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War of the Divine: Collective

War of the Divine: Collective


The Divine are in war with one another, pulling in fighters from space, realities, and even time. Who will be in the Collective this time?

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The Collective


In the first blink of the Multiverse, there was nothing but void, a swirling chaos of dark and light. Opposites were being mashed into each other in this primordial soup of the universe. Time and Space, Good and Evil, even Past and Future, all being mashed into this big swirl of chaos. All that existed was Dravan, the Divine of Chaos. Soon, a spark of Order came, and Gabraiel was born, along with the others known as Araei, Jediale, Pravet, Diomedas, and Florue. With that, each contributed to creating the Multiverse, having a realm in the middle of it all. The name of it was Relm, and it was the home of each of the Divine. Each ruled a piece of Relm, and lived in peace. But, each had different intentions. Soon, war broke out, but to keep the Multiverse safe, the battles were kept only in Relm. Soldiers and fighters were to be pulled out from time, worlds, even different realities. Every specified moment in time, a collection of fighters were to finally be taken to the Divine that they were chosen by. Now is the time, the Collective, as they call it. Who will be chosen this time? Who will get the advantage in these everlasting battles?

The Divine


Gabraiel is the Divine of Heroics. He was the first of any of his siblings, and the most pure of them all, appearing as an armored angel with a blue flag. He wishes to bring justice to the world and stop his dark brother Diomedas from ruling Relm much like Dravan did, as a world of complete darkness. Those chosen by him are usually heroes from any time and place, ranging from cavemen saving their family, to samurais protecting a village. Even war heroes that have battled against other worlds, or other countries. Most of his soldiers are purely human, but heroes come in many shapes and sizes. He rules the Land of Order, a place filled with civilizations and democratic cities. It even has many types of varied terrain, such as forests, lakes, and moutnains.


Araei is the Divine of Fantasy, and she is the second eldest of The Divine. She appears as an elf with a green and brown cloak, along with green pixie wings. She wishes to use magic to create peace, beauty, and a little mischief too. Her army consists of faeries, elves, dwarves, and other creatures that are only found in our story books and imaginations. She rules the Land of Magics, which is full of places that we only dream about in stories, such as magic lakes, enchanted forests, and dungeons holding dark monsters.


One of the most mysterious of the Divine. Jediale is the Divine of Sci-Fi, and it has no gender as it is made of pure knowledge and technology. It has no true appearance, and usually decides to live inside other robotics and computers. It wishes to study Relm deeper and evolve it to it's idea of the future. It's army consists of creatures from other planets, robots, androids, cyborgs and even agents of secret governments. It rules the Land of The Future, a place with technological utopias and dystopias, areas filled with the most alien terrain, and laboratories placed in alienated places, studying uncatalogued aliens known as "Xenos."


Pravet is the Divine of History. As he is the fourth of the siblings, he is actually the wisest for being so young. Pravet takes the form of a mysterious, yellow hooded figure. He has a huge interest in the past, and likes to pull in warriors from time. Most of them are neutral, but some like to lean towards an allegiance. Almost all the soldiers in his army are human, but some are creatures of folklore or humans with magical properties. He wishes to keep Relm steady and in place, to try and keep time flowing without chaos. He rules the Land of The Past, which consists of mostly deserts that bring memories or illusions. It also consists of areas and structures that resemble those found in history.


Diomedas is the most vile of his siblings, and the most deadliest, being the Divine of Evil. He is the most like Dravan as well, wishing to replace him and become king of a world of fire and destruction. Diomedas takes the form of a winged red demon with horns and eyes of fire. He takes warriors that are the opposite of Gabraiel's, villainous figures capable of the most evil actions. His army has many warriors ranging from the ferocious undead, to the killer robots of the future. Very few of his army are human, but some are human villains of history. He rules the Land of Doom, a place made of charred mountains, cursed cities, dark forests, and lakes of magma.


Florue is the youngest out of the Divine, and the most fierce. She appears as a woman who resembles those of the Amazon, strong warriors who are completely human. She also wears many markings of brown and orange paint, and a bra and loincloth made of leather and jewels from the strongest of beasts. She wishes only to hunt and tame the strongest of any creature. As the most neutral in the war, her army usually roam out in The Wild, a land ruled by Dravan. Her army consists of beasts and monsters, but also fierce tribal warriors and voodoo users from history and fantasy.


Dravan is even more vile then Diomedas, but he isn't on any allegiance. As a being of pure chaos, he is not part of the war and only likes to cause trouble when ever he can. Dravan is created by pure chaos, and does not have an exact form, shifting and morphing by the second. But he is mostly seen as a being made of shadow and blood. As he is not part of the war, he cannot pull in fighters, so he only takes those that decide not to fight in the war. Although, there is no true allegiance to him, and his army kills both their own and also others. Deciding to leave your army and go free is basically becoming one with Draven, as you must now roam his land known as the Wild. The Wild is a place that consists of almost anything, it is also the slate in which the other Divine can grow their borders. Battles usually take place here, and almost anything can happen.

Character Sheet

Appearance: (Replace with a photo, or a paragraph description)

Name: (Squads of heroes can have a squad name, or separate names for each member)

Gender: (Male, Female, or Both/None)

Race: (Can be made up, depending on the faction you choose)

Divine: (Which one were you chosen by? You can choose all but Draven.)

Equipment: (Any special armor, weapons, or tools?)

Powers: (Any powers of such?)

Personality: (How do they act? Habits, fears, behaviors, Etc.)

History: (Where did they come from before they were taken to Relm? Any events that molded them?)

Other: (Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories)

Toggle Rules

1. Be literate.

2. No one-liners. I'm pretty sure you can write three sentences or more.

3. Be respectful to your fellow roleplayers, and me.

4. 'The Usual' (No god modding, trolling, Etc.)

5. Characters are not limited. If you want some sort of angelic-amazon warrior serving for Florue, go for it. If you want ghosts 'n goblins for Diomedas, go ahead. The possibilities are endless.

6. You can control a SQUAD of heroes, but it may be a bit easier to keep them a bit simple, like three of the same race.

7. You can do whatever you want. You will start by being given a quest by the Divine that chose you, and then going about trying to either help or destroy. I will spice things up by posting in events, such as neutral beasts attacking you.

8. Have fun creating some cool settings you travel to! Just try to specify who owns it, unless it is part of The Wild, or is it part of any of the Divine's borders.

9. If you don't have any ideas of what to do, feel free to ask. I'm just gonna be a DM, controlling NPCs, Encounters, Adventures, and Quests.

10. Have some creativity and fun with this!

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Over 2000 years old, Mulevoc doesn't have a mind to lose.

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