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Sebastian Liphardus

Let my rounds hail and issue the coming of the emperors might.

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a character in “Warhammer 40,000: Age of the Watchers”, as played by Oborosen


~Sebastian Liphardus~

Rank: Devastator Marine, 3rd Company of the Imperial Knights. (Alias) Emperors Hammer, The Molten Fist, The Storms Gift.
Age: 763.
Height: 8'2"in
Weight: 79"stone

Eye-color: Hazel
Hair-color: Coal



-Mark VIII power armor-
-Bolt Pistol-
-Chain Sword-
-Melta Bombs

range combat
-Heavy weapons access-
Heavy bolter
Heavy flamer

History/Personal File:
In the last few centuries, Sebastian has distinguished himself among the Imperial Knights as one of their premiere weapons specialist. Having been seconded to the Deathwatch on two separate occasions and returning with their full compliments. Though this is the same reason for his lack of rank within the Imperial Knights, because his lack of respect for authority and distrust of other Imperial chapters that mark him so. Were it not for his outstanding service in the fight against the traitor legions and his service with the Deathwatch, it would be safe to say that his rank would never extend beyond the tactica.

However due to his skills and drive to serve the Emperor in the unification of the Sol system, including it outlying territories. Sebastian has faced off against the worst forces the universe has mustered against him and come out on top, in most cases being the sole reason that his squad has survive.

His skills and knowledge of xeno weaponry and tactics, have seen him face down hordes of Orks on the surface of Armageddon. Where he was able to almost single handily take down an Ork Gargant, luring it through a narrow pass and punching a hole through its armor as it remained immobilized from the tight confines. Then proceeded to "Cleanse" the interior with a modified hell hounds turret, in place of a heavy flamer. Sebastian has seen more deployments on Cadia then many of his own battle brothers and has played instrumental roles in holding the line countless times. there. Most notably, holding out against a heretic controlled Baneblade as it advanced on the front lines. Holding its attention as the demo squads lined its path with satchel charges, heavily damaging the vehicle and trapping it in the resulting pit. Where he then jumped upon its hull and placed a Melta shot directly into the command hatch.

Though Sebastian has served in every position available to an Astartes, he always finds his path coming back to that of a devastator. This choice and skill has given him one of the highest kill counts among his chapter, most notably on Catachan. Where he was sent with his squad to assist in the removal of entrenched heretic forces that had grown in number exponentially in the last year. What they came to find was instead a massive genestealer cult that had just finished its final change and heralded in a sizable Tyranid incursion. Sebastian held the line for nearly six weeks as imperial forces did their best to hold against the swarm and only when the last of the guardsmen had retreated, then their command could drop a series of hell-storm strikes on the forest below.

Sebastian is a marine who does best when placed in a close knit squad of soldiers, able to bond and easily fight with those that he sees as equals and comrades in arms. This is one reason why he has been chosen on more occasions to assist in Imperial Guard operations over the years, because he sees them more as battle brothers, then normal guardsmen. This works in both ways as well, because the Guardsmen tend to fight harder and more resolved when he is there in their midst. Treating them as he does and they basking on the small adoration that all Guardsmen see for Asatartes, reflected back onto them.

This puts Sebastian at odds with the command structure however, as he is never truly trusting of an individual who sends thousands to their deaths every day and generally stands as far from the front as they can. It is for this reason that many times he receives orders directly from his captain and in most cases, is allowed to operate with a certain degree of autonomy in his duties.

So begins...

Sebastian Liphardus's Story


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The whole of the docking bay had been alight with work for the past few hours as every servator, neophite and techmarine, were holding to their duties in the need to prepare for the coming mission. Sebastian himself had spent the last day within the hold, forgoing rest and leisure in the pursuit to assist the the techmarine's in the maintenance of the chapters heavy weapons. Even going so far as to get into small spats about calibration adjustments and even managed to get a few small issues settled with several melta canisters, that had been stored recently.

The last of the bolter rounds is loaded into cargo for transport and moved off by several serators as he catches the sight of Garrius marching through the hold with his guard in tow. Sebastian comes to quarters with the others of his chapter as they are called and he attends to hear Garrius speak his words, informing those in company of what was going to transpire and he bids farewell to his brothers as they take the remaining weapons for storage aboard the transports. Holding his helmet underarm, he gives chase for Garrius as he saunters off the platform with a few figures in his wake. By the time Sebastian gains sight of him again, he seems to be at a loss for words at how the revered Brother-Captain is. Through the last few centuries, the two of them had seen very little of one another. What with Sebastian's time among the watch and Garrius's penchant for being far into the front lines.

The two knew one another well enough in name alone, but Sebastian could tell that the look on his face meant he was dissatisfied with how the events were turning out.

