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"I don't have the bravery of a regular ThunderClan cat, but I have the heart."

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a character in “Warrior Cats: A New Dawn”, as played by suffacate





Getting To Know Me

|❈Gender❈ | "Any cat should be able to tell that."

|❈Age❈ | "Too young to be a full-fledged medicine cat...."
20 Moons (1 years and 8 months). He had to take the responsibility of a medicine cat very early on.

|❈Like❈ | "There's not much left to like..."
Crowheart does enjoy simple things such as the warmth of the sun, and prey, though he hasn't been able to focus much on the things he does like, as he is always so busy with other things. Whenever he can though, he'll find the largest area of sun he can find and lay for hours.

|❈Dislikes❈ | "Ah, and so many things not to like."
Crowheart doesn't like fighting, and though trained in basic defense and attack, he doesn't practice much. He also doesn't like kits, and often finds them annoying or always in the way.

|❈Habits❈ | "None, I swear on Starclan."
Crowheart has a few bad habits, and all of them are based around his near obsession with perfection. He must always have every healing item at full stock, and must never mess anything up or he'll regret it for days. He's very self-disciplining, and scolds himself for the tiniest things. He has a habit of tripping over his tail as well, which has an odd kink in it, and is quite long.

|❈Physical Appearance❈ | "Oh, how much I wish my fur was long and beautiful like others..."
His fur is a light gray, the colour of dust. It's short, and often quite dirty, for he rarely has time to groom himself. Luckily all the dirt is hidden because of the colour of his fur, though if you look closely you can see matted spots and odd patches here and there. His tail is also quite long, twisted oddly and kinked in the middle. He trips over it quite often because of it's odd angle, and still hasn't gotten used to it. His eyes are a light green, though appear amber in some lighting. He has a heart shaped face with a short neck, most of his muscle build on his shoulders, with a broad chest.

|❈Clan/Position in the Clan❈ | "I'm respected for what I do, but I feel like I'm not doing enough..."
Crowheart is the Thunderclan Medicine Cat.

|❈Personality❈ | "It's more stress and worry than actual personality.."
Crowheart likes to generally stay away from all forms of conflict. Fighting, arguing, anything that could endanger him. Some might view him as no braver than a kit, while others just think he's cautious. He always thinks before he speaks, and actually does stay quiet most of the time unless spoken to. He's very self-disciplining, and can be very hard on himself. Crowheart is a perfectionist, and doesn't like making any errors. If he does, he'll think about them for days. He takes things in many different ways, a simple 'hello' can mean twenty different things to him, depending on who said it, the tone of voice, everything. He's constantly worried, almost paranoid, and doesn't like to get in anyone's way. He's constantly stressed as well, and though he's usually nice to others, he can snap sometimes if under too much pressure.

Crowheart however is quite patient, and though can get annoyed with others a bit easily, he usually keeps it to himself. He spares others from feeling the stress or worry that he does, and bottles up most emotions inside. Being a medicine cat at such a young age is pretty bad on him, and he holds onto feelings for a long time, including the loss of his mentor.

|❈Eating Preferences❈| "Anything really....except birds. "
It may seem odd, but Crowheart really does not enjoy bird kill. The taste is fine, but he has seen too many omens relating to birds that he can't seem to stand them anymore. He especially does love deep ground animals, such as voles and burrowing mice.


Under My Fur

|❈Secrets❈ | "It's natural for a medicine cat to have secrets."
He holds many secrets, including omens he has seen. Though he is meant to tell the leader of what he has seen, he does keep some things to himself, which is usually frowned upon. It's usually only when he visits the Moonpool will he be honest, since of course he is speaking with Starclan. Crowheart hides a lot of things, usually for the better of others though. If he suspects someone in his care is about to die, or isn't doing so well, he won't speak of any problems until he actually comes across any, just so others can avoid worry. He really doesn't have any personal secrets....besides the fact that'd he'd very much enjoy having a mate, someone to live his life with, even though it's not allowed. As well, he often sneaks off the clan's territory when he can, going to see other medicine cats from opposing clans.

|❈Fears/Phobias❈ | "Too many..."
Messing up, being laughed at, causing the death of someone, not being able to prevent the death of a cat, running out of supplies, fighting, water...he has much too many fears, and is afraid of them nearly all the time, especially since all the latest fighting with RiverClan. Most can see how paranoid he is about everything.

|❈Serious Problems/Flaws❈ | "Do I have to talk about this?"
His biggest problem is probably the fact that he worries too much over nearly everything. Everything must be perfect, he must never mess up, or he won't be able to live with it. This stems from the fact that he became medicine cat at a young age, since his mentor was killed before he could even fully finish training. The only time he has to learn things is sneaking off to speak to medicine cats of other clans, or when he visits the Moonpool. He is very un-confident, and although not many see any problems with him, he sees many within himself. Another flaw is probably his dislike of fighting, he'd much rather run or hide than go right up and fight, which is very unlike any members of his clan.


|❈History❈ | "So much has happened, I find it hard to forget."

