Warrior Cats: Life by the Lake

Warrior Cats: Life by the Lake


The Warrior Cats have returned and they live at the lake! Taking place after the ending of The New Prophecy, before Power of Three, role-play the lives of the cats!

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The Warrior Cats are 5 Clans of Wild Forest Cats, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and StarClan. Each has a different 'statistic' I guess.
WindClan cats are speedy, fiercely loyal, tough and easily-offended.
ThunderClan cats are courageous, loyal, respectful and speak out for what is right.
RiverClan cats are clever and strong with long fur and sleek, glossy coats.
ShadowClan cats are wily, ambitious, aggressive, battle-hungry and proud.

StarClan consists of the cats that have passed away, and communicate to the living cats via Dreams or the Moonpool.

Create your cat, choose a clan, and act out!

More information at: http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html

(Original Characters aren't there, don't copy them please.)

For the Territory map: http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html

Character Template:

Name: (Kit/Paw/---)
Age: - Moons
If Paw, Apprentice to:

May StarClan be with you!

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Whitestar padded over to the lake, she sat, lashing her tail, the wind blew her beautiful long-haired white fur, and her light blue eyes gazed at the lake water, she swiped her tongue over her mouth.

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Whitestar saw a tasty fish, she slowly set her paw in the water, her claws unsheathed, her claws scraped the fish, and she put her head in the water, and grabbed the fish in her jaws, she shook her head vigorously, water droplets coming out of her fur.

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Shadowstar looked up. The Gathering was tonight. Shadowstar sat, watching over her clan carefully. Kits were playing, Apprentices were annoying their Mentors, and most Warriors were hunting. She decided to go for a hunt. A Mentor and Apprentice called Greyhound and Mousepaw were padding along. Shadow walked over to them. "Going hunting?" She asked. Greyhound nodded, "This little troublemaker is annoying Nightwing's kits." Mousepaw feebly looked at her paws. "Mind if I come?" Shadowstar asked. "Of course not." Greyhound smiled.

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Moonpaw walked across the ever-so-dull Wind Clan territory. She had to cleverly make her way through Thunder Clan territory and make it into Shadow Clan. She had to spice life up, even though her recently passed mentor would've scolded her for it. 'Bet he still his from Star Clan.' She thought, trotting through the forest. "No Thunder Clan Warriors in sight~" She sung happily to herself and she eventually made it to Shadow Clan territory and she started with hunting and eating some prey she caught on their land. "Hmph, it's okay compared to rabbits."

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ShadowStar sniffed the air. Another clan was in the forest. "WindClan!" ShadowStar growled. "C'mon!" Greyhound, ShadowStar and Mousepaw bounded through the forest, following the scent.
When the found the cat, Mousepaw started hissing and her ears went straight down and her fangs appeared. Greyhound pushed Mousepaw out the way and ShadowStar unsheathed her claws. "What are you doing here, WindClan cat?" She hissed.

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"Hello?" Quietstorm walked out

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