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Lilira Nonora

"So, what's the deal, huh?"

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a character in “War of Mechas and Golems”, as played by Rann


~Lilira Nonora~


Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5’1”
Occupation: Tactician/Soldier (Eventually)

A young woman of short stature, Lilira is often easily underestimated. She's tiny in both height and weight, and it looks like she can hardly carry a simple rifle, but she's deceptively light on her feet and agile. Her eyes are, strangely enough, naturally red, giving her a somewhat supernatural look. She usually dresses in simple clothes, blouses, skirts, pants and the like, usually with neutral colors like brown, grey, or the occasional faded greens, reds, or blues. On her body, there will be several scars from a rather terrible torture session, varying in widths, lengths, and depths. She's overall small, looks delicate, at the very least, physically, despite a dark anger visible in her eyes and on her face.

Rank: Private (Eventually)

Personality: Lilira was always spunky, tomboyish, and a natural rebel, despite her size. She'd act tough, talk tough, and purposely ignore authority at times when needed, often to the irk of her rules-abiding father. She's biting and sarcastic, and can easily see weaknesses in the people she talks to, making her one of the harder people to get along with if she perceives you as an enemy. Despite all this, however, she's ridiculously sweet and kind to the few people she can actually befriend, to the point of being considered someone with a 'sugar-and-ice' personality, with the ice being the dominant. Still, when things get serious, like violent or even deadly, Lilira's the type to cower and have someone else deal with the situation; a side of her that she tries to hide.

She'll eventually have a tech implanted into her to suppress her cowardice, and make her more vengeful and ruthless, as well as the 'sugar' side of her psyche. Although deep down, she fights the tech implant, no sign shows up on the outside of her struggle. She's not even aware of it.


She was born to one of the Head Researcher of Benjlakk's Military tech and weapons, Bernard Nonora, who kept her in a bubble most of her life growing up. Thoughts would be put into her head that, since she has such a high-up and important father, that she was basically invincible and untouchable. Heck, even the Nonora and Malachi families were considered close- a family of researchers, and a family of high ranking soldiers go pretty hand in hand. Despite her father only coming home to Southeast Fertannnin every once in a while, they shared an incredibly close bond, almost leaving her mother out of the equation, and wishing that their daughter could be a touch more feminine.

Specifically, Lilira grew up as a childhood friend to Benjamin Malachi. While being four years apart, they were almost inseparable until Benjamin enlisted into the military, and Lilira even developed some sort of crush and dependency on him, making her go through a slight bout of depression, and make her rebellious side skyrocket, mostly ruining her usually exceptional grades in school. Still, she suddenly became incredibly interested in mechas specifically, and started studying on her own to eventually be qualified to help develop and improve the tech Banjlakk currently had available. While she was never as good as her father, Lilira quickly became known as one of the better people to go to on the subject. She even took a year off after graduating, to learn the specifics of various handguns and rifles, and began her own theory of a possible way to balance accuracy and weight for longer-range rifles, although that's still currently not fully thought out. All of this studying and work was to catch up to her crush and best friend, Benjamin, him protecting everyone out in the open, and her in the shadows of the background, providing support.

Later on in the story, Lilira will end up kidnapped by a Metargo intelligence unit, and tortured until she gives up all the information she knows on mechas and rifles, implanted with a tech to suppress her thought patterns, and be made to fight alongside Lion Team to defeat Benjlakk once and for all. And it'll be unknown knowledge that her betrayal to Metargo was forced, rather than of her own free will.

Nationality:: Benjlakki
Unit: Lion Team (Eventually)

So begins...

Lilira Nonora's Story


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Fertaninn, the Eastern region of Benjlakk. Its wildlife has been relatively untouched due to the Republic's environmentally friendly policies. Here, many people arrive to escape the fuss of politics. Numerous farmers, agricultural workers, biologists, and solar technicians call this place home. In one particular area of it, Benjlakk's Capital, the District of Justicra, the story of brave soldiers, odd romances, and battles which threaten to bring both apart begins.

It was early in the morning, the preparations for a festival, located in Diplomacy Square, to host officials, military personnel, and other visitors from different countries, especially from Metargo and Mysticara, as Benjlakk wished to mediate between the two countries in hopes that a ceasefire between the two warring nations could be reached. If not, then it would be inevitable that it would turn into a discussion on which side countries not involved would take.

Zechariah, having just put on his uniform while in the room he was staying at before the event, picked up the communication disk on his desk, then typed up a message to send to someone he met a while back. Ever since meeting her, he has developed a crush on her. The message went as follows:

My dear Beathas,

Today is a big day for the people of Benjlakk. Leaders and military personnel from Mysticara and Metargo are visiting at Diplomacy Square, where, within Diplomacy Hall, the President shall help mediate between the two countries in hopes a ceasefire will occur. I do not deny that should this fail, everyone, involved and not involved in the war, that are present at that meeting while the festival goes on shall become agitated, at which point officials from currently-neutral countries will voice their opinions on whom their countries will side with. This would put increased pressure on Benjlakk to get involved, as well, which I believe would not bode well in the end. I'm glad I do not have to be at that meeting and listen to all the banter, since rants would most likely be dominant rather than civil discussion. My part in this, as part of the Benjlakki military, is to ensure the peace is kept within Diplomacy Square.

I hope that where you are at is not in any danger from the fighting. I heard it has escalated over the course of the war. If only I could be there with you, even bring you here, to Fertaninn. It is a very peaceful part of Benjlakk, where wildlife and plantlife are relatively untouched, a paradise for people wishing not to be overwhelmed by the pressures of politics every day. Sure, there are still some downsides, but the relative peacefulness and the scenery more than make up for that.

Yours forever and always,

Once Zechariah sent that message, the door opened, which startled him at first, but then he realized who it was and calmed down. It was only Benjamin, who motioned for him to come outside. It was kind of a good thing Ben did not notice the message sent to Beathas. If he knew Zech was sending messages to a Metargo (whom it was not known, yet, that she was actually the princess), Ben would probably get onto him about it. The Metargo invasion upon Fertaninn was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Zech came out the door and followed Benjamin to where everyone else in Brown Wing Team had gathered, which was basically the designated briefing room assigned to them, not that there was much to expect. At least, not much that was in sight. Dawn had still yet to come in the District of Justicra, preparations for the visitors' arrival still in progress, which meant there was more than enough time to prepare everyone, and to introduce the newest addition to the unit. With everyone standing at attention, Zechariah could stand in front of them. Although, they could at least relax a little bit, in his opinion.

"At ease." With that, Brown Wing Team spread their legs, their hands behind their backs, their faces now facing him. Zechariah gave a soft grin and figured this was the time to say more. "All right, as you all know, this is a very important day for us as a nation. Whatever goes on in this city will determine if we even get involved in the war. Should this mediation fail, other nations not involved could get riled up and start picking sides and enticing the Republic to do the same thing. That is not something we would want, since our neutrality is what keeps us from turning our lands from peaceful places to warzones with massive devastation. What we, Brown Wing Team, will do today is try to keep the peace, which is why I gave everyone here either a post to stand watch at or an area to patrol. Be sure to keep hydrated, though: the forecast for today said it should reach over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You all should know where you need to go once I hand out the papers." Looking around, he asked, "Hey! Where's Sarxas! She should be here."

Benjamin replied with, "I gave her the paper with the post you assigned her early. She's the one who will be part of security at Diplomacy Hall for a bit, after all."

"Okay, thanks for reminding me, Ben!" Looking back at the rest of Brown Wing Team, he said, "Anyway, before I hand out the other papers, I would like to introduce our latest addition to Brown Wing Team, Laurence Vance." Glancing in the Corporal's direction, he said, "Laurence, do you mind coming up and introducing yourself? Pardon my not referring to you by your title, since I like knowing people on a first-name basis. After all, we're all the same on the battlefield, so titles aren't all that necessary."


Sarxas was already beside the door that led straight into Diplomacy Hall, where the conference would be. Even though she was accustomed to waking up early, she was not counting on it being this early, while the sun had yet to appear. She truthfully hoped she could have slept longer. Feliniri are feline humanoids, after all, and love their catnaps. Regardless, even with a hint of fatigue from both waking up so early and the intense training she voluntarily underwent just to get in some exercise, she remained on task and kept alert for anything that could go wrong.


Saul and the rest of his family were in a hotel room near Diplomacy Square, most of them still asleep, but not Saul. He was always a bit of an early bird who woke up before everyone else. Well, aside from his son, whom would sometimes get up at the same time for training or some other practical reason, but that was different. The Metargo King was getting ready for the meeting within Diplomacy Hall, specifically the speaking part of it. He was already in his ceremonial attire, which was basically a gold-trimmed version of a typical military officer's uniform, otherwise completely gray aside from emblems and medals.

