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Nuriel Veritas

Let them burn.

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a character in “Warhammer 40,000: Age of the Watchers”, as played by ValaunDae'Voth


Full name: Epistolary Nuriel Veritas of the Third Company of Imperial Knights, The Purifying Flame, The Pyroclasm

Birth Date: 399.41M

Age: 600


Height: - 7 feet 6 inches

Weight: - 65 stone

Eye Color: - Orange

Hair Color: - Black


Weapons: – Tigrus Pattern Bolter (Makes heavy use of Inferno rounds)
-A force sword known as Purge
-Various grenades

Combat Attire: – MVIII Errant Armor

Accessories: – Psychic Hood

Personal History/Background:
Nuriel was born on Holy Terra itself and was found as a suitable recruit for the Imperial Knights. During his his training and ascension, his psychic talent was noted by his future brothers and he was inducted into the Librarium.
His career for the next several decades is lackluster and of no particular note.

It wasn't until his participation in the Second War for Armageddon that he began to earn a name for himself.

He and his squad had been sent to meet with a company of Blood Angels as part of a diplomatic mission of sorts. During their time with them, the Blood Angels were called into the fighting and the squad Nuriel was attached to accompanied their brothers to face the Ork armies that had invaded the planet.
Nuriel, still a Codicier at the time, fought along with his battle-brothers and for the first time he found himself truly pushing the binds of his psychic gifts. He relished the opportunity as he felt his power well within him, and unleashed the Emperor's wrath upon the greenskins in brilliant displays of pyro-climactic fury.
Many of his brothers and allies were somewhat fearful of his aberrant power, as most often it was lightning and force shields that were employed by Astartes psykers, but Nuriel's gift manifested as the cleansing flame the Orks deserved.

Despite some of their misgivings, he fought as fiercely and loyally as any space marines present and proved himself time and again as an honorable, if ferocious combatant, and the cleansing flame he baptized their foes in proved all the more effective against the fungal physiology of the Ork.

Over the years he has proven his loyalty and combat effectiveness time and again, but he has been under some scrutiny due to his pyromaniacal tendencies and erratic fury in battle. This, more than anything is the likely reason he has not risen further in the ranks of the Librarium in some years.


So begins...

Nuriel Veritas's Story


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Nuriel Veritas was stalking through the ancient halls, admiring many of the tapestries, busts, statues, and the many other adornments that sang the long, proud song of the chapter's history. He always paid particularly close attention to those depicting the enemy being cleansed in holy fire.
A smile came to traditionally handsome, and surprisingly unscared face as he turned down another corridor,making his way towards the hallowed library. It had been several days since he had the time to perform his duties therein, having been busy with a multitude of other tediums in the meantime.

Nearing the heavily ornate doors that lead into the sacred series of rooms and halls, he extended his left hand, still feeling the difference in the three augmetic fingers that replaced some chopped off in a previous war, when he heard the sound of hurried footsteps closing in behind him.
Reflexively, the Librarian turned, hand drifting to a combat knife nearly as long as a normal man's arm, when he saw that it was only one of the chapter serfs hastily moving towards him.
The serf began to pant and looked up to the towering for of Nuriel and bowed respectfully.

"A...apologies my lord Nuriel, I have been sent to inform you there is a meeting of the council to be held soon.", the serf gasped between lungfuls of air.

Nuriel nodded in thanks and said nothing to the serf as he walked past him and made haste to the council chambers. The journey wouldn't take long, but Nuriel had no idea if the meeting had begun yet or not, and being praised and distrusted in equal measure throughout the chapter, he would not be known for being late as well, although his presence wasn't wholly necessary, he was still a part of the council due to his senior rank.

He arrived without incident, and made his way to his place near the captain of the Third, nodding respectfully in greeting at his battle brothers before quietly taking his seat and listening to the proceedings with a detached stoicism. He fidgeted slightly, his fingers drumming and moving in a strange rhythm as he listened to their Chapter Master introduce the inquisitors.
He decided almost instantly that he disliked the first to speak. The man was a deceiver, and was too comfortable in the lofty position he held over those gathered within the council chamber.

It wasn't until the mention of Orks that Nuriel took an interest, his eerie orange eyes all but glowing in bloodthirsty anticipation, his hands gripping the armrests of his chair at the thought of locking blades with the greenskins once more. He detested the Ork as much as any within the room, but they were also powerful warriors that pushed an Astartes to their limits at times, and the best way to exterminate an infestation was the bless them with the righteous flame of the Emperor's wrath.
His disappointment could have been felt as the inquisitor mentioned simple Exterminatus being sanctioned on the planet.
While his hearts pumped slightly faster at the thought of witnessing something as grand and beautiful as the death of a planet, why would such an obviously valuable planet be sterilized over a simple Ork invasion?

This caused warnings to echo through Nuriel's mind as he thought on it more. He had been a part of the Second War for Armageddon, and knew that a third had happened, but the planet had not been sterilized in spite of this.

As he mulled over his misgivings, the rest of the meeting went by in a blur, and before he knew it, they were adjourned.

