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Alan F Walker

''You are pulling me down... And I like it.''

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a character in “Wanting You Near Me”, originally authored by xfaithyx123, as played by RolePlayGateway


How do I get home?
Everything revolves around me!
If even you can't help?
Dark nights on my soul!

♪♫♩♬♭♪ Self vs Self ♪♫♩♬♭♪

Role: The Werewolf

Species: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Eyes: Dark brown as human, Blood red as Werewolf

Hair: Blackish blue

Weight: 161 Ibs

Height: 5'11 Feet

Pale, rose ivory skin, tall for his age, but that is mainly because of his inheritance for being a werewolf. He is seen always wearing dark colours which contrasts with his personality or shows a side of it he'd rather not be and so expresses it in his clothing for some sort of release. His hair is a blueish blue, choppy with a left swooping fringe, he always tucks his hair behind his ears that are slightly pointed. His lips have a natural blueish tint to them and being he is so pale in nature you'll find that everyone whispers about him actually being dead... whether that is true or not, you'll have to ask him yourself no? He has tattoos all down his back, more of a coming of age ritual in his family, they tattooed him at home with ancient inks and equipment. He as a scar at his left cheekbone from a fight he had and despite his natural regenerative ability, it never really went away... In his werewolf form you'll find his body scarred heavily from past fights and abuse, like his human form is a sheet over the truth.


✔ Comedy, He believes it is the best way to make a bad thing not so bad when people laugh.
✔ Sports, He is a werewolf and he loves to run, fast.
✔ Art, He is still a creative soul and loves art in general and loves to learn of it's history.
✔ Seeing happy people, Despite the fact that he looks dark, deathly and bleak he loves to make people happy and see them too.
✔ Eating sweet things, He hates sour things...

✘ Unhappy people, It is depressing and it makes him get a bit twitchy.
✘ Being alone, It means that he has time to think and he doesn't like this, despite his happy go lucky exterior, he is troubled himself.
✘ Argumentative people - They just hinder him, he is short tempered and hates people who continue to shout to justify their actions and rights when they are clearly wrong. They land themselves with a punch in the jaw...
✘ People forcing themselves on him, He has a thing... he doesn't like to be touched... and all that touching makes him freak out...
✘ His tenancy to push people away, He one day will be glued to someone then the next he's the opposite... He has trouble staying committed whether it to a lesson, a book or a person...

♫ Drawing
♫ Writing
♫ Looking at people in the shower... that's a hobby isn't it?
♫ Listening and watching other people
♫ Running track

☢ Ego - He is narcissistic and sometimes needs to be talked down...or punched down.
☢ His temper - He ends up hurting people he loves... and himself.
☢ Lazy outlook - Yes he loves sports but try and make him do something else and it would be trying to pull a elephant on a nap around.


So begins...

Alan F Walker's Story


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#, as written by Arisato

The early morning set out and the sun was barely peeking through the clouds. Not really a nice Monday morning, everything was wet ever since it rained last night, leaving the morning cold and damped.

ImageEnma and his mom still had boxes to unpack and move into their new house. They had a long drive the past two drives getting to the new town. But what was so odd is that, this town, wasn't on the map at all. His mother just so happened to find it while she was driving around, and she just so happened to stick with it. She liked how everything looked, it reminded her of her childhood. So this is where they stayed. The place she picked was an apartment, two bedrooms upstairs and kitchen with a living room / bathroom down stairs. It is small, but a cozy small.

Yawning before his alarm went off, Enma had woken up. He rubbed his eyes and reached over, turning it off before it could wake his mother. He sat up stretching and smiled looking down. "Morning dad." He whispered before getting up and taking his morning shower.

He shook his red hair like a dog and giggled, catching himself on the towel rack. He looked at himself in the mirror and stared at his eyes. "You can do this. It's only school." He bit his lip and took a towel drying his hair off, walking out of the bathroom.

He got dressed wearing his normal wear. T-Shirt, pants, hoodie and a jacket over it. His hair was a in a mess, never bothering to brush it. When he was done his mother knocked on the door.

"Honey are you up, you got school today and breakfast is ready." His mom spoke in a light gentle voice through the door.

"Yeah I am up! I will be down in a second!" He said quickly grabbing his stuff and shoving it into his backpack.

"Ok, honey." She replied and her little feet was heard walking down the steps.

Enma kissed his fingers and placed it over his dad's picture by the bed. "See you when I get back. Love you." He smiled and waved at the picture, going down stairs to the freshly cooked food that waited for him at the table.

"Good morning sweet heart." His mom got up and hugged him, then went back to her coffee and watching one a movie on the T.V.

"Oh Julia, how much I love you. Do you ever dream of me, like I dream of you?" Augusto asked romantically to his one love.

"Oh Augusto, I'd never dream of anyone else but you." Julia pressed her cheek into his and they both looked off into space, dazed into the moonlight, holding each others hands.

Oh yeah the movie was old fashioned, like black and white old. His mother enjoyed it the older movies, she says it has romance like no other, and she loved them. Of course they had romance like no other, because romance isn't like that anymore.

Giggling softly he sat down at ate his meal quietly, listening to the movie and letting his om watch it with an ~Ah Love~ kind of expression on her face.

"Oh Honey? What are you still doing here? You'll be late if you don't get going." She blinked and stared at him as if she forgot he was still there.

"Whaa?!" He got up fast and looked at the time. "Oh my goodness!" Rushing to the sink and washing his plate off he rushed out of the house and ran to the school that was only a few blocks away, with his backpack in his hand, flying behind him as he ran.


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How do I get home?
Everything revolves around me!
If even you can't help?
Dark nights on my soul!

♪♫♩♬♭♪ Self vs Self ♪♫♩♬♭♪

Alan would be just arriving to school via a black car that he stepped out from, his face cold and distant until the sun light hit it and it only just lit up and girls melted over him which he just dismissed as he pulled his black satchel from the car and slinging it over one of his shoulders and shutting the car door over, waving the driver off and turning to the school building sighing to himself before from the corner of his dark eyes he saw red hair and he'd blink, turning to the person it belonged to to see another guy, looked about his age actually but he would remember someone if they had hair like that and went to this school in the first place.

This red head was new... 'Interesting..' He thought to himself, watching as the boy ran into the school the whole time before actually moving himself, the finally bell went signaling students to be in their home rooms. He'd only shove his hands into his trench coat pockets and casually walked into the school's front doors and down the long hallway to the welcome center where the same red head stood at the desk. He'd stop walking, looking at him from behind for a moment before he walked behind the guy, a bright and warm smile on his face as he stood to the side of him, his dark eyes on the guy's lighter eyes. ''Hey, new here then?'' He'd ask before he put his left hand out to the guy. ''My name is Alan Walker, nice to meet you. You can call me Fran though, I prefer that.'' He'd smile once more, waiting to the guy to shake his hand.