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War of Edenis


Amongst an endless sea sits the island Edenis. Its landscape is beautiful and surreal, covered with lush forests and sweeping plains and soaring mountains. The land is filled with mundane animals, but most spectacular are the spirits. Those that inhabit Edenis are known as the Angeli, and take the forms of pulsating orbs of light, though they can change their form to that of animals. Edenis seems at first like paradise, but it has a darkness to it as well.

In the center of the island is a crater, the bottom of which is a wide, flat plain. The earth here is scorched and bare, covered only with ash and debris, and littered with raw gemstones and metal ores of all sorts- what spirits become when they die. Dominating the middle of the crater is the ruin of a once-elegant temple or castle of some sort, the name and purpose of which long forgotten. The ruin houses the Oculus, a large, round well of swirling colors and darkness. It is said that some can hear the whispers of the deceased when they stand near the Oculus, and sometimes are shown visions of the future, or revealed secrets of the past. The truth of this is yet to be verified, especially as the well is rarely approached nowadays, sitting firmly in no-man's land. The floor of this main hall is unstable and has many holes in it, leading to the large chamber below- the entrance to Labyrinthi.

Labyrinthi is a network of corridors, tunnels, and rooms that extends beneath the entirety of Edenis. Here live another sort of spirit, known as the Daemonem. These take the form of masses of mist or fog, but like the Angeli can also take the shapes of animals. Like on the surface, there are a multitude of beasts living in this dark maze, though they tend to be of a more sinister theme than the mundane creatures that dwell above- beasts such as giant bats and scorpions, packs of three-headed dogs known as cerberi, and even the walking corpses of diseased creatures.

For millennia there has been a war between these two kinds of spirits- the Daemonem wanting to capture Edenis from the Angeli and escape their underground prison, and the Angeli wanting to destroy the Daemonem once and for all, seeing them as a scourge on the land. Recently there has been a ceasefire, each faction agreeing to stay within its own land, but all know that this peace cannot last.

Tensions only continue to rise as both groups wait for the war to ignite again. Each hopes for their own victory, but in the end, only one can triumph, or neither, as they destroy each other and themselves.

Despite their differences, all spirits have a few things in common. All have two forms- their ethereal form and their beast form. The color of their ethereal form- the orb or mist- is also reflected in their beast form, usually as markings or the color of the eyes. Their beast blood is also the same color as their ethereal energy. Angeli have lighter colors; Daemonem have darker colors. All spirits are born from flowers, and have the ability to fuse [both will be explained later]. A spirit eats in its beast form- mostly, it eats whatever that sort of creature eats. So a spirit whose beast form is a deer will mostly feed on foliage; a hawk would feed on rodents. However, they also need a certain kind of magical substance that comes from the same sorts of flowers from which they are born [will also be explained later]. Both, when they die, become a type of mineral. However, there are also many differences in how the two types of spirits- Angeli and Daemonem- go about these processes.

All spirits are born from flowers, which only grow in certain places and bloom in certain times of the year. Spirits have little control over these flowers; they are unable to plant them, and though they are capable of destroying them this is highly frowned upon, both because they are a source of food and because young spirits are contained within. Within both groups, certain spirits are tasked with caring for the flowers and gathering the Daynectar and Nightpollen that comes from them, and caring for the young spirits when they hatch. A young spirit is carried in the buds of the flowers, and when it opens, the spirit is released in its beast form, in which it will remain for a few months before it is able to become ethereal. It is not that uncommon for as many as 3 or 4 spirits to be born from the same flower, all with similar colors and beast forms.

Angeli come from the Dayblossom, which only grows at the foot of Caelum Mountain, in Sidus Meadow. Dayblossoms resemble extremely large tulips [the blossoms being roughly 3 feet long, though they can be larger or smaller than that as the occasion demans], and come in a broad variety of colors; mostly pale ones such like white, light pink, yellow, lilac, light blue, etc. It blooms in the mid or late spring, and will survive, open, until it dies around mid-autumn, and the center will drip with Daynectar for the entirety of that time. Near the end of summer and early fall, much of the nectar collected will be bottled for use throughout the winter.

Daemonem come from the Nightbloom, which only grows in a certain cavern deep underground, known as the Merechamber. A waterfall flows from a hole in the ceiling- where it comes from is unknown- into a large underground pond in the center, known as the Mere. Many huge vines grow along the ground and the lower part of the walls of the caverns, from which the Nightblooms grow. The flowers resemble crocuses, and grow year-round, though they whither much quicker than Dayblossoms; usually after a month or two. In the week before they die, they release several pounds of Nightpollen, which glows faintly and drifts into the air. Because of this, the Merechamber is always filled with drifting pollen, which is collected and stored.

Fusion is a rare process that happens when one spirit- in ethereal form- essentially absorbs another. It only happens when one is about to die, and can only occur when both spirits agree to it. When one takes in the other, it gains many of that spirit's memories, personality traits, and its beast form. Its color changes to a swirl of their original color and the color of the one they fused with. It usually only happens between spirits that are extremely close- lovers, siblings, or best friends, and can only happen if the spirit is near death; if it is already dead, fusion cannot happen.

Fusion between Angeli and Daemonem can happen, and has a few times in history, but is considered an abomination, and any spirit that fuses with the other kind will be rejected by both groups, or even killed.

It is much more difficult to kill a spirit in ethereal form, since their bodies are made more of energy than matter. They still can die though, usually if they expend too much energy or another creature absorbs it. They can also become overloaded with energy and explode- for example, if struck by lightning. Extremely powerful spirits can sometimes siphon the energy from other spirits and drain them. Also, using too much magic or not replenishing their strength with nectar/pollen can cause a spirit to become drained of energy and fade away.

In their beast forms, spirits can be killed just like anything else. It takes a moment to switch from ethereal to beast form, or from beast to ethereal, so one cannot always avoid a danger by changing from one to the other.

When they die, a spirit's body disintegrates within a couple minutes, leaving behind a mineral. Angeli leave behind raw gems, such as diamonds, amethysts, or rubies; Daemonem leave stones and metal ores, such as obsidian or iron. It is not unusual, when a spirit dies, for its mineral to be collected by someone close- such as a mate or sibling- and crafted into something, usually jewelry, as a sort of reminder of the deceased.

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- Be literate.
That is, please be descriptive with your actions and characters. I'm not necessarily looking for long posts or walls of text, but just something that adequately describes what you're doing.
- Be realistic.
Even though this is a supernatural roleplay, characters should behave realistically (as in, according to their personalities and the situation). This also includes not doing things like powerplaying, spotlighting, and making 'perfect' characters.
- Be active.
If you're not going to be able to be active, don't make lots of characters, and certainly don't make important ones. If you know you're not going to be on, don't trap other peoples' characters interacting with yours while you're away, and please announce before you go how long you will be inactive.

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