Sending one last apologetic look at the slain man, the pirate-tess quickly threaded her way through the throng of violence. Ducking under clashing swords and avoiding thrown punches, Circe finally managed to make it to the back of the deck where it was the safest and most deserted. I should be good over here.. assured her thoughts, a slight grimace racking her shoulders at the thought having a sword thrusted into her body. Well well... looks to me a littl’ rat’s been hidin’ out in t’dark...

Spinning around, suddenly aware of a presence behind her, Circe’s eyes widen seeing a rather large grizzled man lumber his way out of the fighting crowd. Well.. he’s definitely not part of our crew... With a small gulp, the pirate kept her eyes trained on the rather large, already bloodied, cutlass this man was brandishing, not liking how this bear of a human raised it slightly as he approached. Feeling dread, her eyes dart in a frantic manner in an attempt to find an escape route and Circe took a step back from the approaching man. ”Eh? No words? What be th’ matter, laddie? Heh..scared ‘o me? Ye shouldn’t be.. just want t’ speak wit’ ye..So.. ye’re wit’ th’ Black Bermudua, I take it? A small shudder rippled through Circe’s petite form hearing his gravelly voice, her silent thoughts poisonous. Why sure.. “speak”. More like you want to kill me! flooded the distress as she drew a shaky breath.

Without warning, the songstress darted forward in her attempt to flee. However, her plan failed as a 4 fingered, calloused hand clamped down onto her shoulder. In a blink of an eye, Circe was hoisted into the air. One hand, thats all it took to wrap completely around her neck and hold her suspended into the air with her legs kicking out desperately. Ok.. either I’m really light.. or this man is freakishly strong! resonated the bitter thoughts as the air, the precious precious air, was slowly being cut off. Glancing down, Circe could see a look of complete and utter shock painted onto the gruesome man’s face as he begun to lift her up and then downwards slightly before returning her to heavenward Woah.. ye’re be ligh’er than a feather, lad! What th’y be feedin’ ye?! Air!? boomed his astonished voice which was quickly followed by a bark of merciless laughter at his own joke. Circe’s kicking ceased as soon as the realization dawned on her that the more struggling from her that occurred, the more air was expended. I can’t die.. not here.. not now! Not when I’m so close... rang the pleading, almost pained, thoughts in her mind as her vision became spotted. Squeezing her eyes shut, Circe tried to force away the numbing pain that was coming from the tightly clasped hand around her fragile neck.

It was as if something inside her told exactly what to do, what to say and how to act. Opening her eyes slowly, the once rust color now back to a pitch black, Circe’s eyes took on an innocent dewy look as she gazed into the harsh features of her capturer. Opening her mouth, a female voice flowed forth. Except, this voice was silkier than normal, more softly spoken than regular, more enticing than usual. It was as if the words were made of satin and each syllable wrapped you in the heavenly material. Please sir... I don’t want to die.. please, just put me down.. I promise I won’t hurt you.. echoed the voice, giving a bat of those dolly lashes. The man had no defense against the Siren’s seductive singsong and, obliging loyally, he gently set Circe down
Immediately on the connection with solid ground, her knees gave away. Regaining herself, she spluttered as oxygen filled her lungs and stole a glance upwards at the rough man. Her eyes, now back to rust, took in the silver sheen that glazed his brown eyes and she couldn’t help but tilt her head in astonishment. However, no more than 3 seconds past before the very man was now laying in front of her, neck slit. Inching away just slightly from the pooling blood, the pirate-tess blinked seeing the person, whom she believed to be called Reggie, extending his hand towards her. "Hey, you gonna get up and fight, or are you going to lay about all day?". Ignoring his hand, she made it a policy not to engage in physical contact, Circe hoisted herself up with grace before mumbling in her now-muffled voice. ”Thanks for that... and by the way, its night time so it isn’t the day.”. Now that she was on her feet, the songstress casted a glance around the bloodied ship, bodies strewn everywhere. Not even half of the new crew had survived.