The only time he veered his eyes off of the paper he was writing on was when he heard a soft beep from the communication disk he saw nearby his daughter. It was odd, because that disk was clearly of Benjlakki design, which was prevalent by the aesthetics and the fact it was powered solely by solar energy. Whoever it was that gave her that must truly admire her despite the fact the country the family swore allegiance to invaded Benjlakk three years ago and fought with the nation for that whole year and half of another. He felt it best not to press the matter with Beathas, since the last thing she needed was whatever hopes she had left to be crushed.


Aaron woke up early and put on his uniform, placing his one pistol he brought into his holster. He wanted to be prepared to ensure the royal family's safety. His room was between Kyle's and May's, which meant the two people he could count on the most were not far from him at all. As for Cain, well, the specialist had a tendency to let the whole commando bit get the best of him, sometimes, which meant he could mess up something as simple as just keeping watch without making the Benjlakki mad at some covert tech being used in their territory. There was no telling where the man could be, at this hour, which was another thing the sergeant was annoyed about. Just once, Aaron wished he did not have to deal with Cain doing his own thing. He already had enough trouble with handling Kyle's easygoing, and rather perverted, nature.

At any rate, he figured he might as well wake up May, but just barging into her room would be rude. Instead, he merely knocked. Calmly, he stated, "Time to get ready, Specialist Fermana."

Kyle did not have to be told. He already was up and preparing for the day's assignment. He always had his handy pocket knife in one of his pockets for any mission, in case he needed to do something that had to do with cutting.


Gracchus was always an early bird, having been raised among coffee farmers and wild game hunters, which meant getting up was rather easy for him. Being one of the captains within the prestigious Natrulkra Tribal Force, he did not want to let his chieftain down. It was natural for an elf to be very loyal. Nobody that came with him seemed to be awake, at the moment, so he used this time bring out the coffee beans from his magic compartment and make some coffee for everybody via some special spells he knew. Not that the coffee from the hotel was bad, but he still preferred to make some by himself for better flavor.


Agathe got up shortly after Gracchus did. Being one of the officers in the Air and Ground Party, she wanted to get ahead of schedule to help out her taskforce within the squad she was in. As much as she did not see any reason to fight anymore, what could she do except roll with it until her term in the Natrulkra Tribal Force is over? The smell of coffee lightened her mood a little bit. Gracchus, though her commanding officer within Green Golem Riders, was like a brother to her. Elves did tend to behave like family with people they knew, unless they had a crush on somebody, naturally. Not that Gracchus had any romantic endeavors, mind you.

"Good morning, Captain."

Gracchus smiled in her direction. "Ah, Agathe! Nice to see you up, as usual!" He poured a mug of coffee and held it in front of her. "Want some?"

The lady nodded before receiving the mug. "Thank you."

Gracchus looked around. "Say, I wonder if Machara is up, yet."

Agathe shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not."

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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#, as written by Rann
She had worked so hard to get here, to finally achieve her goal- Justicra. The Capital of Benjlakk, and a personal place for her- this is where her one sided crush went to, and she had done everything, all the hard work, reading her father’s notes and re-reading them over and over to understand them personally. To make her own theories, all that effort; despite always being a few steps behind her prodigal father. It was so tiresome, so exhausting, but it was necessary, if she wanted to support Benjamin from the shadows; and she was accepted as an intern to join the Benjlakki Mecha Development Team, even though, personally, she enjoyed helping with the actual weaponry and rifles much more than anything else.

She had finally made it after years and years. So, why, exactly, was Lilira Nonora gazing lazily at a drug deal?

“Shouldn’t be here.” She muttered, disinterestedly, eaves dropping just barely out of sight. “I’m going to be late for the tertiary interview.”

Of course, she had the prototype for the x-14 Wrist Plasma Cannon, but she already figured out a few of the flaws, scratching out the equation and the internal connectors, as well as trying to figure out a way to add a stronger focusing lens at the tip, and to minimize the ‘drift’ of each shot. It had potential, definitely, but there were some things she couldn’t quite get right. That was going to be the main thing for the interview; to get professional help in the makings and planning of it. And plus, she lacked the materials to build it in the first place. Not much of that stuff in Fertannin, after all.

“Gah, I’m so stupid…” She tried to think it through. Increasing variable X would lessen drift, but on the other hand, it would lower variables y and z by correlation, and that has one of three possibly outcomes. The weapon could just not fire, for one, because the transmission between the core and the prodder would be neutral. The weapon might also explode, because the transmission between the core and the prodder would be inversed. But if she balanced it just right, the drift would be minimized with only a little decrease on power, as well as less reload time as a side benefit. But beyond this theorizing, Lilira couldn’t figure out what to do at all, and cursed her own idiocy.

Lilira once again turned back to the drug deal, the dealer asking where’s the money, violently, threateningly, while the poor slob was desperately trying to come up with excuses as for why he didn’t have it, silly stupid reasons, but he said he’d pay him back everything and more, but he needs his fix; his ambrosia right now. Lilira, well, she hoped it wouldn’t get violent, but it wasn’t like she could turn away. She had a small beam handgun, just in case… not that she’d fire it, of course, but she could try to stem the situation as much as possible.

Heh, as if. I’d be too scared to move.

She buckled back down on her notes and scrap papers, digging through for maybe a rare bit of insight, until the idea popped into her head.

What if variable x wasn’t the problem at all? Reversing the polarization and maybe switching out the transmitter for a Golon Z Series 1200, giving it a slight top-down angle when firing, radically changing variable z to the point that the plasma would be piercing, rather than spreading; the projectile staying intact a bit longer. Would that wo- no. No, of course not. The focusing lens would burn out after a few shots, making the A.I worthless, unable to see and make minute adjustments. She’d also have to change the trigger format, and the safety to different positions, and thus the weapon wouldn’t fit as a wrist armament for non-mecha warfare. Still, this was ridiculously entertaining for her, and she felt almost sad at the prospect that she’d have to stop with the weaponry research and focus specifically in mecha, a very different science. And, she saw that the deal finished peaceably as well, the dealer allowing the buyer his fix, as long as he paid triple for next week.

If variable x is the problem, how does she ensure the ideal situation plays out, with only minimal changes to z and y, for the perfect, third outcome? If variable x isn’t the issue, then the polarization might have to change completely, and upsetting variable z, as well as the balance between the prodder and transmitter. If both of those are wrong… maybe the receiver was put in a less-than-ideal spot to carry the charge from the core to the barrel? But how would that fix the drift issue, moving it forwards would only change variable x slightly, not enough for the effect she’s looking for.

Still, she headed to the science building quickly now, knowing she was probably going to be late.

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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Sarxas stood where she was for a whole hour, up until dawn, when she spotted a white-haired young woman in an elegant dress wandering about. Doesn't she know Diplomacy Square is closed for preparations, right now? The Feliniri woman walked up to her and said, "Pardon me, miss, but didn't you know this part of the District of Justicra is closed off until all the preparations for today's event is in place? There will be plenty to do here once it opens up. Besides, you shouldn't be going about the city alone at this hour, especially with all the soldiers from the Mysticaran Federation and the Metargo Kingdom in town. Those two nations don't get along, at all, as far as I've seen." He cat ears caught the sounds of people arguing, which prompted her to glance in the direction of the sounds, her teeth gritting. "Speaking of whom..."

She stepped forward a few times before spotting soldiers from both Mysticara and Metargo about to exchange punches which each other, yet immediately stopped when Sarxas shouted, "Hey! Knock it off, you guys! You're not even supposed to be here at this hour, anyway!"

Most of the men backed away from each other, but one of the Metargo men gritted his teeth as he replied with, "Well, look who it is: the Feliniri Benjlakki from Brown Wing Team. Here to gloat over the previous war in this place?"

If there were ever an example in Benjlakk of a reason not to provoke a Tiger Feliniri, what happened next would be it. "I said..." Sarxas lept up into the air, ready to kick. "Knock it off!" Her foot landed squarely on the man's forehead, resulting in him landing hard onto the concrete, knocked unconscious. "Take him with you and beat it!" With The fight prevented, Sarxas walked back towards the white-haired girl.

"Sorry you had to see that. Metargo and Mysticara don't seem to get along, at all. They have been fighting off and on frequently, picking up where they leave off after stopping in-between periods of warfare. The initial part of latest period where Metargo was not fighting Mysticara, even if briefly, was when the invasion upon the Republic eastern region, this region called Fertaninn, happened. Well, it's not like any of that is new: For one thing, Metargo has invaded Benjlakk before, albeit out of desperation to supply the Kingdom's citizens with food. Plus, Mysticara and Metargo have been doing this to each other for so long, everything that goes on between them in hostility is kind of expected." Her thumb pointing towards Diplomacy Hall, the doors to which she was stationed beside, she added, "Our President, Howard Anderson, convinced the Senate within Congress to approve of a mediation process to take place in that building while the festivities go on. Benjlakk, our nation, needs a relief from being pressured towards making a stance different from our neutral one, something we have held for a long time."

