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a character in “War Of Factions”, as played by Raven1995


Physical: look at photo, 5'4, dragon tattoo/ birthmark on her left arm the dragon is 3 different shades of purple but she likes to hide it in here archery gloves, her perfect black hair goes all the way to her waist

personality: outgoing, unless in need of blood, then ill rip ur throat out and drink, but only if u piss me off

Equipment: bow, and an anklet her mother gave her before she died, it allows her to walk in the day light without dying or even getting hurt, enhanced speed and strength at night, no power in the day. Image

History: was born in the 1700s, was roaming around, stopped aging after her 21st birthday, was gifted with the gift of archery since she could hold a bow, she doesn't particularly like killing things unless its for the best, but she HATES werewolves, all of them for the one that killed her mom. shes always been patient with people but when humans piss her off, their never seen again. Naturally she feeds off of them. she can resist the temptation of blood if she wants to but most of the time she doesn't want to. she normally steals the blood from the blood drive place. she doesn't even have to see her target when shooting her bow she always hits it, she carries around silver arrows just incase she ever came across a werewolf. throughout the years of her time on earth she very rarely ever went out of the forest, that is until she joined the merc faction, now she has a chance to feed on humans every mission. IN the year 1820 her village was ransacked, she was out of town that day gathering food for her family and some friends, while she was gone werewolves came and burnt down all the buildings, raped then burned the vampires alive and then left, when she got home all that was left for her was ash and dust and the werewolf insignia. over the years her hatred has died down but not enough where she can see one without killing it. her beauty is like none other, human men wish she was theirs because of their lust.

So begins...

Hope's Story


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The God of Continents watches over his creation from his throne atop his Castle perched upon the skies.

He sees all that is happening, all that has happened, and all the will come. He sees great nations, prosperous nations like Noveria,
falling into disrepair, now only a shadow of its former self. He sees great heroes, such as the Lyt'Harts of Lyri, Uniting nations to fight against a hardened enemy. He sees impending war, between all the factions of Hartera, as the God of Continents has wished. He sees lesser known unnamed nations joining the war. He sees opportunistic mercenaries like that of the group Room V making their own gains in the war.

Individuals begin to manifest themselves in the Mind of Hartera, future tyrants, war heroes, and those doomed to meet their own fate on a desolate battlefield.

The Conflicts have began, Relations are breaking down as Hartera watches from his perch.

The only thing Hartera cannot see is who will step inside the chambers of Hell and Oblivion. Who will go into the blood bath and come out the other side the victor, if they come out at all. Will it be that of the Lyt'Harts finally gaining what they believe is rightfully theirs? Will the Sanguine Legion achieve their goal of perfect unity? Will Noveria climb out of their own economic despair and steamroll their way into sovereignty?

He sees all of this, as the leaders of Noveria, the Lyt'Harts, and the Sanguine Legion gather for one final attempt at diplomacy, the only factions to even entertain the idea any more.

Across the land, on a far away beach, a forward recon team for Room V begins their landing procedures. Hartera smiles as he begins to bask in the tension in the air around him, feeling the hostility. Hartera's plans are falling into place, by the end of this he will have found the perfect nation.

Even so, should the nations all lead themselves into destruction, Hartera will have had entertainment for the moment. A sick game played by a curious god. Hartera laughs to himself as he watches.