He approaches calmly as he greets his two brothers.
"High Chaplain, Brother-Captain." He faces the two of them making his greeting simple as possible, to expedite the meeting. "Am I to take it that this comes directly from the Inquisition?"
Nothing bodes well when they take a direct interest in the affairs and to help ensure this is not some trick, I offer my assistance."
Sebastian looks out over the hold and gestures, towards the center most stormraven and he mentions. "You would be hard pressed to find one as learned of the Ork filth as I and I would rather relish the act of purging them from the sight of the Emperors domain and besides. A month in sterilization, doesn't bother me as much as it does most."

Though he stands resolute, it can be seen that this whole event does not sit well with him either. As his armored hand tightens on the edge of his helmet and a knowing cut forms on his brow. It is apparent that he is rather eager to do his part, for the benefit of the chapter.


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Belarion noticed the approaching figure of the Third Company Librarian, Nuriel Veritas, as Captain Garrius spoke. A furrow creased the High Chaplain's brow as he examined the Astartes, reflecting on the increasingly erratic and violent behavior of the Space Marine psyker. He knew, better than most, the dangers of blood lust and the consequences that such base desires could bring. Unconsciously did a hand rise to his chest for the second time this day; even through the layer upon layer of protective plating feeling the malice misery of the artifact hanging upon his breast, a shard of the axe of Arach'mthon. This one would need watching, for the psyker was a dangerous creature even in the form of an Astartes. Especially as an Astartes.

Affording Nuriel a curt nod, he looked on impassively as the Librarian brought forth a scroll bearing the seal of the Inquisition. Such actions did not surprise him, not after nearly nine hundred years of life and numerous dealings with the agents of the manipulative organization. He himself had often suffered frustration at the hands of Inquisitors, slightly peeved at the fact that humans could wield such influence in the face of the Adeptus Astartes. A small fragment of himself, however, still remembered his time as a normal human, if only through shrouds of fog and misremembered recollection.

"Let this matter not plague your thoughts so, Brother-Captain Garrius. That the Inquisition would plant eyes and ears in our force was unavoidable and as such not worthy of grief. Instead, we know who shall be reporting and to whom. Without direct oversight by Inquisitorial operatives themselves, it is left to Librarian Veritas to decide what is important to disclose. It is my hope that you would be willing to take the consideration of your brothers as to what information should be delivered, Brother. Any offence at your situation is unintended, I simply speak of ways with which we can maintain leverage."

Concern and watchfulness had been his reaction to Veritas, yet to Sebastian Liphardus it was a slight pursing of the mouth and narrowing of the eyes. Highly distinguished and adept in most all areas of Astartes warfare, one could find Sebastian's discipline lacking, especially in the face of higher authority. Belarion had once harbored such an inhibition, the trait beaten out of him through training and experience.

"Your support is appreciated, Brother Sebastian, yet whether or not this command is a trick of the Inquisition's is rather irrelevant to the procedure of the task with which we are charged. The Inquisition may gain something, they may not, but with the blessing of the Emperor we will gain much more: an origin. And it is your self-proclaimed skills that will further our success when the Orks present resistance." Taking a step back, Belarion turned his gaze to Garius. "When you are finished, Brother Captain, I would address the Astartes you have assembled."


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Castard soon saw more battle brothers enter the hanger, one of them seemed be be a devastator class and the other was a librarian. He had only heard of librarians before, and he knew they possessed powerful psychic power and were feared by both freind and foe alike. But he didint fear them, he knew not to fear the psyker.

There was something that bothered him though, why was there a librarian assigned to their squad? He couldent hear their conversation but saw that Brother-Captain Garrius was clearly angered. He turned to face his squad to see if they were prepared for their mission. "Brothers, are you all prepared for this mission?" He asked and they all nodded. To be certain he examined each and every one of them, they had their chainswords, their jumppacks were in top condition, and they were all also armed with a krak grenade in case of high priority targets such as artillery and tanks.

With his inspection complete, Castard stood back at attention and began to wait for further orders from the Brother-Captain.


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It took several moments for the tension between all of the marines to simmer to a halt and for them to spread their own ways. Sebastian was ready for the mission, after having spent a few months with nothing to curb his need to fight. It was obvious that he was clamoring for battle against the Ork's more so then most. After his last trip out with the Deathwatch, he was eager to begin again on purging the foulest of the green skins from the universe.

On his own thoughts of Nuriel, Sebastian could care less.
Nuriel was younger and as far as he was concerned, less experienced in the true ways of the Imperium and the universe at large. Though it was not for Sebastian to decide any case on the subject, he had better things to occupy himself with in the meantime. He donned his helmet and readdressed his captain before giving his leave.

"I will help make preparations for the mission and also to adjust our compliment to fit our prey. He quickly stepped away and headed back into the main floor of the hanger, making his path towards the transport.