She brought out her military tablet she received three years back and began tapping keys. "Well, you seem like a nice-enough gal, so I'm not going to hold you up any longer. Where are you staying at? You look like you come from someplace else. Oh, and your name?" While listening, Sarxas thought in the back of her mind about the footsteps nearby somewhere. Whose were they?


Saul could hear Beathas getting up and ready. He glanced in her direction once she greeted him, his response with a small grin being, "Good morning, Beathas." He listened to his daughter explain that she did not want to be cooped up, which he completely understood. A royal's life was not at all easy, despite the illusions the media gives. He nodded wholeheartedly at her request to explore the hotel for a bit. "Of course! If you take the elevator nearby the rooms that Aaron, Kyle, and May are staying at, you should be close where most everything is. The dining area and the pool adjacent to that room will be nearest to you once you take the elevator downstairs."

Karen woke up, next. Saul maintained his soft grin as she approached. His face went slightly pink at the feeling of lips on his cheek. "Good morning, darling." He listened to her words prior to his grin fading, replaced with a stressed, yet exhausted expression while he leaned his head downwards towards the surface of the desk, the head kept up by his left hand due to his right one holding a pen. "Assuming the Mysticaran officials even listen to our side of it, along with Parliament actually approving whatever motion towards peace that is given once we arrive home. That is the sad reality of politics: it is often run by emotions rather than logic; by ignorance and stereotypes instead of understanding and knowledge. The Mysticaran Federation's Head Councilor, Marcus Pericles, the first elf to be elected to that office, has seen more combat and destruction than any of us can hope to perceive, given his naturally long lifespan that comes with being an elf. He is desperate to put a stop to the harm towards the natural environment, little realizing that these things take time. It has already taken generations to solve several crises, and it would likely take generations more to resolve the dilemma with the habitat. As for our Prime Minister, Romano Lopez, well, we already know how nationalistic he is. If only I could hang my rifle and pistol as souvenirs instead of using them in warfare at Parliament's behest."


Zechariah and Benjamin listened to Larry the whole time, taking note that he would rather not be called Laurence. Zechariah pondered for a moment on what was said. Highbrook Academy? Isn't that along the coast of Frankliisha, one of the States within the mainland of Moutreer, that largely mountainous region within Western Benjlakk? He's really come a long way from his home. On top of that, people from Moutreer often brave tough weather due to being up in the mountains. He saluted back towards Vance. "Looking forward to working with you, Larry." Glancing back towards the rest of Brown Wing Team, he said, "Well, I'd like to stand around in further conversation if we could, but we are due to start our patrols and watchman duties soon, so we better get moving. Ben has the files for your general area that you'll be standing watch over and patrolling." Glancing in Larry's direction, he told him, "Hey, Larry? Why don't you come patrolling with me, since your transfer was kind of last minute? I know everyone else pretty well, having fought alongside them during the Metargo invasion upon Fertaninn that we recently experienced. Most of us, including myself, were drafted, unless you count Ben, my brother."

He continued the conversation as they made their way to the hotel. "you know, I heard that Highbrook is located along the coast of Fankliisha, a State within the Mainland of Moutreer. It must be rough living high up on those mountains." Chuckling, he added, "Well, I guess it beats living in an orbital space colony, where you're stuck with the same scenery in the interior pretty much all year. Although, I hear plenty of landscaping has been done to make the inside of those colonies kind of like a town on the planet's surface, not that I ever been in one of them in my life. And, to think a lot of our solar power comes from that leftover which is delivered in rechargeable packs from those same colonies up in space. They make quite a living from such deliveries." Shrugging, he added, "But, anyway, we heard about your military life, though I am wondering what you did before being accepted into the academy. We don't automatically consider military duty, after all." Zechariah listened the rest of the way, which was about fifteen minutes, nodding every so often.

Once inside the hotel, Zechariah glanced in different directions while patrolling, making sure not to miss anything. He made sure Larry was beside him, though. This was the first time Zech and the new corporal were working together, let alone in the District of Justicra, and he did not want him lost, left out of the loop, or anything of the sort.


Kyle waved back at May, whom he was having fantasies about in the back of his mind. It was common knowledge in Lion Team that Kyle had a tendency to think about women in the erotic sense. Aaron kind of wished he did not know about that. Although, it was also known Kyle did have his limits and boundaries. For one thing, he did not go after women much younger or older than him, or even the ones that were otherwise out of bounds. And incest? Don't even get him started on that topic; he absolutely hates it and finds the idea of sex with family members disgusting. Even the mention of such a thing would send him puking.

Aaron glanced in May's direction, his face somewhat emotionless, and said, "All right, now that all three of us are up..." he then noticed two Metargo soldiers that were also part of Lion Team, one of which was unconscious and being dragged. "What happened to Private Lucius?"

The man dragging the knocked-out soldier responded with, "He ticked off a female Feliniri Benjlakki soldier from Brown Wing Team and got kicked hard in the head, sergeant."

Aaron knew Private Lucius well, which made him give a questioning glare. "He wasn't picking a fight with anyone, was he?"

"Yes, sir."

"With whom?"

"A few Mysticaran men and, once that was broken up before it even started, her."

Aaron face-palmed himself. "Just as I thought. That idiot should know better, by now. Okay, bring him back to his room and give him some medical attention. I'll have a word with him, later." Glancing back at May, he said to her, "Okay, that out of the way, we better see if any of the royals are up, yet, so we can escort them. The King should be awake, and possibly the Queen. The Crown Prince is probably working out somewhere. I don't know about the Princess." He next saw Beathas approaching. "Speaking of whom, here she comes."

He walked over, then saluted Beathas with Kyle doing the same thing. Aaron spoke up. "Good morning, Your Highness. You're up earlier than usual."


Benjamin handed out the papers. "Read the files carefully. We can't afford any mishaps. Letting one troublemaker run loose could jeopardize the whole thing." Looking at Catrina, he gave a soft grin. The girl was like a sister he never had. "Catrina, why don't you come with me? We are patrolling the same area."


At the scientific meeting, Willkarta, Sarxas' brother whom was adopted years ago, examined the papers Lilira had and was, as usual, impressed. "Nice work. You've got a lot of the schematics down-pat." Pulling his own pen and paper, he said, "Although, I do know of a way to make it so that weapon can be set to stun remotely. The equation is complex, so bare with me." He wrote it down from the thoughts in his head. If there was one thing he was strongest at, it was mathematics. Once it was done, he showed it to the girl and said, "What do you think?"


Gracchus spotted Machara and had a wider grin on his face, "Good morning, Machara." Pouring another mug, he handed it to the woman. "Coffee?"

Agathe giggled softly. "You think he'd leave you out, Miss Akira?"


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#, as written by Rann
Lilira looked down at the schematics Willkarta handed over to her, for remote stunning. Her eyes scanned over it quickly, easily absorbing all the information; her face in a tight frown. The equation didn't interfere with her original calculations much at all, only altering the interpolation of the transmitter by a small amount that she could easily counter by replacing capacitor 7b for a stronger one. Sure, the general cost of the weapon would be higher, but Lilira figured it was worth it. A good and reliable small arms weapon for non-mecha combat, with longer range than most current rifles, although she figured that wouldn't last long- eventually her design would adapt to more standard rifles, giving them similarly accurate ranged fire. Still, she was pretty proud of what she did- though she still needed to balance all three variables to fit, at least the remote stunner wouldn't make it significantly harder in that regard.

"I believe I can make this work." She said confidently, getting sudden inspiration. "With your adjustments, the overall effect is a minute, yet important adjustment to the interpolation. I could counteract it by replacing capacitor 7b, but if I left it there, and then fiddle with this bit here..." She pointed at it clearly with her pen. "Variable X would increase, and the drift of the weapon itself would decrease, to make use of the range and accuracy. Of course, normally that'd give to the balance problem between Y and Z, but because of the change of interpolation, I can tweak the converter to make Variable Y and Z work in conjunction. I think it's perfect!"

She grinned triumphantly, having finally finished with the damn thing she worked so hard on. And it was incredibly fun, but now she knew she'd have to join her father at the mecha division of the research team, and that dampened her mood by just a bit. But maybe, since Willkarta was clearly impressed by her, maybe she could pull in a favor and let her stay in weapons research.

"Willkarta, erm." She asked tentatively. "If you'd allow me, I'd like to keep helping developing weapons. Please consider it."

