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War of the scattered thrones



a part of War of the scattered thrones, by Oborosen.

Once a beautiful city belonging to the last tyrant king. Now all that remains is the central walls and the surrounding ruins, overgrown with what still lingers of the kings immaculate garden.

Oborosen holds sovereignty over Carsikin, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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One of the great holds that belong to the now nameless tyrant king, who retreated here in the final days of the great war. Eventually forced to leave as the city came under siege by coalition forces and fled further west.

The only real remaining structure is the inner block of the ruins and the surrounding hold for the garden. Which after all the long years has overgrown much of the sanctum. Large roots and sprigs of different plants riddle the area as well as countless game animals that ceaselessly dodge in and out of the ruins.
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Once a beautiful city belonging to the last tyrant king. Now all that remains is the central walls and the surrounding ruins, overgrown with what still lingers of the kings immaculate garden.


Carsikin is a part of Ternidal.


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Character Portrait: Keizer Shosolas
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The last of the seasons light was leaving the land of Ternidal as its winds drifted off past the sunset.

For years now the Carsikin stronghold has remained empty save for the skittering of animal life, but tonight there were new faces amongst the rising growth of the old garden. Keizer and his fellow legionnaires had made the long trek from their home of Agartha. Nearly a weeks ride away and now he sat alone on an overturned pillar as the others cleared the ruins.

Even though he sat alone Keizer kept his weapon close by his side, only listening to the wind as it passed along his ears and he awaited Viona's return. Soon as the thought crossed his mind the foliage began to part as the five champions that accompanied him walked into the clearing. They all wore the same armor save for the captain, who in her attire bore a crested helmet that marked her a higher station from the other four and the runic lashed across her back said the same as well. As they approached she dropped down to her knee and spoke. "Lord Keizer, we have secured the whole structure and our magi are set, they will watch for anything suspicious." Keizer nods for a moment. She had spoke of the five magi that accompanied the group, combining her champions with the rest formed all of the forces that Keizer brought on this mock lands meet.

"And lady Viona?"

Her helmet rises at the sound of her name for a moment and even the other champions seems to tense for a moment, as if they were unsettled by the thought that she might be in the same room as them. The captain did not have the moment to answer as an estranged voice crawls from the reaches of the shadows.
"Don't be so distraught little ones.. I will be watching as well my lord.. all you need is to say the word." Her voice was haunting for some reason and at moments one could feel that the words cut like knives in the cold air. This all makes Keizer smirk as he leans back on his seat for a moment and clasp his hands together. "Good, remember we are here diplomatically so no conflict is to happen unless someone else makes a move first. I would hate to disgrace the princess in this moment." He moves one hand to rub a small box that is latched to the side of his hip for a moment before returning to his soldiers. "Now return to your places and await my word." All of the them give a quick bow of the head and split off from the garden while the captain remains with Keizer, taking a stand behind him near the remaining pillars.


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Character Portrait: Lennex Cucor
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Lennex peered at the top of the hill. The ruins of Carsikin were hard to see in the dark, but it was visible none the less. Lennex nodded to his subordinate bodyguards, and the rest of his group pressed onward. The Death Runners kept in their formation, forming the front of the proposition, with the shield breakers still at their side and back. The men treaded wearily, staring out into the darkness as they walked, or trotted in the case of the cavalry, across the road.

"We have almost arrived sire." Jacklin, Lennex's now favorite body guard, said. "Our trip of Diplomacy will take place here, within the ruins themselves." He said. Lennex merely nodded along. He stared behind them, where a large wagon, pulled by a trio of horses, held all of their supplies for this trip. "Don't worry my liege," Jacklin said, noticing his king's ire. "We have plenty for the trip back."

"Aye, aye." Lennex said, turning back around.

"Do you feel as if we are in any position to bargain?" Jacklin said, trying to turn his king's focus onto diplomacy.

It did indeed work. "Doubtful. Will have a perfectly capable army, but only in terms of defensive capability." He muttered. "I'm not going to be the most intimidating presence at the bargaining table, that's for sure. I wonder though... I be a thinking, that with the down spiral of our economy coming to a halt, we could offer goods for continued peace, but we will have to see. I fancy the idea of offering up our weapon and armor smiths goods in return for defense."

"Not that it's my place," Jacklin muttered. "But an officer, let alone a solider, in another's military, might dislike the idea of fighting another ones war."

"Better than both countries falling to shambles, both ruled by a tyrant."


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Character Portrait: Lennex Cucor Character Portrait: Keizer Shosolas
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With the approach for an armored being, the Death runners would turn their attention to the figure. Alex kept a cold eye on the figure, studying it, as Lane rode back to get their king. His subordinates stared at it as intently as Alex did. Despite the intention of diplomacy, the platoon made it's none-verbal statement now that not one of them would tolerate anything sneaking, by the use of their eyes.

The staring of the platoon would continue on for a minute, before Lane rode back with the king and his body guard. Alex took a look at them, dismissing the armored woman to look upon his sworn king. He almost thought that one of the body guards was missing, Jacklin his name was, but then he spotted him on one of the horses, only he wasn't in full armor like the rest of them. No, he was dressed as a wealthy noble.

Heh, rich bastards Alex thought. One of the things he liked about Lennex is he dressed rather poorly often, usually only with a simple tan cloth shirt, with some rough brown leather pants. He was an honest sort of fellow who didn't really understand why he had to dress fancy. Clothes are clothes, he'd always say. No need to make my self different from the common man anyway. Right now he wore the same, though he also wore a dull color of emerald as a jacket, and some smooth, brown leather gloves. Compare that to Jacklin's... Disguise, Alex finally decided. A purple robe with a bright red undershirt, with some gold straps embedded into the cloth of the undershirt. The pants weren't really visible in the shirt, but Alex could guess it was some sort of brown, throw some gold and silver onto it, and you'd get the idea. With all this in mind, Alex had to hold back throwing a joke at Jacklin that he could dress as rich as he wants, Lennex still gets more leers from woman.

If only Lennex would return them...

Alex shook his head with a grin as Lennex rode past him.

"My name is Lennex Curor." Lennex said in a strong, scottish voice, in a tone that could demand the attention of the most mindless of creatures. At least to Alex's imagination. "I hold title of King to thee' Noverians. I come as an act of Diplomacy." He finished. His body guards formed behind him, each bearing their trained weapon. With seven of them in total, minus Jacklin who rode beside his king, he could see a variety of weapons, though they each at least had one sword on them.

Alex looked back at the Shield Breakers behind them. While not trained like his Calvary Platoon was, they were above most other swordsmen in training, and were already forming up to protect their rear and sides. No shouts for orders, or acknowledgements. The men were born able to read the situation, it seemed.

To bad this wasn't universal.