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Boris von Kaiser

Elector Count of Ostermark

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a character in “Warhammer: Fall of Ostermark”, as played by Saxious


Boris von Kaiser is an average human. Standing 179 cm tall, he strongly built with broad shoulders and powerful arms; his torso is covered with scars from previous battles, they are mostly in the front and not the back.
His hair is brown and wavy, and he has a big beard with a line of gray hairs running through the middle of the entire beard. Boris is 40 years old, and although his face suggests that he is older, he has turned it into a minor joke, and he doesn't mind that people joke about his elderly appearance, as long as it is in an appropriate time.

While Boris has the arms of a powerful warrior, he has a stomach that could soon develop itself into a beer stomach. Though he does a good job of hiding his belly through his armor and clothing, it is a fact that is starting to spread through the armies.
Boris has an amulet with the Twin Tail Comet of Sigmar hanging from his neck which shows that he is a devoted god of Sigmar. He isn't noble by birth, which explains why he isn't the typical form of politician.

It isn't uncommon to see him with a black eye.


Boris is a tactical leader, not a politician nor a merchant, so he leaves most of the economical matters to his advisers while he takes full charge of all military actions which involves Ostermark. He has a firm belief that Ostermark is one of the more vital soils of land within the Empire, for it is Ostermark which holds out the majority of Marauders, and when people refer to the Ostermarkers as being peasant-like and simpletons, he always responds, "We may be peasants, but we hold our lines against the hordes of Chaos that crosses Kislev!". He often says that phrase with such passion that it is mistaken for rage and anger.

Boris can be both serious and sarcastic. He doesn't mind that people make minor jokes about his elderly appearance, he even makes small jokes about it himself, however what he doesn't tolerate is mockery about his stomach increasing, as a captain soon learned after being punched for commenting on Brois' growing stomach.
He prefers that he is told the point and spared for any unnecessary details.

Boris does enjoy fighting battles with his men, however he isn't a fool, and will stand back if the battles are greater and oversee where he is needed more than other places, and if he has any captain(s) with his army, he will use them as a form of communicator between himself and the soldiers.
He is a tactical man who knows how to combine the weapons of Ostermark in order to gain an advantage against the odds. He is an experienced swordsman and while he isn't exactly the most honorable duelist, he claims that it is all due to 'survival' that he fights dirty against his opponents.

Boris is very close to his bodyguards, the GreatSwordsmen of Ostermark, and therefore his bodyguards are ready to give their life in order to save his. He would only entrust his Greatswordsmen with the most vital quests or tasks during a battle.


Troll Cleaver
The Runefang of Ostermark which is equal to, or better than, steel. It has gone through generations of Counts and is now Boris' which he wields with much pride.

Boris is armed with two, sometimes three, single-shot pistols which are only effective at short ranges.

Boris is armed with a dagger which he uses both to cut his cheese and stab his enemies.

Elector Count
Boris von Kaiser is the Elector Count of Ostermark which allows him to have the resources of an entire state at his disposal.

Popular Amongst Veterans
Boris von Kaiser is respected amongst the veterans of the former Count and those who are still in the army respects him greatly.


Boris von Kaiser served Ostermark as a most favored captain, both by the Elector Count Wolfram Hertwig, and by Boris' fellow soldiers, captains and sergeants. He foughts against Orks, Chaos warbands, bandits and beastmen invasions and proved to be a genius strategist, winning battle after battle.
During the Siege of Bechafen, where the Marauding armies of Chaos tried to destroy the capital of Ostermark, the Elector Count was killed by a winged daemon, as it took the Elector Count and lifted him high in the air and then dropped him, the fall killing the Elector Count. Enraged, Boris took full command of the capital and continued to siege until reinforcements came, then Boris led the final push against the Norse, and Boris continued to chase the Norse until they were well into Kislev where they were killed by the Kislevians.

After the Siege of Bechafen and while Boris was chasing the Norse, Elector Count Wolfram's only cousin, and heir, was found dead in his own bed, whether it was murder or a disease, no one would know for sure, it only meant that Ostermark would now be leaderless.
Fearing that Ostermark would fall into anarchy, Boris send words to all the captains of Ostermark and gathered them into a single meeting to decide who would take over Ostermark. While the younger captains were more ambitious than their seniors there occurred some friction between the captains which then began to evolve even further; the borders were left unattended, the opportunity for an invasion was open and that worried Karl Franz, so he send his personal bodyguard, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, to settle the matter.

Ostermark was divided into two factions when Ludwig arrived. Boris von Kaiser leading the forces which controlled the North, the capital, had the Runefang of Ostermark, and had respectfully buried the former Count, and his cousin. Boris had the backing of the senior captains who had the majority of the Ostermark army at their disposal while the other faction was an unsteady alliance between three younger captains who had a smaller army, however they controlled the trade roads from the South and they had a large majority of the agricultural lands.
Ludwig called for another meeting between the captains. After two days of (harsh and aggressive) negotiation, the (bruised) captains emerged from the tent with the future Elector Count. Boris von Kaiser.

One of the first things that Boris did when he was Elector was to get rid of the three captains who still disliked him, "A canon cannot be in pieces if it has to fire at the Greenskins." Boris explained when he gave the order. The Captains were replaced with sergeants and soldiers whom Boris knew would be loyal to him and the Empire.
For the following years Boris continued defending the borders of the Empire and keeping the enemies of man out. Boris did know before he became the Elector Count, that he wasn't any merchant or politician, which is why he keeps at least two advisers at his side when he has to deal with the economical and political problems of Ostermark.
While he is an inspirational leader and a clear-minded man when it comes to war and war-politics, he won't take the chance of standing on his own legs when it comes to economy. He has suspicion that his advisers are cheating him with the figures of the real production of the land, however busy as he is, he can't go and count every stock himself.

Now, after years of having continued his former life as a Captain (only that he now had to defend ALL of Ostermark) he has started to get the taste of being royal. He likes the food which is availiable for him, and the spirits is something which his eyes are also starting to fall on; it has consequences which Boris is rather touchy about for he is starting to get fatter.
Ever since a captain commented on how Boris' stomach had grown since he had become Elector Count, Boris noticed that he had indeed gained a lot of weight since he had become Count, though what made him most angry was the mocking tone which the captain had said it in, so Boris threw the captain a punch and threw him out of his tent.

Boris is making drastic changes in order to come back to his previous physical condition, so he is only drinking after he has been a part of great victories, he has cut down on the amount of times that he eats during the day, and he is now doing more 'sports' to keep him fit (sports such as wrestling his Greatswordsmen when he finds the time)

So begins...

Boris von Kaiser's Story