James Uther
James was panting, blood was dripping off every surface on his body. He still had some rage left in his body... He saw a body near him twitch, and he swung both swords, ending the poor mans life. He kept panting and left the blades in the body, and sat down. "Damn it..." He said. He lost control again, he hated doing that. He sat there for a minute, then got up, picked up his swords, and found a mostly cleanish cloth and dirtied it cleaning his swords, then put them away. He then collected his guns and maybe a few extra. He noted that most of combat was pretty much over, but he heard some scuffling below decks. "Others can deal with it." He muttered to himself as he moved back to their ship. He ignored everything, he was too tired to respond. He just went straight to his chest, dumped all of his weapons in it, then fell over in his hammock, falling asleep immediately.

Arto took Reggie's hand, and he helped her up. ”Thanks for that... and by the way, its night time so it isn't the day.” Reggie grinned. "Yeah, I suppose so." He said, then looked around. The fighting seemed to continue to go poorly on this side of the ship. "I'm gonna assume that you suck at fighting, so stay back for now." He said, brandishing his dirk. "Be right back..." For some reason, fighting this fight didn't scare him. Perhaps he had gotten drunk before fighting... Whatever, he jumped over another sailor coming up behind him and sliced his head off. "Okay, time to see how rusty I've become!" He ran around the fighting, fighting in a fashion that threw other opponents off entirely. His fighting style was just too... Unpredictable. He could probably take on much stronger opponents, like James. Okay, maybe not James, but Adair, maybe. Well, technically, he can take on anyone he wanted to, due to his regeneration, he could outlast any opponent he came across. He was thinking all of this when a sailor who had maybe a little more fighting skill than normal ran him threw. "Ah, of course, you got me while I wasn't paying attention." The sailor gaped at him. "You-your supposed to be-" Reggie interrupted him. "Yeah yeah, I get that a lot." He said, shoving his dirk into his throat. The sailor fell over, bringing the blade in his chest with him. Several other sailors watched as the wound mended itself in front of them, then they just threw down their blades. "Screw this, those damn rumors about this damn ship were true." One of them said. More and more dropped their blades, until pretty much the whole enemy ship had surrendered. "If that was all that it took to surrender, I would've let one of you stab me a while back..." He grinned at Arto, or whatever his name was. Again, something about him just made him feel so... Not wanting to hide. Not run to the front, but maybe sit in the back and protect him or something... He frowned. What the hell? That is damn freaky. He liked a guy? Damn... Something strange must've happened to him when he changed his body.

James Uther
James woke as they pulled into the port. It has been several days since the raid, and with things going as they normally went, the crew wanted to get away from each other and find someone to... Well, do things with. He himself almost wanted to, but he was still pretty tired after his rage. That last one really took it out of him, and he spent most of the days since then sleeping. He kept having this same nightmare...
He was swimming toward the ship, but it was leaving him behind. He was getting really mad at Captain Skulls for ditching him like that, when he saw something move underwater. He looked, and saw that strange man, dressed as he usually is, except that he was a she, and a siren. 'She' swam up and grabbed his leg, pulling him under. And, for some reason, he just couldn't hit 'her.' The next part varies between two outcomes, one is the siren eating him alive, the other is 'she' swimming up and kissing him... Being the fact that the real strange man is a guy, he was pretty comfortable with the other outcome, despite getting eaten alive. He wasn't gay, in fact the very thought of him doing anything of that sort made him very uncomfortable.
He got out of his hammock and stepped outside. He saw that they were heading towards a small port city, far to small for anything really to be plundered, but big enough to hold everything they should need. The last place they got supplies didn't really have all they needed, and they were need some more food, despite what they took from the raided ship. James looked at the strange one, who was talking to Reggie. He never found out his name...