As the gathered members filed out a clearing throat caught Nuriel's attention, and he turned and saw Inquisitor Kestus approaching him with that same sneer stamped upon his face, the finery he was dressed in only adding to his pompous arrogance.
The two appeared as polar opposite standing next to one another. Kestus much shorter than the Astartes facing him, dressed in fine clothes while Nuriels was merely in a tunic and towered more than head and shoulders over the man.

Kestus attempted a smile that only became more snide as he said, "A moment of your time Lord Nuriel."

Roughly three quarters of an hour, and a disturbing conversation with the inquisitor later, Nuriel strode into the hangar, where the rest of the assembled Astartes were boarding the shuttle bound for the Intention of Dawn. He was in full wargear, his titanic blade and holy bolter strapped to his back, a variety of grenades clung to his armor. The armor itself was terrifying to behold, the blue color, as was standard for librarians, was so dark it was nearly black, scrolls and scriptures of fury and damnation adorned the ancient ceramite and adamantium. It rumbled and growled, as if barely able to contain its hatred and that of its wearer. On either should was something similar to a sconce that periodically spewed forth flame, casting the armor's engravings of death and war into sharp relief. The grill on his helmet were two rows on finely pointed fangs that had obviously been forged with utmost care and matched the ridged dome perfectly along with the luminescent reddish-orange eye lenses.

Those burning eyes turned to Captain Garrius as he strode towards him. "Brother-Captain...", he said with a smart salute and a bow of respect towards Belarion, "Brother Chaplain, forgive my interruption... I realize that I was meant to remain here with the rest of the Third in your absence."
The last was true, being one of the highest ranked members of the Third Company, normally, unless selected for such a mission, he would remain and continue his normal duties.

"However...", he continued, pulling a scroll marked with the I of the Inquisition from he belt and offering it to his captain, "I have had an... Unsettling conversation with the inquisitor Kestus. He has used his position to coerce the Librarium to send one of us with you, he chose me personally."

It was clear to anyone that suddenly, something strange was in the works, but Nuriel offered nothing else as he handed the scroll to Captain Garrius and awaited his response.


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#, as written by claw
Striding like some figure out of legend into the docking bay, flanked by his black clad Battle Brothers, Garrius carried the air of one with a single purpose and the grim determination of one who would be prepared to do anything in service to his Emperor. He was glad to see Damon Cains Tactical squad lined up next to Castard Blackhammers Assualt squad, evidently waiting for his command before boarding the thunderhawks. A quick glance over to the second thunderhawk told him the Techmarine and his escort of servitors had arrived and were already loading up their equipment, the two Astartes gave a swift nod in greeting before Garrius arrived at his gathered squads, who snapped a salute in greetings.

Looking up and down at the gathered twenty Astartes he decided to give a quick briefing of their mission whilst they were still on stable territory.
"Honoured Brothers of the Third Company, we have been called into action once more. The Inquisition has ordered us to obtain information on a number of Chapters of Space Marines. This information is trapped on an Ork infested planet, and to make our mission just that much harder the Inquisition is putting the planet to the sword. If we fail to obtain our objective in time the entire world will burn and the Greenskins along with it. We shall not fail, the Emperor protects." The prayer was echoed by the gathered Marines. The sound of heavy footsteps drew his attention to the airlock, where the Master Chaplain was approaching from, clad in his mighty Terminator armour, he felt a pang of jealousy run through his gut at the sight- he had yet to be awarded the honour of being allowed to wear such venerable equipment himself and wholly looked forward to the day he was granted such a great honour. Nevertheless he gave a half bow in greeting to the arriving Chaplain.

"Greetings once again Brother-Captain, is the task force ready to depart?" Came the booming voice from inside the suit of hulking armour, it had lost most of its emotion and influxes over the vox system and was known to generally instill a sense of fear in the hearts of lesser men.
"Aye, Master Chaplain, all are gathered and are awaiting any further words from yourself before we depart." Suddenly at the end of his sentence his eyes were drawn to yet another arriving figure, this one clad in the blue of the Librarians, the personal modifications to the power armour could only mean it was the Thirds own Librarian approaching, but why would he be clad in his armour?
"Librarian Nuriel, what brings you here Brother? It is your duty to remain here to command the Company in mine and Brother Castards absence." Truth be told, he highly valued the Librarians presence, both on and off the field, yet lately the seeds of distrust had been set in him, the psyker had been growing ever more and more bloodthirsty and he was doubly grateful that Belarion was present to maintain an eye on the Librarian.
"Brother-Captain..." The Librarian paused to salute and bow respectively "Brother Chaplain, forgive my interruption... I realize that I was meant to remain here with the rest of the Third in your absence. However." He paused once more, this time to reveal a scroll he had been carrying and presented it to Garrius. "I have had an... Unsettling conversation with the inquisitor Kestus. He has used his position to coerce the Librarium to send one of us with you, he chose me personally."

Garrius all but snatched the scroll away, checking it over to ensure its validity, the red and gold I told him exactly what he feared, that the Inquisition was throwing some other factor into this mission, which did nothing to settle his growing dislike of them. Breaking the seal he quickly unraveled the scroll to read what it said:

To whomever it most concerns.

