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Heaven Inferno

"It's what I am. Evil and good at the same time."

0 · 181 views · located in Kirkcroft

a character in “War of the Heroes and Villains”, as played by DarkLancer


Name - Heaven Inferno

Secret Identity - Roger Bell

Age - 21

Power - Claws of Hellfire (he can make 2 claws come out of each hand, with hellfire.), Claws of Light (he can make 2 claws come out of each hand, made out of light.), Hellfire Blast (he can shoot hellfire from his hands.), & Blinding Light (he can shoot light from his hands.)

Appearance- (Normal form) Roger always wears a black suit, and always a red tie. (Heaven form) Heaven wears a blue hood attached to a cape, a white dove's head-like mask, a white, sleeveless shirt, blue pants, white gloves, and white metal boots. (Inferno form) Inferno wears a black, tattered hood attached to a cape, a red, horned demon mask, black pants, red sleeveless shirt, black metal boots, and black gloves.

Weapon- Hellfire Claws, and Light Claws.

Side- Rogue

Personality- One thing people know about him is, he is silent, quick, and dangerous. He once went on a killing spree, which makes him a high-class criminal, but he does that to protect the other humans from themselves.

History- Heaven Inferno was born during the great war between demons, and angels. But, when one from each race found love, they were married, and gave birth to a child of both races. Although, this child was the successor of all angels. But, he died after many years. His soul roams freely. After Roger Bell was baptized, Heaven Inferno's soul became one with Roger's soul. In Roger's 21st birthday, in his dream, he realized he was possessed, and went on a killing spree while sleeping. Then, he realized this spirit feeds on souls of the wicked, and stops at nothing, until the last bit of evil is destroyed. Then, he found Kirkcroft, a city of heroes and villains. He went there, and now, it wants to feed.

Theme song- Welcome to The Masquerade- Thousand Foot Krutch

So begins...

Heaven Inferno's Story