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Katilina The Summer Goddess

"The sand, the sun, the guys...It's summer baby!"

0 · 353 views · located in The Lands of the Gods and Goddesses

a character in “War of the Seasons”, as played by KayEyeEmm


God/Goddess of: Summer

Name: Katilina

Gender: Female

Age: She is a younger goddess, only about 2000-3000 years old.

Sexuality: Straight

Powers/Abilities: She can change her age appearance, so she can appear as a 3 year old girl or a 28 year old woman, although her favorite age is the appearance od a teenager

Weapon(s): Bow And Poison-Tipped Arrows (The Poison Only Injures Her Enemy Instead Of Killing Her)

Weapon Appearance(s): Image

Appearance: Image

Battle Appearance: Image

Alignment: Good

Personality: She is very flirtatious and bold. She doesn't like being pushed around, and can become highly unstable when told she is too young or too immature to help fight. She is slacking in the "think it through first" category, but she has a killer shot.

How do you feel about all this?: She isn't against war. War is change. Change is good. But she is against the war ripping her family apart. She believes the gods and goddesses should stick together. Her biggest fear is loving the ones she loves.

Theme Song: Boys In The Summer By Jessie James

Relationships: TBA

Crush/Romantic Relationships: TBA

RP Sample: Annabell finished up and called her friend Robert on the way out of the building.

"Hey babe."
"Um hey. Ready to go. Where you at?"
"I'm about 3 blocks away getting gas. Be there in a few."
"Thanks. I owe you one."

By the time she reached the front door, Robert was pulling up in his old Mustang. Annabell hopped in and hugged him. "Where to?" Robert asked. "Um let's try Rue 21, then Belk." Robert pulled out and headed to the store to help Bells find a dress for the dance. If no one asked her to be her date, she was gonna take him. He had to make sure his outfit matched. He chuckled and looked at her. "So anyone ask to escort you yet sweetie." He was always calling her cutsie names. She wondered if he had real feelings for her. They pulled up at Rue 21 and walked in, joking around like 5 year olds with a crush. They shuffled through dress after dress, searching for the perfect one. "It has to look...fancy schmancy." Bells said. ((i stole your words Grumpy-Converse lol))

"You look good in red. Brings out your hair. And black." Robert searched through alot of dresses. "Nothing here." Annabell looked up. "Here either. Let's go." They got in the car and headed to Belk. They walked in and went to the dresses. There, on the rack, was the perfect dress. A red strapless satin dress. "Oh my... Perfect."

Other: She has a tribal sun/moon tattoo on her bellybutton. Image

So begins...

Katilina The Summer Goddess's Story

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Katilina had finally risen from bed. She loved sleeping in. She stood up and walked to the window, looking out into the brightly lit world. The sky was clear of clouds, save a few scraggaly ones. "Perfect day. Just perfect." she said with a smile. Kat proceeded to get ready. She changed out of her pj's into a sundress. She placed her pj's in the hamper, brushed her hair and teeth, and slipped on some flip flops with thick soles. They made her roughly 3 inches taller. She stepped out into the mid morning air and took a deep breath. "Ahhhh." She bent down, picked a purple flower, and put it in her hair.