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a character in “Wanted”, as played by Finneline



⌈Why complaining about my hair? It's long, I admit, but girls hair are longer. The whole crew never complain about it, even stare at them with lust in their eyes. I don't understand why I can't. Really, such discrimination. I also want to look pretty.⌋


Phil Collins || Against All Odds
Linkin Park || Faint
Rihanna ft. Eminem || Love the way you Lie
Breaking Benjamin || Dear Agony


⌈What my name? It's Maru. Just Maru. Comes from... someone I guess. No, I don't reaaally care because I am satisfied with it, why shouldn't I?⌋

Maru- Maru; somehow this nickname is popular among the crew and let him seem to be the mascot of the pirates. Well, whatever they find pleasure in, Maru didn't seem to care. Even when they treat him like a girl because well, he resembles one. But of course, they don't lift a finger due to him being their only navigator and truly the most capable in his terrain. Though lately it seems, they all target the new member of the crew. Ma- chan; Not many know him with that nickname, and if, they are probably all dead. He used to be called like that before he ended up on the ship, and that's pretty awhile back. Anywho, he is displeased when someone would call him like that, because it'll arouse feelings which he always tried to throw away... it makes him anxious.

19 years old




⌈Face Claim⌋
Kou Mukami from Diabolik Lovers


Image Image Image
⌈I am perhaps your average demon, but don't underestimate me. I might go offensive and hurt you where it hurts the most.⌋

⌈Hair Color⌋

⌈Eye Color⌋
Sky blue

⌈Skin Tone⌋
Fair tone


120 lbs

⌈Physical Description⌋
Unexplicable beautiful for a male demon, he counts as one rare beauty within his species which are all naturally attractive. His long unkempt hair reach until his shoulder blades if straightened, though due to its natural curliness, it just won't be tamed. It appears that this wasn't something Maru disliked though because he is aware of how charming he is likewise. Choppy hair which seem to express the extrovert individual Maru is and let him look oddly nonchalant but also refreshing. Maru is perfectly aware of his pulchritude and often used it as a deadly weapon, but of course only against humans due to them being dumb enough to be swoon by it and getting tricked along the process. He stands proudly, less elegant but naturally, and manifest a friendly aura to his vicinity, making him an easy spokesman even for strangers. Despite his lack of manliness through his rather slim and small build, his clean-cut appearance and his soft, but manly lines engraved on his face still allows him to be called handsome. Yet, pretty and beautiful might be even more suitable. Unlike many other men, Maru didn't dislike to be called 'Pretty' or 'Beautiful', in his opinion, if he gives off such an impression to someone else, it means his visual appeals to the one, and that definitely makes him more confident within his skin. About his appearance as a demon, you might say, it is shocking manly. His overly childish expression changes drastically and his height is superior to those who are actually bigger than him in his human form. What distinguish him the most in the demon him is though are his crimson sparkling bloodshot eyes, which gives off an impression of sharpness and an odd solitude that captivates. An appearance that is in the same time horrendous and charming.


Image Image Image
⌈I am proud of my being, so whatever you think of me, I don't care. Just deal with it. Not like you have any choice either.⌋

⌈Potential Interest⌋
Deceased; yeah, the one who had stole his heart is no longer under the living. You know, it's pretty hard for the usually open individual like Maru to tell about his crush long ago. And for those who are curious: He was his lover - a guy who apparently really loved the sea which is also the reason for him to stay on the ship -- to fulfill his dream of seeing the whole world with his own eyes. Really, rather unusual for a demon to go so far for a mere human, but the feelings between them seem to be genuine. Not really something he'd like to be remembered about, so he eventually avoided such destructful questions which made him vulnerable. A weakness he is still trying to overcome. Anyway, if you're asking about his sexuality, I can only say that he appear to go both ways equally. But no one ever reached his sentiments like he did -- so now it's all about lust, greed and more importantly information.

