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Eliza Storen

"I only wish to protect my people"

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a character in “War in Cedia”, as played by ianna_334


Name: Eliza Storen
Nicknames/Aliases: Princess Eliza
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Water Elemental Human

Description: Along with long and wavy chestnut coloured hair and stormy grey eyes with hints of blue, Eliza has a very regal demeanor, helping her pass as the true princess of the Empire. She is elegant with perfect posture, and stands just a bit shorter than average, though the height gap is made up for with high heels. She is slim, with a gently curved figure, and has a preference for wearing blue and white, though she's been known to wear other colours on occasion. Her long hair is held back with jeweled hair clips and she has dainty manicured hands

Powers/Magic: She's the princess and has good amounts of authority because of her father;s trust and her own competence.

Bio: Out of nowhere she came, a lovely young lady claiming to be the lost princess, with the memories and skills to match. Intelligent, she's picked up her studies and breezed through them with ease. Of course being lost was horrible but she found her way back through wit and cunning, with the help of a few friendly strangers.
Now back in her rightful place, she's sure to be a fair ruler... Or is she? What does this false princess really want?

So begins...

Eliza Storen's Story


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The cold that haunted the Lady of the Keep shone brightly in icy eyes, revealing a soul that was just as frozen as any wintertime lake. She stood still in the bustle of scientists, the pale blue of her dress almost allowing her to blend in with the researchers. Almost, but not quite. Large eyes blinked slowly as indifferent ears heard the scream of a tortured shifter, losing the power that sang within his blood. No more would he toss about a lion’s heavy mane, crunch through bone and prowl through forest on catlike paws. The scream cut itself off, became a whimper.

She’d been in these labs often enough to translate.

Please. Please stop. Please let me live

But he would, he’d live a few more days at least, until the magic withdrawal killed him. A torturous last few days… She would think they’d rather die immediately than wait through the tremours and the pain and the final stillness. They didn’t know of these future symptoms, and the scientists did try their best to keep them alive, and maybe this time Madison would succeed.

Or maybe not.

She wondered how many died because they couldn’t live without such an integral part of themselves, because being one with the aether was a way of life. She could say something, point out the correlation between time of death and level of aetheric energy extracted.

But again, maybe not.

The less wild magic in this world, the better.


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It was obvious enough that the patient had lost far more than just magical essence.

Although it had only been a few hours since Madison had last laid eyes upon the man, the contrast between then and now were enough to make many doubt that the two were the same person. The man of the past had been an ornery thing, struggling to break free from his restraints, snarling at the researchers as they passed, and letting loose streams of insult that were not exactly for the weak of heart to hear. He had been a healthy tan, with eyes bright and rebellious, but now…

Well, not so much.

Madison gave the patient another glance over as he removed a syringe from its container, popping the cap on the needle before reaching to grab a vial from one of the high shelves. The man was as pale as a sheet, now, and watched his captor with the eyes of a cornered animal. No more did he struggle; merely shuddering, flinching away upon catching sight of the needle’s glint. Madison paid him no heed, however, merely concentrating upon the objects within his hands. Carefully, he slid the syringe into the container’s top, extracting what was within once he deemed it deep enough.

The liquid that had replaced the empty space held just as stark of a contrast to the Aether as the patient to his former self. While the essence had been a pale, wispy color, floating freely about its confinement, this was a murky grey. It was undeniably earthly in nature, and, as Madison turned and made his way to the operation table, the man cowered away.

Once again, Dr. Lovette ignored this, and after cleansing a spot of skin and ascertaining that no air bubbles lingered within the container, slid needle into flesh and pushed onto the stopper. Slowly, the liquid began to disappear, and it was only when the last drops had been inserted that Madison drew back and properly disposed of the contaminated syringe. Without looking back, he washed his hands and stepped from the room, making his way down the hall.

As he weaved in and out of the crowd, however, he soon caught sight of a familiar figure standing among the scientists. Craning his neck to make sure, Madison hurried over to the woman and, upon reaching her, pulled both lab coat and cloth beneath into a makeshift curtsy.

“My lady.” Polite. Nothing less of necessary towards someone of such high ranking. Upon rising from the bow, he smiled, brushing off a bit of stray material from the front of his coat. “It’s good to see you again- although I didn’t expect you to come all the way down here. Is there something you need?” Around them, the researchers milled about, many of which took a few curious or awestruck glances in the direction of the princess. Some even loitered, only to be swept away once more by the waves of coworkers.


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"Doctor Lovette" Eliza smiled and nodded as he addressed her. "I'd finished my own duties and decided to visit. I like spending my time here, seeing the Empire's...progress." she told him, eyes steady, no hint of a lie in her face or voice.

The princess was peculiar, no doubt, claiming to enjoy the atmosphere of the laboratory, choked with aether and more often than not filled with pained sounds of some magical creature losing it's magic. She'd never appeared bothered though, even when most newer scientists found themselves flinching.

"It's just, one of the patrols had returned, and one of them came up with an interesting idea. Do you think, theoretically, of course, no project until my father gives the go ahead, we could extract aether directly from the earth? Rivers and trees, the soil of that thrice damned forest?" she tilted her head innocently, blinking long lashes. "The land itself is lashing out, but without anything to power that life, it wouldn't be able to move, yes?"