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Kairalith Cron

"Oh calm down, I don't bite... My swords do. Heh."

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a character in “War of the Element Lords”, as played by TheodoraMina


Kairalith "Kaira" Cron





Kaira's most defining physical characteristic is her hair, which is hazel brown and is typically tied in a ponytail, with two extra tails that is partially snipped off to attach a hair accessory (a paintbrush-inspired white colored horse-tail). The front of her hair is snipped off at shoulder-level in such a way it looks like she has shoulder-length hair. In a way, the unusual hairstyle complements her face, helping make her seem a little younger than she already is.

Her general attire is typically a qi-pao inspired get-up, with the characteristic top design. However, rather than being a one-piece, the front-end of the skirt was made shorter, though the high slit is still retained. She pairs the top with pants of a matching design. Unlike in the picture though, the bottom of the back part of the top is not as big, nor does it have bell sleeves. Instead, Kaira opts for normal sleeves and coat tails (for lack of better way to address it) to accommodate her quicker, more fluid style of fighting.

Personality: (What is their demeanor? Do they have any oddities or quirks? Please refer to the species guidelines. Not every character has to or should be the exact same as the general rules for their species, for there are exceptions, but there shouldn't be an overlaod of such characters)

  • Insects and the like
  • Speaking to a large crowd
  • Dying

  • Spicy food
  • Sleeping
  • Chatting with friends

  • Insects
  • Pessimistic people
  • Walking long distances

Jade Bangles
While not exactly an 'equipment' per se, it is a heirloom from the Cron family that has been passed down to her through the generations. The jade that it was made from is of extremely high grade, with little to no impurities within. Very expensive, and very likely a favorite target for thieves. However, the bangles are rather tightly fitted to her wrists, so removing it requires an additional lubricant.

Dual Blades - Yin and Yang
Both blades look exactly the same, with only minor differences that helps to differentiate one from the other.

Yin is a lighter blade, and usually wielded in Kaira's weaker left hand. To accommodate her fighting style as well, Yin has blade edges that are much sharper than Yang. While Yang may be only cut halfway into a block of wood with a certain force, Yin would likely slice through it with no problems. With flesh, it would obviously be that much easier to cut (more elaboration about the relevance to her fighting style to follow).

Yang is a heavier blade, although still relatively light, wielded in her right hand. The main difference is the inclusion of a blade edge that is somewhat thicker, so that it can be used for parrying for longer periods without being nicked over the course of battle.

Fighting Style:
Kaira's style of fighting is more focused on dodging and continuously inflicting small wounds until the enemy collapses from the accumulation of these wounds. Despite being a right-hander, she has trained herself so that she is sufficiently skilled with her left hand - albeit still being naturally weaker despite the training. Generally, in normal battles, she will parry with her sword-wielding right hand (Yang), if not dodge the attack completely. Then, she would move in to inflict a smaller wound with Yin, and repeat this until her enemy collapses from blood loss.

In some cases, if the enemy is faster or stronger than she had expected, she may use both blades to parry and attack. While this offers more complexity to her attacks, it is also more tiring for her to manage, so she reserves this for enemies that requires it. She also has some basic magical ability that is meant for use in more desperate situations. Her magical affinity is with the element of Water, and so she can manipulate it to some extent, using it to create forceful torrents of water to knock enemies off balance.

Magical Ability:
Kaira's ability with water is generally limited to manipulation of water itself as she is not as focused on magic as her sword-play. However, in the worst case scenario in battle, she will merge magic into her fighting style. Based on how others has described her when she does this, she has called this fighting style "Rain Dancing".

When using this style, she exerts her control of the element so that she gathers water around her - this style much less taxing on her when it's raining. With all the water gathered around her, she uses it to block attacks as well, sometimes also using it to make the environment much more slippery for her enemies, or simply creating obstacles for her enemies (like a wall of water to absorb some of the force from the attack). The most useful part of this style is her ability to travel much more quickly in the presence of water. By exerting her magical force, she uses water to push her as she moves, so that she becomes faster in battle. This, combined with the high amount of water in the air which creates a mist which helps hide her as she moves, adding to her enemies' confusion.

A native of one of Deonel's warrior families, Kairalith was raised with the intention of following in the family's tradition. From the point she was able to participate in intensive physical activity, Kaira's warrior training began. Since then, she had been subjected to intense lessons on sword-play meant to beat the techniques into her head. On top of that, she had to take up lessons in magic, which was perhaps the most fun part of her curriculum, since her element of water was not a particularly destructive one (and also happens to be a convenient one whenever she gets thirsty).

Kaira is a skilled warrior, having taken part in some actual combat in the course of her family's mercenary work, but when the Paccomni was formed, she decided to take leave from her family's (boring) work to join them, and also their risky plan when they decided to execute it.

So begins...

Kairalith Cron's Story