After the meeting, and cancelling the follow up (there was no point, she'd already finished the theorizing and left the schematics with Willkarta), she was aimlessly walking, pretty unsure of what to do now that she's made it. Where was Benjamin, exactly? Was he still stationed up here, in Justicra? Would he even want to see her; or was maybe too busy? She turned on her Telecom and clicked on the three years old image of her father. He picked up almost immediately.

"So, dear?" His voice crackled through it- was her Telecom damaged, maybe? "How did it go, the meeting?"

She gulped before answering.

"Good. Willkarta liked my schematics."

She could hear proud laughter at the other end, loud and twinging her ears.

"I'm proud of you, honey, your old man's proud of ya!" Lilira held the receiver at a bit of a distance away from her ear, a wince of pain flashing on her face, and one of the researchers entering the building gave her an odd stare. "You'll be a great help for the research, the boys here are excited to have you!"

"I- uh..." Lilira decided that she couldn't dash her father's hopes, even if his desires in this instance conflicted with her own. "Y-yeah. I'm... looking forward to it too, yeah, Daddy."

She then shut off her Telecom, and then tried to ring Benjamin; it went straight to voicemail. Groaning in frustration, she left a mail.

"Hey, Ben. I got in- look like we might be seeing more of each other in Justicra, if you're around or whatever. Gimme a call if you wanna hang out."

She was counting on him to make the effort for them to reconnect, and be friends again. She was counting on him to still care about her, like she obviously did him. She was counting on a lot of things, really, even for the prodigal Willkarta to adhere to her request, and for her Dad to not be sad when he hears that she wants to keep studying weapons. What she wasn't counting on, was to be grabbed from behind once she was out of sight of the research building, and have a cloth held to her mouth until she passed out.


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Saul turned his eyes in his son's direction as he listened to what he had to say. It was rather pointless to him, though, since the Prime Minister's authority was not absolute, even if he could possibly get away with some things. Parliament was a legislative body whose Prime Minister was chosen from the political party with the most seats. Lopez had executive powers, yes, yet they were still checked by the legislative branch of Parliament in some way.

Besides, he could understand how matters in policy making came to be. The final king with absolute authority in Metargo, about a thousand years ago, abused his authority in ways unimaginable today, which prompted the nobles of the time to rally the masses of the people and convince the royal family during that era to sign the first of several documents which gradually took away authority from the King and emplaced in a council which would eventually become Parliament. A thousand years have passed since that time, and here was the result. In all honesty, Saul was relieved that the royal family's authority has not been absolute for so long. In his eyes, that was one less thing to worry about abusing.

Karen’s eyes close to his, which was comforting, in all honesty, interrupted his thoughts. Hearing her words, he managed a soft smile. “Of course, Karen.” He laughed a little when she mentioned being prompt. “No problem with being early, I suppose. It would show that we are serious about this. I just finished what I wrote, so I’ll be waiting outside, my dear.”

Turning towards Scoar, he said to him, “I know you are trying to prove yourself, Scoar, but we already know you are capable.” Patting him on the shoulder as only a father would, he asked him, “Is it not that which counts?” With that, he went out the door and waited in the hallway.


Aaron nodded towards Beathas’ questions and heard what May said. He waited for the princess’ answer to Specialist Fermana’s question before saying anything. With the idle chat out of the way, Aaron said, “Since everyone is up, already, we should get on with the escort. May and Kyle shall go with your parents and brother.” A glare towards Kyle, he said to him, in particular, “And no funny business with anyone along the way to Diplomacy Hall, inside it, or coming out of it, Private!”

Kyle glared back. “It’s not like I don’t have boundaries or shame, Sergeant!”

Shrugging, Aaron then turned his attention back to Beathas. “I’ll come with you. And, as for Cain, I think it’s time he actually did as he was told, for once.” Getting on the commucations device on his concealed wristband, he contacted Cain with, “Specialist Numi, I’ve had enough of your goofing off! You’re part of Lion Team, now, which means you can’t go doing your own thing all the time! We’re here to escort the royal family, not to party, so get your ass over here to the hotel, right now! Don’t make me tell you again!” Hanging up, he told Beathyas, “Sorry, your highness, for the language, but Cain is so irritating, thinking he can run off all the time. Had he taken his part in the squadron seriously, I’ll bet the so-called ‘Eagle of Mercy’ would have been shot down during the invasion that took place here in Benjlakk, before we continued the4 fight with Mysticara.”

Kyle put his hand on Aaron’s shoulder while expressing his annoyance. “Oh, come on, Aaron! You’re not still hung up on Zechariah Malachi beating you in mech combat, are you?” Aaron’s glare made Private Scipio cross his arms angrily while glancing away with, “I know, stupid question. I’ll just be going with May to escort the rest of the family, like you said.”

While Kyle went with May to do that, Aaron was about to speak further when he spotted two Benjlakki soldiers coming their way, one of whom he was familiar with. Crossing his arms, his eyes motioned for Beathas to look in that direction while he said, “Well, what do you know? The famous ‘Eagle of Mercy’ has come to this building.” Glancing in Zechariah direction, he asked, “And, what would he be doing here?”

Zechariah saw and heard Aaron Lextu, whose voice he remembered well, which set his teeth on edge. With Aaron right in front of him, Zech answered the question while glaring back. “I happen to be patrolling, Aaron, plus helping out a new addition to Brown Wing Team. Don’t pretend we have anything to talk about, since you seem to only care about some stupid reputation, just like during the invasion.”

Aaron’s teeth were now gritting. “The Lextu family tradition is stupid, you say? What about the Malachi family tradition that you seem to be upholding, similar to my family tradition, along with your own] reputation? You take no pride in that?”

Zechariah clenched his fist that was hanging beside him. “Military tradition means nothing to me. I heard of the horrors of war, and I came to hate fighting because of that.”

“So, why did you fight, then?”

“I was drafted. I had no choice but to fight.”

Aaron scoffed at that response. “A Malachi that was drafted? That’s a laugh.” Glancing in Beathas’ direction, he posed the query, “Isn’t that right, Princess Beathas?”

“There’s a first time for everything, Aaron. Besides…” Before he could say what else he wanted to say, the name all of a sudden registered into his mind, which made his eyes widen in shock, his anger quickly dissolved. “Wait a minute! Did you say Beathas?”

Aaron glanced back in his direction, “Of course, I did1 Is it really a surprise that the Princess of Metargo would be in Benjlakk for this event?”

“She’s the… Princess?”

Aaron crossed his arms. “Well, duh! You didn’t know that?”

Zechariah glanced in the girl’s direction and finally got a good look at her. It was definitely the same woman, which added to his surprise. “No, I… I didn’t know.”

“And she did not know you were a member of the Malachi family, huh?”

Zechariah shook his head, then walked on over to the Princess. “Beathas, I… I’m sorry for not telling you sooner. I did not want you to focus on what the media or news said about me if you were to know I was actually this rumored ‘Eagle of Mercy’. I wanted you to focus on the real me, not what others say about me. I’m not some legend looking to make a bigger name of the Malachi family.” He took her hands gently, looking in her purple eyes with his blue ones, and continued. “I’m just… Zechariah. That is what matters, isn’t it?”


Sarxas glanced in Clarissa’s direction while pondering for a brief moment. “Hmm… a kingdom, you say, and a smaller one, at that? There are only two kingdoms out of the smaller nations, and you don’t look like a Dwarvaran. Is it safe to assume you are from Betaku, Clarissa?” Tapping on the tablet again, the tiger Feliniri immigrant added, “Well, anyway, the nearest hotel would be to the south of Diplomacy Square.” A piece of paper with directions came out, which she handed to the white-haired woman. “Here. The directions to the place are easy enough to follow. Oh, and my name is Sarxas. It's... Feliniri for 'Sarah'.”


Benjamin laughed a little when Clarissa spun around in her child-like way. Even after the hard fighting in the previous war, she maintained some degree innocence. “Well, lets’ go, then”

It took a bit to make it to the scientific sector of town, but they made it right when Benjamin received a message on his Communication Disk. It was from Lilira, which made his eyes widen. He had not contacted her in a while, and she wanted some time with him here, In Justicra, it seems. He tried to get in touch with her, but no response. Finally, he just left a message.

Hey, Lilira,

It’s me, Benjamin. I’m currently patrolling the scientific area with a friend. I should be near you, so If I see you, I’ll come talk to you, okay? Sorry for not getting in touch with you sooner.

