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Lennex Cucor

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a character in “War of the scattered thrones”, as played by TheVoiden


Full name Lennex Cucor
Faction Noveria
Short history: Lennex was born to a merchant family, between to unnamed parents, who died during his child hood. In their death, he absorbed an amazing amount of wealth from the two of them. Though he was only an adolescent at the time, he used this money to forge forward with business, construction, and various other things in his home city. He became popular with the people as he organized peasants into work groups, building public rest houses, improving the roads in the city, and much much more. His trade empire would eventually span all of Noveria, despite it's crippled economy due to a weak government and it's inactivity. His popularity grew, and when the king died without a heir, many shouted for him to take over. When it was obvious that he would be pushed into the position at the age of merely 21, he hired many tutors to train him in history, arts, and combat. At the age of 24, He had officially become king after a series of attacks on his life preventing his coronation.

height: 6'9"
weight 290 lb
eye color A brown-green hue.
defining marks: He has scars around his neck, chest, and back, from a few assassination attempts.

Sanity: He is very stable, and has become quite calm in the more dirty situations.
Disposition: He believes that what must be accomplished is the welfare for his people, and if war should come, then he will fight first with diplomacy, and then with troops.
morals: He is very forgiving for minor crime and simple, harmless lies. He is curtious towards women, but past experiences in busniess negotiations, where a few times women used her natural... "Gifts", to cheat him out of a deal, so he rather ignores a women when they try to woo him, which could explain why he has yet to marry anyone. He is very kind towards children, often going to visit orphanages just for the sake of it.

One of the biggest quirks he has is that he hates the term "Honor." To which he quotes "Is used to justify acts that would otherwise be seen as evil. There is no honor in single handedly wiping out an entire village because a 'few of them' were evil. Simple morals are better, and I will live by my morals, as others would live by their code of 'honor'." With that said, he could be described as an honorable person, but he relishes the term.

Tendencies: He tends to ignore women who try and take an interest in him, due to past experiences. It would take a true seductress to attract his attention, though he prefers affection over bed play. He is known to pace very often. He often travels with a small number of, though elite, guards, preferring to actually SEE the people he is talking to.

Weapons: He specilaises in either a sword or war hammer, usually carrying one of them on his person at all times.
pets: N/A
Armor: Casually, he has a very minor degree of leather around his chest and legs. In combat, he prefers heavy Iron armor, combined with a shield.
misc. He dresses very casually often, only taking formal wear when required or necessary.

Allies: If anything, almost all of the population of Noveria is at his disposal.

Enemies: Some corrupt lords and officials around the outskirts of Noveria.

Faction sheet
Name: Noveria

People: Humans, and the occasional non-Human. Noveria contains a very high population, and at this time is in the middle of a population boom as the economy flourishes.

Special troop: Golgota Grele: Heavy Calvary, they are trained since their adolescent years in swords, pole-arms, war axes, and war hammers. Each platoon takes their training of a specific weapon even further. One might have a better skill in war hammer, and the next will prefer their swords. These Calvary Platoons are trained to, in the first charge, inflict heavy losses on the enemy, pull back, then charge again. When deemed necessary, they are able to dismount and fight on foot. Beware, Golgota Grele with war hammers are especially dangerous to armored opponents, the blunt force of war hammers being able to break bones and cause internal bleeding should one not deflect the hammer right.

Strength: Noveria is in an economic, and population boom. With very well made roads that came with the current king's rise to power, any area that lacks something can quickly trade for it from somewhere else. Various gold, silver, iron, and other kinds of mine litter the nations landscape in clusters. Previously, these resources were secluded to their areas, but when the roads came, so did trade. The various public works in progress keeps the people not just happy, but elated and in full support of their king. Should war come, it is likely people would flock to serve their nation.