Crowheart was born in the Thunderclan, to two parents who were very fierce warriors. His mother only had two kits, a very small litter, but they were both strong and very healthy. Crowheart gained the first part of his name, "Crow" due to the gray hue of his fur, and his constant playing with the feather of a crow when he was little. It was the start of a very good life for the small kit. At a young age, his parents already were talking about him and his brother being two of the best warriors, and were already teaching them attacks and defense movements. He was enthusiastic, as was his brother. However, one night, a group of RiverClan cats tried to attack ThunderClan. It wasn't a very useful attack, and they were driven off after awhile, but his brother had gotten scared and ran off. After a long search for the missing kit, they found him dead near a bush of deathberries. The cat had obviously gotten hungry, and eaten some berries only to be poisoned by them.

It was after this that Crowkit didn't feel so happy to fight. After all, it was fighting in the first place that had scared off his sibling and caused his death. It was then that he was leaning more towards the route where he wasn't required to fight...he wanted to be a Medicine Cat, and try to prevent as much death as he could in the clan. He was apprenticed at the age that other cats were apprenticed to be warriors, and followed around the clan's medicine cat, Mintjaw, as closely as he could. He was a quick learner, and picked up everything very fast. After just a bit longer than a year, when most apprentices were becoming warriors, he was wandering outside of the clan's borders when he noticed in an open field, an animal heart just lying in the grass, no body or blood surrounding it.

He was taught to take these odd things as an omen, and asked his mentor what it could have meant. It was the heart of a crow, and Mintjaw figured that it was a sign that Crowpaw was ready to be named and needed to be an apprentice no longer. Even though Crowpaw resisted, he gained his full name, Crowheart. It was only a while later that Mintjaw went out to collect herbs, and passed a bit off the border. She looked up to the sky and saw a flock of crows flying overhead, all in one direction. When she looked down, she saw in that direction, a fleet of RiverClan members rushing to. Having become a ruthless clan like ShadowClan, they injured her badly since she was on their territory, and to resume their attack. No one knew she was injured, and when Crowheart came out to find her, he saw the crows picking at her body.

He had to take on the role of Medicine cat right away, and though he's been successful so far, he still feels very unsure and lost without a mentor, and even worse, his parent's disapproval since he did not become warrior like they wanted him to be.

|❈Acquaintances❈| ""
Who does your character know or doesn't know? It’s as simple as that.
{Example}Character Name|Stranger,Acquaintance,Friend,Enemy,etc.

|❈Family❈ | "As much as they seem to dislike me, I thank them for guiding me towards my path."
Ashpelt- Father, Alive
Hazelstorm - Mother, Alive
Icekit - Brother, Deceased

|❈Techniques❈| "Fighting leads to too many bad things..."
Crowheart only knows a few basic fighting moves, and most his his attacks consist of just hitting blindly and hoping he doesn't get hurt. He has many different techniques for his medicine and treating wounds, however.

|❈Thoughts on Others❈ | "I like mostly everyone..."
Crowheart is familiar with most people of the clan, having treated wounds and helped many of them there. He does form his own opinions on almost everyone, and favours some more than others. He especially admires the beauty of Silvernight, admiring her from afar. However he is a bit annoyed about their leader, having to be careful about hiding away his marigolds or else they'd probably be taken. He does respect him though.

So begins...

Crowheart's Story

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Silvernight bowed her head in respect for the lost warrior. She hadn’t known Mousepelt all that well, but any loss to the clan was going to affect all of the members of the clan, admittedly in different ways. “No need to apologize,” she mewed softly, knowing that Echosong and Mousepelt had been close. “I’m so sorry, Mousepelt will be sorely missed.” She was a bit taken aback that Riverclan would be so bold to attack their patrol. She had heard about the growth of Riverclan and their demand for more land, but she hadn’t taken it seriously until this moment.

