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Isas Katsu


0 · 659 views · located in Mediterranean Sea

a character in “Wanted”, as played by Pyxidis



⌈"The World is Mad."βŒ‹


Florence + The Machine || Seven Devils
China Anne McClain || Calling All The Monsters
Breaking Benjamin || Until The End
Slipknot || Never Let Me Know


βŒˆβ€œTrue and baseless evil is as rare as the purest good--and we all know how rare that is...” βŒ‹

⌈Nickname(s)βŒ‹ The Devil, many refered to Isas as such, mainly because of his rather devious deeds and less than kindly actions. Captain Skulls, This is what the world knows him by, and his crew. None know his true name, and all call him Skulls out of respect, and fear. It is rumored that he gained this name by crushing a man's skull with his bare hand.



Demon ; Pirate King

Pirate King

⌈Face ClaimβŒ‹ Sasuke Uchiha


βŒˆβ€œWhat would your good do if evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared?” βŒ‹

⌈Hair ColorβŒ‹
Depending on the lighting, it can look pitch black or a dark blue, relating to an angry, storm ridden ocean.

⌈Eye ColorβŒ‹
Onyx, though they will shift to a glowing blood red when he is angry or when he chooses.


⌈Skin ToneβŒ‹
As pale as the moon


125 lb

⌈Physical DescriptionβŒ‹
Isas, until most Pirates who have been alive as long as he has, is un-scared. His skin is smooth and nearly flawless, through if you look close enough you can see the hardness too it that shows the tough life he has had to endure. His Onyx eyes show anger and hatred when he doesn't bother to hide his emotions, through when he puts up his facade, they just seem like black empty depths, void of all emotion. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that lengthen quite a bit over a short amount of time, resulting in the Demon having to cut them often, through he doesn't like to cut them shorter than the length of his chin. At some points he will allow his bangs to fall into his eyes, but this is a very rare thing.

Most of the time he will be seen in either grey, black or white clothing, his family crest is always upon the back of his shirt, since he is the last heir of his family. Due to his family genes he has to signature sharp yet dark features. His lips are thin and usually set into a straight line, hiding the perfect white teeth behind them unless a rare smile is shown. His body is toned and in shape from many years of hard work, through he doesn't flaunt it like most men with his body would, unless he sees something - someone - he likes. He carry's his sword on his person at all times, sometimes it's on his back, others times on his belt, but it never leaves him.


⌈"Don’t get too close, It’s dark inside."βŒ‹

⌈Potential InterestβŒ‹
Now that, that is an interesting question. To Isas, he is unsure of what he wants in life other than to pillage and cause chaos, but he is certain that one day he wants to be able to have a son, someone who can pass down and learn from him, and if he is ever to do that, he needs someone to bed. In all honesty, Isas looks at all of the woman he comes across with a keen eye, while he is a skirt chaser, he is looking for something...more.

    ✦ Sword Fighting || From a young age Isas took up sword fighting and became nearly a master at it, when they are out in the open ocean, with nothing around them but straight, clear blue water as far as the eye can see, the crew and Isas will partake in friendly duels, he likes to make sure none of his men get rusty in fighting, and that they can all work together as a team, almost like a family.
    ✦ Sailing || It's like the Ocean and him become one when he hits that water, he knows where to go without having to look at a map, he feels the ocean like it's a person and it has it's own aura, he can command his men though any storm because even if they are sailing blind, he can rely on his instinct and strange connection to the sea to get them though.
    ✦ skill ||

Overall power name here
    βœ” ability in power || explain
    βœ” ability in power || explain
    βœ” ability in power || explain and continue this format for more abilities


⌈"I gave in to my demon long ago."βŒ‹

So begins...

Isas Katsu's Story