Weakness: While Noveria's economy is rapidly recovering, it still feels the effects of the difficult of before. Forts, castles, and improved natural defenses fell to deterioration. The army is still present, but at this present time, incapable of waging an offensive war. To add to that, the long decline in the economy from before has left Noveria short of the newest technologies. While they are being implemented, Noveria ability to rebuild it's defenses is severely mitigated because of this. Farther reaching fiefdoms are also still reeling from corruption, though the new kings ability to command and rebuild has drawn a few from their back room deals. Even then, some are content to run their lands into the ground in exchange for a short lived, lavish experience.

In short, Noveria at it's early time is incapable of waging an offensive war. As time progresses however, it's defenses will be solidified and it's army will grow as it's economy goes into full swing.

Motive for war: War is on the horizon, and people fear for their lives. The previous Monarch had a sour tune, and spread lies of the others factions, and made in private very insulting remarks about the others. Lennex prefers diplomacy, but the people call for action, and so it shall be.

History: In the past, Noveria was once a grand, yet trade dependent nation, relying on alliances with other factions in order to maintain it's own economy. History is scattered due to corruption and a recent depression, but what is known as fact is that at some point in their history, a new king took place and renovated both the nations own economy, and it's trade agreements with other factions. For a time, a grand peace was maintained, until this new king died, and the nation declined into a worse situation than before. Corruption ensured, as peasants became poorer and even the rich looked to their stores wondering if tomorrow if they will be empty.

Note: Any number of high standing positions in this faction can be applied for, so long as it makes sense and does not disrupt the natural flow of things. Be advised, that any lord/lady characters that run their land poorly will likely be replaced by the new king in some time. Openings in lower posting for military characters are open, and civilian life is open for any.

As information is made available, Noverias borders, cities, and productions will be more detailed.

For a rough estimate on military, it should be expected that every city and castle contain at least a minor garrison at the start of the roleplay. It should also be noted that Noveria will start with a number of, mostly defensive, armies which will Roughly consist of the follow:

Army 1: Border Army

3 Platoons of archers (90Per=270)
6 Platoons of peasant Spearmen (120Per=720)
3 Platoons of professional swordsmen (100Per=300)
2 Light Calvary (60Per=120)
1 Golgota Grele (50Per=50)

Army 2: Inland Army
4 Light Calvary (60Per=240)
2 Heavy Calvary (50Per=100)
1 Golgota Grele (50Per=50)
Sub-Total: 390

Army 3: Border Army
4 Platoons of peasant Spearmen (120Per=480)
2 Platoons of peasant swordsmen (100Per=200)
2 Platoons of archers (90Per=180)

Army 4: Elitist Guard. Note: This army contains the best equipped and trained of the military. The final draft may have an unusual amount of Golgota Grele. All Platoons in this army are named, and are specialized.
Death Runners(Golgota Grele): The death runners are famous for their strong moral and never ceasing attacking. They are the front line of every battle, charging forward into enemy platoons with their great war hammers. Their armor is stained with green, brown, and ash, so as to lie in wait in a forest at the edge of a clearing, waiting for an unsuspecting platoons to wander by. The Death Runners have their own academy for their platoon, and have a higher number of horsemen than normal platoons. (Population: 70)

Dark Knights(Golgota Grele): The Dark Knights are famous for both their full scale battle skills, and their raiding. They are marked by their black armor, suited to the night, and wear armor specifically meant to not only protect, but to insight fear into the enemy, cruel spikes on places where on normal horseman armor it would be a nub. They are one of the fewest Golgota Grele to carry different weapons into one battle, carrying swords and studded maces. They are famous for their night raids, often riding into enemy camps to kill as many as possible, then ride away at the first sign of resistance. The Dark knights have been known to cooperate with the Death Runners Platoon in these raids when they are in the same area, but only they are the ones to suggest such raids.