“You should get Crowheart to check out that paw.” Silvernight knew it was her that had stopped her before reaching the medicine cat. “If the other warriors have injuries like that, maybe this catchweed my tail managed to pick up might help him,” she said, not really remembering catchweed’s importance. She gave her fur a slight shake and padded into the medicine cats den, looking back to see if Echosong had followed.


Russetpaw grumbled as he washed mouse bile off of his paws in the lake. He was in a terrible mood, having just finished checking the elders for ticks. This task always left him feeling itchy; he was always worried that the ticks would jump from the elder’s fur onto his own. It also left his paws smelling vile, and the only way to clean them was to wash them in the lake which led to the next problem: sand. Russetpaw hated sand. He hated how it felt underneath his paws and how it stuck to his fur.

He vigorously scrubbed at his front paws, hoping to rid himself of the awful smell, while his back paws suck deeper into the soggy sand. “Fox dung,” he swore when he set his clean paws onto the sand which then decided to stick to his paws. It didn’t matter if he washed the sand off; he would only get more sand on them on his way back to camp. Instead he settled for dragging them through the grass though he would still end up with sand between his toes for the next few days.

Once he was back in camp he began looking around for his mentor, Echosong. He knew she had been on patrol, and wondered if she was back yet and had any more tasks for him to do. As he passed a group of huddled warriors he overheard that the patrol had been attacked by Riverclan. His fur bristling, Russetpaw hurried over the the medicine cats den to make sure his mentor was okay.

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Crowheart's green-amber eyes rushed over the collection of assorted leaves, berries, stems, and flowers once more. Yes, everything seemed to be in order. Enough Marigold (provided that Mixedstar didn't see them), decent amount of cobwebs, borage leaves, catmint, chervil, comfrey, no he was quite short on the comfrey. He silently prayed that the patrol that just recently went out wouldn't come back with any wounds, for he was quite low on what was used so often. Letting out a quiet sigh of concern, he stared out towards the entryway of his den. It was quite nice out today, no clouds in the sky, the sun was bright and warm. Maybe he would sit out for awhile in the light, rest his body and mind. He had felt so drained recently from all the attacks on groups that went out. What was wrong with RiverClan? Why couldn't things be solved with simple talking...the thought of the last meeting with all the clans surfaced in his mind again. He had only heard rumors, since he hadn't been present, but it hadn't gone so well. Even ShadowClan had been disappointed with the actions of the cats who lived by the water.

The thin grey cat was lost in thought, staring out at the entrance-way blankly, his eyes empty. The environment around him was completely silent, the only sound his light breathing, and the whispering of the vines writhing against eachother in the wind at the front of his den. It was then that he heard the low rumble of voices, the padding of paws against the earth outside. Was that the patrol, back already? Or maybe just some other cats outside. Crowheart turned his head away and glanced back at his organized piles. If it was the patrol back, maybe he could ask a few of them to accompany him on a journey to find some more supplies. Hurried now, for he had finally found something to do, he began to count the many herbs he had, his tail flicking along with each number he whispered under his breath. The voices outside were just a dull roar to him, he didn't catch any of the sounds of concern.

The sudden rustle of somecat entering his den made him jump, his tail stand straight up in the air in surprise. When noticing who it was, he relaxed slightly at the sight of her, sitting down. His long tail wrapped around his feet, he nodded his head briefly in greeting.

"Silvernight, what are you doing-" He was stopped mid-sentence with the arrival Echosong, following behind. Sniffing the air briefly, he noticed the scent of RiverClan and blood in the air. Eyes narrowing in concern, he turned immediately towards his collection of supplies, and grabbed the first necessary things. Cobwebs, to stop any bleeding, comfrey root to soothe the wound, and to keep the poultice in place, catchweed. Just gathering those few things, he already had his supplies diminished substantially. He silently hoped that no other cat was wounded severely, or else he'd run out completely.

Beginning to chew the roots into a sort of poultice, he glanced around the den, and then stood up. Moving forward past the two warriors, he pawed at the entryway and stepped out to see what was going on, nearly running into an approaching apprentice in the process. It was getting much too crowded in his den already, he felt as if he was suffocating. Letting out a strangled breath, he stepped back in, still unaware of what had happened, and spat the poultice out on a nearby dried leaf, then looked upwards to Silvernight.