Hanging up, Ben sighed and told Catrina. “That was a childhood friend of mine from back in Southeast Fertaninn, Lilira Nonora. We were very close before the war, not that a relationship started or anything. Although, I wish one had between her and I. I could have refused to enlist, but back then, I was bent on upholding the family name where my younger brother refused to until he was drafted, which kind of adds to the guilt for not getting in touch with her for a while.” His smile when looking at Catrina, again, was more of a sad one as he rubbed her head like a sibling would. “Hey, don’t worry about it, okay? Let’s just get back to what we were doing.”

Continuing the patrol in the area, the last thing he expected was to see an unconscious individual dragged by two men in black suits and ties. “What the…” He took a closer look at who it was being dragged, then noticed the brown-haired girl as the same one that just tired to get in touch with him. That made his eyes widened as he sprinted in that direction. ”Lilira!”

It was at that moment that the man not holding on to the unconscious girl pulled out a plasma handgun and fired upon Ben, whom barely had enough time to evade and take cover behind a wall while motioning for Catrina to do the same. Once he was certain the redhead was beside him and safe for the moment, he shouted, “Damn! That guy has had military training, I can tell!” Pulling out his own handgun, the Corporal leaped out of cover to shoot the attacker in the head, only to find out Lilira was already in the hovercar and vanishing. ”No!” Just as he said that, one of the men in the car threw an grenade in his direction, which he got out of the way of in time to grab Catrina and pull her away from the blast. Looking at the redhead, he asked, “You okay?”


Gracchus laughed with Machara for a moment. “Well, coffee in bed does sound nice for everybody. I may do that, sometime.” Shrugging, he added, “And yes, there are big plans. We are, after all, escorting the Chieftain of Natrulkra and the Head Councilor of Mysticara. All three of us have been chosen for that.”

While everyone else grabbed a mug, Agathe added, “I am a bit worried, though: not just that this meeting may turn out unproductive, but also because of this alliance we are forming with Caninisia. That country and Felinir have had a rivalry in several ways over the years, something that has caused friction between them. Should this alliance become official, the Feliniri might side with Metargo just to oppose the Caninisians.”

Gracchus nodded. “I know. That is disturbing. But, there’s nothing we can do about it, so we’ll just worry about what’s going on here, for now.” Laughing some more, he added, “Anyway, Machara, about being coffee crazy. I grew up around coffee farmers, so it can’t be helped, right?”

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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#, as written by Rann
Lilira woke up feeling disoriented and oddly at ease. Her eyes were open, but, she couldn't well see at all. Was she blindfolded? Actually blinded? She had no idea... but she had the feeling that wherever she was, it was dark. Incredibly dark. Panic rose in her mind as she remembered being grabbed from behind, and having a cloth forced onto her mouth. Not hearing anyone really around, she figured she might have gotten lucky; they might be out right now, whoever her kidnappers were. The young girl gulped hard. Kidnappers. She was kidnapped. And that was a terrifying prospect... because if she didn't somehow get herself out, well, she'd be at the mercy of whoever was behind this. And she'd be helpless to their every whim. It's not as if she didn't know what happened to girls that randomly disappeared- oftentimes sold into slavery of the worst kind, or even just raped and killed outright. And she knew no one would probably even know she had disappeared until it was too late. So as anyone would do, she tried to move her limbs, and immediately felt resistance. She also felt a breeze in her nether regions- she was probably completely naked. Lilira blushed hard and almost started crying right then- she had wanted to save her body, even just seeing it, for Benjamin! No one else... but now, they had seen, whoever attacked her; and she wasn't pure anymore. Dirty. Sullied with just a glance. And for all she knew, what if they'd already done it while she was unconscious?

Her mouth was incredibly dry, and she felt that something had been forced into it, and tied down. So talking was obviously out of the question. And she was tied uncomfortably tight and stretched out, so she couldn't very well move either.

She really was completely helpless. Giving up, Lily let out a bit of a sob, and heard snide laughter somewhere ahead of her. And before she knew it, she felt something sharp slash against her body- quick and hard, leaving harsh stinging welts. The pain was worse than anything she'd ever felt before, and tried to scream against the gag, to no avail. She thrashed as she heard the crack of the whip, this time snaking around her waist before recoiling back to whoever had hit her with it. Her body danced to the tune of the whip, with each crack, a more desperate struggle to escape began. Saliva built up around the gag, dripping down; she felt the liquid fall onto her left foot with a sickening plop.

Is this how they broke the minds of the girls first? Beat all the resistance out of them? And why use such crude weapons, surely there were better ways of causing pain, like connecting electrodes to her body, or something. This was barbaric and brutish- but perhaps the knowledge that this sort of thing would most definitely leave marks is something that adds even more of a psychologically damaging effect, particular for girls. She shuddered, feeling her skin break at the next strike, and blood starting to slowly ooze out of the cut on her hip. And she couldn't tell how long the whipping lasted, only that she was fading in and out of consciousness by the time they were done, and undid her gag. Trembling, she couldn't even summon words, despite knowing that her mouth was free for use now.

It was a tense silence, and Lilira could feel the men's gazes upon her, even though she couldn't see. Maybe three or four of them were there, depending on their breathing styles and smells. The helpless girl vainly struggled again before letting out a pathetic mewl of pain; still feeling the echoes of the beats all over her body.

"Wh-what.. do you want?" She managed to say weakly. She was already exhausted, and she had a feeling that the torment hadn't even begun yet. "Why are you doing this?"

There was a cruel chorus of laughter before she felt another slash of the whip against her sensitive flesh, shrieking aloud this time; her voice echoing against the walls of the room. It was most likely soundproofed, just in case there was anyone around.

"You won't get away with this." She muttered, trying to sound tough. Instead, her shaking voice and the hint of tears hiding underneath only made her seem even smaller and weaker than she already did.

This time she heard footsteps, and Lilira instinctively flinched into herself, before feeling the rough gloved grasp of a hand against her throat. It was menacing, and then the free hand of the man slapped her roughly against the cheek. The pain paled when compared to that of the whip, but the loss of dignity was still there. Still, they hadn't touched her in those spots yet... if it really were about the sex trade, they'd clearly have done it already. So it was something else... maybe a ransom? Her father was rich, after all, for being one of the most renown researchers. And men in need of money wouldn't really be able to afford more sophisticated means of torture.

"If you want.. if you want money, um, just let me call my dad, so-"

Another slap. More laughter. Her cheek burned with shame this time. So it wasn't for money. Then, perhaps, an interrogation? Was that it? But Benjlakk was neutral, wasn't it, why would there be an interrogation? The only thing she really knew about was mecha and weaponry tech. And the only people interested in learning this information would probably be agents from Metargo or Mysticara.

"Metargo." She hissed quietly. "If it's what I think it is, I won't tell you anything."

More laughter. This time, she was patted on the head, almost lovingly, before receiving a sharp kick to the gut. Lilira spluttered and coughed as she tried to regain her breath, but remained defiant as best as she could. There's no way she'd betray her country. Or, more importantly, there's no way she'd do anything to hurt Ben. If all she had to do was survive this ordeal without breaking, she'd do it, right? She'd prove that she could, and maybe Ben would notice her then.

A girl can hope, right?

"Nice guess." The gruff voice sounded uncomfortably close to her ear. "You finally got it right, Miss Nonora."

"You'd be just as successful killing me." She spat at him after gathering saliva. "You can't make me talk..."

"A spirited girl!" More laughter, oppressive and dark. "We're gonna have some fun, Miss Nonora. We do hope you're prepared..."

Just hold out long enough for Ben to find her, her numb mind repeated as the whippings started up again, once again gagged and deprived of the right to scream. Just endure it until people notice she's missing and save her. That's all she had to do. Not too hard, right?

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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Kyle shrugged a bit. "I slept all right, I guess." It was a lie, of course, and it showed in his eyes. Every night, he would have the same dream, one which would leave him in tears. You see, he was not always a perverted stooge. At one point in his life, he was honestly a more innocent person, though still a bit of a stooge. That was, until certain events which occurred which would change his life forever, a series of events he tried to forget via vice. Just the question on whether he slept well made those memories come to life in his head. So much so, he could barely hold his emotions back. "I-I'm sorry, May. I just... never sleep that well, for personal reasons. Let's just get back to what we were doing."


Meanwhile, Saul saw Scoar come out to the hall while on a comm device. Upon hearing who it was on there, the king lightly grinned while chuckling. "Cain is a great man, very respectable. Although, Aaron Lextu has been having trouble keeping him from running off, lately. I suppose we should have told Aaron about Cain's previous profession so he would understand why he does what he does." As the conversation continued, Karen came out and hugged Saul while mentioning she would be exploring the hotel, right before pecking him on the cheek. He responded by hugging back and nodding before letting go.

Afterwards, Kyle and May arrived in front of both Saul and Scoar. Turning his attention in their direction, Saul said, "Good morning, Kyle, May. Where is Aaron?"