The Dark Knights are by far the most skilled warriors of the Golgota Grele, piling the term special on the term special. Admitance into this platoon requires the upmost skill in their favored weapons, and as such, their platoon size is smaller than the average unit. (Population: 35)

Shield Breakers(Royal Swordsmen): The Shield Breakers are higher level swordsmen who rely on one another in combat to keep the whole group alive. While they aren't as best equipped as the Dark Knights, nor do they have their training, but they are a well known Platoon who have an above average level in the sword than most ever. Even their skill however would not make them very noticeable in terms of a special unit, but, like the Dark knights, some of these swords men carry a second weapon into battle, usually a war hammer. For every ten men in this platoon, one of them has a war hammer as well as a sword in battle. As a consequence, these men can't handle the weight of bearing a shield, but men in this platoon are trained to stick close to one of these war hammer wielding swordsman when heavy resistance is encountered. Should the platoon meet a wall of shields, swords men tend to swarm around those with war hammers, lashing out at anyone who drops their guard, and using their shields to block weapons away from the hammerer. The hammerer, in turn, bashes at the shield wall, until the wall gives way, in which the swordsmen try to wedge themselves in. Thus, their name comes from one of their common tactics.

While this platoon has a higher average amount of skill in it, they are not rigorously trained like the Golgota Grele. On the minus side, this means they aren't as good as the horsemen, though they are above the average swordsman. On the plus side, it means a much wider range of canidants are available, and the platoon often swarms with swordsmen who have proven themselves in battle with other platoons, giving them a higher than average platoon size. (200)

Total: 305+860=1265+390=1655+1460=-->3110<--

Both number of soldiers in each platoon, number of platoons, and numbers of army are subject to change as the scale of actual armies are revealed.

So begins...

Lennex Cucor's Story


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Lennex peered at the top of the hill. The ruins of Carsikin were hard to see in the dark, but it was visible none the less. Lennex nodded to his subordinate bodyguards, and the rest of his group pressed onward. The Death Runners kept in their formation, forming the front of the proposition, with the shield breakers still at their side and back. The men treaded wearily, staring out into the darkness as they walked, or trotted in the case of the cavalry, across the road.

"We have almost arrived sire." Jacklin, Lennex's now favorite body guard, said. "Our trip of Diplomacy will take place here, within the ruins themselves." He said. Lennex merely nodded along. He stared behind them, where a large wagon, pulled by a trio of horses, held all of their supplies for this trip. "Don't worry my liege," Jacklin said, noticing his king's ire. "We have plenty for the trip back."

"Aye, aye." Lennex said, turning back around.

"Do you feel as if we are in any position to bargain?" Jacklin said, trying to turn his king's focus onto diplomacy.

It did indeed work. "Doubtful. Will have a perfectly capable army, but only in terms of defensive capability." He muttered. "I'm not going to be the most intimidating presence at the bargaining table, that's for sure. I wonder though... I be a thinking, that with the down spiral of our economy coming to a halt, we could offer goods for continued peace, but we will have to see. I fancy the idea of offering up our weapon and armor smiths goods in return for defense."

"Not that it's my place," Jacklin muttered. "But an officer, let alone a solider, in another's military, might dislike the idea of fighting another ones war."

"Better than both countries falling to shambles, both ruled by a tyrant."

The setting changes from carsikin to Ternidal


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The Death Runnners stopped as the ruins of Carsikin came into a complete view. The Platoons captain's head swiveled left and right, examining the road they were on, and then staring out into the darkness. There was a large amount of forest in the area, and the night made it all the harder to peer into any of it. The torches some of their men held didn't help with keeping them in cover. Alex, his name was, peered over to his assistant captain, Lane. The man, even adorned with the heavy armor that came with their unit, seemed like he would do better as a store clerk than an army man, slender was his figure, but he offered a good mind to speak with.

"I don't like it, were in open ground with this road, overgrown though it seems, waving torches around asking for a barrage of arrows, or to be flanked in forest ground." Alex said.

"We should have brought the Black Knights along, they could have advised us for night precautions." Lane said, looking at the captain, watching the bulky man wave a dismissive hand.

"Sangalla is a trouble spot, I still think the county shou-"

"Province, captain." Lane said, correcting him, and was rewarded with a glare from the captain, who wagged a finger at him.

"I don't need an education on political terms." He said. Red splotches covered his face, but they disappeared soon enough as the man breathed in. "In any event, the lord is making the people suffer, let alone the 'Economical Contribution' he makes."

