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Vargus Slickskin

"Quit yer blubberin'. I'll take care of it."

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a character in “War For Skyrim”, as played by Quantumlegacy


- Full Name: (Tananga) Vargus Slickskin
- Nickname(s): Slickskin
- Age: 23
- Gender: Male
- Race: Argonian
- Faction: Freelance Pirate
- Guild Member: Thieves (Though only by reputation not in any official sense yet. He's had little to do with them as the captain did most of the official things during dockings.)
- Image:

- Hair and Eyes: Vargus has a mane of dark blue feathers and soft amber eyes.
- Complexion: His scales are dark green and even darker so in certain areas. He his horns are a dull gold.
– Height and Weight: Five feet and seven inches.
- Body Type: He stands tall and proud. He's well muscled and his body is still young.
- Armor: He wears a set of hide armor he bought from a merchant a year ago. It's worn and seen a lot since he bought it.
- Weapon: Vargus weilds two steel scimitar's.
- Quote: "Quit yer blubberin'. I'll take care of it."
- Theme song: [If they had a theme song, what would it be?]
- Brief History:
Grew up in Black Marsh where there still are some Pirates and thieves present. At a young age he was abducted and forced into piracy by a captain with a brilliant idea. He was renamed on the ship after the captain and his skin-type at the time. He took to the lifestyle easily and after awhile made a name for himself on the ship. They traveled around the oceans of the world terrorizing merchant ships for years.

He was in line to take over as Captain before long but that was ruined when they had a run of bad luck and were all captured near the top of the norse continent of Skyrim. He managed to escape the prison ship but is now stranded in this strange nord land. He'd had a chance to come here before but had turned it down. He wasn't much for the cold.

He does know of his racial history and of the Hist. Whether through interrogation of stray Argonians he found during raids or in the wayward towns they'd stop in. He had a friend on his ship that was also an Argonian but he hadn't sailed with him long.

- Personality: Vargus isn't a terrible person but his morals are non-existent. He was raised differently in the marshes but hadn't lived there long. He learned everything he knew on the ship. He has no qualms with robbing, stealing or even murdering someone if he absolutely has to. He'd rather not kill people but self-defense and the need to survive easily changes that for him.

He can be rash with his actions. He would rather fight then talk most situations out where a conflict arises. He's not hyper-intelligent but has plenty of common sense. He can be crafty and is known to keep a grudge. As almost all Argonians he is fiercely loyal to those he's claimed as friends. Any disrespect of that trust is met with swift action.

Vargus has a bit of a accent when he speaks the language of the man, a complication of his hist-drinking-ceremony and the life of a pirrrrate. Also, he likes the way the word, "Arrh" comes out.

So begins...

Vargus Slickskin's Story


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Vargus Slickskin

He was curled into a ball laying in a pile of someone's fancy clothes he had piled up in on the dry bed. He was in the captains quarters of a wrecked ship he found shortly after coming ashore. Vargus had just escaped from a prison ship off the coast of Skyrim and was tired and weak. After coming ashore from the frigid waters and into the snow covered land he stopped. Looking up to where the sun should be but seeing nothing but the slow fall of snow. He shivered imagining the warmth of anywhere but here. He hadn't gone far, deciding to stay near the coast in case of the indigenous wildlife, before finding the wreck.

Vargus shivered standing in the partially submerged room. While cold and frigid like the rest of this land the water was a welcome reminder. He'd searched that cabin for anything useful and used it for shelter for a few days while he adjusted the best he could to the cold before eventually deciding to try and find a town. His food supplies were rather limited.

He'd never liked the cold and always made it very clear he never wanted to be too close this part of the world. He'd protested even coming this way before and had gotten his wish once. Unfortunately for him it was an Imperial ship on it's way to this accursed land that came upon his. After a short but fierce battle he and the rest of his surviving crew were prisoners.

But that was months ago. Since then he'd managed to stumble his way across the continent. People he met along the way were varying degree of friendly. Most ignored him or just watched him when he came near. He was use to some disdain from most people he met looking the way he did. Others though had no problem and he'd enjoyed the nights he spent in a warm home or tavern. Learning of the local lore and events that were occurring. He'd laughed at a man claiming that dragons had returned to the world here in Skyrim. Well until he started hearing it more and more from other people.

During his travels he'd been harassed by the local highwaymen twice and both times after refusing to pay he'd been forced to fight. Being no stranger to combat this had been manageable the first time. But the second time he had been jumped passing through a particularly thick part of the forest. The bandits had him surrounded and the fight was intense. Vargus fought like a cornered predator and managed to down two of them before they even laid a scratch on him. But he was too focused and didn't see the full extent of the trap that he walked into.

Pivoting left on his right foot he turned around swinging the scimitar in his right hand down hard into the unarmored shoulder of one of the bandits. The ragged nord cried out in pain just before Vargus stabbed his left blade through the man's back. What passes for a grin would pass over Vargus's face. He never liked to kill but combat was glorious to him. Killing someone was just the side effect usually.

It was during this that he was unaware of the man who'd snuck up behind him. Having thought he was finishing the last of the bandits, Vargus was very surprised when he was clubbed in the back. His eyes went wide with shock but before he could react he was hit again, and again and again. Groaning he went down with a soft thud as his body hit the thick shrubbery that passed for the ground here. Turning his head he could see the nord raising his club high about to bash the daylights out of Vargus.

Groggily he rolled over grasping for his blade. Taking it he jammed it forward into the lower chest of the man as he stepped forward to swing the club down. Taking the blow to the head as the man brought the club down anyway before releasing the club, Vargus pushed the dying nord off of him and laid there. He was sore, bloodied and weak.