War Of The Seven Kingdoms

War Of The Seven Kingdoms


The world is about to be plunged into war as Seven Kingdoms stake their claims on a dead empire. Ambition is a driving force, but where will it drive this world?

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A Time Of War Is Upon Us...




For centuries, the Empire of Aultrelia dominated the lands of Mordiheim. They had more gold than any of the kingdoms, more food, more land, even more people. Their time under the sun was a long and prosperous one, and their influence could be felt across the world. They were hardly uncontested, but they were never beaten.

This was true until 5 years ago. Rumors of plague, demons, and massacres of thousands began to seep out of the borders of the Empire. The surrounding Kingdoms, terrified by what they heard, began to arm themselves, fortify their lands, and prepare for what was to come.

And nothing ever came. For 3 years they waited, living as though a dagger were hanging by a thread above their heads. When those 3 long years had passed, the Kingdoms sent out scouts to observe what laid in the old empire, and to report back what was found.

When they did return, they all reported the same thing; the Empire was empty. No matter where they looked, they could not find a single human in those lands. No peasants, no knights, no Emperor. No one. No signs of struggle appeared. No battlegrounds, no corpses. There were blood stains here and there, but nothing else to go off of.

Some of the buildings were broken and in disrepair, too, but it was difficult to determine if it was due to anything more than age.

Animals still roamed the lands, but they seemed to be much fewer than they should have been, both wild and domestic.

Plant life still thrived however, including grain, vegetables, and fruit, some of which was growing wild now.

In fact, the lands of Aultrelia were quite prosperous at this time. The animals would eventually return to normal numbers, the agricultural land was flourishing, and there was plenty of gold in the empire that had not yet been mined.

The decision was made before a discussion was even had. The Kingdom's of Mordiheim would march upon the dead empire and claim as much land as they could. The time to forge new empires was now, and not one ruler would pass it up.




The Story So Far...

The Seven Kingdoms of Mordiheim have all laid claim to the old lands of the empire, and so because of this have begun mustering up their armies, and hiring mercenary companies for the wars to come. These lands change everything for the Seven Kingdoms. The food, gold, and strategic value of the empire's lands could turn any of the kingdom's into a world power.

For the soldiers, knights and mercenaries this is an opportunity to rise to a new station in their lives. Wealth, land, even a noble title could be theirs to take. Perhaps they could take even more, if they were so ambitious...

Your Role...

You could be a King or a Queen. A prince or a pauper. A noble knight fighting for her Kingdom, or a foreign mercenary fighting for his gold. Perhaps you'll fight demons? Or maybe you'll summon them...

The choices you make are your's, but everyone else has a choice too. And the choices of those in power will inevitably lead you to be caught up in this war, whether you want that or not.

World Map
The map is currently a work in progress, but the continents and colored areas should remain the same

Here's the link: World Map
And here's the Spoilered version (May not show everything):
Spoiler: show

Character Sheet

A character sheet, for those interested in putting something together:

Spoiler: show
Race/Nationality/Species: (Talk to me if your character is a foreigner and/or isn't a human.)

Rank: (political, military, social, financial)

Occupation: (Job basically)

Factions: (Kingdoms, merc groups, etc. that your character is loyal to)

Religion/Philosophy: (Lack of religion, ie. Atheist or agnostic, is also accepted here.)
Political Ideals: (Optional. If your character supports one political group/idea or another, you can mention it here. Talk to me if you want to know a little about which sides you may want to choose.)


Skills: (The stuff you're good at.)


Powers: (Magic and what have you)

Picture: (Of your character)
Appearance Description: (For when a picture isn't enough)
Theme Song: (Also optional?)

Side note: There's a big chance I haven't yet finished this Intro yet, so if it looks incomplete, don't be too fazed, I will complete it later.

Toggle Rules

1. There is a lore that shall unfold, but I expect all of you to help unfold it. How the story moves forward will require you all to make unique and interesting decisions, but please keep those relatively realistic, and please speak with myself and others before trying to set a direction for aspects of the story.

2. Be respectful with each other. I don't have time for people to have needless and pointless feuds with each other, so treat each other like any rational person would.

3. Your character is not all powerful. Powerful, yes, but remember that powers often have limitations. Keep that in mind when writing characters.

4. With the above in mind, I retain the rights to obliterate your character if I feel they're stepping too much into some kind of "OP" territory. I will allow some OP abilities, but you need to talk to me about it first. Your character probably isn't going to be learning the secrets of the universe, so we're clear.

5. As per usual, both players get a chance to "react" in combat and other situations. If you both are uncertain how you want to roleplay the outcome of a scenario, dice can be included to help make decisions better.

6. Third person past tense. "He's walking down the hallway" doesn't sound as nice as "he walked down the hallway" or "he walks down the hallway". At this rate, I think this is just the common way most people write anyways.

7. Is STILL my favorite number.

8. Post on a semi-regular basis. I'm approaching these roleplays like I approach DND, so I DO NOT expect posts on a daily basis, however I DO expect you to try to post regularly, and also to make an effort to collaborate with others in finding days and times that work for many of us to get together and push aspects of the story forward. I will obviously make exceptions for life events (including midterms and finals), but do try to keep in touch with me and the group.

9. Have fun, and try not to get your character killed while doing it!

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Character Portrait: Aquarius Griffinfell
Aquarius Griffinfell

"I've always seen 'no' as a challenge rather than an answer."


Character Portrait: Aquarius Griffinfell
Aquarius Griffinfell

"I've always seen 'no' as a challenge rather than an answer."

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Character Portrait: Aquarius Griffinfell
Aquarius Griffinfell

"I've always seen 'no' as a challenge rather than an answer."

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