There was a shout up from back. "What's the hold up?" Came a strong, Scottish accent, that was of the King.

"We are close, my liege. We were told to stop when we were close enough that any inhabitants could see us." Came Lanes reply, letting his Captain save his breath.

Back with the king, Lennex peered over at Jacklin. "Alright... Jacklin, get changed." He said, giving a nod to the wagon behind them.

"I don't get it, what's the point of this sir?" His bodyguard said, turning his horse towards the cart.

"To give them a false impression." Lennex said. "I'm a merchant by heart, and having a partner in crime always makes things confusing for the other."


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The abrupt question from the man makes the small circular orb quiver with a strange laughter for a few moments, only before stopping and looking dead back at him. "I am lady Viona.. Matron and Canonness to the Aydakeen.. or as the ill known call them, Black Brides." There is a moment of silence after that and several small noticeable motions in the eyes seating. As if its attention is associated somewhere else for the moment, before it snaps back to knowing where it is.

"A formal introduction cannot be... facilitated at this moment. The lord has me keeping a close "Eye" on the proceedings." The eye gives another novel twitch in its socket before it widens again with a resounding speech. "Ahh.. The Noverians have arrived.. as your other scouts will most doubtingly return with."

The eye winces for a small moment before speaking again. "The red haired one.. smells like strawberries.. Your men are so interesting.." It was easy to see now that being spoken too in this manner was as much a way of examining them, as it was for them to examine her. Now coming to the mans eyes was the realization that there was an area where the shadow actually rises from the ground and becomes like a liquid mass to support the floating eye. But were it not for the sharp moonlight above, noticing this would have been much harder.

* * * *

Having already received word of their arrival, Keizer has sent the Captain out to greet the Noverian's. As her armored form breaks the threshold of the ruins leading out towards the road, her body catches the shine of the moon. Her body is covered from head to toe in the tightly caste armor of a champion. Its dark obsidian color only lightly showing accents of red highlighted from the firing process used on it while in the forge. Were it not for the overly feminine chest plate it would most likely of been impossible to tell if she were female, aside from the dark grey strand of hair streaming out over the back of her crimson cloak.

She stops her slow march several meters from the men in lead, giving them ample time to respond.
Removing her sword slowly to plant it in the ground and then step past it another meter to stop again. It is easier to describe more qualities of her physique from there. She is well over six feet tall, a more then modest height for a woman, but not one of the northern mountains.

The captain raises an arm and beckons whoever is willing to approach over to her for the reason of making this go smoothly.

The setting changes from ternidal to Carsikin


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With the approach for an armored being, the Death runners would turn their attention to the figure. Alex kept a cold eye on the figure, studying it, as Lane rode back to get their king. His subordinates stared at it as intently as Alex did. Despite the intention of diplomacy, the platoon made it's none-verbal statement now that not one of them would tolerate anything sneaking, by the use of their eyes.

The staring of the platoon would continue on for a minute, before Lane rode back with the king and his body guard. Alex took a look at them, dismissing the armored woman to look upon his sworn king. He almost thought that one of the body guards was missing, Jacklin his name was, but then he spotted him on one of the horses, only he wasn't in full armor like the rest of them. No, he was dressed as a wealthy noble.

Heh, rich bastards Alex thought. One of the things he liked about Lennex is he dressed rather poorly often, usually only with a simple tan cloth shirt, with some rough brown leather pants. He was an honest sort of fellow who didn't really understand why he had to dress fancy. Clothes are clothes, he'd always say. No need to make my self different from the common man anyway. Right now he wore the same, though he also wore a dull color of emerald as a jacket, and some smooth, brown leather gloves. Compare that to Jacklin's... Disguise, Alex finally decided. A purple robe with a bright red undershirt, with some gold straps embedded into the cloth of the undershirt. The pants weren't really visible in the shirt, but Alex could guess it was some sort of brown, throw some gold and silver onto it, and you'd get the idea. With all this in mind, Alex had to hold back throwing a joke at Jacklin that he could dress as rich as he wants, Lennex still gets more leers from woman.

