Chrome Lavii

Someday, I'll Tear Your Mask Off..Don't Blame Me If You Never Had A Face Underneath It.

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a character in “War of the five elements”, as played by Bani



Name: Chrome Lavii

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Position: Dark General

Race: Magical Creatures

Height: 177.5 cm

Weight: 62 Kg.

Eyes color(s): Heterochromatic. One eye red and the other Blue.

Hair color(s): Dark blue.

Description: Chrome usually dons a knee-length jacket over anything and everything he wears.

Personalities: Chrome is excessively intelligent for his age, known as a great strategist. He's a hard-worker and gets what he wants, no matter how hard he has to work for it or what prices he has to pay. He's loyal to his friends, and will even sacrifice himself for them. He always has a smile (or a smirk) and a witty remark no matter what the situation is.
But the Chrome in this life faced so many hardships that he has become cynical and his outlook towards people has been clouded with contempt and fury. He thinks that the world can only be purified through complete destruction and darkness.

Special abilities Chrome is an illusionist, but his illusions come with a heavy price. For every illusion, he loses a little of his own blood, getting physically weaker in the process.
He also has the ability of Six Paths of Life, represented in his red eye [But each of these six paths come with a severe handicap and cause his health to break down after using them, so they're rarely ever used.]
1st Path: The Realm of Hell (地獄道, Jigokudō), also known as the Naraka Path is represented by the kanji numeral "一" (one) and grants Chrome the power to create real illusions capable of manifesting in the physical/real world. This power is a form of reality-warping, but the illusion must be preconceived before the power is manifested the physical/real world.
2nd Path: The Realm of Hungry Ghosts (餓鬼道, Gakidō), also known as the Preta Path and represented by the kanji numeral "二" (two), grants Chrome the power to use the skills of others. Works only when Chrome is possessing that person's body, and results in near-fatal breakdowns of Chrome's real body.
3rd Path: The Realm of Beasts (畜生道, Chikushōdō), represented by the kanji numeral "三" (three), grants Chrome the power to summon and control deadly animals such as poisonous snakes or wild dogs. They take Chrome's own life force to manifest and maintain.
4th Path: The Realm of Demons (修羅道, Ashuradō), represented by the kanji numeral "四" (four), grants Chrome an increase of combat capabilities. When using this path, Mist Flames surround Chrome's right eye. But as a cost of these enhancements, Chrome's life force is used up more quickly than usual and there's a danger of him dying if he doesn't stop at the right time.
5th Path: The Realm of Humans (人間道, Ningendō), represented by the kanji numeral "五" (five), increases Chrome's battle aura, thus strengthening him. It is considered to be the most dangerous of the six realms, since under its influence, Chrome's soul can easily shatter. Chrome has never used this, and most probably never will.
6th Path: The Realm of Heavens (天道, Tendō) also known as the Deva Path, is represented by the kanji numeral "六" (six). Under this, he may possess anyone he scratches with his weapon (a trident). But if that body comes to any harm, his own body would have to suffer twice the damage. Also, if the body is pushed past a certain limit, Chrome might not be able to return to his own body and die with the possessed one.

Life Skills: Chrome is good singer, and a decent artist.

Weapon(s): A trident.

History: [I know this was supposed to only be the present life, but I'm just inserting an one-liner about his Past life here so his loyalties are clear)In the past, Chrome had originally been a follower of the Fire God and became a Dark General so he could protect him.
However, he was born to a miserable family in his present life. His father was an abusive drunk while his mother was after his Father's inheritance and, once that was secured, left them. When his father died, Chrome's mother - now happily living with a new family of her own- was contacted and she refused to acknowledge the 7-year-old Chrome's existence. As a result, the Chrome right now was brought up in an orphanage, where he was faced with more of the world's harshness. He managed to get a scholarship to a good school and now survives off his scholarship and part-time jobs.


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