"Go gather anyone else who was injured, please? I need some breathing space." His words sounded quite bitter, almost irritated, though it wasn't fully intentional. Crowheart looked downwards and suddenly noticed the few burrs caught in her fur. Stepping forward, he gently padded at her tail and pulled out a few, giving a sheepish toothy grin to her. How bothersome it must have been to constantly have things caught in that long fur. Though it was beautiful, he would never admit that to her, he was glad that his was much shorter.

Turning his attention to Echosong, he reached for shreds of cobweb with his claws.

"What happened?" He questioned. "Is everyone alright?"

Ooc:// Sorry it took so long to post! I only noticed we started after someone tagged my character, thank you to the person who did that!

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Echosong heard Silvernight pronounce her sorrow at Mousepelt's passing, but she was lost in the thought of Mousepelt's body skidding to a halt in front of her. She was finally pulled back to reality as Silvernight spoke directly to her. "You should get Crowheart to check out that paw. If the other warriors have injuries like that, maybe this catchweed my tail managed to pick up might help him." Echosong nodded toward Silvernight with a gracious smile. "Of course," she spoke softly and followed the warrior into Crowheart's den.

As Echosong hobbled in after Silvernight, the medicine cat turned toward the pair. He began speaking to Silvernight before cutting off his sentence, realizing Echosong behind was her. The gray tom quickly began to gather the necessary supplies to tend to Echosong's wound and she tilted her head in wonder at the medicine cat. Chewing on an herb of sorts, Crowheart strolled past Echosong and Silvernight, out of the den.

She heard a rustling outside, but her senses were a bit jumbled by the sudden flurry of activity. Echosong's energy was beginning to drain and she was forced to sit heavily on her haunches, trying to keep her thoughts -that were beginning to roam and wander aimlessly- in check. As Crowheart came back into the den and spat out what he had been chewing, Echosong got a whiff of one of the cats outside. It was her apprentice, Russetpaw. Whether her apprentice had come looking for her or had come to help the other warriors, Echosong did not know. Whatever the case, Echosong still gave a grin of approval that he was here.

Crowheart looked over at Silvernight and said rather bitterly , "Go gather anyone else who was injured, please? I need some breathing space." The tone was cold, but Echosong knew that the medicine cat was just a bit frenzied by his lack of knowledge at the recent activities. He patted down Silvernight's long, beautiful tail, gathering whatever had been caught in it, and then gave her a grin before turning back to Echosong. In Echosong's jumbled stream of consciousness, she briefly thought of how she was envious of Silvernight's beauty. She was not jealous of the warrior. Echosong just found that she offhandedly wished that she was as tall and up-standing as the other warrior.

The energy and hype from the fight was wearing off even faster now and Echosong looked at the medicine cat as he began to shred the cobwebs he had produced from his pile of supplies. "It's jus' a scratch." Echosong said with as much strength as she could muster. To prove her point, she set the injured paw down on the ground, but was immediately proven wrong as she winced and pulled her front leg toward her body protectively. Realizing her mistake, Echosong extended her paw once more and decided to let Crowheart work his magic.

Her thoughts had begun to wander once again when she was brought back to earth as Crowheart asked about what had happened. Echosong nodded in acknowledgement of his question and opted to give the abridged version once again. "Riverclan attacked our patrol. We..." Echosong paused to gather her emotions before continuing, "We lost one. But most came away uninjured." Echosong chuckled bitterly, her tired mind keeping her from acting the way she normally would. "I was just one of the lucky ones, eh?" she spat out under her breath. It was a comment to herself, but there was no doubt that the others had heard the comment.

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Before Silvernight could even explain anything to Crowheart he had already sprung into action gathering whatever things that medicine cats needed in order to mend the wounds of the warriors that came into him. She sat quietly and watched him as he began to make a police, as she was curious to see how he worked. Usually when she was in the medicine cats den it was because she was hurt or ill, and typically focused on her injury instead of the tom that was helping her. Crowheart was very quick and in a few moments he spat the poultice out and turned to her.

“Go gather anyone else who was injured, please? I need some breathing space.” He said quite harshly to her. Silvernight was taken aback for a second, surprised that he would be so blunt, but then she quickly reminded herself of the situation. She would be grumpy too if she had to chew up all of those herbs, placing a guess that none of them tasted pleasant. Still, she wasn’t used to having others being frustrated towards her.

Again, before she had a chance to say anything in response he moved forward and gently removed the catchweed that had latched onto her tail. She let out a little “oh” sound, and smiled back at him, immediately forgetting how irritated he had sounded with her earlier. “Thanks.” She shook her tail, happy to be free of the burrs. Silvernight gave Crowheart a little nod before slipping out of the medicine cat’s den, brushing past Echosong’s apprentice, Russetpaw.