    âœĻ Fishing || Having his past lover to be in love with the sea, they apparently often went to fish there in the waterside promenade, just relaxing and catching a couple of delicious fish. Prior to that, Maru especially hated such things as literary waiting for his dinner to choose to die, but with that man by his side, he actually enjoyed it very much due to his eagerness and passion within his words as he told him about various techniques and unique occurences. In general, his lover was even more talkactive than himself and only because of those peaceful past memories, he enjoyed fishing very much.
    âœĻ Flirting || Aware of his charming points, he often used this skill to gather either money or information. It's rather indirect a skill due to this go smoothly all because his natural given beauty. Nonetheless, choosing the best words within the process is also a talent, and Maru owns it.
    âœĻ Pickpocketing || His hands, long and skillfull, not often but occasionally used to snatch away peoples pockets. Without them knowing, without them even feeling that they were deprived by him. Perhaps this might appear a tad cowardly, nonetheless, this is one of the quick ways gaining things. Yet Maru prefers a direct attack, meaning flirting to steal, only due to the thrill and satisfaction he gain through the act.

Physical and mental apprehension
    ✔ Reading ones aura and sense their emotions || It's a basic ability every demon possess. In Maru's case, this power seem to be stronger through his telepathic ability. He is able to see their sentimentals due to the certain colour of the aura, also roughly approximate ones strength which may cause physical destruction when it's too much to see... because for Maru, it's not only matter of seeing, but also feeling.
    ✔ Telepathic || He is able to transfer information to another person, may the person be a human or another race. Nevertheless, he can only transfer, but not gain information from another. With the exception of other telepathy users, of course. He used it occassionally to inform other members, probably the reason why if anyone wants to spread something go to Maru first. Yeah, probably a bit weak though, but one another ability, a familiy member of telepathy, makes up for it hundredfold.
    ✔ Truth Inducement || Make others tell the truth by shutting down their brain inhibitors. This is a unique skill and very risky through the dangers and destruction it might cause for the users body, but more to them who are being forced to tell the truth. There might be a risk of brain death, meaning death. However, why should Maru care? As long as he is able to receive information, true information, he ought to be satisfied. Even though he knows that fact, a certain reason wouldn't let him to use it for weak human who'll certainly die for it, whatever the reason might be.


Image Image Image
⌈Well, weaknesses are part of my existence, although I won't allow it to break me, so don't worry. I'll be the navigator until my death.⌋


    ❖ Daydreaming || It's probaby due to him remembering past memories, when he starts to gaze to the sparkling blue surface of the sea and stare... and stare... Without taking notice of his surroundings, as if his mind flew into another world. Was it regret? Sorrow? Probably something in between, which is able to make him shut his mouth for quite a while -- a pretty rare occassion, to be honest. Where he more often talk than shut up. Perhaps, this habits might be able to relief the whole crew members.
    ❖ Professional smile || Well yeah, this is explainable through his hobby flirting and conquere human girls, as also occassionally guys heart. So yeah, sometimes he is drawn to show it when he is tense. It's like a smile which tries to hide something, a smile that covers something ugly that he thinks badly of. It's a smile for him to escape and let him appear as a bit distand sometimes.
    ❖ Mood swings || He is a rather inconsistent individual, so he might appear as an oddball. This moody idiot. It's possible that in one second, he smiles and laughs but in the next nags and bites. Oh yeah, I have to warn you about that: He bites. For real. Needless to say that he, in his honest essence, truly is similar to a little kid, so he might behave like an immature child. Anyway, it's a matter of time to get used to that... well. At least he is a beauty, right?

    â™Ĩ His deceased lover || It's love.
    â™Ĩ Beauty || explain
    â™Ĩ The sea || explain (continue format for more likes)

    ✘ To be remembered || explain
    ✘ Atrocity & Agony || explain
    ✘ Gender discrimination || explain (continue for more dislikes)

    âœĒ Agility & Accuracy || explain
    âœĒ Usage of beauty || explain
    âœĒ Splendid speaker || explain (continue format for more strengths)

    ⌘ Lack of pragmaticity || explain
    ⌘ Skeptical || explain
    ⌘ Unable to retain countenance || explain (continue format for more weaknesses)


⌈Yeah, I gotta admit that I am a pain in the ass, but it's not like you all can get rid of me. Just admit it, you all need me.⌋

Energetic | Talkactive | Adventurous | Intense mood swings | Determined | Loyal | Nosy | Blunt

1-2 paragraphs explaining the traits.


⌈My sole life purpose is being the navigator of that damn ship, so don't ever question my abilities.⌋

1-2 paragraphs

⌈Destiny is a ridiculous thing. What's that? We determine everything ourselves so don't ever give such a lame excuse like destiny. Never be satisfied with the current situation, that's how I move forward.⌋

So begins...

Maru's Story