The Cheshire Cattress

"All this talk of war makes me want to have tea."

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a character in “War in Wonderland”, as played by estrelas


Name Celeste Cat
Nicknames CC
Age 17
Role the Cheshire Cat’s Daughter
Likes floating about, the Red Prince, suffering, battling
Dislikes silence, being alone, the Princesses
Personality Celeste is someone few people want to be around. She is loud, cruel, and laughs at the problems of others. She takes pleasure in seeing people suffer and dislikes when they are happy. Her past suggests that she didn’t get a sufficient parenting, so she is in need of someone to lean on – hence her dependency on others. She has a bad habit of appearing at just the wrong place and time. When bored, she happens to pop up on the rebels every now and to make fun of the White Princess. Even though she is in favor of the Red Prince, she doesn’t reveal any information that she finds unless he asks. Celeste loves discovering secrets and keeping them from people. She won’t tell a soul of what she’s heard unless you bribe her.
Brief Description Celeste stands at a lanky 5’6’’ in her human form and has an athletic build with slight curves. She has long black hair and a set of startling violet eyes. Her cat form is much larger than your average feline. She has black, silvery fur that is striped with neon-purple stripes. She can render herself invisible and float.
Crush The Red Prince. Obviously.
Other We’re all mad here.

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