If only Lennex would return them...

Alex shook his head with a grin as Lennex rode past him.

"My name is Lennex Curor." Lennex said in a strong, scottish voice, in a tone that could demand the attention of the most mindless of creatures. At least to Alex's imagination. "I hold title of King to thee' Noverians. I come as an act of Diplomacy." He finished. His body guards formed behind him, each bearing their trained weapon. With seven of them in total, minus Jacklin who rode beside his king, he could see a variety of weapons, though they each at least had one sword on them.

Alex looked back at the Shield Breakers behind them. While not trained like his Calvary Platoon was, they were above most other swordsmen in training, and were already forming up to protect their rear and sides. No shouts for orders, or acknowledgements. The men were born able to read the situation, it seemed.

To bad this wasn't universal.

The setting changes from carsikin to Ternidal


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The eye sat there for a moment as if to contemplate what the man was asking, Viona was not well known among the new world and if she were he would not readily request such a thing. Its dull orb only lit by the tiny pin prick of light that shine from between its blinking motions, stayed fixed on the young man before she chose to speak. "I must ask my lord first." There was no draw at the end of her voice this time, as if it did not bother her in the least that she must defer to Keizer for permission. Strangely however the eye did not move, choosing only to stay and stare. But her sickly sweet voiced returned after that quick moment of silence and a tone of glee sat on her no visible lips. "This shall be permitted.. One moment.. please."

The eye quickly disappeared into the shadow like a fish diving quickly after catching a meal, but the puddle stayed, with its thin line of shadow connecting it back towards the ruins. This moment became long and heavy as the linking shadow bulged, forcing the small puddle to swell in size. Before long with was wider then a mans shoulders and stopped shortly after reaching that point

It was quiet now and the air became stale, like sticking ones head in a large jar that had been sealed for years, with silence to compare as well. Only then the silence was broken as the shadowed pool bulged upward, moving like an alien mixture of slime out towards its edge. The bulge parted and broke like a fetid embryo, allowing a form to emerge. First a head and then followed by shoulders under a slender neck. Viona was coming forth, pulling herself fourth from her perch in the heights of the Ruins to answer this mans call.

It was obvious that black was a color for her as that consisted of more then a majority of her outfit. A dark well concealing dress that fit her quit well, so tight in fact that it was hard to tell were she ended and the dress began. It had small laced straps that tied around her and bucked in the back. Allowing only her fingers and neck to be seen. That made her more alien as well; her hands bore a sixth digit as well as another knuckle for each to bend with. Her skin held a cool dark texture, like looking at a deep grey stone in the cool shade and it was unnaturally smooth, looking more like marble then regular stone.
Her head was completely covered by some strange mask that seemed to cover it entirely. No look of openings or transparency, noting the fact that such a piece to her garment completely blocked her sight. It had a black almost leathery face plate that had small stylized lines and circles etched upon its surface.

Save for the small rise of her chest it would be hard to tell if she were a woman, only to have her voice swing the decision towards the truth. She gave a lovely bow towards those before her as soon as the pool cleared her feet. She was revealed to be bare footed as well as she ducked her head and bowed, also revealing a long singular braided tale of hair that hit the center of her back. It was the darkest black she had on her body and sprouted from the back of her mask like a root from ground.

After the bow she shot her head straight up "Follow me if you please..." She gave a light laugh as she turned on her heel and began to move through the tall grass towards the ruins, holding her dress up to let the grass slide under it and moving at a slow leisurely pace. The tune of her humming now returning to the air.

* * * *

The Captain gave the Noverian King a turgid bow.
Though it was never her place to meet with any sort of king she did well enough, clasping one gauntlet under her chest and bowing slightly. She raised only to speak once again "And my Lord will greet you as such dear king. I have been sent to lead you to the center square and for your ease of mind, you may bring several of your men with you." She motions towards the group behind him as she steps back retaking her weapon, only to slide it onto her back from where it came.