I, Inquisitor Cado Kestus, of His Most Holy Inquisition of the Ordo Astartes make this written decree that the Inquisitional ordained mission to the planet Zeta Prime will not be attended by the presence of myself or my most sanctified colleagues, recent pressing matters has drawn our attention to other more vital maters. In my absence I decree that Librarian Nuriel Veritas of the Third Company of the Imperial Knights Chapter of Adeptus Astartes is to act in my stead, with the full authority of the Inquistion and is additionally to report back the findings and proceedings on the tasks force and its mission.

A surge of anger came over Garrius swiftly, he desperatly wanted to throw to scroll across the room, but knew better than to simply ignore, or even worse refuse, an Inquisitors decree.
"Bastard Inquisitor." He spat. "Not only is the Third now leaderless until he complete this task, he commands Librarian Nuriel to act as his representative or in better words, he commands Nuriel to tell him everything about this mission without putting himself in harm."


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Belarion noticed the approaching figure of the Third Company Librarian, Nuriel Veritas, as Captain Garrius spoke. A furrow creased the High Chaplain's brow as he examined the Astartes, reflecting on the increasingly erratic and violent behavior of the Space Marine psyker. He knew, better than most, the dangers of blood lust and the consequences that such base desires could bring. Unconsciously did a hand rise to his chest for the second time this day; even through the layer upon layer of protective plating feeling the malice misery of the artifact hanging upon his breast, a shard of the axe of Arach'mthon. This one would need watching, for the psyker was a dangerous creature even in the form of an Astartes. Especially as an Astartes.

Affording Nuriel a curt nod, he looked on impassively as the Librarian brought forth a scroll bearing the seal of the Inquisition. Such actions did not surprise him, not after nearly nine hundred years of life and numerous dealings with the agents of the manipulative organization. He himself had often suffered frustration at the hands of Inquisitors, slightly peeved at the fact that humans could wield such influence in the face of the Adeptus Astartes. A small fragment of himself, however, still remembered his time as a normal human, if only through shrouds of fog and misremembered recollection.

"Let this matter not plague your thoughts so, Brother-Captain Garrius. That the Inquisition would plant eyes and ears in our force was unavoidable and as such not worthy of grief. Instead, we know who shall be reporting and to whom. Without direct oversight by Inquisitorial operatives themselves, it is left to Librarian Veritas to decide what is important to disclose. It is my hope that you would be willing to take the consideration of your brothers as to what information should be delivered, Brother. Any offence at your situation is unintended, I simply speak of ways with which we can maintain leverage."

Concern and watchfulness had been his reaction to Veritas, yet to Sebastian Liphardus it was a slight pursing of the mouth and narrowing of the eyes. Highly distinguished and adept in most all areas of Astartes warfare, one could find Sebastian's discipline lacking, especially in the face of higher authority. Belarion had once harbored such an inhibition, the trait beaten out of him through training and experience.

"Your support is appreciated, Brother Sebastian, yet whether or not this command is a trick of the Inquisition's is rather irrelevant to the procedure of the task with which we are charged. The Inquisition may gain something, they may not, but with the blessing of the Emperor we will gain much more: an origin. And it is your self-proclaimed skills that will further our success when the Orks present resistance." Taking a step back, Belarion turned his gaze to Garius. "When you are finished, Brother Captain, I would address the Astartes you have assembled."


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Castard soon saw more battle brothers enter the hanger, one of them seemed be be a devastator class and the other was a librarian. He had only heard of librarians before, and he knew they possessed powerful psychic power and were feared by both freind and foe alike. But he didint fear them, he knew not to fear the psyker.

There was something that bothered him though, why was there a librarian assigned to their squad? He couldent hear their conversation but saw that Brother-Captain Garrius was clearly angered. He turned to face his squad to see if they were prepared for their mission. "Brothers, are you all prepared for this mission?" He asked and they all nodded. To be certain he examined each and every one of them, they had their chainswords, their jumppacks were in top condition, and they were all also armed with a krak grenade in case of high priority targets such as artillery and tanks.

With his inspection complete, Castard stood back at attention and began to wait for further orders from the Brother-Captain.


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It took several moments for the tension between all of the marines to simmer to a halt and for them to spread their own ways. Sebastian was ready for the mission, after having spent a few months with nothing to curb his need to fight. It was obvious that he was clamoring for battle against the Ork's more so then most. After his last trip out with the Deathwatch, he was eager to begin again on purging the foulest of the green skins from the universe.

On his own thoughts of Nuriel, Sebastian could care less.
Nuriel was younger and as far as he was concerned, less experienced in the true ways of the Imperium and the universe at large. Though it was not for Sebastian to decide any case on the subject, he had better things to occupy himself with in the meantime. He donned his helmet and readdressed his captain before giving his leave.

"I will help make preparations for the mission and also to adjust our compliment to fit our prey. He quickly stepped away and headed back into the main floor of the hanger, making his path towards the transport.