The White Princess

"Don't underestimate me."

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a character in “War in Wonderland”, as played by estrelas


Name Jessica-Gracen
Nicknames Gracen, Grace
Age 18
Role the White Princess
Likes freedom, fresh air, the night time, reading, potions, silence
Dislikes loud noises, thunder-storms, war, sour foods, the color red
Personality Gracen is like six people packed into one person’s body. Although she enjoys being amongst friends, she likes silence. Perhaps this is the reason she loves the night – it is silent. She usually keeps to herself and hates showing negatives emotions. Hurting others makes her feel guilty, therefore she does her best to say only kind words. While she is graceful and carefree, she is really full of stress and worry for her people. She seems to be oddly drawn to the Red Prince and that scares her more than anything. Her friends come first and, in event that she could protect them by giving herself up, she would. Gracen really hates violence; blood makes her freeze up. She is fearful for her mother and wishes that to embrace her like a child. Though she may have many childish aspects to her, she is a very intelligent and head-strong individual. She’ll do anything in her power to keep the Red Prince from hurting another soul.
Brief Description Standing 5’3’’ and weighing a light 105 pounds, Gracen is a very petite woman. Her long platinum blonde hair is lightly curled and falls to her waist. To match she has a set of misty-blue eyes that set her apart from the others of her kingdom. Although she isn’t the most slender figure, her grace really adds to her beauty.
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