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Arron Brandy

"We'll get out of this shit - I know we will."

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a character in “War in total Darkness”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Arron Willson Brandy

Callsign: Black Fox,

Gender: Male

Age: 31


Arron is very tall and lanky, standing at 6'6, and weighing 161 pounds. His form is only lightly muscular, but it's very clear that upper body strength isn't his focus. His legs are the most toned, and the effects of running and other cardio effects are obvious on his body. His hair generally doesn't reach his shoulders, but it's not uncommon to see him wearing a bandana to keep it out of his eyes. When not sniping, his common attire usually include jeans, and a wife-beater. He's not very formal at all. If one would look at his right hand, they would note that his index finger is little more than a tiny stub.

Role: Soldier

Personality - Arron is dutiful and hard working, but that doesn't keep him from having a good time. He enjoys joking around with others as much as anything else. But just because he likes to play, doesn't mean he can be taken for nothing. Once he focuses, it's hard to make his eye catch something it wouldn't.

Fears: Arron has pyrofobia - He's afraid of fire. Gunfire, flames yes. He's horrified of the thought of being burned alive, and refuses to go near any more than well controlled burns. And even then, he has generous spacing between him and the glowing warmth.

Traits: Arron always has chapped lips, becase he has a terrible habbit of picking his lips. He also likes to collect shell casings of calibers that aren't common.

Equipment -
Arron's exosuit is very light and airy, but still somewhat bullet-resistant. It's lightweight, because he's always on the move, like a good sniper should be. He has an IR/thermal cloaking device, four anti-personel landmines, and his own suit is flame-retardant. He also has a fragmentation grenade, a flashbang grenade, a smoke grenade, and a white phospherous grenade.
In apperance, his exosuit really doesn't look like one at all. It looks more like a heavy sniper suit. No ghille-suit, but camoflauged clothing and a sniper's cloak.

DSR - .50 - A heavy anti-material weapon that chaimbers the .50 BMG round, it's able to punch through heavy tank armor and body armor easily. The weapon is also lighter than the Barret .50 M102 by four pounds, and has a hydraulic recoil buffer, as well as a 'blast compensator', is a combination sound suppressor and muzzle brake, and is notable in its attempt at moderating the .50BMG's muzzle blast and recoil, unlike contemporary large-caliber rifles which are typically equipped with muzzle brakes only.

Skorpion vz 61 - A mean, compact machine pistol, firing the .380 ACP round at up to 950 RPM. Arron's version has a specially made drum magazine, forward grip, and a folding buttstock. It's also jet black, to hide it from glare.

Combat Shivs - Sharp, double-edged knives that Arron keeps on his body in various places. He has four in total - one in each boot, one on his left thigh, and one behind his left shoulder. These are not generally used for knife-knife battles, but instead quick, blitzkrieg attacks from oncoming attackers. An example is him dashing up to a soldier whom is reloading, punching him, pulling one of his shivs, and simply sticking it in him, twisting it, pushing him down, and continuing to run. He doesn't care about losing the knife, because he has so many of them on his body. He can also throw these knives...but he'd have to aim, as he's not very skilled at it.

Combat Knife - A razor-serrated combat knife, not very big at all. The blade is only four inches, and the handle is ony that too. It's small, swift, and sharp. The razor sharp weapon is deadly, and can even get though most helmets. It is a superior stabbing weapon as well, like the Combat Shivs, but is serrated, and slightly harder to withdraw than the shivs would be. Arron also know Russian Combat Sambo, a devistating close combat CQC with specialties against knife users. Unarmed, Arron is deadly, but with a knife, he is beyond lethal.

(Here is a video displaying Russian Combat Sambo. )

History -

Arron grew up in a militaristic family. His father was a marine, and his mother was a army secretary. This didn't really leave a lot of time for his upbringing, and he honestly grew a little rambunctious. But he was playful about it. He just wanted to have fun, because he couldn't have fun at home. His childhood was full of what some people called 'neglect', but Arron was happy, he knew his parrents worked very hard at their 'awesome cool' jobs to make sure he had whatever he needed, even though they were never around.

Into Arron's teen years, his father was WIA, and sent home with a purple heart, and minus an arm. Though since he didn't have many foundations as a child, Arron still kind of ran rampant and did what he wished. His father, being a Marine, fixed that. He disciplined Arron for the first time, and it seemed to have worked. He respected his father, and a little discipline was the only thing he really needed. He did better in school, was no longer disobident, and even made the honor roll. It was when he was awarded by his father with a favor he had been able to pull in from when he was in the military. Arron was going to be taught Russian Sambo from a professional that taught the SATG, or the Sptesnaz Anti-Terroist Group, where he could be as rough and roudy as he wanted.

As he graduated from school, Arron was going to begin college...but that was soon put to a halt. The Year 0 invasion had begun. Arron was quickly drafted by the Marines, and was trained to be a DM, a Marksman infact. He served the military for eight years, fighting tooth and nail for every inch of soil he could see and racking up a respectable 149 confirmed kills. However, after this, he had been fed up with the military. He knew that this was a war they had to win, just if was even to win. On year 8, his location was bombarded with artillery, and his entire squad, excluding him were killed. His signal was lost, and he was assumed KIA. However, what the military didn't expect was him to return to his base, on foot with a fractured hip and a missing finger. After a few months of down time, he was back on the field. His missing finger miraculously didn't affect him, not even a little.

After another four years of service, he was finally selected for a group of special ops. They were supposed to be headed for Dead Acres cemetery, investigate something about heathens worshiping snakes or something forsaken like that.

So begins...

Arron Brandy's Story