Kyle saluted while responding with, "He volunteered to escort Princess Beathas, your majesty."

Saul nodded, then tilted his head while asking Kyle, "Did you get to sleep at all, this time, Mr. Scipio?"

Kyle's eyes widened. It was that, again. Times like this made him wish Aaron did not say anything about that nuclear meltdown to the King to begin with. Turning his head to the side while dropping his arm, his eyes turned to those of sadness as he replied with, "Not really. It's always that same dream."

"About your sister?"

Private Scipio nodded. "That damn meltdown destroyed the rest of my family back at my hometown, leaving only myself, Aaron, my sister, and a few other people to live on. Aaron is not related to me, mind you, but my sister, Adara, she meant everything to me. More than anything, I wanted her to grow up, find a guy that would respect her, and live peacefully and safely. The treatment for the resulting radioactive sickness that inflicted her was expensive, so I turned to gambling and other vices to try to pay for it." The tears finally began to come up, albeit slowly. "She died in the hospital before that could happen. Since then, I just wasn't the same; I tried to forget about it, but I couldn't." Brushing those tears away, he added, "But, you already know that from listening to Aaron. I don't really tell a ton of people."

Saul put a hand on Kyle's shoulder in comfort. "I doubt your sister would want you to dwell on the past so much."

Kyle nodded, then asked, "Where is the Queen?"

Saul laughed a little. "Knowing her, she probably went to the courtyard to check it out. I am betting Beathas will be there, as well."

"I'll head down there, then. I'll bet Aaron will be there, too, since he is escorting the Princess."


Zechariah listened to Beathas and smiled slightly, softly, as was customary. It must be rough for her, since she probably has a harder time letting the real her come out. shrugging at her own apology, he said, "Don't worry about it." Letting go, he added, "Well, I better get back to the patrol. I'll keep in touch, okay?"

Zechariah then turned around and walked on back towards Larry, who seemed to be confused by the whole thing. While walking beside him and continuing the patrol, Zech said to the corporal, "I supposed you are confused as to what went on." He sighed before continuing. "Well, Beathas and I met before, on an island off the coasts of Fertaininn. There was a solar technology convention going on at that island when she and I accidentally bumped into each other. I was having some R&R at the time, so I didn't have my uniform on, nor was I willing to admit that I was a Malachi or the Eagle of Mercy. It is known across the world, especially all over Benjlakk, that the Malachi family's family tradition is one of military valor and service. I'm kind of sick of being known by the family legacy, or my title, or even by my military background. I just... want to be treated like any other person. That is why I did not tell Beathas that I am a Malachi." Looking at Vance, he added, "I am kind of relieved that I was not the only one with a secret. Although, it is sad, as well. I mean, Beathas likely has to deal with some of the same things I do, albeit in a different form."


Aaron rolled his eyes at Zech, right before asking Beathas, "Well, your highness, would you like to see the courtyard? I hear Benjlakki landscaping is rather impressive."

Waiting for her approval, he escorted her to there, where he spotted Karen looking up at the mechs. Aaron simply waited by the door which led back into the hotel. Kyle came soon after and spooted all three, then looked up. It was surprising that Mysticara and Elvera had mechs to begin with.

Kyle glanced in Aaron's direction. "Why do Mysticara and Elvera even have mechs? Don't they have mainly Golems?"

Aaron shrugged. "Mostly. There is a minority in both nations that is not that great at spellcasting, however, so they need to accommodate that minority." Tilting his head sideways, Sergeant Lextu changed the subject. "You look like you haven't rested, at all, last night."

Kyle glared at Aaron. "You know I don't sleep well at night."

"The dream, right? You still feel are dealing with the loss of your sister, Adara, due to radioactive sickness caused by the nuclear meltdown in our hometown that was largely destroyed?"

Private Scipio nodded slowly before having his head downcast in sadness. "Yeah... I was so close to being able to pay for that life-saving treatment, but ended up watching her die, instead. My sweet little sister didn't deserve that fate."

Aaron nodded, then his angry persona came back all over again. "You'd think Parliament would look at that wake-up call! But, no, they insisted that progress dictated we keep going the route we are going. It's no wonder our average life expectancy back at Metargo is decreasing while that in Benjlakk and Mysticara is increasing. The Benjlakki and Mysticarans actually get it, as much as I hate to admit that! The cowards and the tree-huggers are really embarrassing us!"

Kyle glared again while speaking sarcastically, "Well, thanks a lot, Doc! That really helps!"


Benjamin nodded towards Catrina. "I'm okay, except..." He turned his head sideways in anger. "Those bastards took Lilira! On top of that, they had military training! We're going after them! Once we find them, we'll tell Zech! I'd like to avoid as much panic as possible!"

Just then, his comm disk rang, which he answered, since it was Kenny, a fellow Brown Wing. "What's the scenario, Kenny?"

"Corporal, I saw on Security Nano-Cameras the incident. There also appears to be similar happenings in other areas of the city. It seems two separate groups are doing this. One seems to have a more modern appearance than the other. Want me to inform Zechariah, or the President?"

"No, we don't know for sure who they are. Making a fuss without any further knowledge would only make things worse. Plus, it could endanger the people kidnapped. Send out the sentinel probes and have them assist Catrina and I with the search for their hideout spot, or spots, either way."

"yes, sir."

Hanging up before reloading his handgun and setting it to stun, this time, he told Catrina, "The sooner we get started, the better our chances of rescuing the captives."


Gracchus nodded to what Machara said about whatever will happen will happen. Listening further, he chuckled some. "Well, there is more to me than that. I do enjoy hunting and swimming. You know, physical stuff like that. Plus, I do like a great spellcasting face-off where we try to knock each other off balance. That is always fun, so long as nobody is seriously hurt."

With that, he proceeded to prepare mugs of coffee for everybody else that came. he did not want to leave anyone out. Of course, he realized this was not the time to discuss certain possible events to Sicari, yet, whom likely still hates her homeland of Caninisia. He will have to wait until it actually happens to let her know. The poor woman may have had enough on her mind as it was.

The setting changes from Benjlakk to Myrstrarkia


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#, as written by Rann
Everything, really, was pretty dull. It was hard to focus- the world kept on blinking in and out of color; half the time seeming all varying shades of grey, other times vibrant reds and purples sprang to life, even though she was in a dark dungeon, as far as she was concerned. Everything hurt. But, then again, sometimes she was granted with a blissful numb feeling thrughout her battered and broken body; where the only sensation there was was the blood dripping down, drop by drop.

How long had it been going on? Hours? Days? Maybe even years, just trapped in her spiraling fledgling mind. For a while, she had buried herself deep in happy memories of the days when she was with Ben, back in Southeast Fertannin; the days where they just played around and had fun together, even with the age difference. It was so natural how well they meshed together, how idyllic life was at the time. The only stress to have was education, or maybe how to beat this video game, or how to prank each other in silly ways- one of the best pranks Lilira had done was plaster his face to a busty curvaceous swimsuit model and plaster it all over the boys bathrooms- it might have been a little extreme, but the reaction was priceless. But that was also the last trick she could play on him, before he went and decided to play army and leave her alone in the dust.

So... possibly, but indirectly, could it be Ben's fault that she's in this current situation? If he never joined the army, and just stayed around, perhaps some tender and young feelings could have blossomed between them... perhaps things could have worked out for the best, in that regard. Maybe everything could have been as perfect as those past days were. It was too late anyways, wasn't it? And it's not worth being resentful for such an indirect attempt at blame- if Ben knew what was happening, he'd come save her in a heart beat, wouldn't he?

But that's not to say it was all bad. Of course not; if it wasn't for Ben enlisting, Lily would never have found what she was good at in life, after all. She'd have lived her life as a mundane person, never really being able to accomplish anything significant. Just another one of the masses. But although she's not as brilliant as her father, she's capable of holding her ground, isn't she? She can help out; do some good for Benjlakk, right? And make the people around of her proud...

A swift kick to the side woke her up- Lilira, in a pain-filled daze found herself free from that cross, and now simply chained to the wall, the cuffs heavy on her wrists and the links pressing down on her powerless body. There was one man this time, looking angry, but also looking more official than her other tormentors. More... civilized Less brutish? She couldn't really put a finger on it, but she didn't really have to, anyways. He was the one in charge.

"You've had enough rest, already." The Officer spat; saliva dribbling down the lacerated skin. Lilira shivered as she looked down and felt the sting of the lash-wounds; tender tissue exposed to biting air. It was time to try and figure out more about the enemy, Lilira thought. She tested the strength in her limbs and knew that she wouldn't be able to take much more torture. The aches in the back of her mind indicated that that too, was slowly degrading. She might very well go insane if this lasts too long.

