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Female/FireClan leader/Nine lives/Apprentice:None/Mate:None/Kits:None/Caring/Protective/Wise

0 · 355 views · located in forest territories

a character in “Warrior Cats: The New Clans”, as played by Snowy_love


Risingstar is a small white she-cat with black and dark brown dapples. Her left ear is brown and her right one is black. Her eyes are ice blue. Risingstar was actually born as the run of a litter to two loner cats, her birth name being Spotty. Though content with her loner lifestyle, Spotty often saw Clan cats near where she lived. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she ended up trailing a FireClan patrol back to camp. She went unnoticed until the patrol arrived at camp, where the leader at the time - a tom named Blizzardstar - discovered her. The FireClan leader was the caring type, and allowed Spotty to stay within camp until he could locate her parents so she wasn't in the wild on her own. During her stay, Spotty grew very familiar to Clan life and asked Blizzardstar if she could stay. Blizzardstar agreed, giving her the name Risingpaw because he saw great pontential in her that would make her 'rise' to greatness.

Risingpaw, determined to make Blizzardstar proud, trained harder than any other apprentice at the time. Since FireClan learns the skills of all four Clans, Risingpaw became especially skilled in the WindClan and ShadowClan aspects. She struggled with swimming because of how small she was, but never gave up. Eventually, she earned the name Risingheart: A very intelligent, dedicated and swift warrior with a fierce attitude but big heart. She trained one apprentice during her warrior years, a cat who later became known as Rockleap. When the deputy of FireClan passed away, Blizzardstar could think of no warrior more fit for the position than Risingheart. Inevitably, Blizzardstar died due to greencough in a harsh leafbare, which also claimed the life of Rockleap. Risingheart was heartbroken by the loss of two cats who had been incredibly dear to her, but nevertheless pushed on and became an excellent leader for her Clan.

Risingstar is a very dedicated cat who is protective of her Clan, however she is also very kind-hearted and is not known for being harsh to cats outside her Clan. She is often calm under pressure and almost always keeps a level head. She is also very fierce when it comes to combat, though, and can be a little aggressive to those who are out to harm her Clan. Otherwise, Risingstar is a very open and accepting cat.

So begins...

Risingstar's Story