Anaida Sashewna

Tree Spirit

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a character in “War of the five elements”, as played by Bani


CODE: Spirit

Name: Anaeda Sashewna

Age: Apparent: 16 Real: Around 7000 years.

Gender: Female

Position: Spirit of the Wood

Race: Wood Nymph

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 39 Kgs

Eyes color: Green

Hair color: Green

Description: The only set of clothes she has that won't be considered outlandish by urban people is her school uniform.

Personalities: Anaeda is usually a shy, nervous girl, scared of most strangers. But if something makes her angry, she sheds all reserve and goes all out against it. She's usually laidback and lazy, but once she gets motivated, its hard to stop her.
Once Anaeda gets into her Determined mode, she can be rather dictating and difficult to deal with, preferring to work alone rather than with a bunch of people. She hates being praised or in fact, judged in any manner whatsoever. She's also stubborn beyond measure while like this.

Special abilities: -Anaeda can commandeer vines to appear from nothing, but only if there's some kind of plant matter nearby.
-Call for help from other tree spirits but only if its a 'Living Tree', which are so hard -if not downright impossible - to find nowadays.
- She can also understand the language of birds and animals.
-Can morph into a variety of animals, including a Duck, a Cat and a Butterfly, the drawback being that she can only stay in this form for half a day at the most, and is utterly drained after the transformation back to her human form and needs a lot of rest.
Not a Special Ability, but worth mentioning is that she knows many herbs and trees with medicinal properties, and hence is a rather good Healer.

Life Skills: Anaeda is an excellent gardener, knowing most things about plants and such. She can also cook quite well, but only vegetarian dishes.

History: A Wood Nymph dies every time they reach the age of 20 in Nymph Years [ the process takes about 500 years in human terms], and are reborn with complete memory of their past lives. After her Goddess died, Anaeda decided to go through a Tree Spirit's constant cycles of death and rebirth, waiting for the time when the Gods would reincarnate. It was a tedious process, but in the meanwhile, she focused her attention on healing injured people. Some centuries later though the belief that there was a mysterious girl in the woods who would help them died out, before returning with a vengeance during the Witch Hunt. Anaeda was suspected to be a Witch and her home, the little Forest she used to live in, was burnt down. Anaeda escaped and traveled extensively, never staying in one place for long for fear that someone might notice how she didn't age normally. But no matter where she went, she always lived as a recluse, and hasn't really had much human interaction - not that she regrets it.



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