"Considering Beathas's personality..." A harsh cough as the officer kicked her again, looking, if possible, angrier for using her name so casually. "Heh... well. You guys aren't doing this as an order, or anything, I bet."

Thoughts spun through her mind as she went over the options, eventually deciding on the most likely.

"Extremist Nationalists." She smirked as best as she could and scoffed at the Officer. "The most... brutish... of people, right?"

The pain of the next flurry of kicks were nothing compared to the sweet sense of victory in her mind. And, as it turned out, she figured out the man's weakness too. Now, perhaps, if she could figure things out, maybe manipulate him into releasing her-

Electricity charged through the chains coiled around her as the press of a button, and her body jumped up rigidly as the current surged through her; flesh burning at the rush of energy. Though she didn't have enough energy to scream, she would have. Her entire body seared and twitched as an aftermath, and she lay breathless as a hump of pain and agony, in that corner.

"Had enough, bitch?" The Officer screamed in her face, getting too close and too personal for her likes. "We got a smartass here, don't we? Well, let's see you smart ass about this!"

He pressed the button again. And the more her body jerked around from the shocks, the more he'd press it until she passed out from the pain a second time. This time it took a sharp kick to the crotch to get the girl to snap awake again, mewling and crying. From what the Officer could see; the girl had finally broken; glossed over eyes begging for mercy; for forgiveness. And she would receive none. The officer shocked her a few more times before restarting the interrogation, asking her everything that needed to be known about Benjlakk's weaponry and Mechas. And the girl was helpless, instantly giving him all the information he asked for. And just for sick sadistic pleasure, he asked her many more intimate... personal details, and she gave those as well. Her mind was putty in his hands now.

Good thing too, the Officer figured, looking at the bonesaw in the corner of the room. If she had held out any longer, he'd have to resort to cutting her limbs off one by one. He almost wished he could have. In any case, started preparing the tech implant to truly make her theirs.

In the deep recesses of Lilira Nonora, the tiniest part of her left there hoped that Ben would understand her treason.

The setting changes from Myrstrarkia to Benjlakk


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((Pardon the time skip in certain areas of the post. I want to get to the main action as soon as possible, with minimum stalling.))

Saul responded to May's question with, "I slept fine, thank you, May." Turning towards Scoar, he said, "Well, it should be close to time for us to head over to Diplomacy Square's Diplomacy Hall, so why don't we wait for your mother at the doors to the hotel?"


Little did Clarissa suspect that she would have other angels helping her, though since it was her assignment, she had to do most of the work. It just so happened one of the other angels, a young male, was in disguise as a human working as a librarian at the Justicra Library, known for its vast collection of documents, books, maps, and other forms of media from across Benjlakk and beyond. This fairly recent post the male angel in disguise was given (thanks to a job opening at the library) was quite handy for gaining knowledge on things fellow angels needed to know.

This angel, named Ezra, noticed Clarissa arrive, right on schedule. While still in disguise, he walked on over to the girl and asked, "May I help you with anything, miss?" Glancing over at the books she was scanning earlier, he grinned a little. "I see you are interested in what is going on beyond the borders of Benjlakk. Those happenings have been a hot topic, lately, especially the off-and-on fighting between Metargo and Mysticara. Let's see..." scanning the nearby shelves, he picked out two books, one on the history of Mysticara, the other a book on Metargo's history, prior to showing them to Clarissa. "Knowing a country's past is crucial in understanding why people from there fight, don't you agree?"

Ezra set those two books on a nearby table before pulling out two more. "This book with a light blue cover delves into Benjlakk's history, if that interests you at all, since you seem to be the curious type. One of the most recent events you will find in this one is the Invasion on Fertaninn that was conducted by Metargo a few years ago before it was repelled. An especially interesting topic on that particular event happens to be the confrontations between Metargo's Aaron Lextu, dubbed the Falcon of Fury, and our own Zechariah Malachi, commonly known as the Eagle of Mercy. The book on Metargo's history goes into detail on that invasion, as well, in case you would like a different perspective on what happened during that time."

Ezra continued to describe the books, knowing the information inside each would be crucial, yet not letting Clarissa know he was actually a fellow angel. "The brown-covered book here entails of a most peculiar find, located deep within the deserts of Omegara. from a distance, it appears to be some sort of temple with a ton of statues surrounding it, yet a closer look indicates the figures could actually be the supernaturally frozen bodies of warriors and soldiers from the dawn of human civilization, as the markings on the armor, shields, and flags suggest they could be some of the ancestors of the people that eventually founded Benjlakk and Metargo. The frozen figures are shown to be fighting each other, some, particularly the ones falling to the ground due to dying of strikes to critical areas or simply being knocked down in some way, are even floating in midair. To figures locked in blade combat, in particular, are so similar in appearance to Zechariah Malachi and Aaron Lextu, you have to wonder if the Malachi family and the Lextu family are descended from those two frozen men. Nobody has been able to get inside the temple itself, though. It's almost as if it is waiting for certain individuals to arrive there."


Kyle and Aaron turned their heads to look at the Queen. Listening to what Karen said, Kyle pointed his thumb at Aaron. "Sergeant's idea. I went along with it."

Aaron glared at Kyle. "You were headed towards the King earlier, right? Did he say anything about not escorting the Queen until it is time?"

"No, he didn't say anything."

Aaron face-palmed himself prior to stating, "You could have asked King Saul about it, you know."

Kyle glared back at Aaron, at this point. "Then, you'd be pissed at me for not following your orders, Aaron!"

"That's beside the point!"

Kyle rolled his eyes before turning his attention to the Queen. "Pardon us, your Majesty. This happens a lot."

Aaron nodded. "Yes, it does." Lextu's comm device rang, which he answered and received a message from Saul, basically telling him they needed to get going. "Looks like it's time to head over to the meeting in Diplomacy Hall, at the center of Diplomacy Square."

While Kyle escorted the Queen, Aaron waited by the door for Beathas. He was escorting her, after all. Since her presence was not all that necessary for the meeting, she did not have to go there. So, wherever Beathas wanted to go, Aaron would go with her to ensure she is safe and sound.


Agathe gave a simple wave towards Sicari, not knowing much else to do around her due to how the Caninisian conducts herself. At any rate, She considered the canine humanoid someone to look up to. She wanted to know more about the older woman's past, yet the Lieutenant always eluded from the topic, which caused Agathe to not press the matter since then.

Gracchus shrugged when Sicari refused the offer of coffee prior to answering with, "We have enough time to go over some files made on an elite mech team, as well as go over a couple files of other people whom we might come across, be it on or off the battlefield." Bringing out the papers from his compartment, he set them out on the table for everyone present to see. "All right, now, we have fought some fierce Metargo forces before, but should negotiations fail and we resume fighting, we are likely to come across Lion Team, the very best unit of mech pilots they can throw at us. When not protecting the royal court, they are known to wreak havoc on their opponents' lines, ranging from mech-to-mech combat, to mech-to-golem combat, and even when it comes to bringing down ships. Do not underestimate them."

Pointing towards the file for a snowy-blond-haired man in a grey leather uniform typical of Metargo military officers from the northern regions of the Kingdom's mainland, Gracchus continued. "Their leader, a sergeant by the name of Aaron Lextu, is a legendary soldier from a lineage renown for major achievements on the battlefield. He has downed more Benjlakki mechs in the Ninth Invasion on Fertaninn than any other Metargo mech pilot to date, his skilled matched only by that of Zechariah Malachi, a Benjlakki soldier from an equally prestigious military family, whom defeated Aaron more than once. His preferred weapons are rapid-fire beam rifles and double-bladed beam swords, favoring firepower and strength during combat. Be sure not to be hit by him when engaging. Otherwise, you will be in a tight spot from the start."

Bringing out a file, which was basically a compilation of old news articles and photos taken by the local media, Gracchus said, "Aaron's Benjlakki rival, Zechariah Malachi, was actually drafted, the first in his family lineage to ever join the Benjlakki military that way. He eventually built up his skills to where he can easily defeat his foes without killing them, thus earning the title 'Eagle of Mercy'. When not on duty, he has been spotted going to solar technology conventions within and near the region of Fertaninn, which suggests he has some sort of expertise on devices powered by solar energy."

Gracchus just got finished going through the rest of the files he had to when he heard footsteps in the distance, beyond the room. By the sounds, there were three people coming their way. He was at the door the moment the three stopped. The elf saluted by pounding his fist onto his chest. "Head Councilor Pericles, Chieftain Achilleas, it a pleasure to see you two in person." Glancing over at the third, younger man curiously, he asked, "And who might you be, sir?"

The 18-year-old Caninisian boy shrugged. "Willkarta Kirtiru. I help with developing technology here in Benjlakk, especially weapons."

