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Queen Sehthar Rashna

May my soul rest.

0 · 503 views · located in Lyncon

a character in “War of Elves”, as played by Silent Rain



Name: Queen Sehthar Rashna.

Age: 289 - Deceased.

Height: Five Foot Ten Inches.

Species: Spiritual Elf.

Appearance: Sehthar is reasonably tall, her hair is a rich red and she has several marking along her arms. Her eyes are bright blue and her skin is milky pale. Her body is slender and very athletic like many Elves and she always holds herself up in a royal manner.

Personality: Sehthar has a sweet, loving heart and her love is shared to everyone. Though, she is quite cunning and so many say manipulative to get her own way. She loves to use her title or her natural beauty to persuade her husband or any other man to get what she wants but accepts the fact she can't always have it. Sehthar adores nature, just like her Daughter but never quite had that connection. She was more into the animals and creatures, loving to get close to them and learn more. She is often found smiling even in hardest of times and is always ready for a fight. She is no coward, is very strong headed and loves to take control.

Background: Sehthar grew up in a Royal family, east of Morlay and was married off to the love of her like, Isaac Rashna. The marriage wasn't set up, the Princess and Prince simply fell in love by chance. Many years after they were married, Sehthar gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Elehna. For years, she watched her daughter grow up and taught her many things about being a Princess and Queen, along with useful facts about the outdoors and nature. But, her teaching and watching over Elehna was cut short when she was stabbed by an unknown face. She died that night along with many others.

Other: She is dead and this is not a full-time character. Just a brief profile.

So begins...

Queen Sehthar Rashna's Story