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Yngvarr Hrafninn

Don't Tread On Me

0 · 151 views · located in Austras

a character in “Warriors guild”, as played by Geschichtenerzähler


Nickname: Northern Raven

Age: 30

Gender: male

Appearance: black hair and thick facial hair. germanic facial features.

Personality: He is very reserved. One can spend several weeks with him and learn nothing of him. He only really speaks for true need, and keeps his opinions to himself. He is fluent in the liberal arts, however. He writes everyday and enjoys it. He keeps his work to himself and those he trusts the most. His trust is not easily gained, either. Those he does trust enjoy his full wisdom, loyalty and mentoring. His intellectual attitude only extends so far. While there are those he trusts and distrusts, there are also those he hates. These people are often ruthlessly met with violence. His fear will cause him to act even more violently, he is incredibly overprotective and somewhat paranoid.

Rank: Prospective recruit for the guild, new in Noratrea

Warrior Class: Warrior or Ranger

Skills: chemistry, survival skills, hunting, trading, axe techniques, shield techniques, literature, craftsmanship, horsemanship, bladesmanship

Likes: tall, shy women, family, close friends, god, weapons, self-reliance, and freedom

Dislikes: authority, military, arrogance, aristocracy, bandits, debauchery, promiscuity, violence toward women, and sexism

Fears: tyranny, betrayal, loss of loved ones, water and heights

Weapons: dane axe, bearded axe, langseax, shield, composite bow and twelve arrows

Equipment: wool and leather clothing, various tools, survival equipment, a horse named Theodoric and a sheepdog named Alloric

History: He started to become popular with the people after he used his skills to protect a northern town from bandits. He did so single handedly earning him his nickname and last name. He did not recognize any of that fame and often conceals his face and name. He is disliked by many nobles because of his non-compliance with their will. He often disrespects them, but his fame with the people protects him. He has also commited other good deeds, such as uncovering corruption scandals in mining companies, organizing an evacuation before a volcanic eruption, et cetra. Little is known of his early life, besides that he has studied and worshipped with christian monks, lived deep in the wilderness, and was supposedly raised by norsemen. Rumor says that he roams the lands looking for his lost brother. He has previously met Revan, whom he jokingly called the Southern Raven. Yngvarr trusts Revan, who is currently
the only one he knows in the guild.

Other: Hrafninn means the raven in icelandic, a dane axe is a two handed viking axe; a beared axe is one handed. a langseax is a germanic short sword that was worn lateraly across the belt, in a scabbard with the blade edge up. norsemen made their axes like samurai swords: ridiculously sharp. they were much lighter than modern or even contemporarily common axes. they werent used for mauling, they were used for slicing.

So begins...

Yngvarr Hrafninn's Story