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Yuri Fenêtre

-The General- "Don't worry, your death shall be quick and painless."

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a character in “War of the five elements”, as played by Arthurna



Name: Yuri Fenêtre

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Position: General

Race: half Ignis fatuus (or in another word she's half Will-o'-wisp)

Height: 150 cm or 4'11

Weight: "You're rude."

Eyes color(s):
normal : Yellow
in battle : Red

Hair color(s): Black

Description: Yuri wore eye-patch on the right eye and on her inner right thigh she had a birth mark shaped like a diamond. Her right eye instead of a pupil, a strange sigil replaced it. She never wore shoes. Her clothes...(see my character picture)
The picture of the sigil

Personalities: She was cold and mostly quiet. When she talked she was brutally frank. She rarely showed her expression and the easiest expression you could get from her was disgust. She liked to playing trick on people, confuse and bewilder them, luring them to hazardous places, and sometimes kill them slowly (or leave them alone if she's in a good mood). She preferred being left alone than with another person.

She had a high respect toward a hard working people but never showed it. If she must killed somebody (a person she's considering decent) she would do it quick and painless as an act of kindness (?).

Special abilities and Weapon(s): She could creating her own space (or dimension) and connect it to the real world. Every time Yuri used her power, a little part of 'Yuri Fenêtre' would be shred from her. It would be so painful as if you were skinned alive, sometimes it could more painful than that, it depend of the power she spent. In her eyes, the shredded part would look like blue glowing petals. She had a healing ability too but it was so weak it's almost useless in battle so she never used it.

Her weakness is physical attack. She could counter a magic attack pretty well but if it's physical attack then she was as good as dead (using your magic to throw a physical object at her will work too, just a little advice lol). Her stamina was too low so she was always avoiding physical activity. She got tired very easily.

weapon image...(see my character picture). Its name was Kusarigami (btw Kusari mean 'chain'...yeah I'm uncreative)

Life Skills: She could play piano

Theme Song:

History: Yuri never knew her parent face. As long as she could remember, her right eye always had strange sigil and it made people around her frightened so she used an eye patch to cover it. Her relatives avoided her as best as they could, it wasn’t like she had objection. She lived in a mansion with her late parent servants and never attend a school because she was home schooled. She was often bored of her live and wanted a change. By the age of nine she began seeing strange visions which made her aware of the existence of the past war but never fully understood its meaning.

“A lot of blood, crimson, blazing fire, red, red, red, red, red……………... It hurt.”



So begins...

Yuri Fenêtre's Story


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Character Portrait: Yuri Fenêtre
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General -Yuri Fenêtre -The Carnage Puppet

“Happy birthday, Miss Yuri. Times sure goes fast, without realizing it, you’re already twelve.”


“Did you know? Right before your mother giving birth to you she did some strange thing.”


“She said ‘I caught the LIGHT’ with unnatural grin on her expression.”


“Creepy, isn’t it? A few servants even believe you’re not a human. But the oblique, the point where illusion and reality slant and overlap”


“Ridiculous indeed. To me….your presence more like…”


“A Will o’ Wisp”

Yuri blinked. She was outside the school. She didn’t remember when she went outside or how she managed to move her legs despite the fatigue she felt but somehow she didn’t care. Looking around she saw the pineapple head guy killed somebody, with a trident, and then just left the body. She stared at the corpse. Her chains shot up from the corpse and dragged it to the darkness, only the blood remained.

A pain bloomed on in her sigil and she fell to her knee. Her short breath was uncontrollable but she refused to yield, even thought the conscious started to waning.

Until my soul scattered and my body rot…I would continue to fight.