Antaanwei Soulbane

"I serve my Lord Abaddon, for this is his flesh, his blood, his soul. I am merely borrowing it for a time."

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a character in “War of Azeroth”, as played by Moon/Mihael



Antaanwei stands at six feet, and weighs at 180 pounds. There is not an ounce of fat on his body, and to many, he is nothing more than skin and bones. He is of elven blood, even though many would argue differently. Beneath his long raven black hair, are his elven ears, and had many thoughts about removing them, but has kept them thus far. The only articles of clothing he wears are plain, brown, linen trousers, and a crimson short cape that is tied about his shoulders with a single piece of black silk. The hand that hangs from his neck, is the hand of his father, an elf of the Qualinesti, who has long since been dead, killed by the son who now wears the hand as a trophy. The only armor he has, is a crimson pauldron, armguard, and clawed gauntlet. Clutched in his right hand, is the blackened-runed scythe that was granted to him by a Highpriest of Abaddon. The scythe is called Soulbane.


Cold hearted, sadistic, one without emotion. All these things, and more, best describe Antaanwei's personality. For he is more like a zombie, a relentless killing machine. His face is forever portrayed to the world with somber eyes, and a small sneer upon his lips. When he speaks, his voice sounds as though he is singing, for it is melodic, and some had found it pleasing, while others found it annoying.


Only what he is presently wearing, and his runed scythe. Nothing more, nothing less.


Will be revealed later. ((Sorry, can't think atm))

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Antaanwei Soulbane's Story