Suddenly she remembered the prey that she and Heartfall had left behind, and knowing that Crowheart already felt a little crammed, she decided to direct Russetpaw away from the medicine cats den. “I need you to do something for me please,” she said to him, but his attention was still on his mentor. “She’ll be fine,” she looked over at Echosong. Though she was smaller, she was still an amazing warrior. Silvernight had seen her training before with Russetpaw and she had been surprised by the warrior’s skill. “Besides, Crowheart is looking after her.”

“I need you to go into the forest and bring back the prey that was left behind from hunting earlier.” She could already tell the apprentice was upset, the way his eyes went from looking expectant to looking annoyed. Russetpaw once again turned back to his mentor, checking to see with her if it was okay. He must have gotten some sign from her, or maybe decided for himself to do it, because he abruptly left, tail twitching.

Once she was outside the medicine cats den she began to think more about the task Crowheart had given her. Silvernight was fairly certain that the other warriors that may be injured were capable enough to make their way over to the medicine cats den by themselves, but still it made her feel useful. She gave her fur another shake, and set about looking around for any other warriors that were injured.

She could pick out the warriors that had been on the patrol that was attacked by Riverclan, they all that strange smell to them and looked ruffled. Some of them seemed like they had managed to escape without any serious injuries, and would most likely wait patiently for the ones who had worse injuries to be tended to.

When she came across Snaketail she wondered why the warrior hadn’t gone to the medicine cat’s den yet. His ear looked to be badly torn and he had many scratches on his side. The tom was a few moons older than her, and the two had never really gotten along, but he was a member of her clan so she went over to him.

“Let me help,” she offered, and nudged him up from where he was sitting. Normally he would say something rude and refuse her help, but he just bobbed his head absently and followed her to the den where he sat outside. He breathed heavily and looked pretty shaken, but when she looked closer at his wounds they didn’t seem as bad as they first appeared. He was more likely worked up over the fight than seriously hurt.

“Here you go,” she said into the entrance of the den, not wanting to enter it and get in trouble again for crowding the place.


Just as Russetpaw tried to enter the medicine cats den, Crowheart was trying to leave it. Flustered, he sat just at the outside of the den, peering in and catching the eye of his mentor, Echosong. It was hard to see how bad her injury was inside the den; he anxiously tried to scope it out but couldn’t catch sight of it. When he noticed her grin he felt a little better. If she was grinning it couldn’t be that bad, he thought to himself, could it?

Crowheart then hinted that it was getting crowded in there, and the last thing Russetpaw wanted to do was have the medicine cat mad at him. He still wanted to make sure his mentor was okay, but as he went to enter again, Silvernight made her way out. He could hear his mentor explaining to Crowheart about the attack, but he couldn’t quite make out the words.

Silvernight turned to him and said “I need you to do something for me please,”
Frustrated, he tried to look around her and find out what was going on, but Silvernight spoke up again, adding “She’ll be fine. Besides, Crowheart is looking after her.” Well, that was true; Thunderclan’s medicine cat seemed to have it all under control. He looked up at Silvernight, a little glad to be given something to do, he didn’t want to sit around and feel useless while there might be ways he would help.

That was until she said: “I need you to go into the forest and bring back the prey that was left behind from hunting earlier.” His ears turned back and his shoulders sagged a bit. Wow. What an important job. He hesitated before agreeing to the job, Silvernight wasn’t his mentor, Echosong was. He looked back at his mentor who was still talking with Crowheart. She would probably want him to help out the clan, even if it was a crummy job. He nodded to himself and turned on his heels, heading off towards the forest.

New warriors were always bossy. They always were finding excuses to rub it in the apprentices faces that they were ranked higher than them. It was easy to find where the prey was left, he followed the scent trail of Silvernight and Heartfall, and soon found places on the forest floor where the dirt was disturbed. He brushed away the churned dirt and bent down, retrieving the small animals in his mouth. They were still slightly warm, but covered in earth so he gave his head a shake and sent dirt flying.

While carrying them back to camp he realized how delicious they smelt, and his stomach grumbled loudly. He set the animals on the fresh kill pile and quickly looked around to see if anyone heard him. There were a few warriors around, but they weren't paying attention to him. Sighing, he lay outside of the apprentices den and closed his eyes.