The galaxy is reeling as the two super forces, the Oberyn Empire and the galactic Consortium, leave behind a swath of misery in their paths. The seeds of revolution have been planted, now they must reap what they have sown.

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The Oberyn Empire: The Oberyn dynasty is probably the richest force in the galaxy, and they got that way through force. Theft, murder, and slavery is only the beginning for them. They conquer worlds, seat a puppet ruler, and “enlist” all the able men and women for “proper service”; which usually entails forcing the men to fight and women to be used as comfort workers. Despite the vast majority of the galaxy hating them, they have far too much power to be stopped by anyone other than the Consortium.

Emperor Delste Oberyn: Merciless and cruel, Delste rules his empire with the same iron fist as he leads his clan with. The Oberyn clan are natives of the defunct world of Thryne, laid to waste by pollution and centuries of war. When the native population of the planet deserted their homeworld, they set about settling new worlds. One of the first clans to gain a foothold in the galaxy was the Oberyn, who used their advanced technology and warriors to enslave the native population of the first world they found. So the Empire began, and on the backs of thousands of worlds and countless people they have grown nearly unstoppable. Delste is the quintessential maniacal evil emperor, complete with unchecked power and vanity. Despite the counsel of his advisers, he doesn’t see the Consortium or the Liberation as much more than a nuisance.

The Consortium: Rich, powerful, and out for the benefit of the corporations that run them. While not as aggressive as the Empire, the Consortium is none the less ruthless when it comes to making a profit. They come to rule planets through politics and not through force, and strip the planets of their resources in time. Planets under their rule see all the benefits going to the wealthy backers and the poor being crushed under foot.

The Triumvirate: Although the three change depending on wealth, death, and politics; the Triumvirate is the absolute control of the Consortium. Three unknown people make up the Triumvirate from the three organizations in power at the time, currently; the Henessan-Morey Shipyards, the Vision Incorporated mech and weapon manufacturers, and the Dura-drill mining corporation.

The Liberation of Occupied Worlds (L.O.W.): A few foreword thinking backers are all that keep this faction together. In a galaxy where everyone is out for themselves, the Liberation’s main focus and goal is creating a lasting peace and prosperity for all. Seeing the destruction the Consortium and Empire reap respectively, people from all walks of life flocked to the Liberation in order to prevent further mayhem. Most in the Liberation are people who have been directly impacted by either of the two groups.

Overseers: Their numbers and identities aren’t public knowledge, ensuring they remain alive long enough to perform their duties. They are responsible for coordinating the many scattered arms of the Liberation and hiring new blood to progress L.O.W.’s primary objective.

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