Reggie was sitting in his usual spot, Arty sitting somewhere under him. When Coristo had tried to confront the captain for punishing the poor lad, he walked up and defended him, saying that he'd keep a close eye on him. After a heated debate, during which Coristo lost control a little and stabbed Reggie, the captain decided to leave the lad alone, but Reggie would also be held responsible for any further problems he causes. That was fine, he thought. I can watch one scrawny kid for... Shit. As long as he watching him, there was a pretty low chance for him to die. Reggie looked at the sky. When confronted with a situation like this, Reggie found that the sky calmed him down. There was just something about it... He started laughing. "Hey, see the sky? Its pretty, ain't it!?" he said between bouts of laughter. He didn't know exactly why it was so damn funny, but it was, so he laughed. He remembered someone he maybe liked a little in his far distant past tell him to laugh at whatever he thought was funny, so he always did. Sometimes, he thought he laughed at serious things because everyone else wasn't laughing, at that to him was funny.

#, as written by Ever

Arto clung to the rigging, her legs and arms dangling above the ebony railing thanks to the gaps between the ropes. Giving a small sigh, the female pirate raised her eyes to peer out from behind the bandanas, curious about the port they were currently docked in. No, it wasn’t the prospect of having fun and no it wasn’t for the drink that made Circe love seaports; it was the people . However, since she begun travelling with this ship, it always seemed to be the same; the bustling townspeople would pause whatever they were doing to train their curious gazes onto the ship that was painted in the color of Death before eyeing the ship’s name, The Black Bermuda. This would either result in 2 things; a hasty averting sideways glance or running away with paled faces. My... I can’t help but wonder if those dreaded tales have reached this far.. mused the inquisitive inner voice as Circe observed some vet members stomped down the boarding planks, danger and raw power emanating from the brutes. A small eye roll followed their proud display of the wealth to the passing by townspeople, disgust washing over her. Pirates and nobles... not a big difference; one is just dirtier and more brash.

"Hey, see the sky? Its pretty, ain't it!?" directed Circe’s attention upwards to gaze at the male pirate she was currently assigned watch under; Reggie. A small scoff was directed to his comment but more or less the idea of having to be babysat.”I was doing just fine on my own.. stupid damn Skulls. Now I have HIM. Hmph.” muttered her muffled voice, a bitter underlying tone to it. Seeing as many of the crew had already left, Circe jumped off the rigging with a tad bit more grace than she allowed herself to show before turning on her heels, waving a gloved hand at Reggie. ”I’m going below for a bit.. not feeling too well.” was all that spoken before the pirate-tess descended into the damp darkness of below deck. Moving with a lethargic speed, dragging out her actions for as long as possible in an attempt to wait it out for the remaining crew members to leave, Circe went about gathering items for her bath. Just because I’m on this infernal ship doesn’t mean I have to be as dingy and disgusting as the rest of them.. scoffed the offended thoughts. However, they soon directed themselves into a traitorous territory. The image of the vet crew members who, unlike the rest of the misfit crew, were clean and well-dressed materialized in her mind, bringing back the memories of their spat form before and the inhuman power each one held.

An impatient shake of her head followed close behind those images as her attention became focused on the now leaving member that had lingered below deck. A slight smile crossed her china-doll mouth as she went about filling a bucket from a spout, clean water filling the wooden pail. Sliding her rust-hued orbs over to the grate in the middle of the “room”, a frown suddenly banished that smile at the thought of having to take a shower. Shuddering at the prospect, Circe reached up and undid the bandana that hid her jawline, her voice now it’s normal, silky smooth tone. ”What can you expect? They are barbarians after all..”

Adair was in a mood again. Over the past few days since their small skirmish with the mariners, he had steered relatively clear of most of the other crew members. Deciding instead, to spend his days, and nights, mostly up in the crow's nest. Not even caring enough to throw his glance down at the other men scrambling about the deck, even when shouts from some sort of festivity reached his ears, he had only made the trip back to the decking a few times, for nothing more than food and drink. And then it was back up to the nest.

The battle had been concluded fairly quickly, the Black Bermuda losing a healthy chunk of its new members, but only a fraction compared the the amount of mariners that were slain. Adair had returned to their own ship after the few mariners left with some fight in them were dealt with. One of the surviving newer members decided to pick the wrong veteran to boast to as he pointed out the lack of any injury compared to the gash on Adair's collarbone. This earned the man a quickly broken nose from the heel of Adair's palm and a lack of air when the strike was followed up by Adair pinning the man's throat against the Bermuda's railing until he pleaded to let him go. Typically, Adair was a fairly agreeable individual, but anyone that mocked him quickly found themselves at a loss for words, or in this case, a loss of air...

