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Keizer Shosolas

Peace through unity.. unity through war.

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a character in “War Of Factions”, as played by Oborosen


The Red Hand, The Sodaiken Faction colors are Red,White, and Black. Limited knowledge outside the faction.


Full name: Eton Keizer Shosolas
Faction: Sanguine Legion
Short history:
Keizer was one of the nine children offered to the temple for training in the early years of the Legions birth. Trained in all the ways of war, strategy and magic, he is one of the three to survive. Rising to the ranks of General in his years after the temple life, not many were willing to challenge such a destined seat among them. He commanded his forces for the first time at the Iron Gate war, which many thought would last years. But he managed to end the conflict within the first month with minimal losses to his own forces. This was his first victory and ended with him claiming the city (Agartha) for his people.

Keizer has a light tan complexion from days spent on the sun drenched mountainsides and long braided hair that reaches to the center of his lower back.

height: 6'ft 9'in
weight: 233'lbs
eye color: Dark Brown
defining marks: Sandy blonde hair, runic tattoos down both arms, house crest tattoos on back, large scar down right midsection.

Sanity: Keizer is one of the most rationally sane people in the entirety of the Sanguine Legion. He is capable of cool calm thought and calculated decisions even in the most dire of situations.
Disposition: Despite his looks many would refer to him as one of the more gentle individuals to know. He cares for his people deeply and is more at home among those he protects. Opponents are met with a cool face and equal treatment, which only turns to confrontation at the first signs of open aggression.

morals: The years of war have somewhat frayed the moral compass of his mind. Keizer knows how death and vile actions can weigh on the world but he sees the pain caused in such ways as a necessity that must be bore in order for the greater good to come to fruition.
tendencies: When Keizer meets an opponent he drives himself to meet them on fair ground. Those that wield weapons and wade into battle are met with the same, while magic gets such a response in turn.

Weapons: Cetrum (Sword with two foot handle, four foot blade yet lacking a true pommel.)
pets: Aster (Raven- gift from Viona)
Armor: Heavy armor waits belt, Plate grieves, Plate gauntlets, Crowned great helm.
misc: Crystal pipe, bone flute, silver bracelet, house mark amulet.

Allies: N/A

Enemies: N/A

-Faction sheet-
Name: Sanguine Legion
People: All are excepted within the legion.

Special troop: Aydakeen
strength: Large numbers and high unit synergy. Units operate together to eliminate failings.
weakness: Too specialized, units caught against more situational enemies can fail where the enemy does not.
Motive for war: All people within the legion seek unity among the whole of the world, choosing not to deal with other nations. But to offer them a place within the legions fold. Those that decline are removed from the equation and any that concede are offered the choice for a final time.

Throughout history the Legion has always been present and working in the background of many idle moments, but the dissolution of the once strenuous peace has caused them to realize that all hopes of unity through such compliance is not a viable option.
The Faction itself is compromised of seven different clans that coexist as one single entity and work tirelessly towards one singular goal. In the past they have show great promise in all things war, economy and that of a society. At one time they had some of the greatest exports and finest luxury goods that anyone could wish for. Still most of what goes on behind the walls of their mountain city still is unknown to the vast majority of life outside, aside from some strange taboos that have touched an ear here and spoken there. Even then during the original peace those wishing entrance into the main city were given the choice of become one with them or having their memories removed of the last few days. Many saw them as strange or aloof but it wasn't until the war started and then they realized that the Legion was more then capable with its vast numbers and unorthodox tactics to press its advances.
Those captured are allowed to stay within the walls of their own city but are set to one of the ways of life led by the clans of the Legions home city. Life becomes ordered and ritualistic in nature and while many do take to the life style after time there are still many who do not.

So begins...

Keizer Shosolas's Story


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The God of Continents watches over his creation from his throne atop his Castle perched upon the skies.

He sees all that is happening, all that has happened, and all the will come. He sees great nations, prosperous nations like Noveria,
falling into disrepair, now only a shadow of its former self. He sees great heroes, such as the Lyt'Harts of Lyri, Uniting nations to fight against a hardened enemy. He sees impending war, between all the factions of Hartera, as the God of Continents has wished. He sees lesser known unnamed nations joining the war. He sees opportunistic mercenaries like that of the group Room V making their own gains in the war.

Individuals begin to manifest themselves in the Mind of Hartera, future tyrants, war heroes, and those doomed to meet their own fate on a desolate battlefield.

The Conflicts have began, Relations are breaking down as Hartera watches from his perch.

The only thing Hartera cannot see is who will step inside the chambers of Hell and Oblivion. Who will go into the blood bath and come out the other side the victor, if they come out at all. Will it be that of the Lyt'Harts finally gaining what they believe is rightfully theirs? Will the Sanguine Legion achieve their goal of perfect unity? Will Noveria climb out of their own economic despair and steamroll their way into sovereignty?

He sees all of this, as the leaders of Noveria, the Lyt'Harts, and the Sanguine Legion gather for one final attempt at diplomacy, the only factions to even entertain the idea any more.

Across the land, on a far away beach, a forward recon team for Room V begins their landing procedures. Hartera smiles as he begins to bask in the tension in the air around him, feeling the hostility. Hartera's plans are falling into place, by the end of this he will have found the perfect nation.

Even so, should the nations all lead themselves into destruction, Hartera will have had entertainment for the moment. A sick game played by a curious god. Hartera laughs to himself as he watches.


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Character Portrait: Keizer Shosolas
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Not far within the boarders there was a single figure, not seen by ground but by air. A large black raven can be seen soaring through the air not far above the treeline. Its oily black silhouette streaking along the ground as it made its flight.
But that raven was a precursor, not far behind its flight was a group of riders leading a singular carriage of great proportions.

This was the group from Agartha and they have traveled long to get to such a far destination that reaches from their northern home. The riders with the convoy were all distinguishable by their colors and though the group was few in number. It was obvious that they were far and away from being weak in any understanding of the word.

Five champions road in formation at the front while four magi with their long crimson capes road in a column behind them.

However the carriage was a more powerful point of interest.
Its weight was being pulled by four massive beast of burden, that at first glance may seem to be horses. But the lack of manes and the horns with the strangely thick coats showed them to be Haddiks. A beast found within the lands of the north, known for its astonishing strength and stamina but not for speed. They pulled the large box along with seemingly little effort and the driver was well into keeping them in line. Though covered in dark robes and concealing all of their physical form from prying eyes, this person was not hindered in any way.

Within Keizer sat, his body resting in the center of the floor of this dark room and his head lowered. One would suggest that he was praying and his posture was more to a meditative state. His eyes opened as raised his head and they lay upon a sealed box not far from his person.

"Viola.. how long till we reach the meeting area?" At that question a dark hand drifted from the shadows, resting upon his shoulder. "Its not long now master Keizer...
Tell me.. will you really entertain the idea of peace with such separation between the houses?"

He smiled slightly as he lay one hand on hers.

"No.. But I will not be the one to talk to them." He looks back at the sealed box in front of him as the rest of Viola's form leans in from the dark. Her form covered by a dress that was black as pitch and concealed her entire body from head to toe. However there were sections of her shoulders that could be seen from the outside. Her skin was dark and grey with look of a stones touch.

"Will the princess be ready for this... such an audience." Keizer laughed with a low bellow.
"After all this time Viola, she is more then ready."

The carriage continues towards its destination, with its occupants ready for the worst.