Gracchus' curiosity now peaked. "Kirtiru is a Feliniri surname, isn't it? I guess that means you were adopted?"

Willkarta lowered his head. "Yes. All I can remember about my life before ending up in Felinir, though, is that my biological parents were of high rank in a clan or something like that." Glancing back forward, he added, "We were all on board a small vessel. I think it was called the Shorsu 4. Anyway, I heard what I guess was armed fighting on deck, and the next thing I knew, I was shoved in an escape sub that was set on autopilot for the Feliniri coast that was nearby at the time. The family that took me in is entirely Feliniri by blood. We all moved here, to Benjlakk, to avoid the fuss of politics between Felinir and Caninisia." Looking sideways while tilting his head in his puppy-like way, Willkarta took notice of a fellow Caninisian. "IS it just me, or do I remember that woman from somewhere?"

Gracchus raised an eyebrow. "Pardon?"

Willkarta turned around while scratching his head. "Nevermind. My memory is kind of hazy before Felinir, and I guess it all comes to a blur, sometimes. Anyway, shall we go to Diplomacy Hall, within Diplomacy Square?"


Over at Diplomacy Hall, once everyone was seated, President Howard Anderson began the conference by stating that order shall be kept at all times. Each individual shall be called to speak up when pointed to while raising their hand, along with other procedures and protocol. As expected, matters did turn a bit hostile, yet nothing that could not be calmed down. And , of course, the usual slander directed towards one another. Saul clutched his forehead out of stress. Meanwhile, Gracchus did something similar. Anderson himself showed signs of stress, as well, having to keep things orderly in the midst of such hostility threatening to make it chaotic. The President eventually opened the floor to the next person to raise their hand to speak.


It took a while, but Benjamin and Catrina finally found the hovercar, which was parked in front of an abandoned building. Ben took out one of the solar-powered scanning devices and used it on the building in question and the ones near it. What he found out was frightening: not only was that one building sheltering the men who took Lilira, but another one on the same street had people being held hostage, as well. It was just as Ken said: two groups of people, in different clothing, holding captives. Benjamin contacted Zechariah at once.


Zechariah was relieved that Larry was not one to focus on what the media says. It made things somewhat easier for him. At the final statement, he replied with, "Well, I guess I haven't been paying much attention to foreign happenings, since I was more concentrated on solar technology over the years." Further patrol of the hotel and the area around it was conducted before his comm disk beeped and he answered it. "What is it, Ben?" Benjamin's explanation made Zechariah go wide-eyed in shock. "Oh, no... This is a direct violation of our neutrality. Not to mention, a friend of ours is in trouble. This will not end well, either way." Hagning up, he turned sent a message to the rest of Brown Wing Team while saying to Larry, "Come on! We're going to rescue some civilians held hostage by two different groups of people!" Once he informed Brown Wing Team, he contacted Naval Headquarters with the emergency before sprinting off to the street where the hostages and kidnappers were.


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Saul smiled softly when Karen said he did remarkable back in the room. His smile disappeared at the mention of something being amiss that was bothering Benjlakk's president. Before he could say anything, though, his communication rod rang, prompting him to answer. It was Cain, whom talked about a battle going on in the outskirts of town, as well as a cat person who kept him from doing things as planned.

"A Feliniri, you mean? Well, that was to be expected, since so many Feliniri and Caninisians immigrate to Benjlakk from Felinir and Caninisia. Unlike us humans, whom require technology or genetic alteration for the same results most of the time, Feliniri and Caninisians naturally have uncanny senses that enable them to detect an individual from a distance of at least a mile and a half. Both non-human species are also deadly in combat due to higher stamina, speed, strength, and flexibility. The Ghost Project wanted to create super-soldiers that could match such feats in regards to combat, though the it was felt the higher sensitivity would be too much of a burden. I am not sure why this project you were in was initiated to begin with, though I do trust you, and that is enough for me. At any rate, concerning this battle, perhaps you can use the camera probes to record it? Have one stealthily capturing footage within each building you feel it is going on at. You have three total, so use them wisely."

After hanging up, Saul turned towards his wife. "There is certainly something afoot that we are unaware of."

Meanwhile, Agathe was taken aback by what Scoar asked. "What I would do if Mysticara was run by..." She turned her head sideways. "I... I believe we sort of have that in Marcus Pericles, the current Head Councilor. Then again, like the Prime Minister Of Metargo needs Parliament for things to be approved, the Federation Council keep the Head Councilor in check. I feel it is more than just what one person wants, it is the attitude reflected by the person's supporters. Knowing that, I can't really put all the blame on one individual or the other. While some things may not need approval, a great deal does. But, anyway, my personal reaction is what I express each day, which is a daily questioning of why we are fighting, to begin with. Everyday on the battlefield, more destruction I see. It's just as Gracchus said, we've also done our share of environmental harm, even if we did not intend it during those battles. There just seems to be no point, anymore. It's as if my volunteering into the Natrulkra Tribal Force in order to protect everyone in the tribe has turned into something else entirely."

Glancing back at to look at Scoar with a soft smile, albeit a forced one, she added, "Although, I can kind of understand why Marcus has that mentality. He's lived for about 200 years, and has seen more combat than any of us present put together. I guess all the chaotic things from that has made him more than a little bitter on the inside, if not simply emotionless, having to witness failure after failure to protect someone or something. I'm not sure how I'd feel after witnessing so much destruction and death over a long period of time. I'd hate to imagine how Gracchus would turn up in a similar scenario, since he's also an elf who will live for centuries longer than a human like us."


Suddenly, the radios and screens all over the District of Justicra fell silent for a moment and, even in Diplomacy Hall, this announcement was made by a man from the Benjlakki Republic Navy: "Attention District of Justicra: We received a report from the Eagle of Mercy, Sergeant Zechariah Malachi, that there is a hostage situation along the outskirts of town, first made aware by Corporal Benjamin Malachi within the Research Sector of town. All available and selected troops and security must respond to this crisis. Be alert: the kidnappers have been observed to have had military training. Proceed to Protocol 13. Repeat: Proceed to Protocol 13."

With that, alarms everywhere sounded, joined in by the storm of military feet and commands. The officials inside Diplomacy Hall were commanded by the soldier in charge of the building's security to gather everyone they came with and head back to their vessels to leave, and he was quite hostile in giving that command. Rifles were pointed at foreign bodyguards and other military personnel from different countries, not just in the building, but everywhere in the District of Justicra. Out of all the Benjlakki in town, only President Anderson remained calm. The other residents, specifically the civilians, were spouting words of rage at how their neutrality was violated from under their noses, demanding retribution. Some Metargo and Mysticaran soldiers skirmished with the local garrison out of anger while protesting their innocence, only to be shot down or arrested on the spot. All other foreign military personnel, be it involved in the ongoing war or not, cooperated and returned to their ships.

Aaron, with Beathas by his side on the royal shuttle, was downright ticked off by what just happened, which showed in the colorful language he used. Kyle simply punched a wall once on board. They had no idea what was going on aside from a hostage situation. Saul held Karen's hand to calm his nerves while giving a quick glance towards his daughter in pity, as this was supposed to be her time to relax from royal duties, a rare time, indeed.

Gracchus, however, remained calm while stepping onto one of the Golem ships with the rest of the Green Golem Riders, the Natrulkra Chieftain, the Chieftain's daughter, and, of course, Marcus Pericles. Agathe culd not help but frown in sadness that she and Scoar were treated in such a hostile manner once Protocol 13 was announced.


Once the former Ghost was gone, Brown Wing Team stormed into the abandoned building and was met with plasma fired, which was blocked thanks to an automatic Plasma Force Field. Zechariah took a careful examination of the ambushers' uniforms while the enemy ceased fire as quickly as they engaged to wait for the force field to turn off. "These are definitely Metargo soldiers, elite ones, too, by the markings and grey colors. They are likely extremists, though, since the Royal family often likes to fight fair and not involve other countries in their fights. That's all I know, though, aside from the fact that since Lilira was kidnapped, too, the enemy likely wanted information on our military technology. The Metargo Prime Minister may have had a hand in it, but we can't worry about that, now. The civilians are our priority. Kenny, scan the area for a route to the captives. Sarxas, once the force field is down, we need you to knock out any snipers and explosives users they may have on the higher-leveled locations. Ayoto, you launch the stun grenades where you can. Larry, you and your taskforce take cover and provide covering fire. Everyone else is with me: we're securing the stairs and ladders. Once that is done, all Brown Wings will form up and go upstairs to the floor we need to go once Kenny is finished scanning."

The results were in, and Kenny said, "The civilians are on the top floor." Almost immediately after that, the force field went down, signaling the start of the real battle.