The mocking hadn't stopped there unfortunately. When Adair explained what happened to the Captain, many of the crew members, vets and fresh recruits alike, laughed out loud when he reached the part about the Siren in the water. One crew member went as far as to call Adair a liar, making up excuses about why he was injured. Adair had many faults, but a liar he was not. That particular crew member was no longer present on the ship, having his neck snapped before Adair dragged the lifeless form to the edge of the deck and tossed it into the water. If Skulls had a problem with the act, it was never voiced to Adair.

Reaching up to touch the seared scar that now replaced the glittering silver chain that once hung around his neck, Adair let out a bored sigh. He needed to get off the ship for a while. The sea was amazing, but he had an urge to walk around and get his mind off of everything. Vaulting over the edge of the crow's nest when they docked, he landed lightly into a roll once he felt the decking under him.

"I'm going ashore." He called to Reggie as he passed the man, leaping over the railing and landing silently on the planks of the boarding docks. Fresh air and some new faces were bound to bring him back to his old self and out of his funk.


James Uther
James stepped out into the sun. His head still throbbed slightly... Whatever. He started moving toward the docks when he realized he didn't have Amanda, his double barreled pistol. He won that prize in a gambling match several years back, and it has only twice failed to fire. He kept very good care of it, but some of the new mates probably took it and hid it in their bunk. He turned and walked down the stairs below decks, his heavy frame making the wood creek. He started making his way there when he saw Maxwell, the ships navigator, standing in the way sword drawn. James looked around, then looked back at him. "Uh... Is everything alright?" James said, eyeing the sword with worry. He could probably take him out with his bare hands if necessary, but he doubted that it would come to that. As far as he knew, the man was pretty loyal to the captain...

Reggie looked at Adair as he landed on the deck. "I'm going ashore." He said, vaulting the railing. Now, that wasn't funny. Siren's were no laughing matter, as Reggie took several on before. Evil bitches, to say the least... "Right." Reggie shouted back. Reggie then looked up at the crows nest. No one was in it, as far as he knew, and it looked like it was the most comfortable part of the ship right now... Reggie climbed with haste, going at a speed that boggles most men's eyes. He flipped into the nest, finding it empty. He found that funny again, and started laughing hysterically. A phrase entered his mind. "You laugh to much." It was James, the first time they met. The moron, didn't even know they'd be hanging out most of the time that they'd be on the ship. Reggie looked out over the town, eyes filling with envy. He wished he could join them, just to step on land again! The sea was made for him, but it was like being given one wench, you get tired of it eventually, and wish that you could have something else... Reggie sighed and got back down into the nest, putting his hat down for a nap.

#, as written by Ever

A small, barely audible hum escaped the pirate-tess as she fluttered about under deck, fetching a bar of soap from the leather sack she had brought from the mainland. Clutching the precious toiletry in her tapered fingers, Circe allowed a broad smile to flash on her petal colored lips, the humming growing softer. Moving on delicate foot steps, the songstress hauled the brimming bucket over to the grate in the middle of the room, cursing when a small amount leapt over the edge.

Putting the bucket down by the edge of the grate, the young woman rubbed at the sore shoulder, a frown of annoyance briefly dampening the cheerful mood. ”I can’t even carry a bucket of water! Hmph.. I’m not any better than a Noble right now.” came her whisper, an underlying sense of agitation clear. With a small shake of her head, the pirate-tess reached up and flung the hat, as well as the bandana, to the side. Giving a small little moan of satisfaction, Circe ran those luminous ivory hued fingers through the fiery waterfall, enjoying every second. After sending a quick glance around the small, dimly-lit room, assured no one else was around, the songstress reached the hem of the billowy shirt before pulling it above her head.