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Arksen Mahara

"Bitter patience bears the sweeter fruit."

0 · 172 views · located in Nirkem

a character in “War of the Element Lords”, as played by Felidae




Name: Arksen Mahara

Race: Werlan; Squirrel Tribe

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Arksen is fairly short for a werlan, around six feet tall. His skin is dark tan from years spent traveling under the sun. From the physical demands of his nomadic lifestyle, he is well-muscled. His build is more compact than bulky, which is also quite unusual among his people. His dark brown hair falls down near his shoulders in thick, wavy locks. He keeps it out of his eyes by tying a strip of cloth around his head. He doesn't often shave, so his chin is usually covered in stubble. His face is very ordinary and would be hard to recognize in a crowd. Two metal bands clasp the helix of his right ear and his earlobe is pierced with a small silver hoop. He wears a small, copper medallion in the shape of an acorn around his neck on a leather cord.

As a squirrel, he looks like your typical gray squirrel.
Personality: Arksen is a very calm and sophisticated person. He rarely loses his cool. He is very quiet and usually speaks only when he deems it necessary. Often, he will sit back and simply observe his surroundings, pushing his senses to take in every bit of detail. Nature constantly amazes him with its wonders and it would not be surprising to catch him staring, open-mouthed at a brightly colored bird or oddly shaped tree. He enjoys the company of children and animals, but doesn't mind mingling with more mature characters. He doesn't like to hurry things, especially things that aren't meant to be hurried. Arksen also does not like to joke around, or rather, he is incapable of joking. All his previous attempts have boiled down to awkward silence, so he just doesn't try anymore.

Arksen has a patient and gentle approach towards life. To strangers, he comes across as polite, accepting and non-judgmental, though distant, and that impression doesn't change much once you get to know him. He will never insult anyone aloud, though if they deserve it, he will think it strongly in his mind. Many people outside of the werlan clans are surprised to learn he is of the Squirrel Tribe, for he does not resemble a squirrel in any way. In fact, Arksen himself doubted it until he turned into one for the first time. He normally only transforms into his other form when it has its practical uses, such as when he doesn't want to be noticed or if he needs to get into small spaces.

Perhaps the only thing that can break Arksen from his stoic nature is his fear of the dark. He HATES the dark. It drives him mad. In order to fall asleep at night, he must have a light source nearby. If there is no light, he will stay up all night in his squirrel form, huddled someplace inconspicuous. Just looking into a dark cave or hole of any sorts will set him on edge.

Fears: To go along with his fear of the dark, Arksen is terribly afraid of losing his sight. Even going to sleep is an arduous process, though if he can see light through his eyelids, it is not so difficult.

Likes: Nature, observing, children and animals, musing about trivial matters

Dislikes: Dark places, bitter foods, mindless bickering

ImageEquipment: Arksen prefers wearing loose-fitting clothing that doesn't restrict his movements. His feet are heavily calloused, so if the terrain isn't too rough, he will walk barefoot. He always wears a soft-leather vest that his mother made for him, though he wears it only out of respect. He actually finds it very aesthetically unappealing. He carries a staff about seven feet long that looks as if it's made out of wood, but it is actually twisted iron. His boots are tied to his staff by the laces in case he ever needs them. He has a pair of daggers, one strapped to each leg for easy access. He also carries a long hunting knife at his belt.

Magical Ability: In battle, Arksen uses a combination of hand-to-hand and staff combat along with earth magic. He moves the earth under his and his opponent's feet to give him the advantage on the battlefield. He is well-practiced in magic and he can contort his staff to suit his needs. When it's too dangerous to use a close-quarters fighting style, he'll only use magic to bend the ground.

History: Ever since he was young, Arksen has been the oddball of his tribe: he prefers to listen to conversations instead of join in, his height couldn't quite keep up with his age as he was growing up, and he couldn't transform until he was fourteen. The other kids whispered behind his back, but didn't actually bully him. And for good reason too, since his father is the Squirrel Tribe's chief. He grew up in the shadow of his father and older brother and never really stepped out of that shadow. Not that he minds much. After all, he was and still is his mother's favorite and that is all that matters to him. He even wears all the horrid clothes she makes him to show her his appreciation.

Arksen's fear of the dark arose from a horrible incident when he was very small. In the night, while the tribe was traveling to their winter grounds, a harsh storm separated him from the rest of the tribe. He hid in a cave, thinking he would safe there until the storm blew itself out. However, the entrance collapsed, trapping Arksen inside. He was there for nearly three weeks. He didn't have any food, but there was a small pond in the back of the cave, so he did have water. Due to starvation, he began hallucinating. Terrible visions tormented him in the pitch-black darkness. He was finally found by his brother, who followed shrill screams to a collapsed cave. Arksen never fully recovered from the trauma.

A few months ago, Arksen rescued a human while passing through Kipen. The human claimed he was running from a high-standing nadasami to whom he owed money. Arksen, feeling pity for the human, allowed him to secretly travel with the tribe across the border to Deonel. Along the way, the human, who eventually said his name was Rogan, told him rumors about the Paccomni and their risky plan to stop an all out war. At that time, Arksen merely viewed the rumors as just that: rumors. When Rogan left, Arksen believed that would be the last he would hear of the Paccomni.

Some time later, a Paccomni representative requested an audience with the Squirrel Chief. It was Rogan. He tried to convince the Squirrel Tribe to join the Paccomni. After much deliberation, Arksen's father decided that joining the Paccomni was best for the tribe, though he asked everyone to keep it secret, in fear of angering the tribes who were loyal to their Lord. Rogan explained the plan to bring the Lords to peace and asked for volunteers. Maviar, Arksen's older brother, immediately stepped forward. Of course, the chief strongly objected, as did Arksen and just about everyone else in the tribe. But Maviar was not to be deterred. He said he would set off the next morning.

That night, Arksen sneaked out of his tent and told Rogan he would go instead of Maviar. Not only did he not want his brother going off and getting himself killed, but he also wanted to be something other than the second son of the tribe chief. Before he could leave, Arksen's mother found him. She didn't try to stop him. Instead, she wished him luck and gave him an ugly vest for the journey. Without another words, Arksen and Rogan departed for the Paccomni's campgrounds.

Other: Arksen has a very bad sense of taste. He won't be able to tell the difference between high-quality cuisine and something made from oats and dirt. The only thing he can taste very well is bitterness and so he detests bitter foods. Other than that, he happily eats anything and shows great appreciation for every meal.

So begins...

Arksen Mahara's Story