"I am Cordelia, Champion and military adviser to his lordship Keizer." It was obvious that by her tone, one could tell she did not really want to be in this position. Only in her mind did she let slip that she was missing the hours of service with her brothers in arms until she was brought into higher command.

She gives another soft nod as she turns slowly and begins to move off, towards the ruins. Given the men more then ample time to follow. Only calling back for one moment. " The horses will be quite a hindrance beyond the outer wall.


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*Post has been edited, previous post was removed*
Lennex nodded, and he and his guard dismounted, following the woman through the path. Jacklin kept fumbling with his clothing, not used to the wear, and Lennex chuckled, politely given the circumstances. Lennex turned before fully departing from his convoy. "See to it that this road remains clear for us, and the other envoys." He shouted out, Alex giving a nod, turning to the troops and started to bark out orders.

"Champion... 'Cordelia'" Lennex said, going on the basis he heard earilyer. "Where might the negotiations be taking place, presumably if in this castle, if I may ask?"


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Viola lead the small group behind her, not looking back as they walked. She was not really all too concerned with what they may say or do, for it was not her place to do so. It was still evident in her walking that she enjoyed the feel of the cool grass on her toes, by the slight chuckle she would emit while striding through the tall foliage.

The walk was rather short despite the size of the remaining ruins, even with the whole of the city being mostly ruble in this day and age. It was very easy to make ones way around with little trouble and the only problem to be had were with bandits, or other highwaymen that used it as a hideout from time to time. Which the Legion had taken its time with in clearing, for they have no love for thieves or cowards.

Viola slowed her pace and stopped before a large stone block that marked the boundary to the inner garden. She only stared on and looked out into open space for the moment, before turning and gesturing past herself to the cloaked figures in her company. "This is where we part way.. I shall return to my post.. Farewell ambassador." With that her figure disappeared into the dark cool stone as easily as she first appeared and like that she was gone.

* * * *

Cordelia didn't look over her shoulder at the question being asked of her, being just as impersonal as before. "My master will be meeting all of you in the old gardens. Which is the only real remaining structure of the ruins these days." As the men walked behind her they could tell more detailed examples of the champions armor. It bore beveled pivots, as well as sections of armor that were made specific to cover normal blind spots in a knights usual dress. The armor itself looked almost as if it was meant to keep the whole world out and not just the rattles of war.

Being that Lennex and his men approached from the main road, they were able to used the singular causeway that lead into the cities center. Small pillars lined the side of the path and only broke stride when it was obvious that several of them were missing. This path lead them to a large archway that was surprisingly still standing after all this time and she crossed its threshold with them in tow.

Both groups arrived within mere seconds of each other, only with Lennex's presence coming after Mearkava and his own escort.

Ahead of the group was their destination; a massive square stone foundation that was to be the meeting point. It had a small set of stairs on the north, south, and the east, bust strangely not on the western side. This was the side that Keizer had seated himself and was drawing away on his pipe with a large piece of parchment in his hand.
The platform itself was well large enough to support more visitors then what had arrived. A testament to the number of supposed arrivals that could be expected. In the middle was a broken circular fixture; most likely the remains of a large fountain, but now it was just rubble like most of the rest. Most of the remaining stone was previously moved into a large semicircle.

This was to be the arranged seating it seemed and Keizer payed no real mind, as he was already enjoying the position of the broken pillar on which he sat. He looked up though as the groups began to hit the surround grass and numerous flowers that dotted the garden. "Ahh.. Welcome to the Novarian house and the line of Lyt'hart as well." He stood letting them see that he was unarmed and ready to accept them to diplomacy. Though being unarmed he was still not that easy to look upon without suspicion. Being larger then most of his own brethren; Keizer was normally spoken of a being the epitome of a warriors physical nature.

He sets the pipe and parchment down before continuing to address them. "You all may be at ease here, we have cleared the whole of the ruins and even now my men watch for any trouble." He motions with a finger over his shoulder and up to the wall of the garden. Three figures can be seen standing there on one of the patios. A champion and two others in hooded robes. Both holding torches to light their position; one dressed with red and the other in white.